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Hard copies of these minutes will be posted out to all clubs by Monday 16th February



Friday February 6th 2009




SECRETARY Roger Green TREASURER Barry Simmonite
CAPTAIN Ralph Parsons VICE CAPTAIN (as Vice Chairman)
PUBLICITY OFFICER (as Secretary)    
Barn Apologies Kirklevington l
Bilsdale Apologies Kirkbymoorside Peter Padmore
Boroughbridge Jean Calvert Knaresborough Apologies
Branton Peter Goldsmith Marton Apologies
BSA Apologies Melbourne l
Bubwith l North Duffield Joseph Newsome
Burton Leonard l Raskelf Dennis Jarvis
Campsall l Riccall l
Carlton l Sawley l
Cayton George Stannard Scarborough Apologies
Coxwold l St. Cuthberts Arthur Jackson
Crossgates Pete Render Seaton Ross l
Darley l Snaith & E Cowick l
Easingwold Joyce Hughes Stillington l
East Cottingwith l Sutton on Derwent l
Escrick l Tate & Lyle l
Eggborough l Thornton Dale l
Flixton l Tollerton l
Great Ouseburn Rose Haynes Welburn l
Gristhorpe l Wilberfoss l
Hambleton Carolyn Barthram Yedingham l
Helmsley Len Bradley Yoredale l
Kirbymisperton Apologies    

The meeting was attended by the 12 club representatives and 6 officers listed above as well as Ken Calvert (Boroughbridge) and Dennis Mather (Easingwold) – 20 people in total.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm by asking all present to stand and observe a short silence for Derrick Dowson, the club representative for Gristhorpe who had recently passed away.  

(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: These were received from 7 clubs (shown in red above). The Assistant Competition Secretary was also unable to attend due to sickness.

(2) MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The draft minutes of the last meeting (committee – September 22nd 2008) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. There were no corrections requested so after a proposal from John Bunting (seconded by George Stannard), the Chairman signed the file copy as being a true and accurate record.

(3) ANY MATTERS ARISING: The Secretary raised the following points.

(a) Para. 4c – The England U21 manager (John Jackson) had recently stated his intention to resign at the end of the season. The junior team captain (Chris Page) was collecting donations from interested parties for a memento. We had decided we would contribute a small amount in thanks for a job well done.

(b) Para. 11d – Rose Haynes had been appointed Vice Captain for the ‘A’ team.

(c) Para. 14b – Comments had been received from David Bubb (past ESMBA Umpires Director) regarding the wording of some of the 8 rule change proposals we had submitted. As a result of this the wording had been amended and the proposals had been resubmitted.

(d) Para 14c – RG had submitted his proposal for a complete reformat of the rule book after all.

There were no other matters raised by those present.

(4) CORRESPONDENCE: The Secretary mentioned the following items.

(a) Harry Welch (St. Cuthberts) had written requesting that consideration be given to redesigning the county tie and bow. Although he knew that a similar suggestion made a few years ago had not been accepted he felt strongly that our tie was too “anonymous” and as in most other counties should contain our county logo and/or name to make it more distinctive. He had made enquiries and had offered some suggestions of his own. Whilst no one present expressed opposition to the idea, the Treasurer and Captains both pointed out that we still had substantial stock of the current design. It was therefore felt that although Harry’s suggestion was untimely it should be marked forward for a full discussion prior to the next re-order of stock.      

(b) The ESMBA had written to point out that 2009 was their 25th anniversary year. Several events were planned to mark this including

(c) John Bunting outlined details he had received of money that is available under the “Awards for All” lottery grant scheme. At present, amounts of between £300 and £10,000 can be obtained for such things as upgrading facilities and obtaining equipment. He then distributed applications forms and guidance notes to some of those present but pointed out that the current scheme ends on March 31st so there is limited time in which to apply. 

(5) FINANCIAL REPORT: BS stated that our current balance was £2541. The downward trend of previous years had, thanks to several factors been reversed and he was confident that the final accounts for the year would show a profit of well over £1000.

(6) MEMBERSHIP: We had lost Strensall and Pateley Bridge who had decided to leave their respective leagues and take no further part in competitive bowling leaving us with 45 clubs. The final registered membership was 908 which included 25 juniors across 9 clubs. This final total was down 62 on last season – a reduction of over 6%. As part of this year’s registration procedure all clubs had been asked to record the numbers of their members who they did not register. Although 12 clubs had declined to answer this question, 33 had given details and these showed that 15 clubs registered ALL their members whilst 18 others all had some unregistered players - a combined total of 122.    


(a) County/Northern England/National. There had been an increased entry in the County Championships, all 6 disciplines had gone very smoothly and the combined profit from all 6 days was a record of over £500. Increased National Championship entries had led to 2 places being awarded at the Finals in Northamptonshire in April in all disciplines except the U18 Singles which had 3. The Secretary read out the names of all those who had qualified. Places at the Northern England Championships were as usual offered to the top 4 or 5 finishers in the Singles (4), Pairs (5), Triples (5) and Fours (4) so nearly 50 of our players would be making the trip to Barnard Castle in March to represent North Yorkshire.

Next season the County Mixed Fours Championship would be played at Swinton instead of Easingwold and the Secretary asked if anyone present saw the need for any additional changes. None were suggested.     

(b) The Little Cup – Due to logistical problems arising from the unavailabliity of key helpers for the planned date (Saturday April 18th) this competition has now been moved to Sunday April 26th. The new format implemented last year would be repeated. “Greensleeves”, our sponsor for last year had withdrawn having found their involvement not to be commercially beneficial. However Nonie Little (Secretary for Great Ouseburn), in whose late husband’s name the competition is held, had kindly offered to make an equivalent donation. Once again there would be £150 in prize money (winners and runners up only). The Secretary would be sending full details and entry forms out to all clubs later in the month.   


