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April 23rd 2010 (Easingwold)



CHAIRMAN              Noel Clark                  VICE CHAIRMAN                John Bunting

SECRETARY           Roger Green              TREASURER                       Barry Simmonite

CAPTAIN - A            Ralph Parsons           CAPTAIN - B                        (as Vice Chairman)

COMP. SEC             APOLOGIES             MEMBERSHIP SEC.          APOLOGIES

PUBLICITY               (as Secretary)


1     Barn                    Howard Burdock                   24   Kirklevington   l

2     Bilsdale              George Cook                        25   K’moorside       Don Glensor

3     Bo’bridge          Jean Calvert                          26   Knaresboro’     Pat Jones

4     Branton             Philip Elgie                            27   Marton               APOLOGIES

5     B.S.A.                 Matt Fenwick                         28   Melbourne        l

6     Bubwith             l                                             29   N. Duffield         Jo Newsome

7     B. Leonard        l                                             30   Raskelf              Dennis Jarvis

8     Campsall           l                                             31   Riccall                Gordon Raggett

9     Carlton               APOLOGIES                         32   St. Cuthberts    Ken Thompson

10   Cayton               George Stannard                  33   Sawley               l

11   Coxwold            l                                             34   Scarborough   l

12   Crossgates       Pete Render                          35   Seaton Ross    APOLOGIES

13   Darley                l                                             36   Snaith                l

14   Easingwold      John Pennock                        37   Stillington         APOLOGIES

15   E. Cottingwith  Richard Lochman                  38   Strensall            l

16   Eggborough    l                                             39   Sutton O.D.       l

17   Escrick              l                                             40   S.W.M.C.            APOLOGIES            

18   Flixton                Graham Sherburn                 41   Thornton Dale l

19   Gt. Ouseburn   Rose Haynes                         42   Tollerton            Richard Clark           

20   Gristhorpe        l                                             43   Welburn             l

21   Hambleton        Derek Williams                      44   Wilberfoss        APOLOGIES

22   Helmsley           George McDowell                 45   Yedingham       Andrew Leng

23   K’ misperton    l                                             46   Yoredale            Brian Stoker


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.32pm and welcomed the 22 club representatives and 5 officers listed above and also the following members – 43 attendees in total.

Ken Calvert (Boroughbridge); Margaret Burdock (Barn); Richard Lund (BSA); Sally Roocroft (Easingwold); Dennis Mather (Easingwold); Mike Ridge (Crossgates); Anne Ridge (Crossgates); Linda Sherburn (Flixton); Pat Beardsley (Knaresborough; Derek Beardsley (Knaresborough); Bryan Jones (Knaresborough; David Newsome (North Duffield); Linda Raggett (Riccall); Ann Thompson (St. Cuthberts); Arthur Jackson (St. Cuthberts) and Elaine Clark (Tollerton);  


(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE These were received from 6 clubs (highlighted above). The Competition Secretary was also unable to attend due to ill health. The Membership Secretary had fallen victim to the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano eruption and was stuck on holiday abroad.



The draft minutes of the last meeting (Committee – February 5th 2010) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. The Secretary pointed out that these had been incorrectly dated February 6th. There were no other corrections requested so after a proposal from Peter Render (seconded by Arthur Jackson) and a unanimous vote in favour, the Chairman signed the file copy as being a true and accurate record.




(a) Item (4) (b)International Short Mat Open. These new competitions (Triple and Fours) had reportedly gone ahead with great success and will be repeated next Easter weekend.

(b) Item 14(a)Trip to Norfolk. 46 people had now “signed up” and the Secretary would be writing to everyone soon requesting information. Final details could then be worked out with our hosts.

(c) Item 14(c)Diary for 2010/11. The Yorkshire (North) league had changed one of their dates from last year and this will now clash with IC fixtures.


There were no other matters raised by those present.



The Secretary mentioned the following items.


(a) Mat Hire – Easingwold SMBC had written to advise us that the cost of hiring their mats would double to £10 per day per mat.

