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Hard copies of these minutes were posted out to all clubs on 8th October.



Friday September 17th 2010


SECRETARY Roger Green TREASURER Barry Simmonite
CAPTAIN - A Rose Haynes CAPTAIN - B Arthur Jackson
Barn  - Kirklevington  -
Bilsdale Apologies Kirkbymoorside  -
Boroughbridge Apologies Knaresborough Bryan Jones
Branton  - Marton Jean Bell
BSA Richard Lund Melbourne  -
Bubwith  - North Duffield Joseph Newsome
Burton Leonard  - Raskelf Dennis Jarvis
Campsall  - Riccall  -
Carlton  - Sawley Doreen Addyman
Cayton  - Scarborough Edwin Smith (part)
Coxwold  - St. Cuthberts Ken Thompson
Crossgates Pete Render Seaton Ross Peter Fridlington
Darley  - Snaith & E Cowick  -
Easingwold Apologies Stillington Apologies
East Cottingwith Apologies Strensall  -
Escrick  - Sutton on Derwent  -
Eggborough  - Tate & Lyle Geoff Whitehead
Flixton Apologies Thornton Dale John Edmond
Great Ouseburn  - Tollerton  
Gristhorpe  - Welburn Eddie Coulson
Hambleton Apologies Wilberfoss  
Helmsley  - Yedingham Apologies
Kirbymisperton Edith Collier Yoredale Apologies

After a short delay to await the Vice Chairman, the Chairman opened the meeting at 7.45pm and welcomed the 14 club representatives and 7 officers listed above and also the following members – 36 attendees in total.

Mick & Anne Ridge, Ben Render (Crossgates); John & Heather Myers and Cherry Edmond (Kirbymisperton); Tony Bell (Marton); Ann Thompson (St. Cuthberts); Geoff Boldero (Sawley); Dennis Thornburn (Scarborough)(part); Stanley Spencer (Seaton Ross); Anne Whitehead (SWMC) and Diane Savage (Welburn). Also present were Gordon Raggett and Dave Herbert (ex Riccall) who had formed a new club at Church Fenton which had applied for membership and Sam Render, a guest from Crossgates.

The Chairman asked the meeting to stand and observe a short silence in memory of Ralph Parsons (A team Captain), Judith Haffenden (Knaresborough President and ex Secretary), Tony Burrell (Branton Chairman) and Colin Raper (a long time member of his own club, North Duffield) who had all passed away during the past few months.

(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: These were received from 9 clubs (highlighted above). The Membership Secretary was also unable to attend due to recuperation from a recent operation.




The draft minutes of the last meeting (AGM April 23rd) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. Acceptance of these without modification was proposed by Pete Render (seconded by Jo Newsome), passed unanimously and signed by the Chairman as being a true and accurate record.  




(a) Item (4) (b) Short Mat Players Tour. This new initiative by Craig Burgess had now been cancelled due to insufficient support.

(b) Item 6 ESMBA Rule Books – All club Secretaries had been sent a complimentary copy of the new 2010 issue and additional copies could be obtained from the Secretary for £2 each.  


There were no other matters raised by those present.




The Secretary said there were no items of general interest.




(a) Balance – BS stated the current balance was £2347 which was higher than normal for the time of the year due to money being held temporarily for the impending Norfolk trip and for payment for the “team strip”.   


(b) “Sport England” grant – Additionally, we were still holding £6200 of the grant money pending its use on various projects. The Secretary reminded clubs that one of the uses of this money was to fund any club wishing to hold “taster” sessions to increase awareness of the game in their areas and recruit new members. Both Knaresborough SMBC and St. Cuthberts SMBC had already held such a session and Pat Jones and Arthur Jackson outlined how they had gone about this. They were both very hopeful that several of those attending would now come along to join their respective clubs and Knaresborough have already planned another session for December.   


(c) ESMBA Draw – Total income received from our participation in last year’s Draw was £311.20 which (for the 5th year running) included the £100 prize for being the top selling county. After conducting a random draw, Sutton, Yedingham, St. Cuthberts and Seaton Ross were all awarded £25 each as part of our policy to thank clubs for taking part. This year, the Draw would be coordinated by Pat Jones who would write to all clubs once the tickets had been received.


(d) Honorariums – These had been unchanged since their introduction about 10 years ago. Apart from the Captains, the Secretary and the Publicity Officer, just £10 was paid per year as a contribution towards travel and telephone costs. Due to the large rise in the price of petrol in recent years, the cost of attending meetings had risen dramatically and the Chairman now proposed that the amount paid be standardised to £30 per year for all Officers (Secretary to remain on £50). This would increase the total cost from £190 to £320 per year. His proposal was seconded by Gordon Raggett and passed with one abstention and none against. The Secretary thanked those present for their support.  




