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Hard copies of these minutes (+ several other items of information) were mainly distributed by hand at the 'B' team County game on Oct 18. The remainder were posted out to all clubs on Monday Oct 19 and hopefully will not get caught up in the imminent PO strike.



Friday September 25th 2009




SECRETARY Roger Green TREASURER Barry Simmonite
CAPTAIN Ralph Parsons VICE CAPTAIN (as Vice Chairman)
PUBLICITY OFFICER (as Secretary)    
Barn Howard Burdock Kirklevington l
Bilsdale George Cook Kirkbymoorside l
Boroughbridge Apologies Knaresborough Apologies
Branton l Marton Jean Bell
BSA Apologies Melbourne l
Bubwith l North Duffield Joseph Newsome
Burton Leonard l Raskelf Dennis Jarvis
Campsall l Riccall Gordon Raggett
Carlton l Sawley Apologies
Cayton George Stannard Scarborough Apologies
Coxwold l St. Cuthberts Arthur Jackson
Crossgates Pete Render Seaton Ross Peter Fridlington
Darley Apologies Snaith & E Cowick l
Easingwold Fred Wood Stillington Apologies
East Cottingwith Apologies Sutton on Derwent l
Escrick l Tate & Lyle l
Eggborough l Thornton Dale Margaret Dennison
Flixton Graham Sherburn Tollerton l
Great Ouseburn Rose Haynes Welburn Diane Savage
Gristhorpe l Wilberfoss l
Hambleton Carolyn Barthram Yedingham l
Helmsley John Gray Yoredale Apologies
Kirbymisperton Cherry Edmond    

The meeting was attended by the 18 club representatives and 6 officers listed above. Also present were Audrey Wood (Easingwold), Margaret Burdock (Barn), Ben Render (Crossgates), Pam Bradley (Helmsley), Edith Collier (Kirbymisperton), Linda Raggett (Riccall) and Stanley Spencer (Seaton Ross) – 31 people in total.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.35pm and welcomed those present.

(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: These were received from 10 clubs (shown in red above). The Competition Secretary was also unable to attend due to sickness.

(2) MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The draft minutes of the last meeting (AGM – April 24th 2009) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. There were no corrections requested so after a proposal from John Bunting (seconded by Peter Render), the Chairman signed the file copy as being a true and accurate record.


(a) Item (3) (a) – Grant applications. JB informed those present that the application to Awards for All had failed but that a further application had then been made to Sport England and we had recently learned that this had been successful. The amount received was £9859 and much of this was to be spent in training, coaching and recruitment activities over the next year and he asked for the cooperation of all clubs in the initiatives that the Association will be taking in these areas. Sport England, in granting us this money had given us a target of increasing our total membership by 250. RG added that the Committee would be very interested to hear from any club who has ideas on how money could be best spent in promoting the game and financial support for any local initiatives would be considered.    

(b) Item 9Postcodes and Handbook. The proposal to publish a list of the postcodes for all club venues had been implemented as well as the 50p charge for each copy of the Handbook. The latter would be collected along with clubs annual membership fees.

(c) Insurance – The proposal to ask all clubs for evidence of public liability insurance would be achieved by requesting a declaration to be signed by a club officer as part of the membership returns. 

There were no other matters raised by those present.

(4) CORRESPONDENCE: The Secretary mentioned the following items.

(a) Freda Martin of Gristhorpe had won one of the 25 ESMBA 25th anniversary Silver Spoons.

(b) “Bingolotto” (a new national bingo/lottery game) has just been launched after a trial year. There are a multitude of prizes and tickets can be bought via TESCO. The show is initially being broadcast at 7pm on Sundays on Virgin TV (Freeview c20) and is hosted by Ulrika Johnson. 20% of all sales money is passed back to members of the CCPR of which the ESMBA is a member and in the trial year they received nearly £1000. They hope that this will be more of a money spinner this year. Buying tickets is therefore indirectly supporting the game.  

(5) FINANCES: BS stated that our current balance was £465.04 (grant money yet to be paid in). This is the low point of the year before the annual registration fees come in and our money raising activities begin. One of the latter is our participation in the ESMBA annual Draw and last year we had received £217.35 from this as well as the £100 for being the top selling county (for the 4th year in succession). As usual the latter was distributed to four clubs on the basis of a random draw (excluding those clubs with nil sales). This year’s recipients of £25 each were Flixton, Bubwith, Scarborough and Barn.


