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(Created 26/7/11)

These minutes relate to the Management Committee (ManCom) meeting in October 2011.

No paper copies are being issued.


ManCom meeting October 25th 2011 (North Duffield – 5.30)


Present - PJ, JN, RG, RH, AJ, LH, NC (left 7.20pm)


Apologies for absence - BS, LB


Minutes of last ManCom meeting - July 19th 2011

These were proposed by AJ as a true record and seconded by RH.


Matters arising

RG stated that it would be £60 per year for Norton anti-virus to cover all 3 PCs.


RG had contacted the ESMBA regarding setting a minimum membership and the reply from Chris Hopkins stated they were happy if we were.


NC had replied to Cornwall SMBA with regard to our CPP.


TREASURER (Financial issues)

In the absence of BS, PJ gave the report on our accounts affairs and congratulated BS on his excellent efforts.


Auditors - BS thought there was no requirement for an auditor. However, Chris Hopkins (ESMBA) having read our constitution had recommended that we should appoint one at our AGM to avoid any liability problems. It was agreed to put Mike Hannan’s appointment to a vote and to modify the constitution to reflect this.


Cost of practice day – BS reported that the net loss was £139.79. Part of this was the cost of mat hire (£40) and the photographer (£25) and RG had asked BS to split these two items equally across the two teams which then showed the loss to be £74.79. RG stated that it had always been our policy never to knowingly run any of our activities at a loss and so he felt the subs for this day should have been raised to ensure any loss was minimal. RH/AJ agreed to take this into account next year.


Galtres cabinet - The cost of completing the displays and printing leaflets was £313.18 (on top of last year’s expenditure of £562.94)


BS pointed out that the report also showed the refund to Sport England at £477.


In reply to a written question from BS, it was agreed that the asset/stock register should include the county strips, mats, jacks and the like. JGN pointed out that he was doing his best to maintain an up to date record of the stock of strips.


BS would like consideration given to delaying the AGM to ensure cheques clear prior to AGM.


ESMBA Draw payout for 10/11 – It was agreed to continue the club payout for this year and Strensall, Seaton Ross, Branton and Kirklevington were all randomly drawn as the winners. Each to receive £25.


ESMBA Draw 11/12 – RG had contacted the ESMBA requesting confirmation that the annual draw would no longer be run. He had received no response to date.


MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY  (Membership issues)

In his absence, a report from LB was given by PJ who congratulated LB on his hard work.


Minimum membership – LB had written to every club advising them of our proposed minimum membership requirement of 10 registrations, but only one club had complained. It was agreed as a result of this to put forward a proposal to the AGM with reasons to become a member. LH to request membership numbers from LB for everyone who is entered in the County Championships not just Nationals entrants as in past. This will highlight if any non registered members were entering our Championships.


Other membership issues. With regard to recruitment, localised taster sessions were discussed and also where we could best display our leaflets. The committee agreed to have a think as to where these could be advertised.


LB advised he was still awaiting the membership return from 7 clubs. We are currently 3 members down on last year. NC added that currently we had 30 juniors registered.


CAPTAINS (Team issues)             


The practice day was further discussed and RH and AJ would discuss this and advise their thoughts in preparation for the next season.


Our mat renewal policy was discussed and it was agreed there was no need for any action now. RG pointed out that it was possible to buy nearly new ESMBA mats following the holding of the National Championships but to do this we would need to be thinking about it and communicating with ESMBA around 6 months in advance. It was agreed that the County teams were to continue to try to make a profit to cover the costs and that it was probably advisable to increase their subs from £3 to £4 at the AGM. RG pointed out that there could also be a possibility to request a grant for mats.


ICC entry 2012 - Questionnaire – RG pointed out that after this year’s inclusion in the ESMBA ICC there could possibly be further developments with regard to the plate competition and the “A” competition. RH advised that the A team were all for it but AJ advised that the B team had not discussed it yet. However, if the majority of the northern counties came back with a negative response then this year would possibly be only a one off.