(b) Short Mat Players Tour (SMPT). An Email from Craig Burgess (an England team player and one of the organisers of the International S.M. Open) announced the launch of the SMPT. The initial format is for Singles only and 4 “Masters” events (each for 128 players) will take place during next season culminating in a Champion of Champions event for the top 32.  Full details are available on a new website –






NC commented on the success of both County teams. The ‘A’ team had won Division 1 for the first time ever and the ‘B’ team had ended 2nd in Division 2. He congratulated Bronagh Malone for winning the NESMBA Singles title at Barnard Castle and was pleased this was retained by our county (Geoff Whitehead having won it last year). He congratulated Nathan Kotek’s Rink of young players for winning the County Fours Championship and he regretted not having entered them into the Nationals. He was glad that Len Bradley had joined the committee last year but expressed sadness to be losing John and Eileen Bunting who are retiring and he wished them a happy retirement. Finally he commented on the success of last years Training Day saying how important he felt training was.  




RG commented on the work undertaken by each of the 10 management committee members. Without them the NYSMBA would not exist and the activities that are run would not take place. In particular he paid tribute to John and Eileen Bunting. Over the last few years their contribution had been a substantial one and they would be missed a great deal (applause from the floor). He also mentioned Rose Haynes qualification as an ESMBA Umpire, Gareth Townend’s continued presence in the England team and the 7 juniors who play for the England U21s. He expressed concern that no one had come forward to take on the Competition Secretaries job as this would put the 2010/11 County, Northern and National Championships in jeopardy. Finally he announced that after much thought he had decided not to seek re-election as Secretary at next years AGM when he will have completed 10 years in the post. (Full report below).     




(i) Financial Statement - BS circulated copies of the Profit/Loss statement, Income/Expenditure account and Grant expenditure up to March 31st 2010. He explained that although the closing balance showed as £9280.55 (with assets valued at £1653.49) much of this (£7286.56) was unspent money from the Sport England Grant of £9859. Discounting this, the realistic balance was £1993.99 and this represented a surplus for the year of £425.06. Only £2572.44 of the grant money had been spent so far and he thanked JB for negotiating an extension from Sport England up to March 31st 2011. Pat Jones asked what the plans were to spend the remainder of the grant money. It was explained that we hoped to buy some laptop computers which would be set up with NYSMBA files for use by the Officers and to run another Training Day and a Coaching course. Money would also be available to ANY of our clubs who decided to run any sort of promotion in their area. In answer to a question from Gordon Raggett, it was explained that if there was a substantial amount left unspent by next March, we would in all probability have to hand it back. One way or another, the target was to increase membership substantially and this required effort from each and every club. After a proposal from Howard Burdock (seconded by Richard Clark) the accounts were unanimously accepted.


(ii) Fees, expenses and honorariums - BS concluded that due to the continued healthy state of the Associations finances he was recommending that all fees should remain unchanged. 




RG read out a brief email report from LB who was stranded abroad. Len thanked all clubs for their cooperation with last year’s registrations and reminded them of the importance of maintaining their club insurance policies up to date. He also encouraged all clubs to try to increase their membership by 2-3 persons and to encourage younger players. RG added to Len’s report by stating that in spite of Strensall rejoining us the total membership had dropped by 5 to 908 - the lowest total since 1999. Of the ten clubs he had written to regarding large drops in numbers over the last few years, three had failed to respond. An analysis of the others showed about 1/3 of the reduction was due to leavers/deaths whilst about 2/3 was due to the non-registration of “social only” bowlers. He asked that all clubs review their policies towards registration especially when considering their “non-competitive” bowlers. After all, everyone indirectly benefits from the organisation behind the sport so opting out of the small annual fee would seem a little unfair on the vast majority of those that do pay. He also reminded clubs that all junior registrations next year MUST be accompanied by a fully completed Parental Consent Form.  




(i) Website - RG reviewed the content of the Website which now contain over 150 pages of information. Discounting historical information there were about 30 pages of active current data including the recent additions of the Notice Board, the Child Protection Policy and the Order of Merit (OOM).


(ii) Handbook - Last years Handbook was a record 64 pages and the cost had been kept down by introducing a nominal charge of 50p for each copy. He remained sceptical as to how many members actually read their copy. Because much of the content was duplicated from the website he wondered whether the days of the Handbooks are numbered and it should be discontinued. He reminded clubs that the fliers and posters he had designed and made available last year are still available for next. Any club wanting them to mount a publicity campaign prior to next season only has to ask and they would be sent out.  




(i) A Team

RP pointed out that the Management Committee made a decision last summer to pick a fixed team of 20 with the aim of winning the 1st Division for the very first time. However due to injury and other reasons it was eventually necessary to make use of 35 players in total. After an excellent start a good lead was built up but towards the end a couple of bad results put the pressure on to win the final match which was against last years top team West Yorkshire A. This was a nail-biting match that came down to the final 2 mats being played and he was pleased to report that the result was positive and the team had achieved its goal. He offered congratulations to all who had contributed over the season.


