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(Created 8/2/11)

Hard copies of these minutes (together with other details) will be posted out to all clubs on 10th/11th October.


Minutes of the 62nd Committee meeting held on  February 4th 2011 at the Galtres Centre (Easingwold)

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm with the following 18 attendees. (To form a quorum, the Constitution requires 13 voting members (25%) to be present and this attendance was just enough to satisfy that requirement.)

OFFICERS    (6)       Noel Clark                              Chairman & Junior Coordinator

Roger Green                          Secretary & Publicity Officer           

Barry Simmonite                   Treasurer

Len Bradley                           Membership Secretary

George McDowell                 Competition Secretary

Arthur Jackson                      B Team Captain


CLUB REPS  (8)     Church Fenton                       Gordon Raggett

Crossgates                            Pete Render

Easingwold                            Joyce Hughes

Gt. Ouseburn                          Simon Holtby

Hambleton                             Jean Rhodes

N. Duffield                              Jo Newsome

Sawley                                    Doreen Addyman

Yedingham                             Andrew Leng


GUESTS       (4)       Church Fenton                       Dave Herbert

                                    Great Ouseburn                     Paul Williamson

                                    N. Duffield                              Janet Clark

                                    Sawley                                    Geoff Boldero

The other 37 member clubs were not represented of which 9 had passed on their apologies for not attending. 2 Officers were also unable to be present.

APOLOGIES (11)    Boroughbridge                      Jean Calvert

                                    BSA                                        Matt Fenwick

                                    Carlton                                    Jenny Onions

                                    Marton                                    Jean Bell

                                    Raskelf                                   Dennis Jarvis

                                    St. Cuthberts                          Ian Battersby

                                    Seaton Ross                          Gyl Sampson

                                    Stillington                               Doreen Charlesworth

                                    Thornton Dale                        Christine Harrison

                                    A Team Captain                    Rose Haynes

                                    Vice Chairman                      Pat Jones

(1)   APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE -  As listed above.

(2) MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING - The draft minutes of the last meeting (Committee 17 Sep 2010) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. RG pointed that there had been 37 attendees not 36 as shown. Acceptance of these with this single modification was proposed by Pete Render (seconded by Jo Newsome), passed unanimously and signed by the Chairman as being a true and accurate record.


·       Taster sessions had been funded from Grant money for the Knaresborough and St. Cuthberts clubs. No other clubs had requested any assistance so NYSMBA had organised an “area” tasterr at Swinton after widespread advertising via the Ryedale area clubs and in the press. LB had also taken part in a live broadcast by Radio York  from Swinton on the day. Len offered his thanks to David Loraine (Flixton) and Matt Fenwick (BSA) for their enthusiastic help with this project and also to the several who turned up to help on the day. All 3 tasters had been successful in attracting new members. Doreen Addyman pointed out that not all clubs wanted new members as they were already “full up” and LB accepted there were a few clubs in this fortunate position.

·        New club Church Fenton had registered 25 new members and had already established themselves in the Selby league (2nd in Division 2).

·        Improvements to the access road at Swinton had been delayed due to weather but will still go ahead eventually.

·        The trip to Norfolk had gone ahead with only minor “hiccups” and had generally been enjoyed by all who went. As expected, a small surplus of around £50 had been made which has been added to our funds.

There were no other matters raised by those present.

(4) FINANCES - BS stated the current balance was around £2800 and he expected an annual surplus on Income over Expenditure of around £400-£500 at year end. In addition we were still holding £2200 of Sport England Grant money pending its use on various projects.

(5) MEMBERSHIP - LB stated that current membership was 888 (20 down on last year). He was hopeful that this would go up next season due to increasing exposure of the (long-mat) game on TV and increased awareness of the game in North Yorkshire as a result of advertising and tasters. However he was unsure what effect the £1 increase in the ESMBA affiliation fee would have on registrations.


The County Championships - GM said he considered things had gone well so far although the Pairs and Fours were yet to be held due to the enforced re-scheduling arising out of the pre-Christmas weather. The Pairs were now being played tomorrow (Feb 5) and the format had been changed due to dropouts. He was not aware of any changes to the entries for the Fours which were now to be held on Feb 19.   

The Little Cup – RG pointed out that no one had come forward with offers of help in transporting the mats to the Y&D IBC (now that AJs van was no longer available). Although we had held the event at this popular venue for the last 13 years, it had always posed a logistical problem and many had also stated the late date to be a barrier to entry. Less and less of those playing were taking advantage of the buffet. The Management Committee had therefore decided to bring it forward this year to Saturday March 12 – the date currently allocated in the diary for the “end of season tournament”. It was recognised that being a TNL weekend, some players in the Crossgates region (who had a home match) would find it difficult to enter. Apparently an Ousedale/Whitehorse match had also been re-arranged for this date and RG had informed Ken Calvert by email so that this could be re-arranged to the following Saturday if there were many who wanted to enter the Little Cup.  It would be held at the Galtres Centre with no meal being provided and entry would be reduced to £4pp. The format would remain unchanged and details would be sent out with these minutes. The success of the change would be evaluated for future seasons after the event.

