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North Yorkshire Short Mat Bowling Association




Friday September 22nd 2006



SECRETARY Roger Green TREASURER Andrew Mather
CAPTAIN Ralph Parsons VICE CAPTAIN Arthur Jackson
PUBLICITY OFFICER (as Secretary)    
Barn Bob Crowther Kirbymisperton Trevor Collyer
Bilsdale George Cook Kirklevington l
Bolton Abbey l Kirkbymoorside l
Boroughbridge Apologies Knaresborough Apologies
Branton l Marton Ray Goodbold
BSA l Melbourne l
Bubwith l Nprth Duffield l
Burton Leonard l Pateley Bridge l
Campsall John Gascoigne Raskelf Dennis Jarvis
Carlton l Riccall l
Cayton George Stannard Sawley l
Coxwold l Scarborough l
Crossgates l St. Cuthberts Apologies
Darley Apologies Stillington Apologies
Easingwold Dennis Mather Strensall l
East Cottingwith l Sutton on Derwent l
Escrick Ron Watson Tate & Lyle l
Eggborough l Thornton Dale l
Flixton l Tollerton Apologies
Great Ouseburn Apologies Welburn l
Gristhorpe Derrick Dowson Wilberfoss l
Guisborough l Yedingham l
Hambleton Brian Bennett Yoredale l
Helmsley Len Bradley    

Also present – Edith Collier (Kirbymisperton). Harwood Bonas (Marton)

The meeting was opened by the Vice-Chairman at 7.30pm with representatives from twelve member clubs, seven officers and two others in attendance – twenty-one people in total.


Before considering the Agenda, the Vice Chairman read out two statements. These had been prepared by the Secretary and Chairman respectively who both wished to “draw a line” under disagreements that had occurred arising out of the AGM proceedings in April. The Vice Chairman advised the meeting that there would be no questions taken regarding either statement and that members must accept both “for what they are”. (See your Secretary if you wish to read a copy of these)


At this point the Chair was taken by the Chairman who had been delayed by traffic.

(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from the Competition Secretary (who was unwell) and seven clubs (as indicated in red above)

(2) MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING: The last Committee meeting had been held on 2nd February 2006 and draft minutes had been distributed to all clubs shortly thereafter. No points required correction so a vote to accept them as representing a true record of that meeting was proposed by John Bunting (seconded by George Stannard) and they were then signed off by the Chairman.

At this point, the Secretary asked for the meetings approval for a break with normal protocol for all future meetings. The Executive Committee felt that it would be better for each meeting to refer back to the minutes of the previous meeting, whatever type that had been (Committee or General). It was felt that as our General Committee was in fact composed of representatives from every club there was in practice virtually no difference between those attending the two annual Committee meetings or the AGM. Such a change would therefore provide better continuity in our proceedings. A proposal to accept this change (with effect from our next meeting in February) was proposed by Brian Bennett, seconded by Derrick Dowson and passed unanimously.

(3) ANY MATTERS ARISING: The Secretary had written to Brian Bennett as directed in 3(b). There were no other matters arising from the previous minutes.


(a) FINANCES - AM reported that the current balance was £943.71 - substantially down on the EOY balance due to the acquisition of two mats. This purchase had been necessary to support the decision made at the AGM to move the County Team home venue to Easingwold. This was the first time the Association had obtained its own equipment but it was felt that the expenditure was fully justified in the knowledge that the team had always been run at a good profit in the past boosting the Associations balance by nearly £2000 in total.

AM continued by pointing out that members subs alone were not sufficient to cover the costs of running all the Associations activities. Additional funds were required and these had over the last few years mainly come from running the County Team and the County Championships and taking part in the ESMBA raffle. He warned members that it was now likely that the County Team would run with no profit in spite of an increase to players fees to £6. He forecast a final EOY balance next year of between £500-£1000.

Honorariums - had been reviewed and the Executive Committee proposed the introduction of £30 for the new post of Publicity Officer and an increase of £20 for the Secretary. These were in recognition of the substantial costs incurred on computer hardware and software without which it was felt these two posts could not function effectively. Seconded by Len Bradley and passed unanimously.

Runners-up cups (for the County Championships) - These had been suggested from the floor at the AGM but he felt that more expenditure would be inadvisable in the current financial year - would be reviewed next year.

ESMBA Draw 2006 - Our best sales ever had led to a “commission” payback of £181.50 together with the “prize” of £100 for being the top county. It had been decided to pay out £100 of this to participating clubs and after a random draw, Bubwith, Bilsdale, Crossgates and Raskelf all received £25.

(b) CORRESPONDENCE - RG reported that there had been 70 items of incoming/outgoing correspondence since the AGM in April. Some items would come up in the course of the meeting but he specifically mentioned the following.

Summer inter-county competition - The ESMBA had radically changed the format for 2007 in order to breath new life into it. There would be teams of 16 with 8 playing away and 8 at home for each match (on the same day). Each 8 would be split into four Pairs and then two Fours. All players would get 3 games per match and only 2 mats would be required. Serious consideration will be given to entering our own county team in this competition next year.

