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North Yorkshire Short Mat Bowling Association




MINUTES of the EGM and 55th Committee meeting

Friday September 21st 2007 (Kirbymisperton)



CHAIRMAN Noel Clark         VICE CHAIRMAN John Bunting

SECRETARY Roger Green       TREASURER Barry Simmonite

CAPTAIN Ralph Parsons        VICE CAPTAIN (as Vice Chairman)

COMP. SEC Eileen Bunting     ASST. COMP. SEC Clive Scholefield

PUBLICITY (as Secretary)


1 Barn Bob Crowther                           25 Kirklevington l

2 Bilsdale Apologies                            26 Kirkbymoorside l

3 Bolton Abbey l                               27 Knaresborough Apologies

4 Boroughbridge Jean Calvert             28 Marton Jean Bell

5 Branton l                                       29 Melbourne l

6 B.S.A. Richard Lund                         30 North Duffield Joseph Newsome

7 Bubwith l                                       31 Pateley Bridge l

8 Burton Leonard l                            32 Raskelf Dennis Jarvis

9 Campsall John Gascoigne                  33 Riccall l

10 Carlton l                                       34 St Cuthberts Arthur Jackson

11 Cayton George Stannard                  35 Sawley l

12 Coxwold l                                      36 Scarborough l

13 Crossgates l                                  37 Seaton Ross Accepted at meeting

14 Darley l                                        38 Snaith & E Cowick l

15 Easingwold Dennis Mather               39 Stillington l

16 E Cottingwith l                              40 Strensall Sid Daniel

17 Eggborough l                                 41 Sutton u Derwent l

18 Escrick Ron Watson                        42 Tate & Lyle l

19 Flixton l                                       43 Thornton Dale Margaret Dennison

20 Gt.Ouseburn Rose Haynes               44 Tollerton l

21 Gristhorpe Derek Dowson                45 Welburn Eddie Coulson

22 Hambleton Apologies                      46 Wilberfoss l

23 Helmsley Len Bradley                     47 Yedingham l

24 Kirbymisperton Cherry Edmond      48 Yoredale Apologies


Also present – Ken Calvert (Boroughbridge); Edith Collier (Kirbymisperton); Brian Higgs (Marton); John Edmond (Thornton le Dale); Ron Verity (Welburn)

The meeting was opened by the Chairman at 7.37pm with representatives from eighteen member clubs, all officers and five others in attendance – thirty people in total.



The first part of the meeting had been convened as an EGM in order to consider both the revised accounts, (now “audited” as required by the constitution) and also the explanation of the increase in administration costs (as requested at the AGM by Colin Mackay - Yoredale). Copies of both these items had already been circulated to all clubs.


(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from four clubs (as indicated in red above)




(a) REVISED ACCOUNTS: The draft prepared by Andrew Mather for the AGM had been comprehensively scrutinised by RG and BS during the handover to the latter (who had taken over as Treasurer). Several errors had been found, but once these had been corrected the final balance was only marginally different with the loss for the year reduced by £1.77. The opportunity had been taken to breakdown the figure originally shown as “County Team Events” more fully. No queries were raised from the floor and after a proposal by Clive Scholefield (seconded by Len Bradley) they were accepted unanimously by those present.


(b) ADMINISTRATION COSTS: The increase on the previous year, originally shown as £309 had reduced to £275 after the “audit”. The individual figures making up the total had been fully explained and there were no queries raised from the floor. Colin Mackay had confirmed (by email) he was satisfied with the explanation and after a proposal by John Bunting (seconded by Derek Dowson) it was also accepted unanimously by those present.



(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: These were the same as for the EGM above.


(2) MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of the last meeting (AGM on April 27th) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. There were no corrections requested so after a proposal from John Gascoigne (seconded by Eileen Bunting), the Chairman signed the file copy as being a true and accurate record.


(3) ANY MATTERS ARISING: The Secretary raised three points. Para. 6 - The “audit” of the accounts showed the membership for last season to be 1013 and not 1015. Para. 10 - Derek Beardsley (Knaresborough) had been appointed to join the Captain/Vice Captain on the county team selection committee. Para. 13 - The proposed rewrite of the Rule Book had not been withdrawn as we had originally been led to believe but was put before the RRM.




