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Friday April 24th 2009




SECRETARY Roger Green TREASURER Barry Simmonite
CAPTAIN Ralph Parsons VICE CAPTAIN (as Vice Chairman)
PUBLICITY OFFICER (as Secretary)    
Barn Howard Burdock Kirklevington l
Bilsdale Apologies Kirkbymoorside Don Glenspr
Boroughbridge Jean Calvert Knaresborough Jo Hearld
Branton Peter Goldsmith Marton Jean Bell
BSA l Melbourne l
Bubwith l North Duffield Joseph Newsome
Burton Leonard l Raskelf Dennis Jarvis
Campsall l Riccall Gordon Raggett
Carlton l Sawley l
Cayton George Stannard Scarborough l
Coxwold l St. Cuthberts Ian Battersby
Crossgates Pete Render Seaton Ross l
Darley l Snaith & E Cowick Apologies
Easingwold Joyce Hughes Stillington l
East Cottingwith Apologies Sutton on Derwent l
Escrick l Tate & Lyle l
Eggborough l Thornton Dale l
Flixton Apologies Tollerton William Knapton
Great Ouseburn Rose Haynes Welburn l
Gristhorpe l Wilberfoss l
Hambleton Carolyn Barthram Yedingham l
Helmsley Len Bradley Yoredale l
Kirbymisperton l    

The meeting was attended by the 17 club representatives and 6 officers listed above. Also present were Ken Calvert (Boroughbridge), Linda Raggett (Riccall), Tony Bell (Marton), Margaret Burdock (Barn), Morely Forrester (Knaresborough), David Newsome (North Duffield) and Arthur Jackson (St. Cuthberts) – 30 people in total.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.35pm by asking those present to pay tribute to David Newsome who had recently won the ESMBA National U18 Finals to become North Yorkshire’s first National Champion. The meeting responded with a warm round of applause.   

(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: These were received from 4 clubs (shown in red above). The Assistant Competition Secretary was also unable to attend.

(2) MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The draft minutes of the last meeting (committee – February 6th 2009) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. There were no corrections requested so after a proposal from John Bunting (seconded by Howard Burdock), the Chairman signed the file copy as being a true and accurate record.


(a) Para 4 (c) – Awards for All - John Bunting pointed out that the Association had submitted an application for a grant to help with coaching/training amongst other things and he also knew of three clubs which had also made individual applications for grants to help with various items. The closing date had been March 31st and we are now waiting to see if any of these applications had been successful.

(b) Para 7 (a) – County Mixed Fours – These will not move to Swinton after all but will remain at Easingwold. This was partly because the Swinton Pairs has been discontinued and partly because it was felt that Easingwold was generally a more comfortable venue (although without the convenience of BSA’s excellent catering). It was also considered a good idea to use various venues for our competitions and not to congregate them all at one venue.

There were no other matters raised by those present.

(4) CORRESPONDENCE: The Secretary said there had been no items of correspondence of general interest to the meeting.

(5) CHAIRMANS REPORT: Noel Clark thanked the Secretary, the Treasurer, the two Captains and the Competition Secretary for their work during the year. He noted in particular that the Secretary had also taken on the additional duties of NESMBA League Secretary & Treasurer and that the Treasurer had brought our balance back into the black. He mentioned that a new county team selection procedure was to be tried and he hoped that this will produce results in helping both teams to win their respective divisions next year. He pointed out the valuable contribution being made by our strong contingent of younger players to the county teams. 

(6) SECRETARIES REPORT: Roger Green started with a tribute to Gareth Townend and David Newsome. Gareth had qualified last June as North Yorkshire’s first England team member and more recently David had become the counties first National Champion. He expressed the view that their successes should be an inspiration to all our members – young and old alike. He continued with a review of the Associations activities over the year, mentioning in particular our success at the NESMBA finals at Barnard Castle where Geoff Whitehead had taken the Singles titles and overall we had come very close to winning the County Shield for the first time. In conclusion asked that members make sure the executive committee were aware of any areas of our work that required improvement or needed change.