(a) Fixtures - The two Captains reported that both their teams were currently 3rd in their respective divisions. The ‘A’ team had just two away games to play whilst the ‘B’ team had three remaining – all at home. Although top place was out of reach, both captains expressed the hope that they would finally finish 2nd

(b) End of season tournament (March 14th) – JB asked for a good response for this day which was open to all. Because of a recent “challenge” from the counties U25s there would actually be two matches taking place. An U25 team of 20 would be playing against “the best of the rest” in normal IC format. Additionally, two other teams would be playing in another contest – probably in an all triples format. Those interested should contact him for an entry form and there will be a limit of the first 60 names received. It was hoped to provide a small cash prize for the best triple of the day which will take place at Easingwold at a cost of £6.50 (including a hot meal).

(c) Coaching day – JB is hoping to organise a repeat of last years event when the ESMBA Coaching Director, Barry Hedges, came up to hold an basic training day at Dalton. However, Barry is resigning this post this year and when his successor has been appointed JB will pursue the matter further.

(d) Team Selection – The Secretary said that after two seasons of operating two teams, several very good players had come to the fore in the ‘B’ team. It was therefore now felt that we had a strong enough squad to go into next season with the realistic objective of winning Division 1 – something never before achieved by our county. Therefore, once all this season’s matches had been completed, the team captains and vice captains would meet to assess the performance of all squad members over the season as a whole. This is expected to result in some “promotions” and “relegations” between the teams and two “fresh” pools of players for next year. 

(9) JUNIORS: NC said it was planned to enter two teams into this years Woodbridge Trophy (the ESMBA open competition for players U18). JN expressed disappointment that a few adult players had taken part in this competition in past years (ostensibly to make up numbers on the day). Whilst we nominally now had 7 Junior players in the current England U21 squad, there had only been a single match (against Cambridgeshire) during the season. A mix up had caused the cancellation of a game against West Midlands but a repeat match against Wales will go ahead on April 18th.  

(10) WEBSITE & HANDBOOK: The Publicity Officer said there are no changes planned for the website but a proposal will be put to the AGM to make a charge for each copy of the Handbook. This was considered necessary to help ensure that we only produce the correct number of copies actually required. Each copy now costs around £1.25 to produce and he suggested a subsidised charge of 50p per copy although Len Bradley could see no reason why it should not be £1. However we did not want to discourage clubs from circulating copies as it was felt that the Handbook was an important method of communication to all members. A proposal will be put before the AGM.     

(11) DATES for 2009/10: A proposed diary for next season was now up on the website and a copy had been sent to all competition organisers for their comments/agreement. The BSA club had agreed to move their Open Pairs to before Christmas to fall on the same weekend as the County Mixed Fours Championship. Easingwold had moved their Open Triples forward a week to fall in line with all the adjustments made by other competitions last year. The Yorkshire (North) league) had agreed to most dates although they had for some reason chosen to clash with the Mixed Fours/Swinton Pairs weekend and also the Swinton High Fives weekend. Negotiations were underway to try and resolve these. Although next years 18 Inter-County fixtures had yet to be arranged, the Secretary was hopeful that these could be done with as little impact on other events as possible especially now that the Kirbymisperton Pairs and Triples and the Scarborough Pairs were settling down to single day events.        

(12) LEAGUE UPDATES: JN gave the meeting information on the state of play in the Selby league which additionally this year had introduced a “plate” competition in the Tate & Lyle Cup. JB gave details of the White Rose leagues plans for matches during the summer against Durham, Derbyshire and Cambridgeshire. The latter involved an away weekend in May. The Secretary pointed out that the Nidderdale league had ceased to function after the resignation of Pateley Bridge.

(13) AOB:

(a) Constitution changes – The Secretary announced plans to introduce the two new posts of Membership Secretary and Youth Development Officer and to remove the post of Assistant Competition Secretary and explained the reasons why. The term “executive committee” would be replaced with “management committee”. These proposals would be put to the AGM.

(b) Insurance – Peter Padmore (Kirkbymisperton) raised the question of whether all member clubs were covered for Third Party liability. He pointed out that his club had expressed the view that it would be unwilling to play against any club not so covered. He therefore proposed that all clubs should produce some evidence of their cover (e.g. Certificate of Insurance) to the NYSMBA Secretary each year. After some discussion which generally supported his view, the Secretary requested that a formal proposal be sent to him which would be placed on this years AGM agenda.     

Peter also mentioned that whilst examining his own clubs insurance he had found out that it only covered “registered” members and excluded anyone over the age of 70! He therefore suggested that all other clubs re-examine the exact nature of their own cover.

(c) PostCodes - Arthur Jackson asked that the postcodes of all playing venues be listed in the Handbook. It was vital that in the event of any emergency, the emergency services be given a post code to aid a speedy response. He will send the Secretary a formal proposal to be included on the agenda for the AGM.

(d) “Bowls South of the Tyne”? – JB/RP/BS/NC are to attend a meeting in Northallerton on February 10th to obtain information about a successful venture known as “Bowls North of the Tyne”. There is a suggestion that a similar venture should be launched covering all aspects of bowls in North Yorkshire and they will report back at our next meeting.

(e) Dress Code – Ken Calvert expressed his view that there were people playing in County games who were not dressed according to the defined dress code. This included “stripes down the arms” and creamy coloured “whites”. In the discussion that followed it was felt that it was up to both Captains and Umpires to enforce the dress code. We could also raise the question with other counties at the NESMBA AGM in the summer. The Chairman said that players incorrectly dressed at the Nationals will be asked to leave the competition. 

There was no further business raised by those present so the Chairman wished everyone a safe journey home and closed the meeting at 8.55pm.