(a) FINANCES: BS reported that the EOY balance of £1255.92 had now reduced to £813.54 due to several expenses being paid out (including £500 for the Handbook) prior to the influx of our main income from member subs. It was proposed that annual honorariums of £10 should be introduced for both the Vice Chairman and the Asst. Competition Secretary - the only 2 officers who currently receive nothing. This was seconded by Bob Crowther and passed unanimously. The total amount of all honorariums paid would now be £170 per annum. A cup for the new Mixed Fours County Competition would be purchased at a cost of around £75. The question of cups for the runners up in all five County Championships was debated. This had been requested from the floor a couple of years ago but had been put on hold due to our reducing balance. The question as to whether we could now afford the outlay was left for the executive committee to decide with a suggestion that maybe these should be phased in over two years. Participation in the ESMBA Draw last season had resulted in a total payback of £290.50 (which again included the £100 prize for being the top county). In previous years we had held our own draw to pass some of this income back to clubs (usually 4 x £25). This year it was felt advisable not to do this but to use the money to help with the purchase of cups (see above). There were no objections raised to this. The co-ordination of the Draw this year would be in the hands of the Chairman (the Secretary having requested a “rest”).


(b) CORRESPONDENCE: The Secretary highlighted the following.

The ESMBA were asking whether we would be interested in Legal expenses/Keycare insurance at a cost of £4 per head. Nobody present expressed any interest.

The ESMBA were asking whether we would be interested in a new winter inter-county competition using the revised format of that recently introduced during the summer. The executive committee had ruled this out.

An open invitation had been received from Durham SMBA to a Triples competition (Elsie Lee memorial trophy) on October 28th at £6 per team. Anyone interested should see the Secretary who has an entry form (to be in by October 13th).

We had been notified of the death of John Gooch in June. John had been a past Chairman of the NESMBA and Humberside, was captain of their B team and was one of the umpires present at our game against the England squad in February.

(c) MEMBERSHIP: An application had been received from Seaton Ross (near Selby), a new club with 2 mats and 15 members. NC, as their sponsor, spoke up on their behalf and after a proposal from John Bunting (seconded by Arthur Jackson) they were accepted unanimously as our 48th member club. They will be playing in the Selby league.


(d) NESMBA AGM: JB/EB had attended on June 10th (Leeds) and John reported that….

a proposal, which we voted against, to make it a requirement to “star” 12 players in the 2nd team had been defeated.

a proposal, which we voted against, to increase the number of “starred” players in the 1st team from 12 to 16 was passed.

a rule was introduced banning the use of mobile phones on the mat (for all NESMBA games). Should a players phone ring, the end in play will be forfeited. The opposition will be able to choose a 3 shot penalty or the shots as they lie (if greater).

(e) ESMBA AGM: JB/EB had attended on July 21st (Northants) and John reported that …..

ESMBA membership had dropped - put down to clubs not registering all their players.

there were problems finalising the Accounts due to “bad” auditing. New auditors were appointed for next year.

there was discussion regarding the use of coloured clothing and logos/names on shirts.

there will be strict enforcement of the “mid-grey” requirement at next years Nationals. Any player not conforming will have the choice of immediately purchasing new kit (there will be a “shop” present) or leaving the competition.

there had been a poor entry in the summer ICC in spite of a radical reformat - only 6 counties had entered.

whistle stops will not be allowed in National Heats.

there had been a very successful demo of Short Mat at some public event in London where the ESMBA had a “stall” at which a mat was laid down. It was planned to repeat this elsewhere.

the ESMBA affiliation subs will remain at £2 for 2008/09.

the proposal, which we voted against, to ban Velcro on fenders/mats, was defeated.

there was no vote allowed on the proposal to reformat the rule book (which we supported), due to the absence of both the proposer and the seconder.

Regarding the latter point, RG pointed out that we are writing to the ESMBA to express dissatisfaction with this decision which was felt to be undemocratic. Both sponsors of this change had legitimate reasons for their absence (illness/flooding) and in any case there is nothing in the constitution requiring the presence of either or both proposer/seconder.


(5) COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS (& National Heats):


Last years format had posed no problems and will be repeated for the season ahead. All clubs have already been sent posters and entry forms. Once again those wishing to enter the Nationals will simply need to tick a box against their entry and pay the additional £2 entry fee. The poster for the Nationals reminded everyone that if they do enter they must be prepared to attend the Finals on the due date should they qualify. Going on holiday is not be viewed as a valid excuse for not attending. Also, should there be a need to substitute someone, Eileen Bunting must be informed prior to the start of the competition. The ESMBA have very strict rules about this and they have to be informed of the names of all entrants BEFORE the competition starts (by phone if necessary).




(a) ESMBA WOODBRIDGE TROPHY - In May, North Duffield juniors Gareth & Jacinta Townend and David & Joseph Newsome had taken part and ended in 3rd place for the second year running having won 4 of their 6 games.