(a) Strensall SMBC – This club had applied to re-join us (having resigned last year). Even though they did not want to rejoin the Kyle Valley League the Secretary had informed them they must register at least 5 members. Their application was approved unanimously after a proposal from Howard Burdock (seconded by John Bunting). This brings our total clubs up to 46.

(b) Age distribution - Apart from the charge for the Handbooks and the Insurance declaration (see (3) above), clubs are being asked on their returns to break their membership down into three age bands. This is required by the ESMBA.

(c) Membership Certificate - It was intended to issue all clubs with some form of membership certificate confirming that they are members of the NYSMBA. This follows a request from Kirbymisperton who required such evidence when applying for a grant.

(d) Promoting the game 

(i) The Yorkshire Bowls Partnership is a new body whose objective are to “encourage people of all ages to play bowls”. The “leading light” is Charles Clark, an outside bowler from Marske but all bowls disciplines are involved and NC and RP are the Short Mat members on the Steering Committee. We had donated £100 “up front” to help with start-up costs and RG had written to all league Secretaries asking for their financial support in this. Subsequently we had received donations from both the White Rose and Kyle Valley leagues. It is possible that if the new body “takes off” these would be refunded. NC had subsequently taken CC to the ESMBA Presidents Day recently and he had been very impressed with what he had seen. It is early days yet and we would have to wait and see what initiatives this new body may take to try and achieve their objectives. Potentially all clubs could benefit.

(ii) The ESMBA is continuing to take its “road show” to various venues including a “retirement” show at Olympia and a “leisure” show at Birmingham.

(iii) RG had recently obtained permission to display a framed A2 poster permanently in the Galtres Centre in Easingwold advertising the game and he circulated a similar version to those present for comment. After discussion, it was decided to send an A4 version to every club for display locally. Versions printed as A5 fliers would also be supplied to any club who wanted to make the effort to circularise houses in their area. The cost would be met from the grant money. He would ask all clubs for numbers when he sent out the minutes.              

(iv) If any club had ideas for promoting the game locally, the NYSMBA would consider financial support. Initially, the Secretary should be informed of the details of any such initiatives.


(a) AGM 2009 – July 11th – RG/JB had attended as our delegates. For the first time in their history, the ESMBA had made a loss over the year. There were particular reasons for this and consequently they had voted NOT to increase affiliation fees for 2010/11. They expected to make a surplus next year. The Chairman, Chris Hopkins had been re-elected after a contest for the post with the current Vice Chairman. The Coaching Director and General Secretary had both resigned leaving vacancies for both these posts. Noel Clark had retained his position as one of the three general committee members.   

(b) RRM 2009 – July 11th – The proposal submitted by RG/JB for a completely reformatted Rule Book had been passed by a 36-11 majority. However a reprint had not yet been produced as they were hoping to sell off their obsolete stock of 1400 books first. RG expressed scepticism over this as he wondered who would want to buy an old copy when a revision was in the pipeline. In addition, 6 of the 9 NYSMBA proposals for rule changes had been passed – most of these were minor and affected Changing the order of play, Dropped bowl, Line Decision, Directing play, Scoring, Action of jack on touchers. (Full details are being sent out with these minutes) 

(c) National Club Competition 2010 – The newly introduced summer inter-club competition had been a success although there had only been 18 entries in this first year. Details for 2010 would be circularised as soon as received.

In the Forum following the RRM, we had asked that the ESMBA issue counties with a membership certificate. It had been necessary to ask them for evidence in support of our recent grant application and we felt this should be issued as a matter of course.

(8) NESMBA NEWS: JB/NC had attended the AGM as our delegates. West Yorkshire is changing its playing venue while the old centre is under re-development. There is a possibility that this may result in them not being able to raise a ‘B’ team for the current season. Fees for affiliation and Championships remain unchanged. The Durham wheelchair bowler (John Kinghorn) had apparently left their Association claiming that he had been made to feel unwelcome. RG reminded all clubs that they should do their utmost to accommodate anyone with a disability and any club with a disabled player in their side should warn their opposition in advance so suitable arrangements can be made. Pete Render said that they already do this in the case of Linda Clark-Irons. Game against Scarborough whose venue is inaccessible for wheelchairs, had been played at an alternative venue (Cayton)       


(a) Team selection – A selection-sub committee of 5 had met during the summer resulting in the selection of an ‘A’ team composed of 20 players and 7 reserves. The 20 players would play in the same discipline and the same positions throughout the season. The reserves would be automatically selected for all ‘B’ team fixtures but would also provide backup in the case of ‘A’ team players being unavailable. The remainder of the ‘B’ team would be selected by their Captain/Vice Captain based on last season’s performance and the results of the forthcoming “assessment” day (October 3rd).

