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This page created 5/5/11

Hard copies of these minutes will be posted out to all clubs shortly (5/5/11)

Minutes of the 20th AGM meeting (and Secretaries Report)

April 29th 2011 at the Galtres Centre (Easingwold)


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm with the following 26 attendees




Noel Clark                              Chairman & Junior Coordinator

Pat Jones                               Vice Chairman

Roger Green                          Secretary & Publicity Officer           

Barry Simmonite                     Treasurer

Rose Haynes                          A Team Captain




Boroughbridge                      Jean Calvert                          Ken Calvert

Branton                                   Peter Goldsmith

Crossgates                            Pete Render                          Ben Render

Easingwold                            Joyce Hughes                       

Hambleton                              Derek Williams

Kirkbymoorside                      Don Glensor                          Pat Lawrie

Knaresborough                      Derek Beardsley                   Pat Beardsley, Bryan Jones

N. Duffield                              Jo Newsome

Raskelf                                   Dennis Jarvis

Sawley                                    Doreen Addyman                  Geoff Boldero

Thornton Dale                        Christine Harrison                  Edwin Harrison

Tollerton                                  Allan Ward                              Matthew Jackson

Yedingham                             Andrew Leng


The other 32 member clubs were not represented.




3 Officers did not attend. Apologies were received from Len Bradley (Membership Secretary) and Arthur Jackson (B Team Captain) who were on holiday. George McDowell (Competition Secretary) was also absent. The following 11 clubs sent in their apologies.


BSA                                        Matt Fenwick

Cayton                                    David Lindsay

Church Fenton                       Gordon Raggett

Flixton                                     Graham Sherburn

Helmsley                                Christine Noble                                

Marton                                    Jean Bell

Scarborough                          Edwin Smith

Stillington                               Doreen Charlesworth

SWMC                                   Geoff Whitehead

Wilberfoss                              June Stabler

Yoredale                                 Brian Stoker




The draft minutes of the last meeting (Committee 14 Feb 2011) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. Acceptance of these was proposed by Pete Render (seconded by Dennis Jarvis), passed unanimously and signed by the Chairman as being a true and accurate record.


(3)   ANY MATTERS ARISINGNone were raised.


(4)   CORRESPONDENCE – No items were presented.




(a) Chairman NC said he felt it was right that he should now step down (as announced several months ago). He had been in the Chair for 11 years and he and Roger were the only 2 left from the original committee that took over in troubled times. He felt things had really improved since those days with the introduction of the County Championships, the second county team and much greater participation in the Nationals. He wished his successor and the other committee members well and promised to offer help wherever he could.  


(b) Secretary RG began by pointing out that it was now 20 years since the NYSMBA had been formed and that as he had been Secretary for half of that time it was right that he also should stand down (as announced at last year’s AGM). He was pleased that in this, his final report he was able to report on a record number of successes for the counties bowlers. After reviewing the events of the year and briefly commenting on the contribution made by all the other officers he concluded by asking that his successor, Jean Smallwood (assuming her election later in the meeting) be given the same level of support that he had enjoyed during his time in office. (A copy of the Secretaries full report is attached to these minutes)  


Club questionnaire RG explained why it was felt necessary to circulate this and that all but 3 of our clubs had completed and returned it – a very good result. A summary of the results was circulated which he felt was an endorsement of all our activities and the way they were organised. No clubs had asked for any significant changes. A majority of clubs had been able to nominate someone with Email and this may very well be used more in the future to save on paper and time. With 80% of clubs agreeing that a higher price should be paid for the Handbook, it had been decided that next year all copies would be priced at £1.    


(c) Treasurer BS had circulated 3 sheets to those present – a Profit/Loss Summary, a detailed Income/Expenditure Account and a breakdown of how the Sport England Grant money had been spent (copies attached for clubs which did not attend the meeting). He explained that the “loss” shown of £6227.69 was due to the spending of the Grant money (that had been credited in the previous year). Ignoring this there had in fact been an operating surplus of £121.50. He also pointed out that we still have £937.37 of unspent grant money on our books.


