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Hard copies of these minutes were posted out to all clubs on February 23 together with details of The Little Cup.



Friday February 5th 2010


SECRETARY Roger Green TREASURER Barry Simmonite
CAPTAIN Ralph Parsons VICE CAPTAIN (as Vice Chairman)
PUBLICITY OFFICER (as Secretary)    
Barn Apologies Kirklevington Apologies
Bilsdale l Kirkbymoorside l
Boroughbridge Jean Calvert Knaresborough Apologies
Branton l Marton Apologies
BSA l Melbourne l
Bubwith l North Duffield Joseph Newsome
Burton Leonard l Raskelf Dennis Jarvis
Campsall l Riccall Apologies
Carlton Apologies Sawley Doreen Addyman
Cayton Apologies Scarborough l
Coxwold l St. Cuthberts Apologies
Crossgates Pete Render Seaton Ross l
Darley l Snaith & E Cowick l
Easingwold Joyce Hughes Stillington Apologies
East Cottingwith Apologies Strensall l
Escrick l Sutton on Derwent l
Eggborough l Tate & Lyle Apologies
Flixton Apologies Thornton Dale l
Great Ouseburn Rose Haynes Tollerton Alan Ward
Gristhorpe l Welburn l
Hambleton l Wilberfoss l
Helmsley l Yedingham Andrew Leng
Kirbymisperton l Yoredale Apologies

The meeting was attended by the 9 club representatives and 6 officers listed above. Also present were Ken Calvert (Boroughbridge) and Geoff Boldero (Sawley) – 17 people in total.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm and welcomed those present.

(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: These were received from 13 clubs (shown in red above). The Competition Secretary was also unable to attend due to sickness.

(2) MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The draft minutes of the last meeting (Committee – September 25th 2009) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. The Secretary advised the meeting of one small correction to the attendance record for Helmsley - Pam Bradley had not been present. There were no other corrections requested so after a proposal from Pete Render (seconded by Ralph Parsons), the Chairman signed the file copy as being a true and accurate record.


(a) Item (6)(d)(i)YBP donations. Two further £20 donations had since been received from the Selby and Yorkshire (North) leagues.   

(b) Item (6)(d)(iii)Posters/fliers. 100 posters and 10,000 fliers had been printed but the take-up had been disappointing. All clubs had been sent a poster and 20 fliers but only 5 clubs had requested additional substantial numbers. There were 7000 fliers still available and any club would be supplied with any number on request.

(c) Item (6)(d)(iv)Local promotions – There had been no requests for financial assistance with local initiatives from any club.

(d) Item (7)(c)ESMBA Summer Club competition – An entry form had been sent to all clubs in November.   

There were no other matters raised by those present.

(4) CORRESPONDENCE: The Secretary mentioned the following items.

(a) A “welcome back” letter had been sent to Strensall SMBC (Oct 8th) with a copy of the Constitution, a complimentary Handbook and a request to register a minimum of 5 members. The ESMBA had been asked to supply them with an Information Pack.

(b) An Email advertising a new Triples and Fours competition “The International Short Mat Open” had been received in November. This was a non-ESMBA competition being organised privately by the England Manager and one of the England players there was to be a £2000 prize for the winners. Entry was open to anyone.

(c) A letter had been received (Feb 2nd) from Ken Calvert/Dennis Jarvis proposing that all County Championships be held at the Galtres Centre which they considered to be a more comfortable venue. The Secretary said that all of the implications (availability, mats, catering, cost, convenience etc) of such a move would be considered by the Management Committee and Ken’s proposal would be put on the agenda for the AGM so that it could be fully discussed by all clubs.   

(5) FINANCES: BS reported that we currently had a very healthy balance of around £11,000 although this contained £7600 of unspent grant money. He predicted that discounting this, the final EOY balance would show a very good increase over 2008/09.

(6) MEMBERSHIP: LB in his first year as Membership Secretary, said he had generally been very pleased with the returns he had received from all clubs and he thanked them for supplying the extra information asked for this year. The current total was 906 which was 7 less than last year in spite of Strensall rejoining us.

(a) Age distribution – The returns showed that we had 35 U21s (including 22 Juniors), 31 21-50s and 840 over 50s.

(b) Insurance – All but 3 clubs had completed the declaration that they had current 3rd Party liability Insurance in place. Nearly half of all clubs now used the ESMBA insurance scheme.

(c) Membership Certificates – All clubs had been sent laminated certificates confirming their membership of the Association and affiliation to the ESMBA.   

(d) The Management Committee had recently agreed that from next season, registrations for Junior members would not be accepted unless accompanied by a fully completed NYSMBA “Parental Consent Form”.