(b) Fixtures – The 18 fixtures had been arranged on just 12 separate days. As usual every effort had been made to avoid clashes with other events but inevitably and unavoidably there were still some.   

(c) Warmup against Norfolk – This was going ahead this Sunday 27th Sep. at the Y&D IBC after booking problems had been encountered at the Galtres. After some negotiation, all mats were coming from the Galtres centre (2 NYSMBA, 2 Galtres and 4 Easingwold SMBC) and were being transported by Rose Haynes.

(d) Other – Our equipment Insurance cover had been increased to £4000 and a trolley had been purchased to house our 2 mats. This had been necessary as it was felt that their storage on high shelves had posed a “Health and Safety” risk. 


(a) ESMBA Woodbridge Trophy – Two teams of 4 had taken part in May and our top team skipped by David Newsome had come 2nd out of the 14 teams taking part from across the country.

(b) England U21 trials – The recent trials had resulted once again in the same 7 young players as last year making it into the squad. The new ESMBA U21 manager had 4 matches planned for the season ahead with each match being preceded by a squad coaching/training day.

(a) Stockport match – NC had organised a match in June which had taken place at Bubwith between 2 teams of 16. A return match is planned but not yet arranged.   

(11) CHILD PROTECTION POLICY (CPP): (Printed details were circulated for discussion). The Secretary introduced this topic by reminding everyone that information on this issue had been circulated to all clubs by the ESMBA as part of their “green folder” updates back in 2003. As an Association we had simply asked at that time that clubs study the information and take any action that was appropriate although we were unaware of which clubs, if any had subsequently taken any action.

We had now recently received from the ESMBA a set of 9 “essential documents and forms” extracted from their CPP with implicit advice to make use of them. NC in his capacity as the Associations Child Protection Officer (CPO) had also recommended that we take some action in relation to photography.

The Management Committee had therefore revisited the issue and reviewed the complete ESMBA document with a view to making specific recommendations to our members. They had concluded that although the area is complex, continuing to do nothing was really not an option. We were therefore taking the following actions.

(a) Policy statement & constitution change – We will be proposing a Constitution addition at our next AGM using the ESMBA recommended wording. Clubs were asked to seriously consider making the same addition to their own Constitutions. We are also publishing a “Notice” of our policy – again using ESMBA recommended wording which should be endorsed by all clubs and displayed prominently of club notice boards.

(b) Parental consent – There are separate forms in the ESMBA CPP covering Consent, Travel, Health and Photography. Upon examination, it was felt that these are cumbersome and poorly designed so these had been consolidated (but using identical wording) into a single 2 page form covering all the relevant areas. This had been submitted to the ESMBA and also to the Joint Bowls Panel originally responsible for issuing the CPP and approval to use this had recently been received from their Chair.

It is essential that any club with children or vulnerable adults ensure that the parent/carer complete and signs this form each year. Clubs currently using their own consent form should use the NYSMBA recommended form from now on. Clubs with no children should keep the form on file for possible future use.    

(c) Child Protection Officers (CPO) and CRB checks – All clubs should appoint one of their members as their CPO. Even those without children at the moment should do this as they may well have new child members in the future and in any case may play against them from other clubs. It is very strongly recommended that those appointed submit themselves to a CRB check.  


(a) County Championships (& National Heats) – No changes had been requested to the formats of any of the 6 annual Championships so they would be organised along the same lines. The closing date for all entries is November 1st. The Junior Championship date has been changed to February 6th. The Mixed Fours Championships clashes with a YNL weekend which may affect anyone wanting to enter from the Crossgates/Whitehorse regions.   

(b) Little Cup – Scheduled for April 17th with a maximum entry of 24 teams of 4. Sponsorship is required to enable prize money to be paid once again.

(13) LEAGUES: Most leagues had only just got under way and no changes to formats or teams were reported apart from White Rose which next year will have an extra team (Boroughbridge). After a successful trip to Cambridgeshire, White Rose would play host to them in 2010 when they are coming north for a return match.  

(14) AOB:

(a) Gareth Townend - RG pointed out that Gareth had again trialled for and been successful in reaching the England National Team squad and wished him well in the season ahead.

(b) Website – Updating for the season ahead is underway and will be completed shortly.

(c) Handbook – These were distributed along with a letter from the Membership Secretary regarding membership renewal.

There was no further business raised by those present so the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm.