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Hard copies of these minutes were posted out to all clubs on 8th May



Tuesday April 29th 2008




SECRETARY Roger Green TREASURER Barry Simmonite
CAPTAIN Ralph Parsons VICE CAPTAIN (as Vice Chairman)
COMP. SECRETARY Eileen Bunting ASST. COMP. SECRETARY Clive Scholefield
PUBLICITY OFFICER (as Secretary)    
Barn Anne Ridge Kirklevington l
Bilsdale George Cook Kirkbymoorside l
Boroughbridge Apologies Knaresborough Derek Beardsley
Branton l Marton Apologies
BSA Apologies Melbourne l
Bubwith l North Duffield Joseph Newsome
Burton Leonard l Pateley Bridge l
Campsall l Raskelf Dennis Jarvis
Carlton l Riccall l
Cayton George Stannard Sawley l
Coxwold l Scarborough Edwin Smith
Crossgates Mick Ridge St. Cuthberts Ian Battersby
Darley l Seaton Ross Peter Fridlington
Easingwold Joyce Hughes Snaith & E Cowick Apologies
East Cottingwith Apologies Stillington l
Escrick l Strensall l
Eggborough l Sutton on Derwent l
Flixton l Tate & Lyle l
Great Ouseburn Rose Haynes Thornton Dale l
Gristhorpe Derrick Dowson Tollerton l
Hambleton Apologies Welburn l
Helmsley Len Bradley Wilberfoss Apologies
Kirbymisperton Apologies Yedingham l
    Yoredale Joyce Henley


Also present – Morely Forrester (Knaresborough); Arthur Jackson (St. Cuthberts);


The meeting was opened by the Chairman at 7.30pm with representatives from fifteen member clubs, six officers and two others in attendance – 23 people in total. The Chairman asked all present to stand and observe a silence in memory of Ray Goodbold MBE, the long time Secretary and committee representative for Marton SMBC who had died in February.


(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: These were received from 8 clubs (shown in red above). The Competition Secretary was also unable to attend due to sickness.


(2) MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of the last Committee meeting (Feb. 1st 2008) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. There were no corrections requested so after a proposal from Len Bradley (seconded by Ralph Parsons), the Chairman signed the file copy as being a true and accurate record.


(3) ANY MATTERS ARISING: The Secretary raised two points.


(a) Regarding the handling of the Rule Book rewrite proposal at last years ESMBA RRM. Nothing further had been heard from the ESMBA regarding the two letters of objection we had sent. He would follow this up.


(b) Regarding the proposed diary for next season. The Yorkshire (North) league’s new Fixture Secretary, Trevor Collier, had recently issued a set of dates for their games, which not only totally ignored the proposals sent out to all organisers last September, but also ignored the one date change that had since been requested by his own Chairman, Edwin Smith. Only two of the ten dates issued did not clash with other events. Six of them clashed with inter-county games whilst two of the weekends chosen would conflict with the annual County Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours Championships. If the dates in the proposed diary had been followed (as he thought had been agreed), there would have been no clashes with their fixtures and only two clashes with other planned events. The Secretary expressed great disappointment that after so many years of working to achieve cooperation on dates with the leagues former Fixture Secretary, a backward step had now been taken. He expressed his view that the Yorkshire (North) league should continue to try to work in conjunction with the Association and not work in isolation. Edwin promised to speak with Trevor to try to rectify the situation.


There were no other matters raised by those present.


(4) CORRESPONDENCE: There had been no correspondence worthy of mention that would not come up under other topics.


(5) CHAIRMANS ANNUAL REPORT: The Chairman thanked the Secretary, the Treasurer and the two team Captains for their work throughout the year. Later, he also mentioned that we had once again achieved top sales in the ESMBA Draw and thus won the £100 prize and also we would once again be entering a team into the Woodbridge U18 Trophy. This would be a new foursome who were young enough to play together for the next 4 years.  


(6) SECRETARIES ANNUAL REPORT (and membership report): The Secretary reviewed the activities of the past season which had included three innovations. These were the introduction of a sixth County Championship (for Mixed Fours), the launch of a second County team and the complete re-formatting of the Little Cup. The latter had benefited from our very first sponsorship deal from GREENSLEEVES LAWN CARE. He asked all clubs to distribute the companies leaflets sent to them recently amongst their members as a repeat deal next year would only be forthcoming if GREENSLEEVES felt that some business had been generated.  He congratulated the four members of our rink that won the Northern England Fours Championship and also Dennis Jarvis for representing the county in over 100 inter-county games. He congratulated Gareth Townend for retaining the County Singles title (a first) and wished him well when he becomes the first member of our county to attend the Trials for the main England team next month.


He concluded by asking all members to speak out if they thought there were things going wrong or if they thought our activities could be improved. (A copy of the Secretaries full review is attached to these minutes).  


