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(Created 28/11/11)

These minutes relate to the Management Committee (ManCom) meeting in November 2011.

No paper copies are being issued.


ManCom meeting November 27th 2011 (Galtres Centre – 4.00pm)

Present:          JN RH LH AJ RG (PJ attended earlier and had left her ‘point of view’)

Apologies:     NC LB BS (all agreed to "go with the flow")

The meeting had been called at short notice to discuss how we should respond to an invitation to enter a team in the ESMBA Premier ICC for the 2012/13 season. This invitation had been received the previous day in a phone call to JN from the ESMBA Chairman. Due to the need to finalise the ESMBA diary prior to Christmas, an urgent response had been requested.


The following main points were raised.


In response to a questionnaire sent out to all Northern Counties (by the NESMBA, only Stockport and North Yorkshire had shown any interest in the ICC for the future. In view of this, it was anticipated that the invitation to the winners/runners in the NESMBA IC league to enter the ICC at the knockout stage (as applied to the current season) would be unlikely to be repeated.


The desire of many ‘A’ team players to “step up a level” now that our county was firmly established as front runners in the NESMBA league was also to be considered.


If we entered the ICC….


·        We would be in a Group with Cheshire, Shropshire and West Midlands with travel distances similar to going to Stoke.

·        We would play less games - only 6 round robin and a KO game were guaranteed (although success could take us further)

·        We would have to reduce our entry in the NESMBA league to one team only.

·        We would need a solid commitment from an overwhelming majority of the current ‘A’ team players to be available for all games.

·        We would have to play on designated weekends stipulated by the ESMBA.

·        Players match fees may have to rise to cover increased entry fees (£85 instead of £30)

·        We must weigh up how entering may impact the county Diary.


It was agreed to canvass all current ‘A’ team players for their views (for or against) before replying to the ESMBA.

It was also agreed to invite the England team to North Yorkshire to play a Northern Select team if a suitable date could be found next season.


Meeting closed at 4.30pm

(RBG 28.11.11)