(ii) B Team

JB congratulated his squad, which numbered 36 over the season, for ending as runners up in the 2nd Division to Durham – the only team to beat them. Due to the inclusion of Staffordshire next year they would in fact be unexpectedly promoted into the 1st Division along with Durham to play against the “big boys” and he knew they would rise to this challenge. He paid tribute to Arthur Jackson his vice captain who this year had managed all the away fixtures on his behalf.  


(iii) Selection Policy

The Management Committee had reviewed last year’s Policy and had agreed that for next year the primary objective will be for the A team to retain the 1st Division Cup. To this end the A team Captain/Vice Captain would once again be putting their heads together to select the 20 players they considered best able to achieve this objective. RP expressed the hope that all the 20 who finally make the A team would commit themselves to be available for all 10 fixtures so that it would only be necessary to call upon the rest of the county squad for reserves in the case of unavoidable sickness or bereavement. RG pointed out that the Policy is contained in a written document that is available for anyone to view. 




In the absence of EB, RG had prepared a report on the seasons main successes in all competitions. (Full report below).




NC mentioned that 23 juniors had registered last year and he had received completed Parental Consent Forms from all bar 2. It was a requirement of our Child Protection Policy for the parents/guardians of all our juniors to complete these so next year registrations for juniors would not be accepted unless accompanied by the form. Teams for the ESMBA Woodbridge Trophy in May have not yet been finalised.    




JB reported on the recent Special General Meeting in which the vote of no confidence in the National Committee had been defeated by 50-10. The Minutes Secretary (Babs Morokutti) who had made the proposal had been suspended and the England Team Manager (Barry Hedges) who had seconded it had not had his contract renewed. Keith Hawkins, whose appointment last November (as a temporary Administrator) had led to all the trouble, had, as part of his brief produced a 7 page report on the advisability of a permanent paid Administrator position. The ESMBA proposal to implement this had been withdrawn as most delegates to the SGM felt it was a case of “too many eggs in one basket”. Our management committee agreed with this and had recently responded in writing to the ESMBA with our own thoughts and suggestions on the issue. RG mentioned that the new Rule Books (passed last July) had finally made it to the printers and the Association had purchased a stock for onward sale to our members (£2 each).    




Staffordshire. This county had two teams, one of which was joining the NESMBA IC league and one was staying with the ESMBA ICC. This has indirectly led to the promotion of our B team to the 1st Division and also means that our A team will play in 2 more fixtures.




Proposal 1 and Proposal 2 had been put forward by the Management Committee and the exact wording had been circulated to all clubs. Proposal 3 had been submitted by Ken Calvert and seconded by Dennis Jarvis and their letter had also been circulated.


(a) Proposal 1Constitution Section 9 DUTIES OF OFFICERS: Seconded by Howard Burdock and passed unanimously.


(b) Proposal 2Constitution Section 2 OBJECTIVES: Seconded by Peter Render and passed unanimously. RG reminded all clubs of the Associations request to them to modify their own constitutions to include similar wording.


(c) Proposal 3To change the venue for the County Championships from Swinton to Easingwold: The arguments for his proposal were presented by Ken Calvert. These included the more comfortable heating and seating that was possible at the Galtres Centre and the poor state of the approach road and car park at Swinton. Howard Burdock presented the view of the Scarborough league clubs none of whom were in favour of moving the venue. Matt Fenwick on behalf of Swinton pointed out that the ceiling heater that was broken had now been fixed and that agreement had been reached to allow some seating in the hall (although no outside shoes would be allowed). Work on the car park would be carried out although money was not available for complete re-surfacing. He hoped that with the co-operation of local farmers, work would also be carried out on the road. RG for the Management Committee pointed out that the cost of using the Galtres would be more than double that of Swinton resulting in a higher entry fee. He wondered if there would be enough help forthcoming from players to set up the equipment prior to the competitions and put them away at the end and thought it unlikely that a caterer could be found to prepare food on a “sale or return” basis (as is provided at Swinton). Would all players be prepared to bring their own food and who would look after teas/coffees and washing up? The BSA club had served us well ever since the Championships had started and their hospitality and free use of their mats were much appreciated. Finally it was felt that the concentration of all events in Easingwold would send out the wrong signal to those in the East of the county and would discourage players from that area from entering. For all these reasons, they recommended a vote against this proposal. When the vote was taken it resulted in 22 against, 2 for and 2 abstentions.     




