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North Yorkshire Short Mat Bowling Association





Friday September 26th 2008




SECRETARY Roger Green TREASURER Barry Simmonite
CAPTAIN Apologies VICE CAPTAIN (as Vice Chairman)
PUBLICITY OFFICER (as Secretary)    
Barn Bryan Coomber Kirklevington l
Bilsdale Apologies Kirkbymoorside l
Boroughbridge Jean Calvert Knaresborough Derek Beardsley
Branton l Marton Apologies
BSA Matt Fenwick Melbourne l
Bubwith l North Duffield Joseph Newsome
Burton Leonard l Pateley Bridge l
Campsall l Raskelf Dennis Jarvis
Carlton Apologies Riccall l
Cayton George Stannard Sawley l
Coxwold l Scarborough Apologies
Crossgates Pete Render St. Cuthberts Arthur Jackson
Darley l Seaton Ross Peter Fridlington
Easingwold Joyce Hughes Snaith & E Cowick Apologies
East Cottingwith Richard Lochman Stillington l
Escrick l Strensall l
Eggborough l Sutton on Derwent l
Flixton Apologies Tate & Lyle l
Great Ouseburn Apologies Thornton Dale Margaret Dennison
Gristhorpe Derrick Dowson Tollerton l
Hambleton Apologies Welburn Diane Savage
Helmsley Len Bradley Wilberfoss Apologies
Kirbymisperton Cherry Edmond Yedingham l
    Yoredale l


Also present – Pat Beardsley (Knaresborough); Ken Calvert (Boroughbridge); Richard Lund (BSA); Dennis Mather (Easingwold); Edith Collier (Kirbymisperton); Stanley Spencer (Seaton Ross); John Edmond (TLD); Eddie Coulson (Welburn); David Newsome (North Duffield.

In the absence of the Chairman (holiday) the meeting was opened by the Vice Chairman at 7.30pm with representatives from seventeen member clubs, four officers and nine others in attendance – 30 people in total.

(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: These were received from 9 clubs (shown in red above). Trevor Collier (Kirbymisperton), Ian Battersby (St. Cuthberts) and Howard Burdock (Barn) were also unable to attend but their respective clubs were represented as above. The Competition Secretary was also unable to attend due to sickness and the ‘A’ Team Captain had another commitment.

(2) MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: Draft minutes of the last meeting (AGM - April 29th 2008) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. There were no corrections requested so after a proposal from George Stannard (seconded by Clive Scholefield), the Vice Chairman signed the file copy as being a true and accurate record.

(3) ANY MATTERS ARISING: The Secretary raised the following points.

(a) Para. 3b – (regarding the fixture dates for the Yorkshire (North) league (YNL)). After a meeting at the end of May between Edwin Smith, our Chairman and Trevor Collier, the latter had agreed to change 7 of the 10 dates he had issued in April. After some further phone calls to iron out some remaining problems, the YNL fixtures had finally been issued on July 9th although these still contained two clashes that had not been in the original calendar proposal issued back in September 2007.

(b) Para 9 – The question of levying a charge for the annual Handbooks was deferred until the next meeting.

(c) Para 16 (c) – (regarding the possibility of holding a Challenge match between the YNL and the County Team). As requested by Edwin Smith, the executive committee had reconsidered this at length during their summer meeting. This resulted in a letter sent to the league on June 9th offering to play a match on November 15th provided that a simple set of rules could be agreed. In a recent reply (September 19th), we had been informed that these were not acceptable to the YNL committee. We had therefore replied expressing our disappointment and withdrawing the offer.

In answer to a question from Derrick Dowson, the Secretary explained that the sticking point was disagreement over the team selection procedure. We insisted, as we always had, that the County team could only be picked from the county squad and that the YNL should try to pick their complete team from non-squad players. However, if they were unable to do this, the County Captain would release those in the squad who had not been selected to play, in order to help the YNL make up their team. The YNL, however, continued to insist that there should be no such restriction. They wanted as equal a right as the County Captain to approach members of the county squad to play for their side. We continued to feel that to allow this would make a complete mockery of the basic concept of such a challenge match. As the position of both sides on this issue had not changed in the last 7 years the executive committee had decided that it was now pointless giving the match any further thought. 

There were no other matters raised by those present.

(4) CORRESPONDENCE: The Secretary mentioned the following items.

(a) Two of our members had won prizes in last years ESMBA Draw and for the 3rd year running we had won the £100 prize for being the top selling county.