ESMBA member benefits - Free Legal cover for Car Insurance and low cost Travel Insurance were being introduced. (Details are attached to these minutes)

ESMBA National Championships - In 2007 there will be cash prizes for the winners (in addition to the trophies) in all disciplines and will be £100 per individual.

(c) MEMBERSHIP - Last years final totals were 47 clubs with 1025 members. An application had recently been received from Snaith and Cowick SMBC which had been formed in November 2005, had a membership of 25 and owned 3 mats. These two adjacent villages were situated south of Selby near the existing club at Carlton. Their sponsor was the Chairman who commented on the fact that they had virtually all new equipment and the suitability of their floor and pointed out that the club had already been provisionally accepted into the Selby league. He proposed their acceptance which was seconded by the Vice Chairman and passed unanimously.

The Secretary then initiated some discussion about setting a minimum membership level for any clubs joining us in the future. At present, for clubs not taking part in any competitive bowls, the number of members they register is up to them (although we always encourage new clubs to register all members). However all the advantages of membership are immediately available (access to Insurance, Handbooks, Rules, representation on the committee etc.) whatever their membership level. The Chairman pointed out that the ESMBA were aware of this as a problem and were discussing a minimum level of 10.

(d) NESMBA AGM - JB and RG were our 2 delegates on June 11th in Leeds. We had proposed that all disciplines at the Barnard Castle Finals be played out to a conclusion before commencing the next in an attempt to prevent the very late finish times experienced last year. This was not accepted but it was agreed to reduce the ends in Singles and Triples and also the length of the lunch break. Our proposal to reduce the subs to 10p per member and increase the ICC fee to £40 failed but our proposal to return the entry fee for the Finals to £3 was accepted. It was decided to spend up to £250 on runners up cups. All Officers were re-elected with Noel Clark taking over the Chair (in rotation). There were no volunteers for Competition Secretary so it was decided that the Championships would not go ahead unless a candidate for this post came forward by the end of August. (Andy Miles from West Yorkshire did come forward in time so the Championships will now take place). Barnard Castle was provisionally booked for March 17th/18th which clashes with the ESMBA National Mixed Fours and Juniors.

(e) ESMBA AGM - JB and NC were our delegates on July 8th in Northampton - RG and CS also attended.

There had been protracted discussion over the acrimonious resignation of the Nationals Organiser, Rod McBeth. His annual report, which gave the reasons for his resignation had been suppressed by the ESMBA (but circulated independently by Rod) and we had requested discussion of it in the Open Forum which was granted.

The ESMBA Chairman’s proposal to remove the post of Nationals Organiser failed

The ESMBA Committees move to get rid of the bi-annual Rules Revision Meeting failed

A new post of Coaching Director was approved and added to the Constitution

The production of a Coaching manual was making good progress and the ESMBA are looking for suitable players to take part in a pilot scheme

Accounts showed a £14,000 surplus for the year - no increase in subs for 2007/08

25p of our subs are “ring fenced” for Youth and Coaching development

No plans for an over 60s competition due to poor response from clubs to the questionnaire sent out last year.

Under 18s team will be formed after final trial in September - to play several existing county teams

Summer ICC - currently losing popularity - format under review (see “Correspondence“)

Three new general committee members were elected including our own Chairman who will now be attending all 6 committee meetings held during the coming year. JB hoped this would give North Yorkshire some influence at National level.

(5) COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS/NATIONAL HEATS: All clubs have already been sent a letter, posters and entry forms for the new combined format. Those not entering the Nationals (the great majority) will not be affected and all semi-finalists will once again be offered the chance to go to Barnard Castle for the NESMBA Finals. Those entering the Nationals (by ticking the box on the form and paying an additional £2) must be prepared to attend the National Finals if they qualify. It will be necessary to determine the top four qualifiers for the National entrants. For this, in the event of any ties, players will be separated using (a) total shots (b) ends won (c) shots difference. If there was a preliminary round in which only one of the contenders played, this will be ignored.

(6) JUNIORS: The Townend twins, Gareth and Jacinta and the Newsome brothers, Joseph and David, had entered the 2006 Woodbridge Trophy in May - a first for North Yorkshire. Playing together as a foursome, they had come joint 3rd (out of 22 teams) after losing just one of their five games. All four had also taken part in the final England Trial earlier in the month and both twins had recently been informed that they had made it into the final squad of 32. Although Joseph will shortly be 18 and realised his chance was limited, David was understandably very disappointed. However we had been led to believe he had only just missed out and at 14 years of age feel sure he will get his chance eventually.


(7) COUNTY TEAM………….

