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(Created 26/7/11)

These minutes relate to the Management Committee (ManCom) meeting in January 2012. No paper copies are being issued.

8th January 2012 @ Swinton Leisure Centre 1pm

Present: All ManCom present – PJ JN RH LH AJ RG NC LB BS

The Chairman had called the meeting at short notice specifically to discuss three particular topics that required agreement/clarification and two additional topics were raised on the day.

1 -  ESMBA Inter-County Competition – We had now entered a team into this National Competition and reduced our entry in the NESMBA IC league to a single team for 2012/13. This had raised questions in some people’s minds as to what the team selection policy would be in future.

The situation was simply that all NYSMBA members/players would be eligible for selection in either team. The ESMBA team (Premier) of 20 would as before be selected by the Captain/Vice Captain over the summer and would (hopefully) be fixed for the whole season. The NESMBA team (A) would be picked on a match by match basis by their Captain/Vice Captain and could include Premier players if required. However, RH said that she felt that none of the ESMBA team would be expecting to be selected into the NESMBA team.

Should any Premier team member be unavailable for a fixture due to sickness etc, the two Captains would confer in order to select a suitable replacement.

AJ confirmed that it would continue to be his policy to select 12 core players for every match and vary the remaining 8 in order to give others a fair share of games. LB requested that he publish his list of the 12 core players at the beginning of the season and AJ agreed to do this.  

For ease of differentiation within our meetings, the ESMBA team would be referred to as the Premier team (as they are entered in the ESMBA Premier Competition) and the NESMBA team as the A team. However, within the NESMBA the latter will simply be NORTH YORKSHIRE (no suffix necessary).

It was also agreed that our counties position with regard to the NESMBA league for 2012/13 is that Division 1 should contain 6 teams and Division 2 have 5 teams. To achieve this we prefer that 2 teams are promoted and 1 relegated at the end of this season.

2 - ENGLAND v NESMBA Select team – The 3 weekends offered to the ESMBA with our original invitation for an early season match had all proved to be no good. We had been given January 19/20 and February 16/17 as alternatives. As the former clashed with our Junior Championship weekend it was agreed to accept the latter. RG to confirm this date with Brandon Whittaker/Keith Smith and AJ to book Galtres after which RG would inform all NESMBA counties. PJ said there would be substantial effort required in organising this weekend and that detailed planning would be addressed at our next meeting.    

3 - END OF SEASON “BASH” – PJ had raised the idea of organising an end-of-season social evening at our October meeting. Together with RH she had now made provisional bookings with Sean Conroy (for his band ISHKA + Irish dancers), Great Ouseburn village hall (Friday April 13th) and Louise Bumby (buffet). The evening would be open to all members and tickets would be £15 (reduced for children). There would be a cap on numbers (due to fire regulations) so it would be on a first come first served basis. Fliers will be sent to all clubs and RG will post details on the website. PJ hoped all ManCom members would attend as she had seen Sean perform and knew it would be a very entertaining evening.

4 ACCOUNTS “auditor” – BS pointed out that Mike Hannan had recently resigned so we needed to appoint someone else to check the annual accounts prior to the AGM. His son-in-law (a qualified accountant) had offered his services as had Janet Clark. It was agreed that he should accept his son-in-laws offer for this year. RG pointed out that the ESMBA had advised that our constitution should contain a requirement for whoever is used as our “auditor” to be appointed by the AGM (not ManCom) and it was agreed that this would be done at this year’s AGM when all willing candidates would be considered for appointment.

5 – COMPLAINT – PJ had received a verbal complaint regarding an alleged incidence of unsportsmanlike behaviour at the previous days Singles competition. RG/JN felt that we could take no action on this unless the complainant was prepared to document the exact nature of the complaint in writing to the Chairman. After a short discussion, this position was agreed. PJ to inform the complainant.    

Meeting closed at 1.30pm                                                                                                       (RBG 10.1.12)