(a) Church Fenton SMBC – Gordon Raggett outlined the setting up of this new club which had already been accepted into the Selby league. He said local interest was high and he expected to be able to register about 20 members (including 5 ex-members of Riccall). After a proposal from Noel Clark (seconded by George McDowell) the new club was accepted unanimously bringing our total number of clubs up to 47. 


(b) Insurance Declaration & Age Distribution of members – As part of this year’s registration procedure, all clubs are once again being asked to complete a declaration that they are covered for 3rd party liability risks and to provide a realistic estimation of the age distribution of their members. The latter is required by the ESMBA and details of the age bands are on the member registration forms.   


(c) Junior registration – No junior (under 18) registrations will be accepted without a fully completed Parental Consent Form (PCF), a slightly updated copy of which had been sent to all clubs along with the agenda of this meeting.




(a) Competition Secretary – This position had remained unfilled at the AGM but George McDowell (Kirkbymoorside) had since volunteered his services and had been co-opted on to the Management Committee. After this appointment had been seconded by Jean Bell, George was accepted unanimously as the Competition Secretary for the year ahead.


(b) County Championships – No request for any changes to these had been received so all 6 Championships will go ahead in the same venues and on the equivalent weekends as previous years. Entry forms had already been sent to all clubs. The Secretary asked that all participants give full support to George who apart from running the competitions may very well also be playing in some of the competitions himself. Pat Jones had agreed to take over the responsibility from the Secretary for organising the 4 raffles held during the Championships. Richard Lund informed the meeting that agreement had been reached to re-surface the access road to the Sports Centre at Swinton. The cost of this will be shared between the local farming community and the Sport Centre.      


(c) Little Cup – In taking on the role of Competition Secretary. George had informed the Management Committee that due to his involvement with pre-season preparations for the Hovingham and Vets outdoor leagues he would not be able to run this end of season competition. The Secretary stated that this would still go ahead and be run by A.N.Other. Arthur Jackson, who has always willingly used his van for transporting mats to York for this event will not be able to do so next year so the Secretary asked all clubs to ask their members if anyone with suitable transport would be prepared to help on the Friday evening with this task. Mileage costs are paid and a meal is provided.




(a) Captain ‘A’ team – After the recent death of Ralph Parsons, the Management Committee had co-opted Rose Haynes, who was Ralph’s chosen vice-captain, to fill this vacancy. After being seconded by Dennis Jarvis, Rose’s appointment was confirmed unanimously and she will serve as ‘A’ team Captain for the year ahead. Rose informed the meeting that she had already asked Joseph Newsome to assist her as her vice-captain. For the ‘B’ team, Arthur Jackson had appointed Dennis Mather as his vice-captain.   


(b) Team Selection – After the end of last season, Rose and Ralph had reviewed the season’s performance and taking into account John Buntings recommendations for promotion from the ‘B’ team, had selected 20 players who were invited to form the ‘A’ team for the season ahead. Nathan Kotek had declined his place due to the fact that this was his GCSE year and he felt that his studies would prevent him from fully committing himself. Ralph had subsequently dropped himself due to his deteriorating health. Rose and Ralph had therefore invited Pat and Bryan Jones to return to the ‘A’ team to fill the 2 vacancies.       


(c) County Team Strip – 4 possible designs based on the existing county colours had finally been whittled down to 1 and the order for all ‘A’ team players had been placed several weeks ago. Delivery was expected in time for the first match. The ‘B’ team would now decide separately whether they would adopt the strip or remain as they are. The strip consists of a shirt and over-jacket and the cost is being shared between the players and the grant money.  


(d) Fixtures – Both teams will have 10 matches this year and these have all been fitted in to 11 weekends. The only clash with the Yorkshire (North) league was due to a change made by their Fixture Secretary to one of their weekends.





(a) ESMBA Annual Woodbridge Trophy – It was known that 2 of our Juniors had been disappointed not to have been asked to attend last year’s event in June. NC clarified the situation by saying that it is up to the Juniors themselves to enter and he always leaves it up to individuals to decide who they would like to form a team with – he only informs them of the date. He pointed out that “odd” entries will be made up into teams with “odd” entries from other counties (even some non-Juniors) by the ESMBA who are keen that everyone who wants to enter should be able to take part.  


(b) England U21 trials – These were due to take place this weekend but NC was not sure how many were going. JN pointed out that of the 44 players in this year’s senior England squad, 10 were in fact under 21, including 4 of our own players.       


(c) Child Protection - NC reminded all clubs to appoint someone as their Child Protection Officer (CPO). Pete Render asked who was the ESMBA CPO now that Babs Morokutti is no longer in office. RG pointed out that he had been advised that as Babs had not been replaced, any Child Protection issues should be referred to Pat Ostler who is the Chair of the Joint Bowls Panel (JPPCVA). However, issues should first be referred to NC who is our County CPO.


(d) Stockport – NC is once again organising 2 matches again the Stockport Juniors. Both matches (home and away) will take place around Christmas. Once dates have been finalised all juniors will be informed.




