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North Yorkshire Short Mat Bowling Association




Friday February 9th 2007




SECRETARY Roger Green TREASURER Andrew Mather
CAPTAIN Ralph Parsons VICE CAPTAIN Arthur Jackson
COMP. SECRETARY Eileen Bunting ASST. COMP. SECRETARY Clive Scholefield
PUBLICITY OFFICER (as Secretary)    
Barn Bob Crowther Kirbymisperton  
Bilsdale l Kirklevington l
Bolton Abbey l Kirkbymoorside l
Boroughbridge Jean Calvert Knaresborough Apologies
Branton Apologies Marton Apologies
BSA Apologies Melbourne l
Bubwith l North Duffield l
Burton Leonard l Pateley Bridge Apologies
Campsall John Gascoigne Raskelf Dennis Jarvis
Carlton l Riccall l
Cayton Apologies Sawley l
Coxwold l Scarborough l
Crossgates l St. Cuthberts Ian Battersby
Darley l Snaith & E Cowick l
Easingwold Fred Wood Stillington l
East Cottingwith l Strensall l
Escrick l Sutton on Derwent l
Eggborough l Tate & Lyle l
Flixton l Thornton Dale l
Great Ouseburn l Tollerton Apologies
Gristhorpe Derrick Dowson Welburn l
Guisborough   Wilberfoss Apologies
Hambleton Brian Bennett Yedingham l
Helmsley Len Bradley Yoredale Colin Mackay

Also present – Mick Ridge (Barn); Ken Calvert & Simon Holtby (Boroughbridge); Audrey Wood & Dennis Mather (Easingwold); Sylvia McKay (Yoredale).

The meeting was opened by the Chairman at 7.30pm with representatives from ten member clubs, all eight officers and six others in attendance – twenty-four people in total

(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from eight clubs (as indicated in red above)

(2) MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING: As decided at the last committee meeting, the minutes of the last two meetings were reviewed. The first of these were for the 15th AGM (28/4/06). Acceptance of these (without alteration) was proposed by John Bunting and seconded by Clive Scholefield and the Chairman signed them as a true record. The minutes of the last Committee meeting (22/9/06) were then reviewed and acceptance of these (again without alteration) was proposed by Derek Dowson and seconded by Dennis Jarvis and these likewise were then signed by the Chairman.

(3) ANY MATTERS ARISING: There were no matters arising from the minutes of the AGM. From the minutes of the last Committee, the Secretary raised the following.

(a) Para 4(b) - Serious consideration had been given to entering the ESMBA summer ICC which the ESMBA had reformatted in an attempt to attract more entrants. However, as the White Rose league had stated their intention to continue with their summer games against Durham and Derbyshire it was not felt wise to commit the few summer players we have to a further 6 games on top of these.

(b) Para 4(e) - The ESMBA had formed their Junior Team which included the Townend twins and Newsome brothers from our North Duffield club. All four had been part of the England team to play against North Yorkshire in October and Norfolk in December.

(c) Para 5 - The method of determining the order of qualification for the Nationals had, after further deliberation, been changed and all entrants had been informed of this prior to the Heats (County Championships) taking place.

(d) Para 7(e) - A reply from the Yorkshire (North) league regarding the “Challenge match” had indicated that they were not willing to allow the County Captain to have exclusive use of the small squad of county team players for selection. It was felt that if the league could not find a strong enough team from the hundreds of other players in the county, there was little point in going ahead. The executive committee had therefore declined to accept this challenge for the current year.

(4) CORRESPONDENCE: Of the 40 items of correspondence received/sent since the last meeting the Secretary highlighted the following.

The post of England Team manager was being advertised (5 applicants so far)

The ESMBA have 14 mats for sale at £450. These will have only been used for the National Championships and would need to be collected.

The ESMBA invites any member to attend this years Trials for the England team - further details of the tests involved are available from our Secretary.

A request from one of our players to be allowed to accept an invitation to play in the Humberside team had been fully considered but refused.

(5) FINANCIAL REPORT: The Treasurer stated that the current balance (with no bills outstanding) was £1785.14. This was a lot healthier than he had anticipated at the beginning of the season thanks to the profit made from all the competitions the NYSMBA had organised - in particular the recent weekend against the England squad.

(6) MEMBERSHIP REPORT: The Treasurer reported that the current membership was 1024. The Secretary mentioned that he had been informed by Vera Bailey that Guisborough SMBC had folded up. The Chairman was in the process of helping to set up two more clubs to the south of York.


