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(Created 26/7/11)

These minutes relate to the Management Committee (ManCom) meeting in July 2011.

No paper copies are being issued.

NYSMBA Man-Com meeting  - 19th July 2011 @ Great Ouseburn


CHAIR:                                        PAT JONES            

VICE CHAIR:                             JOSEPH NEWSOME             

TREASURER:                           BARRY SIMMONITE



A TEAM CAPT:                         ROSE HAYNES

B TEAM CAPT:                         ARTHUR JACKSON

The meeting was opened by the chair at 6:25. She welcomed all those present and thanked JN for offering to take the minutes. In view of the fact that the regular Sep/Feb general meetings would no longer be taking place, it was agreed that these (and all future ManCom minutes) would be posted on the website. This would pre-empt any accusations of “secrecy”. Because of this all those present would see a draft copy to “vet” to ensure accuracy before publication on the site.

The meeting then proceeded with agenda.

1)                  Apologies for absence

Apologies had been received from Len Bradley and Jean Smallwood. PJ advised the meeting that she had received an offer of help from someone willing to take the minutes in the absence of the Secretary. A short discussion then followed with the general consensus being that any further help would not be required at the moment due to other committee members being on hand to offer support. The individual would be thanked for their concern. RH agreed to pass on our best wishes to JS. PJ pointed out how important it was to attend all meetings possible and this was agreed by all present.

2 &3)                Review minutes of last Man-Com (Apr. 20) and AGM (Apr. 29) and Matters Arising

Everyone confirmed that they had read the minutes. The following matters arising were raised.

RG stated that the Sport England reconciliation form had been completed by himself and BS. The governing body of Sport England had then unfortunately declined to let us keep the unspent money from the grant which amounted to £477 and this had now been returned.

Also arising was the fact that the then current vice captain of the B team did not have a current CRB check. AJ advised that this was no longer an issue as he had since appointed Jill Newsome as his vice captain for the season ahead.

The AGM minutes where then discussed. Crossgates and Kirbymisperton had asked for some of the flyers advertised. YBP (Yorkshire Bowls Partnership) also asked for some, via NC.

The meeting that was to be held by a small contingent of members within the Association with regard to poor management of the England u21’s had not been held. NC advised that this was because the current manager was not going to stand for re-election. This was later found not to be the case and he did stand and was re-elected. NC felt that airing our issues may have jeopardised the further u21 trial due to happen later in the year. It was agreed should the need arise NC would look into a further meeting arrangement.

England Ladies Trial. RH reported that it had been a great day. Each of our players had 5 games and was watched by selectors all day. The day was in the format of 4’s and singles. Our 4 triallists will now wait to hear if they have been selected. The committee expressed their wishes of good luck.

4)      Finances                         

Current state incl. SE Grant – £2700.  RG advised that the Norton antivirus software on the Association laptops is soon due to expire. The cost of renewal for 3 laptops would be around £60.

5)      Membership

RG raised the issue of a “minimum membership” for all clubs (current and future) which he had first brought up last by March.  Those present agreed that all clubs within the Association should register at least 10 members but not until 2012/13 season. PJ suggested LB to issue a letter with a year’s warning regarding this and this was then agreed. However, RG will contact the ESMBA first to see if there are any implications we have not considered regarding this issue. NC reminded the meeting that non ESMBA registered players cannot play against registered players.  LB to modify his pre season letters to display 5 age bands to tie in with a request by the BDA and to include a breakdown of members by gender. RG will advise him of the number of Handbooks required by each club as several of last year’s allocations have been modified.

NC stated that the Selby league hoped to contain two new clubs for the forthcoming season, Pocklington, and Selby BC. He will confirm this after the leagues AGM and then contact LB so that NYSMBA application forms/constitutions can be sent to these clubs and registration requested. If they are not accepted by Selby, they will probably not join NYSMBA.   

6)      ESMBA AGM July 2 – Review Agenda/Reports

Thanks were passed to RG and RH for attending. There were no queries regarding RGs written report (already issued).

RG reported that following the meeting he had since had contact with the ESMBA Treasurer John Jackson. He had stated that certain amounts were “ring-fenced” to spend later and were shown as Expenses for last year. These amounts would re-appear as Income next year! This was the way requested by the auditor. No details had been given with regard to the ESMBA draw but PJ agreed to conduct this once again within our county, should it take place this year. RG to ask ESMBA to send the tickets to her directly.

ESMBA Presidents day – Nominations had been asked for this presidential select match against the England team on the weekend of 17 – 18 of September. This topic was left open as no one had any suggestions.

7)      NESMBA AGM July 24 Review Agenda/Reports and appoint delegates

PJ, BJ (Bryan Jones), RH volunteered to attend at 11:00am in Leeds. RG would also be there as League Secretary/Treasurer.