Fees for 2011/12 - He reminded everyone that due to an increase in the ESMBA affiliation fee, all members would have to pay £4.80 to register for next season. However all other fees would remain unchanged apart from the cost of the Handbook (see above).


(d) Membership Secretary PJ read out a written report prepared by LB before he went on holiday. In this Len thanked all clubs for their co-operation in the registration process during which there had been few “headaches”. Although total numbers had fallen by 2% since last year he felt hopeful that the numbers would begin to rise again next season as a result TV publicity for the (long mat) game and the efforts of some clubs at local publicity and recruitment.


RG added to Len’s report by giving a few more facts.


·        Burton Leonard & Campsall had left and Church Fenton had joined resulting in a net gain of 9 members. This left us with 45 clubs.

·        23 clubs either registered the same or more members (Escrick & Great Ouseburn increased by 5 each)

·        21 clubs registered fewer members (Gristhorpe, Helmsley, Knaresborough and Riccall decreased by 5 each).

·        The final total of 893 was our lowest since 1999 - 132 less than in 2006 - our peak year.


Sport England had given us a substantial target to increase membership but we had failed to achieve this. Although the taster sessions funded by the grant were useful it is unlikely whether they had resulted in more than 10 or so new members. RG urged ALL clubs to make a serious effort to recruit more members in their areas and also for the few clubs who did not currently register all members to review their policy as he felt that all players benefit indirectly from the organisation behind the sport. (At this point the question was raised as to whether it was only registered members who were covered by insurance schemes. RG will make enquiries.)


An application from Northallerton Bowls Club (a long established Carpet Bowls Club with a large membership) had recently been withdrawn. They had decided not to convert to Short Mat and were happy to continue as they were.


(e) Publicity Officer RG pointed out that the current style of Handbook had started in 1999 with 24 pages – this year’s edition had 60. The Website had been launched in 2002 and had grown to 150 pages of information. The questionnaire had not brought forth any suggestions for change so he would continue trying to fill both with items that he considered either useful or interesting.


The fliers/posters designed and made available to all clubs last year were still available and would be sent out to any club that wished to make use of them in the run up to next season. Additional fliers had been designed to advertise the Swinton taster and sent to about half of our clubs to display in their localities. Further material would be designed for the new boards that would be erected alongside the new display cabinet in the Galtres Centre during the summer. He would like to hear from anyone who had ideas for these. The general purpose would be to advertise the sport and the opportunities it provides for North Yorkshire bowlers.


(f) Captains For the ‘A’ team RH said that she had been a little apprehensive about taking over from Ralph Parsons who had been a dedicated captain for many years. He had led the team to their first Division 1 victory last year, something he was very proud of and so she felt she had a lot to live up to. Never the less, wins in the first few games gave the team renewed confidence which grew and grew as more victories were achieved and the final outcome spoke for itself. She had made a few changes within the team during the year and she thanked all those in the team for their support and congratulated them for their success. She also thanked Jo Newsome who had been very helpful to her as Vice-Captain. 


For the ‘B’ team, PJ read out a written report from AJ who was on holiday. AJ reported that their time in Division 1 had been short lived as they were to return to Division 2 next year. However he thanked all players, whether they had played in 1 game or 10 for their contribution and also his Vice-Captain Dennis Mather. He congratulated Ken Brailey, Robert and Sandra Harris on qualifying for their county badge and also congratulated the ‘A’ team for winning all their matches and retaining the Cup. He looked forward to seeing everyone next year when they would be playing against new teams and new players.      


Team Selection Policy RG reviewed this and suggested that it had been largely responsible for the A teams success over the last 2 years. He pointed out that any member in any club who felt they would like to play at county level had only to contact one of the Captains to express their interest. No changes were requested from the floor so the existing policy would continue as it is.   