Membership – Although 17 clubs had increased their membership, 22 had reduced theirs and with the loss of Strensall and Patelely Bridge, our final registered membership had fallen to 914 – the lowest since 2001. This represented a 10% drop over the last 2 years and was a worrying trend. The Secretary asked for members to consider ideas on how to reverse this and suggested that a newspaper advertising campaign towards the end of the summer might bring results. (See full report below these minutes).

(7) TREASURERS REPORT: Barry Simmonite circulated copies of the years Income & Expenditure Account together with a Profit/Loss Summary and details of our Assets. These showed the profit for the year was £591.46 and the final balance was £1568.93 (plus an Asset value of £959.34). Last years increase in the NYSMBA portion of the annual fees (to £1) and the increase to the County Championship entry fees (to £4) had achieved the desired affect of reversing the downward trend of the previous few years. He therefore saw no reason to increase our annual fees again. However he pointed out that because both County teams had produced a small loss, match subs would rise to £7 next year. He also reminded the meeting that the ESMBA had raised their affiliation fee for 2009/10 by £0.50p although it was not expected that the NESMBA fee (£0.30p) would rise. Clubs would therefore pay £3.80 per member for the year ahead. There were no queries from the floor and after a proposal from Ralph Parsons (seconded by John Bunting) the accounts were accepted unanimously.          

(8) CAPTAINS REPORTS: Ralph Parsons congratulated all those who played in the ‘A’ team and who had enabled the team to finish in 3rd place in Division 1. He pointed out that he felt that if the Pairs had performed better, we may very well have won the Division. Next year a renewed effort was going to be made to achieve this objective and it was the intention to select and name a core team of 20 (+ 4 reserves) who would be invited to commit themselves to all 8 matches, barring illness and bereavement. If this could be achieved a good team spirit should be achieved and our chances of success would be enhanced.

John Bunting reported on the success of the ‘B’ team who had enjoyed 10 matches and had finished 3rd in Division 2 thanks in particular to a very fine effort in their last game against Lancashire. A total of 45 players had taken part over the season - a large number but this reflected one of the ‘B’ team objectives of introducing new people to county level play. He also he saw the function of the ‘B’ team to be a “feeder” for the ‘A’ team and he would be cooperating fully in the new selection procedure to pick a winning ‘A’ team combination for next year.

The Secretary then expanded on the reasons for adopting the new selection approach and in answer to a question from Jean Calvert, said that it was planned to select the team on the basis of each discipline so that the same players played together as much as possible.

(9) PUBLICITY OFFICERS REPORT: Roger Green reported that he had introduced two new pages on the website. One showed a “Roll of Honour” for the NESMBA Championships. The other he had called the “Order of Merit” and showed a table of the counties most successful bowlers based on results achieved in various competitions (still under development).

He had received no suggestions for changes to the annual Handbook so would produce a similar offering for next year. An executive proposal to make a charge of £0.50p per copy for the Handbook (seconded by Len Bradley) was passed unanimously. A St. Cuthberts SMBC proposal (seconded by Raskelf SMBC) requiring clubs to furnish the PostCode for their playing venue for inclusion in the Handbook was also passed unanimously.  

(10) CONSTITUTION CHANGES: The 5 proposals put forward by the executive committee to make changes to the constitution were all passed unanimously as follows.

Proposal 1 – To remove the post of Assistant Competition Secretary (seconded by George Stannard)

Proposal 2 – To add the post of Membership Secretary (seconded by Ian Battersby)

Proposal 3 – To add the post of Junior Coordinator (seconded by Ian Battersby)

Proposal 4 – To alter the number of Officers from “nine” to “ten” (seconded by Jean Calvert)

Proposal 5 - To replace the term “executive committee” with the term “management committee” (seconded by Peter Render)

(11) ELECTION OF OFFICERS: All existing officers (now minus the Assistant Competition Secretary) were prepared to stand for a further year and the posts were uncontested.       

Chairman – Noel Clark was proposed by Jean Calvert and seconded by William Knapton and elected unanimously.

The following 6 posts were proposed “en-bloc” by Ian Battersby and seconded by Len Bradley and elected unanimously.