(b) EBYDS “School of Excellence” - In July, three of the above (minus JN who is now over 18) took part in this day organised by the English Bowls Youth Development Scheme. They were assessed through a combination of tests and games and out of the 32 taking part David was placed 10th, Gareth 19th and Jacinta 24th .


(c) ESMBA ENGLAND U18 TRIALS - In September, the same three had once again attended the trials for the England Junior team where they were joined by Alex Robinson from Crossgates. All four have now been chosen to join the 32 strong squad. We hope they will all be selected in most, if not all, of the 5 games being organised for the team.




(a) WARMUP GAME vs. NORFOLK - RP reported that this day had been very successful and had involved two teams of 40. The Norfolk team was exclusively for their “over 60s” section who were a very friendly crowd who had enjoyed their weekend in York as well as their day with us. We had won the match by 32-16 and had made a profit on the day of well over £100. JB asked if we could look at the possibility of inviting another county up for the “warm-up” day next year and he suggested Cambridgeshire who were already coming up during the summer to play the White Rose league.


(b) TEAM FIXTURES - All arrangements were now in place for the 18 county fixtures (8 for the 1st team and 10 for the 2nd team). RP/JB remained confident that they had support from enough people to fulfil our commitment to play all these games.

RG said the executive committee had been very concerned to have been told that some of the players who had shown interest in playing in some of the county games had been told that if they choose to do so, they would no longer be selected to play for their Yorkshire (North) regional team, in which they had been regular players in past seasons. The executive committee had discussed this issue and had concluded that such a threat constitutes intimidation and bullying and could not be tolerated. The Association could not accept any situation where one of our members tells another of our members where they can and cannot play. The Chairman had therefore had a word with the person concerned. He had assured the Chairman that no such embargo exists and players in his region are free to play for the county and would still get their fair share of YNL games.


(c) CHAIRMANS CHALLENGE - This is a single game (first played last year) in which Ralph will try to pick a team from the county squad who are capable of beating a team picked by the Chairman selected from the whole county. The latter has the freedom to choose any player in the county once Ralph has chosen his team. A format will be chosen to allow the maximum number to take part using 6 mats. This years date is October 20th. RG expressed the hope that the Chairman will take the opportunity to include in his team some of the many good players in the county who do not get involved with the normal county matches.


(8) LITTLE CUP: This regular end of season match will be played in York on 12th April. There is no reason at present to suppose that Scarborough will be unable to take part and the full arena at the Y&D IBC has been booked to accommodate the usual 36 triples.


(9) LEAGUE REPORTS: For the White Rose league, John Bunting reported on the season just ended. He reported that…..

Raskelf were the winners.

two games had been played against Durham (in “county” format).

next year there would be games against Derbyshire and Cambridgeshire.

the Belgian team may also be coming across to play but no date has been set.

RG asked that the many activities organised by the WR league be confined to the summer months and not be allowed to spill into the main winter season. There were no reports from any other league.


(10) AOB:


Auditors - Clive Scholefield asked that a person is officially elected to check out the accounts each year. The Treasurer was already aware that the constitution requires this and had already approached Brian Bennett (an ex Treasurer) whom he then formally proposed. CS seconded this and there were no objections.


County players - Jean Calvert asked how it had been decided to whom the letter regarding availability for county games should be sent. RG said it was initially based on all those who had expressed and interest over the last year or so. Other players were added to this list who it was felt should be invited due to their success in competitions or their reputation as competent bowlers. In all, the letter had gone out to 122 players. He added that every year letters were sent to every club inviting members to put their names forward by contacting the Captain. There had also been a WANTED advert in last years Handbook. He reiterated that ANYONE can express interest - Ralph is only a phone call away and would consider anyone who contacts him. The more interested players he knows about the better it will be for the success of both teams.


Starred players - Ken Calvert asked if the 16 starred players had been named yet as he felt that everyone should know who they are. RP/JB replied that they had not.


Competition dates for 2008/09 - The Secretary pointed out that by continually using the equivalent dates as the previous season, all competitions had been slowly moving backwards through the calendar and since 2002 everything had in fact shifted back by 6 days. He suggested that for the 2008/09 season ALL competitions should be moved forward by one week. This was proposed by Derek Dowson, seconded by John Gascoigne and approved by those present. He would therefore write to all league and open competition organisers to request their co-operation in achieving this.


The Chairman then thanked all those present for attending, wished everyone a safe journey home and good bowling for the season ahead and closed the meeting at 9.05pm.