(e) The Secretary said that although membership was only slightly down on last year it was still the lowest total for 10 years. Because it was felt we should have an idea as to the reasons for the drop, he had compared registrations from all clubs against the peak year of 2006 when the final total reached 1025. The 10 clubs with the greatest reduction had been written to asking to give reasons for the drop. So far 6 had replied and he would ask the other 4 to reply and then analyse the results. 

(f) In answer to a question from Jo Newsome, JB confirmed that the recent Grant had a “target” objective attached to it to increase our membership by 260 persons within a year. However, he would be extremely surprised if this was rigidly enforced as for a start we only really had a 6 month season in which to achieve this. The Secretary felt that some of the initiatives being taken may very well not see any results until we went into the second year or beyond. He also re-iterated that if any club wanted to (for instance) hold an “open day” for their area, financial support would be provided. JB concluded by saying that it was not wholly up to the Committee to achieve results but for every club to do their bit. If every club managed to rustle up 4 or 5 new members over the next couple of years this large target could be reached.

(g) Doreen Addyman had about 25 people playing at Sawley but only registered the 9 who played in the Boroughbridge afternoon league. All the others only payed their playing fees (£2 per session) for games played locally or in friendly games against Pateley Bridge, Bolton Abbey and Dacre who were all unregistered clubs. They were not interested in paying the extra £3.80 required for registration. A long discussion followed in which it transpired that in fact Sawley was not a separate club with its own committee but just part of the village hall set up which provided the facilities. Doreen was advised that if the club was set up separately from the other activities they could then charge an annual club sub from which they could choose to register all their members.

(h) The Secretary asked PR why the registered membership at Crossgates had dropped so dramatically in the last 2 years. PR replied that their Secretary had changed his policy of supporting the idea of 100% registration without fail, to not registering “social only” members under any circumstance. Although this was permissible under the ESMBA policy the Secretary felt it was a regrettable change of attitude.          


(a) Information Pack updates and New Rule Book. The former had been promised for distribution before Christmas (on a CD) but had still not appeared. RG expressed his disgust at the procrastination the ESMBA had shown in not getting the reformatted and updated book of Rules produced. Even the version on the ESMBA web site was still out of date. He had made many enquiries but had never received a realistic reply.  

(b) EGM At their last committee meeting (Nov. 28th) one of the ESMBA committee members (Keith Hawkins – ICC Secretary) had been appointed as a temporary “Administrator” at £1000 per month after a majority vote. Another Committee member (Babs Morukutti – Minutes Secretary) had been so incensed at this that she had taken it upon herself to request an EGM to discuss the issue and to consider a motion of “no confidence” in the way the Association organises its affairs and finances. She had solicited backing for this from all counties (calls for an EGM must have at least 10 counties in support). Our Management Committee had met to discuss this and had agreed to support the call and to seek further information regarding the tasks that Keith Hawkins had been asked to do for this large payment. Two letters had been sent to the ESMBA requesting this information but had not been answered. Our Chairman in his capacity as an ESMBA committee member supports the action the ESMBA have taken and is attending the ESMBA seminar this weekend (Feb. 6th/7th) at which many issues will be discussed and the date for the EGM will be set. More information should be forthcoming after this and after the EGM has been held.      

(8) NESMBA NEWS: Staffordshire had applied to re-join the NESMBA with a view to entering one of their teams in the NESMBA IC league. RP and JB are to sound out how our county team members feel about travelling to Stoke on Trent should Staffordshire’s application be successful. NC said that the ESMBA had encountered problems with them that had resulted in them being fined.   


(a) A Team – RP informed the meeting that the A team were enjoying a very good season. They had only lost one game and were in a very strong position 8 points clear with a game in hand. He was hopeful that they could maintain this position through the last 3 games and win Division 1 for the very first time.

(b) B Team – JB said that in their first 2 years the B team had ended in 3rd place in Division 2 and this year, even with 3 games to go, it looked very likely that they will end in 2nd place. He was proud of their achievement and felt they were a credit to the county. For personal reasons he would not be standing as Captain at the AGM and he paid credit to his Vice Captain Arthur Jackson who had shared the responsibilities of running the team.    


(a) England U21s – The U21 team had had 3 weekends organised during the season (Leicester, Storrington and Bedford) and all our 7 squad players had taken part. These weekends consisted of a coaching day on the Saturday and a match on the Sunday. The team for the final match against Wales had yet to be announced but JN said there was concern that the team was going to include 4 members of the senior England squad who had spent no time at all training with the U21 squad. JN then elaborated at some length on the discontent felt amongst our players over some aspects of the way the team were being managed and the unfairness of some of the decisions that were being made. He felt that some of the decisions were driven by politics and were not in the best interests of our squad members. Alan Ward said we must look after the interests of the Juniors as they were the future of the game. NC said he would do his best to represent their interests on the ESMBA committee. JN concluded that he was considering whether or not to write to the NYSMBA committee to enlist County help in addressing their grievances.    