Vice Chairman - John Bunting; Secretary – Roger Green; Treasurer – Barry Simmonite; Captain of A team – Ralph Parsons; Captain of B team – John Bunting; Competition Secretary – Eileen Bunting.

For the new post of Membership Secretary, Len Bradley was proposed by John Bunting, seconded by Ian Battersby and elected unanimously.

For the new post of Junior Coordinator, Noel Clark was proposed by John Bunting and seconded by George Stannard and Peter Render was proposed by Joseph Newsome and seconded by David Newsome. A secret ballot was therefore conducted after the meeting agreed that John Bunting and Ralph Parsons should act as scrutineers. The result of this ballot was Noel Clark 9 and Pete Render 8 with 1 abstention and 1 spoiled vote. Noel Clark was therefore duly elected.

With such a close vote, Ian Battersby hoped that Peter Render’s willingness to stand and his expressed experience in youth matters would be noted and utilised by the new incumbent to which Noel Clark concurred.

The Secretary pointed that the presence of this new County position to oversee youth matters, does not remove the need for all clubs to consider the appointment of their own Youth Protection Officers and he knew that previous advice on this issue had indeed been implemented by some clubs. He suggested that perhaps one of the Junior Coordinators first tasks should be to see that this advice had been followed in all clubs with players under 18.    

(12) INSURANCE: The meeting considered Proposal 8 from Kirkbymoorside SMBC that “….all clubs within the NYSMBA should take out Third Party Public Liability insurance cover…..”.

Ian Battersby felt that some clubs may already have such cover provided under the umbrella insurance of their playing venue (e.g. village hall) so would not need to take out separate insurance to specifically cover their Short Mat club.

Don Glensor, for Kirkbymoorside, said that although his SM club had been assured that they were covered by the outside clubs existing insurance scheme (whose venue they used) they had decided to take out the ESMBA cover anyway. This way they could be 100% certain that their SM activities were definitely covered and it was felt that the low cost of doing this was worth the peace of mind it gave.

After some general discussion on this issue, Ian Battersby proposed that the phrase “….should take out Third Party Public Liability insurance cover….” be replaced by ….must be covered by Third Party Public Liability insurance….”. This was seconded by Joseph Newsome and Proposal 8 with this modified wording was then passed unanimously. The Secretary said he would now have to decide how clubs should provide him with evidence that such cover existed as was also required in the proposal.        

(13) COMPETITIONS: All County competitions would be repeated in the same format and at the same venues as last year. They will again be used as qualifying “heats” for both the Northern England (NESMBA) and National (ESMBA) Finals.

(14) ESMBA & NESMBA: The ESMBA AGM (followed by the RRM) would be on July 11th whilst the AGM for the NESMBA June 14th. We had received no proposals so far for the NESMBA and only a few minor ones for the ESMBA. Our proposals to change some of the rules at the RRM (discussed at our September committee meeting) have been cirsculated to all counties so will go ahead as planned. All 3 meetings would be attended by delegates from the management committee. 

(15) LEAGUE REPORTS: There was no information presented from any of the leagues that was of general interest.

(16) KEY DATES FOR 2009/10: The next two committee meetings would be on Friday September 25th and Friday February 5th with next years AGM planned for Friday April 23rd.  

All competition dates were as shown on the website. Most of the 18 inter-county fixtures had now been agreed and so far these had been kept to the 11 dates set aside for them as shown on the website. The “warm-up” day would now be on Sunday September 27th when we will again be playing hosts to the Norfolk over-60’s touring group.  

(17) OPEN FORUM: There were no additional items raised for discussion so the Chairman wished everyone a safe journey home and closed the meeting at 9.15pm. 


NYSMBA - Secretaries Report to the 18th AGM 2009

This is my 8th AGM report as Secretary and as you know the Constitution requires that I report on all business conducted by the Association during the course of the previous year. This means that my reports can be somewhat repetitive due to the fact that year in and year out our business is much the same. With a few exceptions, I am afraid his year is no different.