(a) Winter Inter-County league fixtures - This year after a poor season and relegation, the team will play in the second Division. 7 fixtures had been arranged on the 7 dates remaining free of other competitions. The exception was the BSA Pairs for which there was no alternative Sunday. JB commented on how well the recent “warm-up” game had gone. 42 players had taken part which included some potential new team members. John Gascoigne thanked all concerned for making his party from Campsall very welcome and in spite of their inexperience they had a very enjoyable day. The Secretary stated that the team is NOT a closed shop and the Captain/Vice Captain are always on the lookout for more players. He requested that all clubs encourage their better players to make themselves known if they are at all interested in playing at inter-county level.

With regards to the possibility of running a ‘B’ team, the Captain said this was unlikely in view of the limited number of names he had available. He had been told there were 20 players in the Selby area and 15 at Crossgates but no specific names had been submitted. After some further discussion, the Secretary that the majority of other counties ran two teams and considering our size this should be possible for us. However if those interested would not identify themselves the idea could go no further. There was no question of the Executive Committee supporting a second team just for players not interested in playing at the current home venue. Players who wanted to represent the NYSMBA should do so unconditionally. Venues and Captains would be decided in committee and should a ’B’ team ever become viable, places in it would be decided by the Captains purely on the relative merit of all those in the total county squad.

(b) versus the Chairman’s Team - This was a new match suggested by the Chairman who will pick his own team to play against the County Team. The original date which had been agreed and published to all clubs had now changed to Saturday 28th October (at Bubwith).

(c) versus the England Youth Team - A game against the newly formed ESMBA Under 18s team had been offered to us in late August. The date in question was fixed (October 22nd) and necessitated the re-negotiation of the away fixture against Durham which now unfortunately clashes with the second day of the Kirbymisperton Triples. The format will be 4 x Fours, 2 x Pairs and 2 x Triples - (teams of 26) played on 4 mats. The ESMBA will pay for the venue (Easingwold) and with the players subs set at £10for this match the day should run at a profit.

(d) versus the England squad - JB explained how the idea for this match had originated in the White Rose league where it was anticipated that England would be able to send a “2nd XI” team up for a single day match against the summer bowlers in that league. However this never came about and at the ESMBA AGM in July he approached the England team manager (Ted Messer) who offered to bring the complete England squad of 52 up on 3rd/4th February to play two matches as preparation for their international against Ireland in March. As a condition of the matches he was asked to involve the other northern counties so that as strong a side as possible could be fielded. 8 mats would be required to play 2 Singles, 2 Pairs, 2 Triples and 10 Fours. John enthusiastically accepted and went ahead looking at venues and catering, finally securing a booking at the New Earswick Indoor Bowls Arena. At this point John involved the full NYSMBA executive committee which then met to discuss details and costs. Letters were subsequently sent to the NEIBA and to the ESMBA confirming the arrangements as well as to the other NESMBA counties asking for support. A letter has also been sent to all NYSMBA clubs advertising the match and requesting the names of anyone interested in being considered. When all the names of all interested parties have been gathered, the Captain/Vice Captain will choose both teams and request payment which has provisionally been set at £12 per game. The White Rose committee will continue to work alongside the NYSMBA in looking for sponsors and other ideas for fund raising and souvenirs.

(e) versus “The Rest” (County Team Challenge) - The Executive Committee had considered a request from the Secretary of the Yorkshire (North) league (YNL) to play the County Team at the end of the season and that the date should appear in the Handbook. This had been agreed provided that a set of selection rules could be agreed. A draft set of rules were drawn up and sent to the YNL for consideration. In a phone call from the league Chairman, Edwin Smith, dissatisfaction was expressed with the draft which had then been modified and sent out again together with suggested dates. These very basic rules, which are simply aimed at protecting the integrity of the County Team side in this proposed match, now await ratification at the forthcoming league meeting. If this is not forthcoming the match will not go ahead.

(8) INTER-LEAGUE CUP: This will go ahead a week earlier than usual (April 14th) in the new improved 9 mat format adopted last year. The meeting was asked if we should return to having a sit-down hot meal in lieu of the buffet which had seen a drop in numbers. However those present seemed to favour the buffet. The Secretary pointed out that this will be the 10th anniversary of this competition. If anyone has any ideas of how this could be celebrated they should let him know.

(9) LEAGUE REPORTS: Brief reports were presented for the Selby, Scarborough, Kyle Valley and White Rose leagues. There were no reports from the Ryedale, Vale of York Nidderdale or North Yorkshire leagues.

(10) AOB: No other business was raised either from the Chair or from the floor. The Chairman therefore thanked all those present for attending and closed the meeting at 9.15pm.


At the end of the meeting the Handbooks for the current season were handed out. Most KVL clubs had already been given theirs at the KVL committee on 17/9. Several of those present took the allocations of those who were not in attendance. Those for the 4 Nidderdale clubs were personally delivered to Guy Smalley of Sawley.

The following were the only ones that remained and have been sent by post.

Kirklevington, Guisborough, Burton Leonard. Thornton le Dale, Strensall

Also distributed to all clubs was a letter containing the ESMBA Draw tickets for 2007 and an invitation to all members to take part in the ENGLAND games.