The Vice Chairman temporarily took to the Chair for the election of the Chairman.

Chairman – Noel Clark                                 Proposed P Beardsley         Seconded D Mather

Secretary – Roger Green                             Proposed M Fenwick           Seconded I Battersby

Treasurer – Barry Simmonite                      Proposed A Jackson            Seconded C Barthram

Membership Secretary – Len Bradley        Proposed G McDowell         Seconded J Gray

Captain A Team – Ralph Parsons              Proposed G Raggett            Seconded R Lochman

Captain B Team – Arthur Jackson              Proposed J Bunting              Seconded L Bradley

Press Officer – Roger Green                       Proposed D Jarvis                Seconded R Haynes

Junior Coordinator – Noel Clark                 Proposed B Simmonite       Seconded A Jackson


All the above were accepted after a unanimous vote.


Membership Secretary - There had been no nominations for this post so the Chairman asked the meeting if anyone from the floor was prepared to stand. When it seemed clear that no single person was going to volunteer, Joseph Newsome said that he and Peter Render were prepared to share the duties required. RG pointed out that there was in fact only a single post in the constitution to be filled. He also expressed concern as to whether they were aware of all the tasks involved as he had received no enquiries from either of them prior to the meeting for details. He suggested it would be a good idea for them to read the Job Statement for the post before committing themselves. Gordon Raggett said that a proposer and second should be requested for one of the candidates and a vote be taken. Both the Chairman and Vice Chairman asked that just one of them should stand for the post. PR said it had been his impression that the Buntings had in fact shared the job between them. JB disagreed and pointed out that all the preparatory work had been carried out behind the scenes by Eileen and due to her ill health he, in his capacity as Vice Chairman, had attended on competition days to help out. On occasions he had also assisted her with phone calls from home. However PR and JN then both withdrew their offers to help expressing the view that the situation was being made difficult for them. This position therefore remained unfilled.       

Vice Chairman - Ralph Parsons     Proposed J Hughes              Seconded G Sherburn

                           - Pat Jones             Proposed J Newsome         Seconded D Beardsley


As there were 2 candidates for this post a secret ballot was required. Each in turn presented their view to the meeting as to why they should be considered as the most suitable candidate. Dennis Mather and Mick Ridge, acting as scrutinisers, then distributed, collected and counted the ballot papers and handed these to the Chairman who announced that Pat Jones had duly been elected.




Brief reports were received from the Kyle Valley, White Rose and Selby leagues.




(a) Team strip – In response to a survey, a majority of team players had shown interest in a team strip. BS showed designs and colours that were being considered for a shirt and over jacket. No decisions had yet been taken and the players would eventually have the final decision themselves. NC is arranging for one to be made up.

(b) County Meals – In response to a survey, a majority of team players had asked for consideration to be given to dispensing with hot meals at county games. A proposal would therefore be submitted to the NESMBA AGM for consideration by the other counties.


There was no further business raised by those present so the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.25pm.



Although this year has not been without its difficulties due to the weather and the poor health of two of our Officers it is pleasing to look back and see that in spite of this all our normal business has once again been concluded satisfactorily. Indeed, there have been some new activities and there have once again been some highlights and achievements worthy of mention. However, nothing happens without someone doing the work and on your behalf I would like to thank everyone on the Management Committee for their contribution to our activities whether it was small or large. Without them the NYSMBA would not exist and the activities we run would not take place.


Last year we welcomed Len on to the Management Committee in the new post of MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY and he soon got to grips with all the tasks associated with this essential function. By taking on this responsibility he has relieved both Barry and myself of the work which before we carried out as a shared function and so I hope he will feel able to carry on for a few years yet. As well as keeping our membership database up to date and supplying all members with their usual ESMBA membership cards, this year he also provided all clubs with an individual Certificate of Membership.


The other new post created last year - that of JUNIOR COORDINATOR, was taken on by Nobby after a close contest at the last AGM. In May he took 2 teams of Juniors to play in the annual ESMBA Woodbridge Trophy and during the course of the year he organised two matches for our U18s against the Stockport league – one in June and one in February. He was also involved in taking our players to the England U21 trials in August and was then involved in the 4 matches that they took part in including the International against Wales last weekend. As part of this job Nobby is also our CPO and has the responsibility for ensuring all our clubs know about and follow our Child Protection Policy and we have during the course of the year provided clubs with information regarding this.


