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North Yorkshire Short Mat Bowling Association




EASINGWOLD - Friday February 4thth 2005

(Minutes distributed by hand at Ampleforth Pairs or in post Saturday Feb. 12th)



CHAIRMAN        Noel Clark                              VICE CHAIRMAN         l

SECRETARY              Roger Green                           TREASURER               Brian Bennett

CAPTAIN           Ralph Parsons                         VICE CAPTAIN                    Arthur Jackson

COMP. SEC              (as Vice Chairman)               


1    Barn                      Bob Crowther                        23  Kirbymisperton        l

2    Bilsdale                 Len Lofthouse                       24  Kirkbymoorside        l

3    Bolton Abbey   l                          25  Knaresborough         l

4    Boroughbridge  Richard Kay                       26  Marton                Ray Goodbold

5    B.S.A.          l                                        27  Melbourne             l

6    Bubwith         l                          28  North Duffield        l

7    Burton Leonard l                          29 Pateley Bridge         l

8    Carlton          l                          30  Raskelf                Apologies

9    Cayton                  George Stannard                   31  Riccall                 l

10   Coxwold               l                                             32 Sawley                 l

11   Crossgates      Clive Scholefield                   33 Scarborough           Apologies

12   Darley          Les Hardcastle                      34 St Cuthberts           l

13   Easingwold      Barbara Topping           35 Stillington              l

14   E Cottingwith   l                                    36  Strensall               l

15   Eggborough         l                                            37  Sutton u Derwent         l

16   Escrick         l                          38  Tate & Lyle            l

17   Flixton          l                                        39 Thornton Dale         l

18   Gt.Ouseburn      l                                    40  Tollerton               William Knapton

19   Gristhorpe          Derek Dowson                        41   Welburn               l

20   Guisborough       l                                              42   Wilberfoss                     l

21   Hambleton          Brian Foster                            43  Yedingham             Apologies

22  Helmsley        Eric Burrell                      44  Yoredale               Brian Stoker

Also present – David Loraine (Barn) and Trevor McKay (Helmsley).

The meeting was opened by the Chairman at 7.30pm with representatives from thirteen member clubs, five officers and two others in attendance – twenty people in total.  

The Chairman asked the meeting to observe a moment of silence in respect of three members who has died recently. John Harforth (Helmsley), David Moore (Hambleton) and Joyce Pennock (Easingwold).

(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from Edwin Smith (Scarborough), Andrew Leng (Yedingham), Richard Clark (Tollerton) and Dennis Jarvis (Raskelf). Reg Tilley (Vice Chairman/Competition Secretary) had recently had a spell in hospital and was also unable to attend.

(2) MINUTES OF THE PREVIOUS MEETING AND MATTERS ARISING: The last Committee meeting had been held on 10th September 2004 and draft minutes had been distributed shortly thereafter. There were no points raised requiring corrections, so after a proposal from Brian Foster (seconded by Clive Scholefield) the meeting unanimously endorsed the minutes which were then signed by the Chairman as representing a true record of that meeting.  

The Secretary pointed out the following three points arising from the minutes.

Ø      Para 5(e) – He had written to the Secretaries of each of the Dales League clubs expressing concern over the difficulties they were having and hoping that they would soon be able to resolve their problems and be able to carry on their activities. He also passed on the Chairman’s offer to assist them if so required. He was pleased to report that at a subsequent EGM they had elected a new Secretary, agreed some minor rule changes and resumed their fixture activities.

Ø      Para 6(a) - Our insurance cover with the ESMBA had now been increased to include £2000 for equipment.

Ø      Para 6(e) - Additional county ties in the original style had now been purchased to replenish our stock.


(a) Correspondence: (RG) 36 items had been sent/received since the last meeting and a summary list of all of these would be sent out with the minutes as usual. Further details on any item could be obtained on request. The following four items were specifically mentioned.

Ø      Proposed Rule changes: Details had been received from the ESMBA of 33 proposals for changes to the Rules that would be considered at the Rules Revision meeting in July. These had been submitted from 8 separate counties (including some put forward by two of our own members). Additionally, there was also a proposal involving a complete rewrite/reformat of the entire Rule Book. Once all these had been studied by the Executive Committee, further details would be reported to clubs before the Rules Revision meeting in July.     