Membership Report for 2007/08 – Guisborough and Bolton Abbey had left us whilst Seaton Ross had joined. Player registrations had gone up in 18 clubs, down in 21 whilst 7 remained static. Overall there were 139 new player registrations but 183 who did not renew. We thus ended the season with 47 clubs and 969 members – a drop of 44. However, 40 of these were concentrated in just 4 clubs – Knaresborough (-15), Carlton (-11), Crossgates and Kirkbymoorside (both -7). The Secretary pointed out that next season we would be asking clubs to indicate how many members they had who they do not register.  




(a) Annual Financial Statement: The Treasurer circulated copies of the statements for the financial year to the end of March which he pointed out were in the same basic format as previous years. These consisted of an Income/Expenditure account, a Profit/Loss statement and for the first time, a list of Assets. The latter had a total book value of £1056.12, but our Expenditure for the year had exceeded our Income by £278.45. Part of the reason for this was the large cost that had been incurred due to the need to replenish our stock of Badges, Bows and Ties for which there was a minimum re-order value. In answer to a question from Len Bradley, he said that the Asset values will be marked down to zero over a period of 5 years. There were no other questions raised from the floor.


(b) Fees for 2008/09: A proposal to increase the NYSMBA member subs by 50p had been circulated to all clubs. The main reason was to reverse the trend downwards in our final balance over the last few years. In further support of this, it was pointed out that the current amount collected (£979.80) was not even sufficient to cover the combined costs shown under ADMINISTRATION and OTHER ITEMS (£1833.62). Also it was a fact that our greatest source of Income now comes from the many raffles held during the year. For 2007/08 there had been a total of 16 raffles which between them raised £1173.36. The proposed increase, if agreed, would also reduce our reliance on this raffle income.   


The proposed increase was seconded by Ian Battersby and passed unanimously. The total subs for the year would therefore increase to £3.30 per player.


(8) CAPTAINS ANNUAL REPORT: Ralph Parsons said that some of his planned comments had been pre-empted by the Secretary, but he did report briefly on an exciting season that had been enjoyed by all players. The introduction of the 2nd team had gone very well and he thanked the Vice Captain, John Bunting for his efforts in leading the 2nd team as their captain for the year. He also thanked Derek Beardsley who had helped as a member of the selection committee for the season. John Bunting then commented specifically on the 2nd teams first season. He felt there had been some scepticism and even hostility when it was decided to launch it. However there had also been much support and picking teams had turned out to be relatively easy. The team had finally finished 3rd in Division 2 and he paid tribute to the skill, determination and team spirit of all those who had supported the team with their efforts. He felt it was a privilege to be associated with the side and looked forward to taking part in next seasons “campaign”. He would continue to work closely with Ralph on team selection and hoped that both teams could improve during next season.   


(9) PUBLICITY OFFICER: The Publicity Officer reiterated what he had said in his editorial in last years Handbook, that he was somewhat sceptical about how much it is used and whether the project is worth the effort it takes to produce it. He reminded the meeting that last years edition was the largest (60 pages) and most expensive (£500) so far produced (although the cost was offset a little by 2 adverts worth £60). He wanted to make sure that it continued to be a worthwhile venture containing the sort of information that members wanted. In the debate that followed, several of those present spoke up in favour of the Handbook which they felt to be essential both in terms of key information, publicity and general interest. The Chairman expressed the view that it was something we did better than any other county. To reduce costs, there were also suggestions to issue it bi-annually with a shorter “supplement” in other years, or to make a separate charge per copy. The former received no real support but the latter was viewed relatively sympathetically. The Secretary felt a subsidised charge may be the way to go but not in the current year when we had already voted to increase the subs. Anne Ridge asked how the number of copies per club was arrived at. The Secretary said this was basically one copy per 3 members (plus a few). He usually told all clubs in advance how many copies he would be sending out and he expected to be told (by the end of August) if this was too many or to few. The question of making a charge for each copy was deferred until next year.           


(10) CONSTITUTION: Three proposals to change the wording of the Constitution had been circulated to all clubs for consideration together with the “rationale” behind the proposals.


The first was to replace the posts of “Captain” and “Vice Captain” with those of “1st team Captain” and “2nd team Captain”. Proposed by Roger Green and seconded by Clive Scholefield. The second was to change the wording relating to the duties of these new posts, to incorporate the need to form a sub-committee to pick the teams and to remove the task of organising inter-county fixtures from the Captains. Proposed by Ian Battersby and seconded by Len Bradley. The third was to add the task of organising the fixtures to the duties of the Secretary and to remove the inappropriate references to the ESMBA and NESMBA. Proposed by Ian Battersby and seconded by John Bunting.