Top Club Competition – RG proposed the introduction of a new annual competition to determine the Top Club in North Yorkshire. His initial proposal was as follows.

·        It would take place in the Galtres Centre on a Saturday in Oct/Nov using 10 mats

·        League winners and runners up would be invited to enter a team of 6 players.

·        Teams would play two games as two Triples and two games as a Four and a Pair.

·        Entries would be in 2 groups with group winners playing a Final.

·        A new Cup would be provided for the winners.

GM pointed out that the EBA run a similar competition for teams of 11 with a Four, Triple, Pair and two Singles playing on a KO basis.  RG said that an acceptable format would have to be agreed and he would request feed-back from clubs with these minutes so a proposal could be put to the AGM. The key thing was that all the best clubs in the county would come on board and wish to participate.  

NESMBA Championships – Simon Holtby had been asked by some ‘A’ team members to raise the question of the way we selected the team for Barnard Castle. They felt that we were at a disadvantage when compared with other counties who did not seem to organise a proper qualifying competition. He suggested that all ‘A’ team members should be sent by default. RG did not agree. Our qualifiers were a way of giving all members an opportunity of playing against the best players in the North – something which the ‘A’ teams players get anyway through their 10 IC games. The Championships were primarily an Individual Championships and winning the County Shield was not the prime objective. Dave Herbert (Church Fenton) spoke up to say that although an inexperienced player he had qualified last year and fully appreciated the opportunity to attend.   


A team – In the absence of RH, JN reported that the team was so far undefeated and barring any disasters in their final 3 games were on course to retain the NESMBA IC Cup.

B Team – AJ reported that the team had struggled to make their presence felt in the 1st Division losing all their away games before Christmas. However things were looking up and the team had recently clocked up their first victory at home to Durham. 


NC praised the standard of our Junior members and asked AJ to consider giving more of them games in the B team. AJ said had already given 4 Juniors the opportunity to play but was happy to talk with NC about others with potential. Another match had been held against a team from Stockport (which North Yorkshire had won) and as usual the Junior County Championships had given all Juniors the opportunity to showcase their talents. It was key to keep any Juniors interested by involving them in league games.   


The ESMBA IC Competition Secretary had requested ideas for changes to their IC Competition and we had submitted a proposal for a radical change based on the NESMBA format involving all Northern Counties. No acknowledgement had been received. RG had enquired whether the ESMBA Information Pack updates had now been discontinued but was still awaiting an answer. We had recently been asked by the BDA to submit an analysis of our membership into five age bands. These were different from the three age bands originally requested by the ESMBA. We had used our club returns to estimate the new breakdown. The ESMBA AGM will be on July 2.

The NESMBA Secretary (and Merseyside Captain) Warren Ryland had recently been taken very seriously ill but after a long operation he is now on the road to recovery. In the Championships at Barnard Castle ((March 26/27) we had been allocated 4 places in the Singles, Triples and Fours but only 3 in the Pairs. The NESMBA AGM will be on June 26. 


Doreen Addyman reported the latest positions for the Boroughbridge afternoon league and advised that their format had now changed to 18 ends. She added that she had enjoyed reading some of the “Useless facts” contained in a previous copy of the Handbook and also hoped that John Bunting would continue to provide his poems for inclusion future copies. There were no reports from any of the other leagues.

(11) AOB

Diary for 2011/12 – RG pointed out that he would be putting next year’s provisional Diary up on the website during the next week or so. All dates shown would be the equivalent of this year. Trevor Collier had agreed to the YNL fixture weekends and also pointed out that the Kirbymisperton Triples and Pairs would from now on be limited to a single day. For the IC games there would be 2 additional fixtures to fit in (should the B team return to Division 2 as seems likely) and two Sundays less available. He was therefore not very hopeful that he would be able to avoid all YNL weekends as he had been able to do this year. 

Yorkshire Bowls Partnership (YBP) – NC pointed out that they had at last been successful in their grant application so positive action should soon be on the cards (for instance with demonstrations in supermarkets). RG would circulate a letter recently received from the YBP, in which they were asking for willing volunteers to help with their program of events,   with these minutes. 

Secretary vacancy – RG confirmed that he would not be standing as Secretary in April. He said that the basic Secretarial duties were fairly simple including the preparation of agendas, arranging meeting venues and taking the minutes and communicating with clubs. The “job” also included the preparation of the annual diary which involved the arrangement of all the inter-county fixtures with the minimum number of clashes. A “Job Statement” had been drawn up which was available for anyone interested in the post. The task of maintaining the Website and preparing the Handbook were not down to the Secretary - they were the responsibility of the Publicity Officer – a post he intended to continue to stand for. 

Chairman – Noel Clark had recently informed the Management Committee of his intention not to stand as Chairman at this years AGM. He had prepared a statement (which the Secretary read to the meeting) in which he stated he was standing down due to the continued deterioration in his health. A copy is attached to these minutes.       

There was no further business raised by those present so the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.50pm.

Next meeting is the AGM on Friday April 29th (Easingwold)