(a) AGM (July 3rd)- BS had attended along with 19 other counties and he reported that ESMBA affiliation fees will rise by £1 for the 2011/12 season. Our vote had been cast against the increase but the proposal had been passed by a very narrow vote (23-21). The period between Rules Revision meetings had been changed from 2 to 5 years (next one in 2014). A new Secretary (Paul Fisher) had been elected to fill the post that had been vacant for the last year. The new Umpires Director is Terry Mathews (Essex). Noel Clark had lost his position on the committee to Keith Smith (the new England Team Manager).


In the Open Forum Simon Willies, the Vice-Chairman had presented a report on plans to implement a paid administration function. Although we had submitted a paper against this, the ESMBA seem convinced that this is the only way forward as there is just too much work to be done by overburdened volunteers. Several changes to the Inter County Competition (ICC) were discussed and will be looked at further by a sub-committee. A report was also presented on the BDA (Bowls Development Alliance), a body representing all bowls disciplines and which controls the money supplied to the sport by the government. It is they who are seeking further information about Short Mat membership and is the reason for asking for information on the age grouping of all ESMBA members.


ESMBA National Team – This year, Jacinta Townend, Ben Render and David Newsome were all successful in being accepted into the England squad alongside Gareth Townend who makes it for the third consecutive year. A great achievement for our best young bowlers and we wish them an enjoyable and successful year.       


(b) ESMBA Coaching course – This “Level 1” course had been arranged for last year but was curtailed due to the bad weather and the consequent need to change the dates of 2 of the County championships. It will now be held on October 16th and the 8 people taking part will receive details soon. There are a few vacancies and anyone else interested in taking part should notify the Secretary immediately.    




(a) AGM (July 4th) – BS had also attended this in Leeds (on the day after travelling down to Northampton for the ESMBA AGM). RG was present in his capacity as NESMBA League Secretary/Treasurer. The league entry fee was raised to £30 per team and the Championship entry fee (for Barnard Castle) was raised to £3 pp per discipline.


The meeting also considered/discussed the following proposals.


·        To reformat the IC league competition format (to play Singles and Fours together followed by Pairs and Triples). Defeated.

·        To dispense with the requirement to provide a meal on match days. Defeated.    

·        To dispense with “practice time” before each match. Defeated.

·        To formally adopt Rule 29 (that deals with the awarding of points for cancelled games). Passed. 

·        To adopt a rewrite of Rule 15 (dealing with the composition of each division and promotion/relegation). Passed.

·        To move some words from Rule 20 to Rule 29 – a more suitable location. Passed.

·        To add wording to the Constitution “Objectives” regarding Child Protection. Passed.

·        To include Staffordshire in the list of rotating Chairmen. Passed.


(12) LEAGUE NEWS - There were no changes to any of the leagues reported to the meeting.


(13) AOB


(a) Training day - Noel and Janet Clark are holding a day of basic training for new and relatively new bowlers on October 30th at North Duffield. All clubs had been sent a form on which to nominate players and this should be returned to them as soon as possible. A light lunch will be provided and the day will be free to those taking part.  


(b) Norfolk trip - The Associations very first organised social trip is taking place to the Lakeside Country Club in Lyng in Norfolk from 24th-27th September (next week). After a year of planning, a group of 45 will be taking part with bowling planned for all 3 days together with a Theatre trip to Norwich and 2 Quizzes to while away the non-bowling hours. The whole trip will be entirely self-financing and may even return a small profit for the Association. 


(c) Handbook/Website – This year’s Handbook is 4 pages smaller than last year (which was the largest ever) and fewer copies have been printed due to some clubs reducing their requirement. The updating of the Website ready for the new season will be delayed until early October.


(d) Yorkshire Bowls Partnership (YBP) – NC pointed out that they have so far had two grants turned down and this is making it difficult for the new organisation to really get going with any concrete plans. He would let us know as soon as he had anything of any substance to report.


(e) The Secretary concluded by informing the meeting that he was in contact with a lady who was working on a project to put together a calendar for 2012. She is very interested in the achievements of the “older sports-person” and this being the year of the London Olympics, she wanted to feature those of mature age who were still active in sport. Any club who has any member who would like to feature on this calendar should contact him and he will pass on the details of the lady in question.      


There was no further business raised by those present so the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.15pm.


Next meeting Friday February 4th (Easingwold)




After the meeting, the Handbooks for the year were distributed together with a letter from Len Bradley (Membership Secretary) regarding this year’s registration of members.


There is no record of who took the Handbooks for those clubs not in attendance but those not taken were for the following 8 clubs -  Sawley, Kirklevington, Campsall, Strensall, Stillington, Burton Leonard, Coxwold and Gristhorpe. These are being sent out with these minutes.


Any uncollected letters from Len were posted out after the meeting.