(g) Competition Secretary RG reported on behalf of GM who was absent.


County Championships (CC), Northern Championships (BC) and Nationals

It had been a record entry this year with 388 CC entries of which 169 also entered the Nationals giving us more places at the Finals than ever before. All semi-finalists (plus an extra Four) made up the tam of 44 which took part at Barnard Castle.


Highlights of the year were…..


·        Sean Conroy winning 3 CC titles namely the Singles, the Triples (with Bronagh Malone & Joanne Senior) and the Mixed Fours (with Bronagh Malone, Ben Render & Jayne Rudd)

·        Paul Williamson winning his 2nd CC Pairs title (this time with Simon Holtby)

·        Rose Haynes/Simon Holtby/Roger Green’s winning their 2nd Fours title (this time with Paul Williamson)

·        Bronagh Malone’s defence of her BC Singles title which, after a determined and very watchable battle in which she had forced extra ends in the quarter and semi- finals, had eventually been lost by a single shot on the last end of the final.

·        Nathan Kotek and Francis Boatman’s achievement in reaching the BC Finals in both the Pairs and the Triples (with James Lambert).

·        David & Jo Newsome/Ben Render/Richard Lochman’s title win in the BC Fours.

·        The achievement of 3 of our teams in reaching the semi-final stage at the Nationals. These were Sean’s rink in the Mixed Fours, Rose’s rink in the Fours and Sean’s trio in the Triples.  


He also mentioned 13 year old Megan Holtby’s achievement in becoming runner up in the CC Triples (with Dennis Jarvis and Simon Holtby) having been asked to stand in at the very last minute. She had then gone on to attend the Nationals as the youngest ever competitor in a senior competition.


The Little Cup had been moved from the Y&DIBC to the Galtres Centre and held a month earlier than usual. It was planned to use this venue and the equivalent date again next year – a much more convenient location requiring less effort to set up and run.


The Top Club Competition suggested at the last meeting would be put on hold and reviewed again at some point in the future. RG had canvassed all the contenders who were likely to take part but there had not been 100% acceptance of the idea. In any case it was felt that due lack of resources we could not pursue it at this time.    


(h) Junior Coordinator NC told the meeting that after attending the U18 Nationals and the U21 match against Wales he had come away with a poor opinion of the way the Junior Manager (Brian Daley) was handling the team and he quoted several instances. Jo Newsome, Peter Render and Alan Ward (who had also been present) all agreed and said they felt frustrated at what could be done about it. Other Counties had also expressed dissatisfaction and some of our juniors were considering not attending next year.  There was a protracted discussion about the issue and it was finally agreed that once he had been supplied with some pertinent facts the Secretary would draft a letter expressing NYSMBA dissatisfaction with how the Juniors were being managed and see if he could get support from other counties.  




A letter had been received in early March requesting nominations for a Ladies team to play in a one-off game against Ireland in October. Due to the early cut-off date, RG had not consulted clubs but had submitted 6 names. These had now been invited to a trial in July when 85 ladies will fight it out for the 26 places available. The AGM is on July 2nd but no details have yet been received. Once they are, the Management Committee will meet to discuss these and appoint delegates.




The AGM is on July 24th but no details have yet been received. Once they are, the Management Committee will meet to discuss these and appoint delegates.




The Management Committee had submitted 2 proposals for changes to the Constitution and all clubs had been informed of the rationale behind them.


(a)   Frequency of meetings - This change, which removed the requirement to hold 2 General Committee meeting each year was seconded by Derek Williams and passed unanimously.

(b)   Month of AGM – This change which removed the need to hold the AGM specifically in April was seconded by Derek Beardsley and passed unanimously.




All clubs had been sent a list of exactly who was standing for each position together with their proposer and seconder. NC vacated the Chair which was briefly taken by RG for the unanimous election of PJ as Chairman for the year ahead. Pat thanked everyone for their support and thanked NC and RG for their years of service. She felt they had both done an excellent job and would be missed from their current positions.