All three proposals (as circulated) were passed by a majority of those present, there being a single abstention in each case. Ian Battersby requested that there should be discussion at the next committee meeting regarding whether or not “vice-captains” for each team should in future be appointed at the AGM and not just left up to each Captain.


(11) ELECTION OF OFFICERS: There had been no nominations for any of the positions on the executive committee apart from the current incumbents who were all prepared to serve for another year. Noel Clark was returned as Chairman by a unanimous vote after being proposed by Len Bradley and seconded by Derek Beardsley. Ian Battersby then proposed that all other officers be re-elected “en-bloc”. This was seconded by Joseph Newsome and voting was unanimous. The executive committee therefore remains the same as for 2007/08.     


(12) COMPETITIONS: There had been no indication from any member that the format or organisation of the annual County Championships required any change so all six competitions will go ahead as before. They will once again double up as “heats” for the ESMBA Nationals for those that choose to enter these and will again also be used to select our team to go to the NESMBA Finals at Barnard Castle. It is likely that the dates and venue for the Juniors and the Mixed Fours will be reversed (Juniors to Bubwith and Mixed Fours to Easingwold). In answer to a question from Joseph Newsome the Secretary confirmed that there will NOT be a clash next year between the ESMBA and NESMBA Finals.  


(13) ESMBA & NESMBA: The ESMBA AGM will be on July 12th. They are proposing to increase their subs by 50p for the 2009/10 season and to make Third Party liability compulsory for member counties. The NESMBA AGM will be on June 8th and we had submitted three proposals of our own for consideration. These were to cut the requirement to “star” those players who can only play in the 1st team, from 16 to 10; to reduce the entry fee for the NESMBA finals from £3 to £2 and to adopt a revised scoring method for inter-county games. The latter would replace the current overall 3 point aggregate with separate 2 point aggregates in each of the four playing disciplines increasing the total points available from 35 to 40 per match. This method had recently been introduced by the ESMBA and it was felt the change would provide added interest and incentive to the teams.


(14) LEAGUE REPORTS: Brief reports were presented on behalf of the Kyle Valley league (by Ian Battersby) and the White Rose league (by Derek Beardsley). The latter, in addition to home/away games against Durham and Derbyshire, were also this year hosting a weekend for a visiting team from Cambridgeshire. They were also investigating the possibility of a game against Northallerton Prison. In answer to queries from Edwin Smith (Scarborough league), Rules Books (latest edition October 2005) and new copies of the “Green Folder” can be obtained direct from the ESMBA. Contact should be made with Margaret Dickenson on 01606 835113. 


(15) DATES FOR 2008/09: The Secretary once again expressed the hope that Edwin Smith could resolve the situation with regards to the Yorkshire (North) league fixtures as already discussed. He felt that if nothing were done it would be a return to “the dark ages” of non-cooperation. Arthur Jackson asked if Trevor Collier knew which dates had been proposed. The Secretary confirmed that he had been sent a copy of the original proposal (September). His predecessor (Les Hardcastle) should also have passed on a copy of a subsequent letter (November) in which all dates were listed together with Edwin’s requested date change. Finally, he had read out all the dates to him during his recent telephone conversation. 


The following key dates were confirmed.


Committee meetings - September 26th and February 6th.

AGM - April 24th

County Championships – December 6th/7th (Pairs/Fours); January 10th/11th (Singles/Triples); December 20th (Mixed Fours); January 31st (Juniors).

NESMBA Finals – March 21st/22nd  

ESMBA Finals – March 28th/29th (Mixed Fours/U18 Singles); April 2nd-5th (others)


A full copy of the diary would be made available shortly on the website.




(a) Peter Fridlington expressed some dissatisfaction with the quality of jacks which he had obtained for Seaton Ross which had been very prone to chipping. The Secretary suggested he take this up directly with his supplier. Peter also asked about clubs in the Bingley area and was advised to contact the Secretary of West Yorkshire (Shirley Rhodes 0113 2566433).

(b) Derek Beardsley asked who would be organising the Vale of York Pairs day. He was referred to Andrew Mather, the leagues new Secretary. 

(c) Edwin Smith asked the executive committee to review their decision not to accept the challenge from the Yorkshire (North) league to play the County Team last year. He felt that the “rank and file” wanted this game to go ahead but that the executive were preventing it by insisting on agreement to rules regarding team selection. He felt that no selection rules were necessary. The Secretary said that this match had been discussed on many previous occasions in the 7 years since it had first been proposed. There were in fact 18 letters on file about it. However, there had always been a basic disagreement between the management of the league and the management of the Association on the issue of team selection and between them they had never found a way round the impasse that existed. Because of this, those games that had gone ahead in the past had never been considered as a true challenge to the County Team. The Chairman however agreed that the issue would be reviewed once more at their next executive meeting in June.  


There was no further business raised by those present so the Chairman then thanked all those present for attending and closed the meeting at 9.05pm.