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Friday February 1st 2008




SECRETARY Roger Green TREASURER Barry Simmonite
CAPTAIN Apologies VICE CAPTAIN (as Vice Chairman)
PUBLICITY OFFICER (as Secretary)    
Barn Apologies Kirklevington Apologies
Bilsdale l Kirkbymoorside l
Boroughbridge Jean Calvert Knaresborough Apologies
Branton Peter Goldsmith Marton Apologies
BSA l Melbourne l
Bubwith l North Duffield Joseph Newsome
Burton Leonard l Pateley Bridge Apologies
Campsall l Raskelf Dennis Jarvis
Carlton l Riccall l
Cayton Apologies Sawley l
Coxwold l Scarborough l
Crossgates Apologies St. Cuthberts Apologies
Darley Apologies Seaton Ross l
Easingwold Joyce Hughes Snaith & E Cowick Apologies
East Cottingwith Apologies Stillington l
Escrick l Strensall l
Eggborough l Sutton on Derwent l
Flixton l Tate & Lyle l
Great Ouseburn l Thornton Dale l
Gristhorpe Derrick Dowson Tollerton l
Hambleton Apologies Welburn l
Helmsley Len Bradley Wilberfoss l
Kirbymisperton l Yedingham l
    Yoredale l


Also present – Dennis Mather (Easingwold); Simon Holtby (Easingwold);


The meeting was opened by the Chairman at 7.30pm with representatives from seven member clubs, five officers and two others in attendance – 14 people in total. The Secretary pointed out this level of attendance was insufficient make up the quorum of 25% as required by the Constitution. As far as he was aware, this was the first time this had ever occurred. Rather than adjourn the meeting, the Chairman would, with the consensus of those present, continue with the business contained on the agenda although no decisions of any significance could be taken. All present agreed.


At this point the Chairman asked for all present to stand and observe a silence in memory of John Gascoigne, the founder, Secretary and committee representative for Campsall SMBC who had died suddenly prior to Christmas.


(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: These were received from 11 clubs and 2 officers (shown in red above) many of whom were unable to attend due to snowy/icy conditions.


(2) MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of the last EGM/Committee meeting (Sep. 21st 2007) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. There were no corrections requested so after a proposal from Len Bradley (seconded by Joseph Newsome), the Chairman signed the file copy as being a true and accurate record.


(3) ANY MATTERS ARISING: The Secretary raised several points.


Para. 4(a) – The perpetual Cup for the new Mixed Fours competition had now been purchased but the executive officers had decided NOT to obtain “perpetuals” for runners-up positions. They had however agreed to award “keepsake” cups to runners up and these had been obtained for the current season for all competitions.

Para. 4(a) - The Chairman said he was pleased with the way the ESMBA Draw was going. Only 8 clubs had yet to return their receipts/stubs and the deadline was as contained in his letter accompanying the tickets (Feb. 28th). 

Para. 4(e) – The “public event” referred to was a large “retirement” show in London’s Olympia. Photos of the ESMBA stand were contained in the current copy of “Short Mat International” (copy available to view). The Chairman said this publicity event was to be repeated by the ESMBA at a similar show to be held shortly in Manchester.

Para. 4(e) – A letter had been sent to the ESMBA expressing our view that discussion and voting on John Webb’s proposed Rule Book rewrite should NOT have been disallowed at last summers RRM. A reply stated that the reason for this decision was contained in the reference book “ABC of Chairmanship” (Citrine) which stated that “both mover and proposer must be present….” A further letter was then sent expressing our view that this was not a sufficiently valid reason, as such reference books should be used purely for guidance but do not form part of the ESMBA constitution. It was felt that the ESMBA Chairman should have used his discretion and been flexible enough to allow a vote to go ahead. We are now awaiting a further reply. (The Chairman mentioned at this point that John Webb, the author of the re-write and an ESMBA committee member, had recently died.)  

Para. 7(a) – The profit from the “warm-up” game against Norfolk was £85.71 and not “over £100” as first thought.

Para. 10 – A diary for next season with all dates moved backwards by one week had been sent to all competition organisers. The only requests for change were from the following.


We had also requested that the ESMBA move their original weekend for the National Finals of the Mixed Fours & U18 Singles back a week so that they would not clash with the NESMBA Championships. They had agreed to do so.    


There were no other matters raised by those present.