Ø      Membership: It had been necessary to write to four of our clubs who had been several weeks late in registering their players.  

Ø      Guisborough SMBC: An application to join us had been received back in October. This had provisionally been accepted and they had registered 10 members. After a proposal by George Stannard (seconded by Arthur Jackson) this club were formally accepted into the Association by a unanimous vote.  Guisborough now become our 44th club.   

Ø        Dates for National Heats: Easingwold SMBC had written with a request not to hold all the Heats during December. Barbara Topping specifically pointed out that they had to move one of their internal club competitions from the Saturday before Christmas to the Sunday when some of their members were playing in a County game. The Secretary had replied that the calendar was so full that any changes were likely to impact on other competitions on other dates. However, he was sure the Competition Secretary would consider their request when he came to look at the calendar for next season.

(b) Finances: (BB) Although the current actual balance was £2200, there were several items of outstanding expenditure (notably the cost of the Swinton venue for the County Championships) which would reduce this to around £1680. He therefore considered our finances to be in a “healthy” state.

(c) Membership: (BB) Brian reported that the recent registration of two more Scarborough players had brought our final total for the year to 971. Although this was only four more than last season, it did in fact represent our highest membership total since we were formed. The Secretary made the observation that this had only been possible due to the fact that we had been joined by several new clubs in recent years. 21 of our existing clubs had between them lost members this year (-58) whilst only 14 had increased their numbers (+26). However it was encouraging to note that we now had 25 Junior members.    


(a) NESMBA – Inter-County league: (RP) Ralph was pleased to report that although there was still one away game to play against last years Champions (West Yorkshire), the team had accumulated enough points to ensure that we would remain in Division 1 for next season. This is the first time this had ever been achieved by our county team.

(b) ESMBA - National Championships: (RG) There had been 107 entries to the Heats this year - a little lower than last year. However, this had still been high enough for us to be offered a second place in the Finals for our Pairs, Triples and U18s. Congratulations were particularly due those who have qualified for the first time. These were Geoff & Anne Whitehead with Geoff Dye in the Triples (Geoff also qualified in the Singles); David Newsome in the U18s and Ron Watson in the Fours. Gareth and Jacinta Townend will also be taking part in the main Finals at Kettering for the first time having been runners up in the (adult) Pairs.

The other qualifiers, all making return visits, are Gareth Townend (U18s); Audrey Wood/Barbara Topping (Pairs); Rose Haynes/Roger Green/Simon Holtby (Triples); Colin Raper/Janet & Nobby Clark (Fours) and Fred & Audrey Wood/Ivan & Barbara Topping (Mixed Fours).     

(c) NYSMBA – County Championships: (RG) There had been another good entry this year of 267 (compared with 284 last year). This years Champions so far are Fred Wood in the Singles; Roger Green/Paul Williamson in the Pairs and Colin Raper/Nobby & Janet Clark in the Triples. The Fours title will be determined tomorrow (5th February). The top four in each discipline will now go on to the NESMBA Finals at Barnard Castle in March.

The Chairman pointed out that this was only the second year of these championships and we are learning all the time. We were aware that there had been several suggestions made for improvements and these would all be taken into consideration for next year’s competition.

(d) NYSMBA- Junior Championships: (NC) These will take place in two weeks time on 19th January at the Galtres Centre. Details are being planned by Nobby due to the recent  indisposition of the Competition Secretary and participants should receive details soon. All will be welcome as spectators and/or markers.

(e) NYSMBA – Inter-League Cup: (RG) This will take place at the Y&D IBC on 23rd April. The format remains unchanged and details will be sent to all clubs soon. The three team captains will as usual need to raise a team of 12 triples each from within their areas.

(f) NYSMBA – Cameo Shield (RG) This will take place at the Y&D IBC on 24th April. The format remains unchanged and details will be sent to all clubs soon – a total of only 8 triples are required from across the county.


(a) Selby – The Chairman reported on another good season except that his own team was currently bottom of Division 1. Cup semi-finals are being held next week.