We agreed to vote in favour of Durham’s proposal with regard to a change of format (Order of Play). We also agreed to vote in favour of the proposal regarding the provision of meals. We agreed to vote in favour of the proposal to reduce the default number of trophies purchased from 24 to 20. We also agreed to vote in favour of the change to Rule 29, so only 40 points can be awarded. Currently each county pays 30 pence per player to register them in the NESMBA  and we agreed to vote in favour of a proposal scrapping this and replacing it with a flat fee of £50 payable by each county.

Humberside have tabled a proposal with regard to practice time. We agreed to vote against this proposal and propose an amendment – RG to word amendment in readiness, hoping the chair will allow an amendment to be put forward on the day. 

The dispute between West Yorkshire and Staffordshire was discussed. We agreed to listen to both sides of the argument, but support neither side as we had not been present at the time and needed to make our own judgement once we had played at their venue.

8)      County Championships       With no Championship Sec. who will do what and when?

PJ advised the meeting that she had received an expression of interest in the position from Lesley Harris (Knaresborough). A job statement had been issued for her consideration to which she had recently replied. She stated that she wishes still to play in the championships, but she is willing to carry out many aspects of job, with help from the committee. Her reply was read out by RG, which was very detailed and pleasing to the committee. We also talked about the Holtby’s offer of help. It was agreed that RG would meet Lesley at a later date to discuss the finer details in person. It was decided that RG would publicise the events, buy keepsakes and work alongside Lesley as required. RH to organise umpires for the events. We agreed that we would utilise the Holtby’s offer of help with the scoring on the day. RG will supervise the Pairs (as it is the first one of the championships) to help resolve any issues. It was decided that on the competition days the Computer updating was to be left to one person. PJ to look after raffles. RG to advertise Little Cup which may need mats to be borrowed and laid and returned. Lesley Harris was then co-opted onto the committee.

9)      County teams                   

The new ICC involvement was discussed – everyone was happy with this and agreed it was a great step for the county. RG advised that the other counties in NESMBA would need to agree details for the future. There is a possibility that it could in later years affect the top 4 teams in Division 1 and even involve Division 2.

Selection – had been successfully carried out by both captains for their respective teams.

An email from LB was read out by RG stating that he feels the selection procedure is not adequate. He feels it needs to change to a larger group to form a selection committee. This was discussed but those present felt the current method should be left unchanged. AJ noted that he has 37 names to consider and has sent out details to all.

Additional strips and cost/refunds - JN currently in the process of assessing the need for further items and then will deal with the purchase of said items.

Practice Day – RH and AJ advised they had decided to play this day on a A V B basis with self catering. RG has organised a professional Photographer to come to this day to obtain some pictures for county purposes with the option for any player who wants a particular picture taken for their own uses. This has been done at a cost of £25 + the cost for any photos obtained.

Meals – The A team have decided not to cater at home. AJ will consult the B team before making a decision.

10)     Galtres display - Agree content, design and cost.

RG showed some diagrams of the plans for the display and all were in agreement with the designs. We then took time to view posters composed by RG who was congratulated on his efforts and thanked for his time. All the posters and ideas for the display were declared as excellent. It was agreed that these ideas would be used in the final setup of the display. The quote from Smiths for printing was agreed. RG to continue this work and order frames.

Promotional leaflets were then discussed. RG had produced 2 excellent options and we decided that the one coloured green was easiest on the eye. BJ was asked via PJ to design a box in which to input these, to display at the Galtres. RG alternatively to look into a purchasing option. It was then agreed to consider ordering 4000 leaflets.

RG also demonstrated an electronic photo frame showing different photos in sequence. This would also be contained in the cabinet. RG was commended on this.

The cabinet should be completed around mid August and once completed, a press write up would then be agreed and PJ and a Galtres representative would attend for a photo.

11)      Coaching - What plans for the year ahead?

The meeting concluded that in reference to this there was nothing really to discuss at the moment and we were to go away and have thoughts on this which would then be reviewed at the next meeting.

12)     Juniors        What plans for the year ahead?

Stockport Juniors v NY Juniors to be arranged at Stockport and anther Junior “get together” probably to be scheduled for 3-4 of January 2012. RG had received an email from Cornwall SMBA asking if we would mind sharing our experiences of Child Protection and sharing our documents and further information regarding the CRB process to enable Cornwall to improve their junior support. He suggested this should be passed to NC (as our CPO) to respond to and this was agreed.

13)     AOB

AJ asked when scorecards would be printed and were they to be changed. RH stated the current format was fine so RG to arrange for printing.

RG pointed out that 15/10/11 and 29/10/11 had been provisionally booked at the Galtres as possibilities for the suggested “Top 10” competition. As it has since been decided that this competition would not run, it was agreed these dates could be released.

It was agreed that a date for the next meeting would be agreed later, most likely mid October commencing at 6:30.

PJ thanked everyone for attending and RH for hosting.  The meeting closed at 22:36