(b) ESMBA Woodbridge Trophy – NC had no details of this yet.

(c) Stockport match – The return match is planned for Feb. 20th (which is also the date of the re-arranged County Singles Championships). £150 of Grant money has been allocated to pay for the transport for this trip.

(d) Child Protection Policy (CPP) – RG reminded clubs of the details, advice and recommendations sent to them after the last meeting. He repeated the requirement for all clubs to include the recommended additional wording in their Constitutions and also to display the laminated Notice of the NYSMBA policy at their premises. If they were unable to appoint someone to act as their Child Protection Officer (CPO) they should inform NC and they should keep the Parental Consent Form (PCF) on file for possible future use. Even clubs with no juniors should take these actions which would demonstrate the clubs awareness and acceptance of the issues even if not currently directly involved with young people. LB also reminded clubs that the policy also covers “vulnerable adults” – it does not exclusively relate to juniors. NC had not received PCFs in respect of the juniors registered at Boroughbridge, Tollerton and Crossgates and RG repeated that next year registrations for juniors would not be accepted unless accompanied by a fully completed PCF.  


(a) County Championships (& National Heats) – All three so far held had produced excellent Finals. Geoff Whitehead had won the Mixed Fours to create a unique record having so far won all the other disciplines over previous years. In the Fours, the youngest team to enter, skipped by 14 year old Nathan Kotek, had beaten last years Champions and in the Pairs the all Irish duo of Bronagh Malone and Trevor Hanlon had lifted the Cup. The Singles and Triples had to be re-arranged because their cancellation due to ice and snow and this also meant that the Juniors had been moved to the Monday of half-term.    

(b) Little Cup – Scheduled for April 17th with a maximum entry of 24 teams of 4. Sponsorship is still required to enable prize money to be paid once again. Details would be sent out with these minutes.

(c) Competition Secretary – Eileen Bunting had intimated to the Secretary that she is unlikely to stand for office at the AGM due to her persistent health problems. RG asked all clubs to look for a suitable replacement from amongst their numbers as this is a critical and important post.

(d) End of season Tournament – This is scheduled for March 13th.  JB and RP had agreed that this year the format would consist of a straight match between the two county teams in one half of the hall whilst in the other half would be a tournament involving all those who express interest in taking part. An invite would be included with these minutes.  

(12) COACHES COURSE & TRAINING DAY: In October, JB had organised a training day for members of the County ‘B’ team. He had used several “skill tests” to assess his players and there had also been a quiz relating to the Rules. Once the Grant money had been received it was decided to expand on this for the county at large and all clubs had been asked to submit the names of anyone interested. There had been an excellent response with 18 showing interest in the Coaches course and 64 wanting to be “trained”.   

(a) Coaching – Arrangements were well underway for the ESMBA to run their Coaching course on February 20th at the Galtres Centre but these had to be curtailed when the date was needed for the re-arranged County Singles Championship (see 11 above). It is hoped to resurrect this next season.

(b) Training – In conjunction with the ESMBA Coaching Director, Stuart Southern, a training day had been held on January 23rd in the Galtres Centre. It was aimed at all bowlers from beginners up to (but not including) county team standard and 32 of those on the original list were invited. The day had gone very well and although all the feedback was positive, it was evident that the acoustics in the hall were less than ideal. Plans are now being considered to purchase a radio microphone to assist in any future courses and other events. The overall cost of the day was around £550 and this was financed out of the Grant money. Further courses are being considered for next season.   

(13) LEAGUES:  JN reported that Selby were on track to win the Yorkshire (North) league yet again and LB said that Helmsley were in poll position in the Ryedale league so were hopeful of toppling Kirbymisperton who have won it for the last 6 years.   

(14) AOB:

(a) Trip to Norfolk – After initially inviting all county team members to take part the trip had been opened up to all clubs. Accommodation has now been booked for 44 people and a deposit has been paid. Final arrangements will be worked out during the spring and early summer. 

(b) Yorkshire Bowls Partnership (YBP) – RG had sent all clubs a copy of their Terms of Reference for information. Our 2 reps on the committee (NC and RP) had not been able to attend the last 2 meetings in October and December. NC has been involved in procuring a mat for demonstrations. The next meeting will be on March 8th.  

(c) Diary for 2010/11 – RG is working on this and is assuming that ALL competition organisers, including the Yorkshire (North) league will be using the equivalent dates as this year so as to prevent any increase in the number of clashes. He pointed out that IF the County Championships were to move to Easingwold it may not be possible to get the same weekends as now and that IF Staffordshire joined the NESMBA league an extra two games would have to be accommodated. This may have a detrimental effect on the overall calendar.

DJ pointed out that the Ousedale v Selby (Yorkshire (North) league) game scheduled for March 14th had been re-arranged to March 13th causing a clash with the end-of-season County tournament.  

There was no further business raised by those present so the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.10pm.