(b) We had once again received brief details of the ESMBA Free Motorists Legal Insurance and also their Travel Insurance. He would pass these on to all clubs when he sent out the minutes.

(c) We had received brief details of the new ESMBA Coaching scheme. At the moment they had launched a “Foundation Course” (Level 1) and were planning to hold courses on 5 dates in the season ahead. A pre-requisite was “CRB Enhanced Clearance” and an “Emergency Response” First Aid certificate. Anyone interested should contact him for an application form.

Other letters included

- A letter of congratulations sent to Gareth Townend on his success in being accepted into the England team – a great achievement and a first for North Yorkshire.

- A letter to Melbourne SMBC expressing condolences on the tragic death of their junior player, Daniel Allan.

- A letter of thanks sent to the ESMBA for their continued work in promoting and managing the England Junior squad.

- A letter of thanks sent to the ESMBA for their help in running our recent training day (see para. 11(a))


(a) Financial Statement: BS stated that our current balance was £609.96 – the low point of the year before any subs had been received and any of our money raising activities had got under way. Last year’s Little Cup had made a profit of over £200.

(b) Fees for 2008/09: This year the rate was £3.30 per player (+ £10 per club) and these were now due. A letter would be passed to all clubs at the end of the meeting containing a list of last year’s members (for updating) and a request for payment. Members joining after January 31st would, from now on only be required to pay a reduced fee of £1.

(c) ESMBA Draw for 2007/08: We had again achieved record sales on behalf of the ESMBA which not only earned us the top prize (see above) but had resulted in a rebate of £204.60 (30% of sales). The committee had decided to pass £100 of this back to our clubs and after conducting a random draw, Sutton-on-Derwent, Branton, Stillington and Riccall were each awarded £25.

(6) MEMBERSHIP: The ESMBA had expressed some concern at the reduction in members over the last few years and they were keen to get a handle on how many short mat bowlers were not being registered nationally. We were therefore asking all clubs to advise us on their membership returns of the number of any such players in their clubs.   

(7) NESMBA NEWS: RG and JB had attended the AGM in Leeds on June 8th at which the following changes were agreed.

(a) Inter-County league rules

  • A Merseyside proposal to allow scorecards to be marked “off the mat” by a non-player was passed although it was also agreed that cards marked “on the mat” by a participating player (as per ESMBA rules) would always take precedence in the event of any dispute.

  • Our proposal for the requirement to “star” 16 players to be reduced to 12 was passed.

  • Our proposal to change the scoring system to replace the overall aggregate of 3 points to individual aggregates of 2 points for each discipline was passed. There will now be 40 points no offer for each match (up from 35).

(b) Championships - Our proposal to reduce the cost of entering these, from £3 to £2 (per player) was passed.

(c) Officers - Terry Flint (Derbyshire) took over as Chairman for the year ahead. Warren Ryland (Merseyside) and Andy Miles (W Yorkshire) were re-elected as General Secretary and Competition Secretary. After many years as League Secretary, David Rutt resigned and was replaced (willingly) by Roger Green. After 6 years as Treasurer, Carole Stuart had also resigned and, in the absence of any willing candidates, Roger Green had, with some reluctance, also agreed to take this on for one year.  

(8) ESMBA NEWS: RG and JB had attended the AGM in Northampton on July 12th and reported on the following.

(9) COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS (+National Heats): The Mixed Fours would be held at Easingwold whilst the U18 Singles would move to Bubwith. The other disciplines would again be held at Swinton with the help of the BSA club. Posters advertising full details and entry forms would be distributed at the end of the meeting. The Secretary hoped that now all these Championships were fully established, members would continue to enter and support them all. Closing date was November 9th.


(a) Woodbridge Trophy – David Newsome had taken part with Nathan Kotek, James Clarke and James Lambert. Although they did not have a very successful day, they planned to enter again next year and were hopeful if doing much better.

(b) England Junior team – The squad had been increased in size to 40 and the age limit had been raised to 21. After attending the recent trials all 7 of our players had been picked. These were David and Joseph Newsome, Jacinta and Edward Townend, Ben Render, Nathan Kotek and James Clark. Gareth Townend had earlier in the year successfully trialled for the England senior team and so would not be playing for the U21s.

(c) County Junior Contact – The executive committee had discussed the need to nominate a county level contact for all youth matters and/or a NYSMBA Child Protection Officer. They had appointed Noel Clark to assume this responsibility, due to his record working with young players over many year and in several fields. There was some discussion initiated by Pete Render as to whether this should be an official post contained in the constitution. The Vice Chairman promised further thoughts on this matter at the next meeting.    