Our TREASURER Barry has continued to keep all the items of Income and Expenditure accurately recorded and accounted for. You will see from his report that this year the Associations annual turnover now exceeds £25,000 and I am sure you will appreciate that keeping track of all the many and varied transactions that go to make up this amount is not trivial task This large turnover gives some indication of just how the business of the Association and therefore Barrys work has grown over recent years.


Ralph and John as the CAPTAINS of our two county teams have between them organised their players for 18 fixtures against other counties. This year for the first time they had been asked to do this within the framework of an agreed Selection Policy rather than the free for all followed in previous years. Most of you will already be aware that this new approach resulted in the best season ever for both teams and Ralph and John will tell you more in their own reports later on in the meeting. In addition to the IC fixtures, a friendly match was organised against Norfolk at the beginning of the season and John organised an Assessment Day for the B team at Dalton in September. Finally in March there was a match between the A and B teams to conclude the season.


Our COMPETITION SECRETARY, Eileen, has as usual been the focal point for the organisation of all 6 of our County Championships and also the Little Cup. In spite of health problems which prevented her from attending on the actual days of the Competitions, she still efficiently completed all the preparatory work and documentation which helped to ensure that all ran smoothly and without problems. I should also mention here that John, in his capacity as Vice Chairman has attended all competitions on Eileens behalf to take charge of recording the scores and ensuring the fair progression of players through the different stages of each event. As you know, both John and Eileen have decided not to continue in their committee posts for next season. Both have been very energetic and committed members of the committee and I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank them both for their very substantial contribution to our affairs over the last few years. It goes without saying that they will both be much missed.


In his capacity as VICE CHAIRMAN John also did a lot of work during last summer which finally resulted in the provision of our first ever grant from Sport England. He then set up and ran, in conjunction with the ESMBA Coaching Director a Training day which was attended by 32 members from several of our clubs and which was well received. He also did some preparatory work to hold an ESMBA Coaching course which unfortunately never came to fruition and he also accompanied me to both the ESMBA & NESMBA AGMs last July as well as the SGM recently called by the ESMBA.


In addition to his work with the Juniors already mentioned, CHAIRMAN Nobby has continued to be involved with the ESMBA as a member of their National committee and together with Ralph has taken on the role of Short Mat representative on the committee of the newly formed Yorkshire Bowls Partnership (YBP). He again coordinated our counties efforts to outsell all others in the ESMBA annual Draw and this has once again resulted in success. We will therefore, again be able to pass on our £100 prize to some of our clubs when we meet again in the autumn as a thank you for taking part.


It is difficult to itemise all the tasks I perform as your SECRETARY  so I will not try. Suffice to say that I am involved in one way or another with all aspects of the Associations affairs. This means interacting with all the other Officers and their individual areas of responsibility which I know at times may be considered as interference but which I prefer to regard as pro-active support. If they feel at times that I am treading on their toes then I apologise.  


My activities as your PUBLICITY OFFICER are subject of a separate brief report in a moment.


During the course of the year as I am sure you are aware, Rose Haynes qualified as an ESMBA Umpire and becomes one of only a handful of ladies to do so in the entire country. Gareth Townend continued to play in the England senior squad whilst his sister Jacinta and younger brother Edward along with Ben Render, Nathan Kotek, James Clark and of course the Newsome brothers were all selected into the England Junior squad once again.


Next year we will start the season with our visit to Norfolk in September. This is the first time we have tried to organise such a trip but I am hopeful it will be worth the effort and will prove an enjoyable venture for all 46 who are going. We are trying to accommodate the Coaching course that was abandoned last year as well hold another Training day. A provisional Diary for next year has been up on the website for some time now. As usual, I do try hard not to arrange any IC games on dates being used by other events but with more events being run than there are weekends in the calendar this is virtually impossible. Next year we have 2 additional county games to fit in due to the inclusion of Staffordshire in the Northern league so things will not get any easier.


One big question yet to be answered is who will organise all our County Championships next year? So far no one has shown any interest in taking on the Competition Secretary post or even offering to help out with some of the work involved. So I would urge all those who enjoy taking part in any of our Competitions to help us come up with a workable solution. If the Championships do not go ahead then the route to both the Northern England and the National Championship Finals will effectively also be closed.