(a) FINANCES: The Treasurer reported that our current balance was £905.89 (£350.03 less the years opening balance). With some significant expenditure still to come, he warned that the EOY balance would once again be well down on last year. He was therefore proposing that the NYSMBA member subs for 2008/09 be increased to £1, the first increase for 8 years. This would raise the total member registration fee (including ESMBA/NESMBA affiliation) from £2.80 to £3.30 per year. His proposal would be submitted to the AGM for approval.   


(b) CORRESPONDENCE: The Secretary highlighted the following. He had further fuller details for anyone who was interested.



(c) MEMBERSHIP: The total number of players registered with us (and hence the ESMBA) had dropped by 46 to 967. Having lost Guisborough (-6) and Bolton Abbey (-11) and gained Seaton Ross (+11) our total number of clubs was 47. Although 18 clubs had gained members, 21 had a net loss. Significant amongst these were Knaresborough (-15), Carlton (-11), Crossgates (-7) and Kirkbymoorside (-7). Registered membership at 7 clubs remained unchanged. Brief discussion seemed to indicate that most clubs register ALL their members whether they take part in competitions or not. The payment was so relatively small that some thought it was penny pinching to include some members and exclude others. Most clubs levied an overall annual fee which covered the payment on behalf of everyone.


(d) INTER-COUNTY MATCHES: In the absence of RP, JB reported that the 1st team had so far played 5 matches, won 3 and were currently 4th in Division 1 with 3 matches still to play. The 2nd team had so far played 4 matches, won 3 and another had been called off by the opposition (Merseyside) who could not raise a full team. They were currently bottom of Division 2 with 5 matches still to play and with default points yet to be awarded for the cancelled game. He felt this was a very creditable performance in their inaugural year and added that between 60-70 people were now involved in playing for the county which could only be a good thing.


The Secretary then went on to point out that building work was soon to begin on a new Sports Hall at the Galtres Centre (the existing hall will be converted into a theatre). Although the projected finish was sometime in October it would probably be wise to try and organise next seasons home games mostly post-Christmas. It was also not known what the charging policy for the new hall would be. Assuming it would be double the current rate, only half the hall would be required (or affordable) so the team may find themselves having to share it with noisy activities such as cricket nets. He is therefore also looking at the possibility of organising the home fixtures for both teams on the same day. This would require bringing in 4 complete sets of equipment for each match but how this would be achieved was uncertain at the moment.


(e) COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS: All 6 competitions had gone very smoothly mainly thanks to EBs sterling efforts. However, the slightly reduced overall entry of 285 and the provision of runners-up keepsakes had meant a much reduced overall profit, in spite of five very well supported raffles.


He congratulated all of this years Champions, especially Gareth Townend who had retained his Singles title. The other Champions were Alan Banthorpe/Bryan Foster (Pairs); Geoff & Anne Whitehead/Geoff Dye (Triples and Fours - with Roger Green); Ben Render (U18 Singles) and (in the inaugural Mixed Fours) Len & Pam Bradley/Hilda Thomas/Geoff Clark.  

Simon Holtby pointed out that two of the players in one of the Mixed Fours entries had not arrived at the time requested on the schedule sent out to all skips. He and several other entrants felt that, because of this, their team should have been eliminated from the competition. The Secretary pointed out that the two in question were members of his own four and because he had made enquiries and found out that they would be sitting out of the first playing session, he, as their skip, had told them they could arrive a little later. However, he accepted the point that he could also have informed the other four who were also not required until session 2 that they could also have arrived later than officially requested. It had been common practice in previous competitions for the documentation to indicate where this was the case.


(f) NORTHERN ENGLAND CHAMPIONSHIPS: These will again be at Barnard Castle (March 15th/16th) and our team consists of 4 Singles, 4 Pairs, 5 Triples and 6 Fours - 53 players in total. All of these qualified via the County Championships. These include David Newsome who will be hoping to retain the Northern England Singles crown he won last year. All players will be sent final details nearer the date.  