(a) COUNTY - Overall entry was a little down on last year. All four disciplines had gone well although there had been one unfortunate administration error in the Triples, resulting in one team not progressing from the Preliminary Round into Round 1 when they should have done. The Competition Secretary had personally apologised to those involved and the committee had also written to them with further apologies and a refund of their entry fees. The County Champions for 2007 were……..

Singles -Gareth Townend (North Duffield)

U18s -Alex Robinson (Crossgates)

Pairs -Geoff & Anne Whitehead (Tate & Lyle)

Triples -Graham Sherburn, Barry & Joan Crossland (Flixton)

Fours -Alan Banthorpe, Danny Brown, Derek Williams and Barry Simmonite (Hambleton)

(b) NORTHERN ENGLAND - These Championship Finals are to be held at Barnard Castle on March 17th/18th. The qualifiers were all taken from top places in the County Championships and with 5 Singles, 4 Pairs, 4 Triples and 6 Fours our team will be 49 strong. (See attached list of qualifiers).

(c) NATIONALS - For the first time the Heats for these (apart from the Mixed Fours) had been combined with the five County Championships and had attracted a record entry of 137. There had been no major problems although two teams had entered with substitutes without notification and had also not been unaware that entry meant commitment to attend the Finals if they qualified. This would be made clear next year. The Competition Secretary had asked for some small administrative changes in the light of this years experience. The record entry had resulted in us being allocated TWO places at the Finals in ALL 6 disciplines - a first for North Yorkshire. (See attached list of qualifiers).

(8) U18s: Four North Duffield players had been included in the newly formed National Junior Team (see 3(b)) and they had also played for our own County Team. One of them, Jacinta Townend, had featured in two of the six wins against the England squad last weekend (see 11(b)). Matches had taken place between U18 teams from North Duffield and Crossgates although an U14 only game planned by the latter club had not taken place yet due to date conflicts. A North Duffield four (average age 11) had recently beaten one of the Riccall teams 18-2 in a league match. The Chairman offered to bring his young players to any club for a friendly game.

(9) INTER COUNTY LEAGUE: RP reported that with only 2 games to go, our county team were having their best ever season. They had won all their matches so far scoring 159 points out of a maximum possible of 210 and were over 40 points clear at the top of the Division 2 table. Promotion back into Division 1 now looked inevitable.

Two questionnaires regarding interest in playing inter-county games had been circulated during the course of the year and this had had a good enough response for serious further thought to be given to entering another team in the IC league. Many bridges would need to be crossed not least the booking of further dates at our home venue at the Galtres. Progress would be reported back at the AGM.

The Chairman reported that the ESMBA were looking at reformatting the National IC competition (which we do not play in) and we would consider any proposals if and when we had the details.

(10) CAPTAIN vs. CHAIRMAN matches: Two matches had been held - an ‘away’ game at Bubwith (lost) and a ‘home’ game at Easingwold (won). They had achieved a dual purpose of attracting players who were interested in playing at IC level and raising funds to support the England weekend (see 11(b)). It is planned to repeat these matches next season.


(a) versus U18s - We had been asked to organise the first match for the newly formed England Junior side and although this had meant re-arranging a pre-arranged match against Durham we had agreed. Some of their team of 28 players had travelled from as far away as Cornwall and although our side was beaten 12-20 the day was a great success, raising more funds for the England weekend, thanks in part to a subsidy from the ESMBA.

(b) versus ENGLAND squad - Two matches had been played over last weekend at the New Earswick Indoor Bowls Arena. Each team consisted of 52 players with our own side including some players from other counties in the north of England. We had been impressed not only by the skill of the England team but also by their discipline and friendliness.

64 games had been played and we had won 6 - no mean feat after the England team had been briefed to whitewash us. A Souvenir Brochure had been put together sponsored by several different advertisers and this, together with two very well supported raffles and an auction of some key prizes, had led to the weekend running at a good profit. The only down side had been the disappointing quality of the lunch time buffet but this had not really detracted from what was generally agreed to be a resounding success.

The Secretary informed the meeting that one of the members of our team had withdrawn at the last minute for what, after careful consideration by the Officers, were deemed to be totally unacceptable reasons. For this reason, the person in question had been suspended from the County Team for the remainder of the season. Some debate followed in which “disciplinary” procedures were discussed including the right to appeal. The Chairman said that should the individual concerned feel that he had been hard done by and wanted to appeal against his suspension, the matter would be further considered.