Alan Ward proposed that the Management Committee for 2011/12 be elected “en bloc” (as per the list sent to clubs) and this was seconded by Andrew Leng and passed unanimously.


There were no nominations from the floor for the vacant post of Competition Secretary and so it remained unfilled. Pat said this was sad but that if anyone had the urge later in the year to help out with the tasks required in this post they should contact her. RG informed the meeting that in anticipation of there being no one prepared to take on this “job”, the Management Committee had discussed and agreed to sharing the various tasks between them. An offer had also been received from one of our clubs by someone prepared to do the scoring during the days in question. One way or another, the Committee would see that all the Competitions went ahead next season.   




RG reported that Great Ouseburn are entering a second team in the Kyle Valley league. Derek Beardsley said the White Rose league had a very varied program for the summer and this can be viewed on the website. No other league details were given.




RG had been informed of the passing of George Stannard of Cayton SMBC. George had been a regular attendee at our committee meetings as Cayton’s representative until his illness made this impossible and was an enthusiastic and likeable member. He will be missed both in his club and in his league.


There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 8.55 wishing all present a safe journey home.


The next scheduled general meeting will be the AGM on Friday April 27th 2012



As usual the purpose of my report is to review the business of the previous year so it is difficult to make it brief and it is also impossible not to cut across the areas handled by the other officers. If I steal any of their thunder, I apologise.


If you take an interest in our history will realise that it is in fact 20 years ago tonight that the Association was formed. For half that time I have been Secretary and as announced at the last AGM I am not seeking re-election. It is therefore pleasing for me to be able to say in this final annual report that 2010/11 has seen a record number of successes for the counties bowlers.


During the year, both County teams operated under new Captains with Rose Haynes taking over the A team after Ralph sadly left us in September, and Arthur Jackson taking over from John Bunting who stood down at our last AGM. The B team had a tough season having been unexpectedly catapulted into Division 1 and this presented them with a big challenge. I do not think it is unfair to observe that they were a little out of their depth and ended the year with just a single win from their 10 games. I am sure that they will feel a lot more at home and be a lot more successful when they return to Division 2 next season. For the A team however things could not really have gone better and after a season playing in their new team strip they ended up undefeated and retained the NESMBA Division 1 Cup that they had just won for the first time last year. As far as I know, no team in Division 1 has ever won 10 games out of 10 so this is a great achievement for our county.  


As you all know, much, if not most of our work revolves around organising and running the 6 County Championships and after 5 years Eileen Bunting stood down last year due to ill health leaving us without an elected Competition Secretary. However, we were very pleased when George McDowell came forward during the summer to offer his services in this most important of posts. George coped very well with all that the position demands including sorting out the re-scheduling of 2 of the Competitions when wintry conditions hit us for the second year in succession. There is a lot involved in organising these Championships so I am sure that like me, you were sorry to learn that George has decided not to stand for re-election tonight. 


Our other competition, the Little Cup was held at Easingwold this year after 13 years at the Y&DIBC. This change meant we did not have the problem of transporting all the mats down to York, arranging for helpers to attend on Friday evening and then getting them all back to Swinton on Saturday evening. It was also moved from its traditional date in mid-April to mid-March and this opened the competition up to some new players who could never make the old April date due to commitments with their outside clubs. We were also fortunate that John and Eileen Bunting offered to come out of retirement to run this one competition.


At the end of March, the Northern England Championships once again took place at Barnard Castle and it is sufficient for me to say here that we had finalists in all 4 disciplines – another record for our county and we also won the County Shield there for the very first time. Early April was the time for the National Finals down in Bedford and here our players also reached 3 semi-finals - yet another record performance for our county. Further details will be presented by George in his report later.