We once again held our County Championships which since last year now take place in 6 disciplines; we again organised Inter-County games which for the second year running involved 2 separate teams and 18 matches and we are again organising the Little Cup which is now in its 12th year. Additionally this year we organised a Coaching day, and a Warm-up day and end of season Tournament day. Together these all add up to 28 separate days of competition in which we have all been involved in one way or another. On top of this the annual Handbook was produced, our Website was maintained and kept up to date and of course we attended the AGMs of both the ESMBA and NESMBA.

Before I go into a little more detail on these items, there are two achievements this year that stand out and deserve a mention right up front as not only do they both represent Firsts for our county but have certainly put North Yorkshire well and truly on the National Short Mat map.

The first of these was Gareth Townends selection into the England Team squad. To make it to this level one either has to win one of the Senior National Championships or one has to attend the Trials that take place each year and impress the selectors. Gareth chose to try his luck at the latter and deserves our heartiest congratulations on his success last June. Tomorrow he will be attending this year’s Trials once again and we hope he can play well enough to be selected once again for next season’s squad. The second of these achievements was by Gareths club colleague, David Newsome, who IS now our first National Champion having won the ESMBA U18 Finals in March. Many of us knew David was quite capable of achieving this distinction since his Singles victory at Barnard Castle 2 years ago when only 15 years old but he still had to go out and perform against the best junior players in the country. Both Gareth and David are a credit to our county and should be an inspiration to all of us, young and not so young!  (Autographs later!!)          

The COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS this year saw an increased entry in all disciplines with over 300 players taking part in total. The JUNIOR Championships were held at Bubwith and 16 of our under 18s took part and it was David Newsome who took the title. The MIXED FOURS was held here at the Galtres and attracted an entry of 12 teams and this was won by Jill, Joseph & David Newsome and Marlene Jackson. As usual, the Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours were held at Swinton with the help and cooperation of the BSA club. In the SINGLES there were 34 entrants and Geoff Whitehead took the title that had been held for the last two years by Gareth Townend. Geoff has already won the Pairs, Triples and Fours in previous years so in taking the Singles crown he underlines his reputation as one of the best all round bowlers in the County. The PAIRS had 40 entrants and this was won by Richard Lund and John Coffey whilst in the TRIPLES, Rose Haynes, Gareth Townend and myself  came out on top from the 26 entrants taking part. In the FOURS David & Joseph Newsome featured again, this time along with Ben Render and Richard Lochman taking the title from the other 20 entrants.

Of the total entry of 336 in these Championships, 115 had opted also to take part in the ESMBA NATIONAL COMPETITION and this resulted in us being offered 2 places in all disciplines and 3 in the U18 Singles. David Newsome’s great win in the Junior event has already been mentioned and he also led his Four and his Mixed Four into the last 16 before being knocked out. The Beardsleys and the Jones also reached the final 16 in the Mixed Fours but for all the others it was again a disappointing year with no progression beyond the round robin stages.

Based on the final positions in the County Championships, 45 players also went on to take part in the NORTHERN ENGLAND FINALS at Barnard Castle in March where we had been offered 4 Singles, 5 Pairs and Triples and 4 Fours places. This was one of our counties best performances ever in these Championships with 11 of our 18 teams reaching the knockout stages. 6 of these then went on to the QF, 4 reached the SF and 3 reached the Finals. In the Triples Final, Rose Hayne’s trio lost out to West Yorkshire whilst in the Fours, Geoff Whitehead’s rink met the same Stockport team that they had beaten in last year’s Final but this time it was the Stockport side that came out on top. However, Geoff then went on to beat West Yorkshires young Kevin Siddle in the Singles Final to become this year’s Northern England Singles Champion. Overall, our county very nearly won the County Shield losing out by a single point to West Yorkshire and Stockport who tied for 1st place - an excellent team effort from all who went.   

For our two COUNTY TEAMS it was another good year and Ralph and John will give details of this in their Captains reports later. However I would like to congratulate Jean Calvert who became only our second team member to play in 100 inter-county games. We have now had a County team for the last 17 years and our records show that Jean has played in every one of those years apart from the very first – a fine record. Well done Jean. I will also mention that for next year we have agreed to adopt a new selection procedure with the objective of winning Division 1 for the first time. Again, more of this from Ralph and John later. 