(12) INTER-LEAGUE CUP: This will take place on April 14th at the York & District IBC following the revised format introduced last year. “Adverts” to be sent out with these minutes along with full details to the three league captains. Entry fees would be increased to £10 to reflect increased charges at the venue. This was to be the 10th year of this competition and the meeting was asked to approve an executive decision to rename the Cup to “The Little Cup” in memory of Gordon Little, late manager of the Y & DIBC, without whose unqualified help the competition would never have got started. This was proposed by Ian Battersby, seconded by Brian Bennett and passed with no dissenters. Gordon’s wife, Nonie (Secretary at Great Ouseburn), had been asked, and agreed, to present the Cup in this anniversary year. In response to a question from Len Bradley, approval for this decision will also be sought from Gordon Hanson one of the co-providers of the Cup.


(a) Web site - No changes planned but RG (as Publicity Officer responsible for the site) asked whether it was still necessary to maintain the on-line league tables. These are all updated as information is received from the various compilers (mostly weekly) and involve a substantial amount of time. He had noticed that tables were increasingly being copied to various recipients by Email and wondered whether the web versions were becoming less used. However, the general consensus was that this work should continue.

(b) ESMBA Draw - Of the tickets sent to all clubs last September less than half had been returned. The Chairman urged everyone to make the effort to sell their allocation so that we could again achieve the £100 reward for top selling county.

(c) Constitution changes - Two proposed changes were discussed.

First - should we insist on a minimum membership for any new club wanting to join us? Discussion centred around the best way to ensure that a fair membership fee is charged without wanting to deter very small clubs from being able to join us. The Chairman pointed out that the ESMBA were considering introducing a lower limit of 10 members to prevent clubs coming on board simply to take advantage of, for instance, their Insurance scheme. Ian Battersby felt that it would be better to have a minimum fee payable rather than a having a minimum membership figure. A rather rambling discussion followed covering the broader issues of Insurance and whether or not we, as an Association could legitimately place any conditions to be fulfilled for those wanting to join us in future.

Second, the executive committee planned to make it necessary for all clubs to be informed prior to the AGM of the names of anyone wishing to stand (or re-stand) for Office. In cases where there were 2 candidates for a single post, clubs who do not normally attend meetings might then decide to attend in order to support their preferred candidate. At the moment, with nominations allowed on the night, they would not be aware of any such “contests“, and an unpopular candidate could put their name forward from the floor having ensured his/her own supporters were present. Of course, nominations from the floor would still be acceptable should there be no prior nominations for any particular office. This change would bring us into line with normal procedure as already enshrined in the ESMBA constitution. Discussion on this issue was generally supportive of such an amendment.

Concrete proposals based on all these discussions would be put before the AGM in April.

(d) Dates for 2007/08 - The Galtres Centre had been booked for IC games for the equivalent dates as this year and a letter had been sent to the Yorkshire (North) league requesting that they also stick to the equivalent dates. Swinton had also been booked for the same dates for the County Championships. The Secretary assumed that all the recurring club and league competitions would also stick to their traditional dates and asked to be informed if this were not so. The only changes he knew of were that the Kyle Valley Challenge Cup had been moved forward a week in 2008. The County Junior Championships would have to be held 3 weeks later in mid-December due to the unavailability of the Galtres Centre on the equivalent date.

(e) Umpires & Coaching - Clive Scholefield had passed his exams during last summer and Joseph Newsome is currently studying for his. Derek Williams had been invited to hold a seminar (regarding the rule book) at the Knaresborough club which had gone very well and proved very useful. He had since been asked to repeat this for the benefit of Boroughbridge club. Fred Wood informed the meeting that umpiring “half matches” could now be counted towards qualification for “County” status. He also mentioned that all umpires had been told by the ESMBA that if they did not carry out any duties in a 2 year period, they would not be allowed to re-register without re-taking the exam. The Secretary reminded the meeting that the ESMBA were asking for the names of those interested in coaching training. Although there were still no details of their planned scheme, they had opened the register of names so they could gauge interest. The Secretary had so far submitted 5 names from our county.

(14) LEAGUE REPORTS: All leagues were invited to inform the meeting of their activities and developments and brief statements were made on behalf of the Selby, Kyle Valley, Vale of York and White Rose leagues. There was no information presented for the Scarborough, Ryedale, Nidderdale or Yorkshire (North) leagues.

(15) AOB: In the light of the discussion that had taken part in 11 (b), Fred Wood asked that our disciplinary procedures be reviewed and defined so that that they are plain for all to see. The Secretary pointed out that such a procedure was already defined in our constitution. The suspension of a player from the county team had not been considered to be a case requiring this to be invoked as the Captain/Vice Captain are entitled to pick or drop players from the team as they see fit. Ian Battersby asked that next years Handbook include Email addresses wherever possible.

The Chairman then thanked all those present for attending and closed the meeting at 9.15pm.