(g) NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: 102 of the 285 entrants to the County Championships had also chosen to try to qualify for these National competitions. Although a few less than last year it was still enough to give us 2 places in the Finals in all but the Pairs and Mixed Fours. Our qualifiers were Gareth Townend and Ben Render (U18 Singles); Derek & Pat Beardsley (Pairs); Geoff & Anne Whitehead/Geoff Dye and Ben Render/Richard Lochman/Jayne Rudd (Triples); Geoff/Anne/Geoff will also go down for the Fours with Roger Green as will Derek & Pat with Brian & Pat Jones. Our Mixed Fours will be Roger Green, Rose Haynes and Gareth & Jacinta Townend. All players will be sent final details nearer the date. The Chairman wished them all luck with his usual request for someone to return with “some silverware”. 


(h) JUNIOR MATTERS: We now had 34 registered junior players (under 18), in 8 clubs which is a record for our county. The four who are members of the England U18 squad (Gareth & Jacinta Townend, David Newsome and Alex Robinson) had travelled to Warwickshire in October and although individual performances had not been reported, the team had won 19-13. Alex and David had not been available for the next game in November  against West Sussex but Gareth had won both of his games and Jacinta had won one and drew the other in a match that was drawn 18-18. The Chairman said he expected that more of our young players would be entered for the trials for the squad next year.


Joseph Newsome reported that it was intended to put a team (or possibly two) in for the Woodbridge Trophy in May. The Secretary would send entry forms to all clubs with registered juniors.    


(5) THE FUTURE OF THE “LITTLE CUP”: Derek Dowson reported that the Scarborough league were withdrawing from this annual “inter-league” competition as they could no longer guarantee enough interest to fulfil the requirement of 12 triples. He felt that cost and travel may be part of the reason.


The Secretary said that we therefore had two choices – to abandon the competition altogether or to reformat it so that it remained “open” to all our members. He favoured the latter option as it would be a great shame to discontinue a day that many enjoyed and which had now been running for 10 years. He proposed a new competition to take place at the same venue on the same date (April 12th). This would be for teams of 4 who would compete in all disciplines – as a FOUR, as two PAIRS and as a TRIPLE/SINGLE (an idea already used successfully in one of our clubs). Although the format is still to be worked out fully, he felt it would probably give all players 3 games over 6 sessions of over an hour each. Those present agreed that the idea should be pursued. He would therefore advertise the new format (still to be known as the LITTLE CUP) to all clubs once details had been finalised. He felt an entry of 12 teams was a minimum requirement but 24 would be ideal. A final decision to go ahead could only be made once the size of the entry was known.      


(6) INSURANCE: There had been a claim made against the ESMBA insurance scheme by a member at Strensall who had fallen over a bowls bag and broken her wrist. The claim was eventually withdrawn when it became clear that there was no negligence involved by the club or any of its individuals – what had happened was simply “an accident”. This case had highlighted the fact the ESMBA policy was NOT a Personal Accident policy but a Third Party Liability policy. All clubs with this insurance had in fact received a letter from Peter Winter (ESMBA) back in May 2006 clarifying this very point (and this was read to the meeting by the Secretary).


More recent correspondence between the Secretary and Peter re-enforced this. Accidents that occur during the normal course of the game, for instance tripping over a fender or treading on a bowl, would NOT be covered – these are hazards of taking part in the game. For a claim to succeed there must be some culpability on behalf of the club or individuals within the club which would need to be proved. For instance someone firing without a warning resulting in injury may be accused of negligence (although if a warning had been given this may mitigate the culpability). Some discussion followed about other instances (e.g. bad lighting creating a hazard) and about the general value and advisability of all clubs making sure they had third part liability insurance.


The Chairman (as a member of the ESMBA committee) felt that the cover provided was very good value for money and promised to produce a document highlighting the benefits and clarifying what cover was provided. The Secretary agreed to send this to all clubs.


(7) CONSTITUTION: It was intended to make changes to the Constitution to replace references to “captain” and “vice captain” with “1st team captain” and “2nd team captain”. References to “team selection” would also be changed to enshrine the new requirement (passed at last years AGM) for a “selection sub-committee”. Properly worded amendments would be presented at the AGM for approval. 


(8) LEAGUES: JB reported on the current state of play in the Kyle Valley league as did Joseph Newsome for the Selby league. JB also reported that there were plans for the White Rose league to play matches against Durham, Derbyshire and Cambridgeshire during the course of the summer. There were no reports from any other league.


(9) AOB: There was no further business raised by those present.


The Chairman then thanked all those present for attending, wished everyone a safe journey home and closed the meeting at 9.10pm.