(b) Ryedale – No report

(c) Scarborough – Ray Goodbold reported that currently Flixton were top of Div. 1 (6 points clear), Marton C were top of Div 2 (7 points clear) and two of the newly formed teams from Crossgates were running away at the top of Div. 3. The Challenge Cup and Plate KO competitions have their Q Finals next week.

(d) Kyle Valley – Brian Bennett felt things were going quite well but that too many games were being re-arranged “not always for the best of reasons”. This had led to a backlog for some clubs and he expected that this situation would need to be discussed at their AGM. 

(e) Yorkshire (North) – Les Hardcastle reported the current points for all 6 regions and the games each had left to play. Scarborough 152 (1); Ousedale 141 (2); Ryedale 138 (2); Darley 137 (1); Selby 136 (2); Whitehorse 115 (1). The situation remains interesting with any of the top 5 capable of winning.    

(f) Vale of York – No report

(g) Nidderdale – Les Hardcastle reported that he now has nothing to do with this “mickey mouse” league and it was at his request that they had changed their name. He hoped to set up a new “Dales” league in the future maybe with other clubs such as Bishop Monkton. He reported that the current league were only playing friendly games and played according to their own rules with any player playing in any team. The Secretary felt that in the absence of any one to represent this league, he should point out that the new Secretary, Doreen Addyman, had in fact sent him a copy of their fixture list and an up to date table of positions, together with details of the few rule changes that the league members had agreed to. One of these was that there should be four nominated players in each team but that others could float between teams. Because of this, Bolton Abbey had been able to enter a second team which compensated for the withdrawal of Les’s  Darley A team. 

The Chairman concluded this report by stating that the important thing was that they were continuing to play and enjoy their bowls.

(h) White Rose – Brian Bennett read out some notes prepared by John Bunting. Their 3rd season would commence in mid-April during the course of which they were again having games against Durham, a BarBQ day at Dalton (July) and a social at Knaresborough (August). They were looking for an alternative venue to “Lookers” in which to hold their end of summer finals night. A decision on the viability of the Belgium trip would be taken at their next meeting on Feb 18th. Details of this had been sent out to all clubs and the Chairman pointed out that they needed just 4 additional people for it to go ahead.

The Secretary told the meeting that the Executive Committee had briefly discussed the idea of a new “Champion of Champions” competition (first mooted in 1996). No particular details had been worked out but the idea would be for the winning clubs from each league to meet together to determine the overall team Champions in the county. A proposed format could be presented to the AGM should the idea have initial support. Barbara Topping felt that the calendar was too full already and there was no room for a new competition. The Secretary suggested holding it in October (which had four Saturdays free last year). Derek Dowson thought that would clash with the holiday period between inside and outside seasons. Ray Goodbold thought it was a 1st class idea but was sceptical about general support in an already “crowded” season.    

(6) AOB:

(a) ESMBA Draw/Information Pack: The Secretary urged all clubs to make a real effort to sell all the modest number of Draw tickets that had recently been distributed. Having come second twice, he was keen that we should now become the top selling county and receive the £100 prize for doing so. If this was achieved, this money would be given back to the clubs along with the rebate that we already received. He also hoped that all clubs were making a point of updating their “green folders” with the updates sent out annually. At the very least, doing this means that every club has access to an up to date set of rules.

(b) NYSMBA Web Site: The Ryedale league were now sending in copies of their tables each week via Matt Fenwick. This meant that ALL leagues are now publishing their tables regularly for all to see. The Secretary hoped that site users were aware that there was much more on the site than just these tables. In particular he pointed out that brief match reports were available for all 19 Open competitions within 24 hours of them taking place (sometimes with photos) and that he had also gradually been adding historical data showing the winners of these from the year they all started. No major developments were planned – there was enough work involved in keeping things up to date and ticking over.

(c) Dates: The usual venue for the AGM was not available on the planned date of 18th April so this may have to be moved to Friday 15th April. Ray Goodbold asked the Secretary to check with Dorothy Knaggs that this was not being used by the Scarborough League first.    

There being no further business raised from the floor, the Chairman thanked all those present for attending and closed one of the shortest meetings in recent years at 8.15pm.