Meals and sundries – RH was trying to cut lunch times to half an hour. It was agreed that both the A and B teams would share tea and coffee costs.


COMPETITION SECRETARY (Competition issues)


PJ welcomed LH to her first meeting as Competition Secretary. LH reported that 8 clubs so far had submitted entries to the Championships, with the U18’s competition already being highly subscribed. As already agreed some of the tasks were to be split between the committee. Umpires had been arranged by RH and the trophies had been ordered by RG. All the mats and halls had been booked  and PJ would take care of raffle prizes.


LH agreed that RG would prepare and send out the entry forms/details for the Little Cup during January.


JUNIOR COORDINATOR  (Junior issues)                     


The ESMBA had recently published a new “Guide for Counties and Clubs” on their CPP website page. This contained both ‘Recommended’ and ‘Mandatory’ guidelines and NC advised the need to inform our clubs of the contents. The advisability of having a list of ALL our clubs with the names of their CPOs and when their CRB checks expire was discussed and agreed to be desirable. NC said he already had a list. NC asked for guidance regarding one club which was registering a junior but had no CPO appointed. As the new ESMBA guidelines advise that “.....all clubs.....providing..... frequent.....activities for children....must have a CPO”, NC is to advise this club to appoint one and have them CRB cleared. PJ had received a letter from Keith Hawkins advising that he is now the ESMBA CPO and requesting details of our own County CPO. PJ to reply.


Woodbridge competition – This competition was regarded by those committee members that were present on the day to be a “fiddle”. Although RG had requested results via Chris Hopkins, he has as yet received no reply. We agreed to suggest Woodbridge become a triples competition and to raise our complaints. RG was directed to complete this action.


Nth.Yks Jnrs v St. Albans – This has been agreed for Wed. 3rd January and NC asked if there could be a financial subsidy for this from the NYSMBA. RG asked NC how much those taking part were contributing towards the cost but NC was unsure. Previous subsidies had been made using money from the grant which was no longer available but after discussion NC requested £70 which was agreed but with no further commitment for future years.


Nth.Yks Jnrs - Get together - Feb half-term  - NC advised that this had been agreed for 17th of February. The competition is to be subsidised by North Duffield.


PJ suggested the possible need for fundraising in respect of the juniors.

NC spoke of a possible sponsor and if this comes into effect he will advise.


PUBLICITY OFFICER  (Publicity issues)


The handbook had been as usual well received. LB had commented that he felt the county team evaluation should not be included as it does not give a true result and these pages would be better filled with current policy. RG stated that there was a slight change to the umpire details mentioned in the book as Arthur Rathmell has resigned and Fred Wood and David Lorraine were was now to be listed as “inactive” (unavailable for full duties).


The website was commended.


RG had many fliers and leaflets available for anyone or any club who wanted them.


SECRETARY (Administration issues)                             


Diary for 2012/13RG stated that work on this key Secretarial task has to commence in the New Year so that provisional bookings can be made with the Galtres Centre during February. PJ asked AJ if he would be willing to take on this task and he agreed. RG gave AJ a list of the required steps.


OTHER ISSUES                                         


ESMBA - Our view on “Administration” - JGN read this article from the ESMBA website which was then discussed. It was agreed to ask for the contract to be put out for tender and to query the quoted postage cost. RG was directed to write to Simon Willies with our feedback.


Dress code – We agreed to put a proposal to the ESMBA with regard to removal of grey trousers in favour of black trousers after discussion at our own AGM next year.


Coaching plans – We agreed to discuss what we should be doing on this subject in more detail at the next meeting.


Social            - End of season “knees up” - At the recent England Ladies game in Bedford, Sean Conroy (Crossgates SMBC) had entertained everyone with his musical expertise. PJ has requested an expense breakdown for having his 3 man group at an end of season social evening. PJ/RH will then look into possible venues, dates and price. once she knew the availability of Sean and his band.


AOB - There was none.


PJ thanked JGN for hosting the meeting and taking the minutes and closed the meeting at 21:05.


(JGN November 7th 2011)