This coming year, assuming I am re-elected at the end of this meeting, will be my 10th year as your Secretary. Prior to that I spent 2 years as Treasurer and I have also spent the last 5 years as Publicity Officer.


However, I do not think anyone should go on forever as this can lead to stagnation and complacency. In any case, having new people on the committee with new ideas and fresh enthusiasm are essential for the continued development of any organisation and the NYSMBA is no exception.


For this reason, I am now giving notice that I will not be seeking re-election as Secretary at  next years AGM. I hope that by giving you a full years notice, at least one person from our 900 members will feel they have some time to spare to join the rest of the team to take our Association into the future.


Roger Green April 2010



 This year there was another record entry of 340 to the County Championships which started in December with the Pairs, the Fours at Swinton and the Mixed Fours at Easingwold.

With an entry of 30, the Pairs went to Bronagh Malone & Trevor Hanlon who overcame Francis Boatmen and Nathan Kotek by a single shot (8-7) in a very close Final. The Fours had an entry of 18 and this produced an upset when Nathan Kotek led his young team of Matthew Barnsley and Charlotte & James Clark to victory over the bookies favourite of David & Jo Newsome, Ben Render and Richard Lochman also by a single shot (11-10) in another close Final. In the Mixed Fours there were 16 entrants and in the Final Ben Render, Bronagh Malone, Richard Lochman and Jane Rudd were defeated by a very determined Geoff & Annne Whitehead, Geoff  Dye and Lynda Tranmer. This victory means that Geoff becomes the only player to have won all 5 of the County Championships since they started in 2004 proving that for now at least, he is probably the best all round player in the County.

The Singles and Triples were due to take place in January but the hazardous weather conditions eventually forced us to re-arrange these. To free up one of the days required the Juniors had to be moved to a mid-week date during half term. All this was achieved only after many phone calls to those involved and the co-operation of the BSA club in arranging for their venue to be available at short notice. 

Of the 32 Singles entrants it was Nathan Kotek who beat David Newsome 10-8 in another excellent Final which went to an extra end. Having been runner in two finals, David Newsome at last had a victory with his mother and brother in the Triples when he beat Rose Haynes, Gareth Townend and myself after being 3-7 down with two ends remaining. 16 Juniors took part in the U18 Singles, and it was Nathan Kotek who had a comfortable 11-4 victory over Charlotte Clark in the Final.


48 of the top players then went on to the Northern England Finals at BC in March. 

Here they did not do quite as well as we might have hoped for, although we did have 8 Quarter Finalists and David Newsome together with Joseph, Richard and Ben reached the Semis in the Fours before getting knocked out. However the highlight was Bronagh Malone who having beaten David in the Singles Semi-final went on to score a convincing 12-4 victory over Dave Coultas (a former National Champion) to take the Northern England Singles title. In the County Shield we ended in joint 2nd place.     


Of the 340 entering the County Championships, 138 had opted also to enter the National Championships which was also a record. This entry resulted in 2 places being allocated at the Finals in the Singles, Pairs Triples and Fours with 3 places in the MF and 4 places in the Juniors. This meant that 36 players qualified to make the trip to the Finals which were this year held at a new venue in Bedford for the very first time.

Again it was expected that overall, more could have been achieved but only 6 of our 15 teams got through the round robins and into the KO stage. The highlight was Nathan Koteks progession to reach the last 16 in the Singles and David Newsome’s Fours who got as far as the Quarter Finals – 1 place higher than last year.


The final competition of the year was the Little Cup - held a couple of weeks ago at its usual venue in York. This was won by David Loraine’s team from Flixton who were undefeated on the day and who therefore took away the Cup and the £100 1st prize. The other Flixton team skipped by Graham Sherburn were beaten into 3rd place by Geoff Whiteheads Four from Selby who took the £50 2nd prize.  


Time is running out for some of us more mature bowlers but there is obviously a great future ahead for Nathan, David and the other younger bowlers. Last year David had his moment of glory when he became our first National Champion and he had another very successful season this year. However I would like to congratulate 15 year old Nathan Kotek who I would name as my Player of the Year. By winning the County Singles, the County Fours and the County Junior County Championships this year as well as being runner up in the County Pairs as well has his performance in the National Singles he has proved that he has a great Short Mat future ahead of him.                                                             

 (RB Green April 2010)