(a) Training day (Sep 7th) – 24 squad members had been invited to take part in this experimental day of coaching at Dalton which had been organised jointly by our Captains and the ESMBA Coaching Director, Barry Hedges. The day took the format of a series of lectures (by Barry) and tests (run by Babs Morokutti, an ESMBA committee member and current World Pairs Champion) and a short game. JB thanked those who had attended as markers for their help. Although the day had been and experiment, it had been generally well received and a repeat performance for next year was being considered.

(b) Warm-up day (Sep 21st) – This had been open to any player and was simply a warm-up match for the season ahead. This year 40 players took part and the match was held at Bubwith in inter-county format involving all disciplines.  

(c) Fixtures – To lessen the impact of our 18 IC games on the overall calendar they had been arranged using only 12 dates. On 2 of these dates both our teams would be playing at home on the same day, something made possible by the use of the new double size sports hall at the Galtres Centre in Easingwold. In response to a request from Derek Beardsley, a list of this year’s 12 starred players was read out to the meeting.   

(d) Vice Captains – Although vice captains for our 2 teams is not a requirement of the constitution, the executive committee felt that for several reasons each captain should appoint someone who could stand in for them in the event of illness etc.  JB had appointed Arthur Jackson as ‘B’ team vice captain. RP has yet to announce his choice for the ‘A’ team.

(e) End of season tournament (Mar. 14th) This day was started last year and is basically a fund raising event, open to all. Last year it was a triples only match but the format will depend on the number of participants. Just contact either of the captains if interested.

(f) Arrangements had been made with Easingwold SMBC to borrow 4 of their mats on the few occasions we needed extra equipment. This would save us having to transport in mats from other locations. 

(12) LITTLE CUP: (April 18th 2009) – Last seasons new format would be repeated although the number of ends played in the singles would be looked at as some had felt that 50 minutes was too long for a game of singles. It is unlikely that “Greensleeves” will sponsor us again so the question of awarding cash prizes (last year £150) would have to be reconsidered.


Scarborough – Barn and Kirbymisperton had both reduced to a single team. There would now be 26 teams in this league.

White Rose (summer) – for the second year in succession the league champions for the season just ended were Raskelf. Apart from the fixtures, matches had been played against Derbyshire and Durham (both home and away) and against Cambridgeshire (home only). Next summer a team would be travelling away to play Cambridgeshire over 2 days at a cost of £100. A Mixed Pairs competition is also to be introduced.

Kyle Valley – Strensall had withdrawn leaving 25 teams in the league.

Selby – fixtures start on October 6th and Carlton have re-joined after “a year off” last season.

Ryedale – fixtures start on October 7th. Although the number of teams/games remain the same, it was known that for several reasons a few familiar faces would not be taking part.

(14) AOB:

(a) Handbook – The Secretary asked all clubs to consider their views on the question of paying for their copies next year (maybe only partial cost). He pointed out the error on page 13 regarding the location of the County Championships. They would all be as minuted in Para. 9 above and on the posters being given to all clubs. He read out the contact names/numbers for the Kirkbymoorside captains and the change to the Knaresborough ‘B’ team captain (see covering letter).

(b) Rule changes – The Secretary presented several changes that it was intended to submit to the ESMBA for consideration at next years ESMBA Rules Revision Meeting (RRM). In summary these were….. 

1.      Winner of an end to be allowed to ask opposition to bowl first (giving the mat away).

2.      New rule to cover bowls dropped in act of delivery.

3.      Modify rule covering playing wrong bowl - should be removed, not replaced.    

4.      Skips to approve any change to the order of play.

5.      Skips to be informed when players leave the rink mat.

6.      “Line Decision” definition to be added to glossary.

7.      Rule regarding “Directing play” reworded to clarify.

8.      New rule to allow flexibility as to who keeps scorecard.

There was general agreement to these changes and no objections to their submission.

(c) Rule Book reformat – The Secretary had drafted a complete reformat of the whole rule book and had sent a copy to all ESMBA committee members. This had been done as a private proposal and there had been no cost incurred by the NYSMBA. As this had not received the full backing of the ESMBA committee he was hoping for, he was now considering whether or not to go ahead and submit it to the RRM or not.   

There was no further business raised by those present so the Vice Chairman then thanked all those present for attending and closed the meeting at 8.50pm.