With regard to our finances, our Treasurer, Barry Simmonite will report next but I would just like to point out that this year he has had to oversee a turnover of around £30,000 and this involved many hundreds of individual transactions. He has also had to keep separate additional figures relating to our expenditure of the Sport England Grant. I do not know how many hours work all this involved but he has done it all extremely diligently and accurately with no problems. Where such large sums of money are involved it is good to have someone as conscientious as Barry handling the cash.


Len Bradley has now completed his second year as Membership Secretary and although he has indicated he does not wish to attend any Management Committee meetings he has agreed to carry on with his duties for another year for which we are grateful. Collecting member’s subs is a critical function for without income there is very little we can do.


Publicity Officer - separate report.


The position of Vice Chairman was filled by Pat Jones last year and she enthusiastically took on the job of organising the 4 raffles held at the Championships as well as the annual ESMBA Draw – key tasks in our fund raising effort. In fact the total raised this year was over £600.


Like myself, but for different reasons, Nobby has also decided to step down this year. He took over as Chairman 11 years ago at a critical time when many things were in need of change. He has proved a loyal member of the Management Committee rarely missing any meetings and supporting the many changes that have been made during his time in office. It is no secret that he and I have had our differences but these have always been resolved amicably as we both have always had the interests of the Association at heart. He is however, to continue as Junior Co-ordinator looking after the development and interests of all our young players who are so critical for our success into the future. He will also continue to try and ensure that we all follow “best practice” when it comes to Child Protection issues. I will leave it up to him to report on the activities of our juniors during the year.  


On a social note, the season got underway last September when a party of 44 of our members travelled to Norfolk for a weekend of fun and frolics and also some serious bowls. Although there were some minor hiccups, the weekend went very well socially although I will not mention the results of the matches against the 2 Norfolk County teams. It is unlikely that the Association will organise any further social trips like this as we do not really have the resources. Such trips are really best left to individual members or leagues to organise such as the current trip to the Isle of Skye organised by Edwin Smith and the imminent trip to Cambridge organised by the WRSL. I also know of several members have also arranged to visit Potters in September to take part in the annual Potters Cup.    


Other achievements worthy of note this year are the inclusion of Gareth, Jacinta, Ben & David into the England team squad of 52. Although I tend to lose track of exactly what this involves I do know that David Newsome was one of the 26 selected to represent England at the British Isles Championships in the IOM back in November where his efforts helped England into 2nd place. We also have 6 players in the England Junior squad - Edward Townend, Nathan Kotek, James & Charlotte Clark, Matthew Jackson & Jake Potter. All 10 of these England players recently travelled to Camarthen to take part in the annual match against Wales.


The Grant money has been put to good use and in October we arranged for the ESMBA to hold their Coaching course that was abandoned last year (due to the weather) in the Galtres Centre and this has resulted in another 8 entry level coaches making a total of 11 in the county. We also held another Training day – this time at Bubwith that was attended by another 24 of our inexperienced bowlers. We funded taster sessions at St. Cuthberts, Knareborough and Swinton. At the latter, Len Bradley was interviewed on Radio York. We have also funded a permanent display in the Galtres Centre that will be completed over the summer to house our trophies and advertise our sport.  



The election of Officers for next year will take place later and with Nobby’s blessing, Pat Jones is standing as our new Chairman. I know she will head up the Association with enthusiasm and commitment. It is also great that Joseph Newsome has agreed to stand for the Vice Chairman’s post. He has supported Rose well over the last year in running the A team and although he may be young he is very supportive of all things to do with our game. He is not afraid to speak his mind and will bring a youthful point of view to the ManCom and help to keep the rest of us old fogies in check.


Finally as you know Jean Smallwood has offered to stand as my replacement this year. Assuming you endorse her proposal I hope you will give her the same level of support that I have enjoyed during my time in the post. She has a lot to learn and I will do my best to ease her into the job and try to ensure that at next year’s AGM she will want to carry on.    

(Roger Green April 2011)