Apart from the 18 fixtures, there were 3 other County team events organised during the season. These were a Coaching day in early-September followed a few weeks later by the now usual Warm-up Day. More recently in mid March, we held a Tournament Day to round off the season. Part of this involved a Challenge match between a side made up of our under 25s against a representative county side. It is hoped to repeat all these events next year.   

In the JUNIORS, a team of four of our U18s took part in last years ESMBA Woodbridge Trophy in May. Three of the players had no experience of National competitions and unfortunately in spite of having David Newsome with them, they lost all their 5 games. This year I understand that there will be two teams making the trip so it is to be hoped they have a little more success. In September seven of our U21s attended the England Junior trials and all were subsequently selected into the squad of 40. Three of these then played the following week against Kent and in November six of them travelled to Cambridgeshire for two games against Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Finally last week 6 took part in an U21 International against WALES in Camarthen in which the ENGLAND side scored a narrow victory.      

Our final event of the season will be the LITTLE CUP in York on Sunday. The new format for teams of 4 players playing a mixture of Singles, Pairs and Triples will be repeated and this year the event will kindly be sponsored by Nonie Little after last years sponsors pulled out.          

On the ADMINISTRATION side, the management team has remained unchanged during the year. Barry has again looked after our finances and the registration of our members and will be reporting next on the state of the accounts. Ralph and John have managed their respective county teams and they will let you know how the teams got on in their reports whilst Eileen has efficiently organised all of our various competitions which I have already reported on. Nobby once again co-ordinated the ESMBA draw, which, thanks to the efforts of all but a few clubs, achieved record sales once again. Clive provided support whenever asked although due to personal circumstances has not been as involved as in previous years. For my own part, as Secretary I fulfilled all the normal secretarial duties and provided support for the duties of the other officers and as Press Officer I put together the annual Handbook and kept the Website up to date as well as sending some reports to local newspapers. In June and July, John and I were our delegates at the AGMs of the Northern England Association in Leeds and the National Association in Northampton.

Of course there are others that also contribute to the running of our activities in one capacity or another. They know who they are and I would like to thank them for their support which is essential at times as we cannot always do everything ourselves. 

Finally, please remember that our organisation only exists to organise events and provide opportunities that cannot be done by your individual clubs and leagues. Although not everyone takes advantage of what we do, all our activities are in fact run for the potential benefit of all our members. If there is any area you feel we can improve or any changes you feel ought to be made please feel free to use this meeting to make suggestions. (Roger Green April 2009)


Strensall and Pateley Bridge decided not to renew their membership this year and this reduced our total number of clubs to 45.

Of these 45 clubs……

17 registered additional members

22 registered fewer members

6 clubs were unchanged

Across the whole county there were 156 new registrations but 211 members failed to re-register and this gave us a net overall loss of 55 members. This total includes the 24 lost from Pateley Bridge & Strensall and also another 42 from Crossgates, Helmsley and Kirbymisperton. There were significant increases at Carlton, Kirkbymoorside and Knaresborough who between them registered an additional 25 members.       

Our final total was a disappointing 914 which is our lowest since 2001 and represents a drop over the last 2 years of around 10%. (This includes 29 Junior members across 10 different clubs).

This is a little worrying as it is obviously in the interests of our Association and the game in general that clubs maintain their membership levels. Although we know that some clubs are always actively trying to recruit new people from their local area we would like to know if there is anything you feel we should be doing centrally to publicise our game across the county with a view to raising interest levels. Perhaps a series of adverts in local papers shortly before next season starts would be a good idea?

Last year we decided to ask all clubs to let us know how many of their members they classify as “social only” players and consequently chose not to register. 12 clubs failed to answer this question but of the 33 who did, 15 professed to register ALL their members. The other 18 between them admitted to not registering a total of 122 of their members and this total figure has been passed on to the ESMBA for their information. (Roger Green April 2009)