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North Yorkshire Short Mat Bowling Association



(These Minutes posted to all clubs on 8th May)

MINUTES OF THE 16th AGM AT EASINGWOLD - Friday April 27th 2007


CHAIRMAN               Noel Clark

VICE CHAIRMAN      John Bunting

SECRETARY              Roger Green

TREASURER             Resigned

CAPTAIN                  Ralph Parsons

VICE CAPTAIN         Arthur Jackson

COMP. SEC                Eileen Bunting

ASST. COMP. SEC     Clive Scholefield

PUBLICITY               (as Secretary)


Barn                      Bob Crowther

Boroughbridge       Jean Calvert

Branton                 Peter Goldsmith

Cayton                  George Stannard

Darley                  Apologies          

Easingwold            Joyce Hughes

Escrick                 Ron Watson

Flixton                 Apologies

Great Ouseburn    Apologies

Gristhorpe            Derek Dowson

Hambleton            Barry Simmonite

Helmsley               Len Bradley

Kirklevington        Apologies

Knaresborough      Judith Haffenden

North Duffield     Joseph Newsome

Raskelf                Dennis Jarvis

Scarborough         Edwin Smith

St. Cuthberts        Ian Battersby   

Snaith                  Apologies

Yedingham            Apologies     

Yoredale              Colin Mackay

Also present – Mick & Anne Ridge (Barn), Jean Crowther (Barn); Ken Calvert (Boroughbridge) ; Dennis Mather (Easingwold); Morely Forrester (Knaresborough).

The meeting was opened by the Chairman at 7.30pm with representatives from fifteen member clubs, seven officers and six others in attendance – twenty-eight people in total

(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from six clubs (as indicated in pink above)

(2) MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of the last meeting (Committee meeting on February 9th) had been circulated to all clubs shortly thereafter. There were no corrections requested so after a proposal from Clive Scholefield (seconded by John Bunting), the Chairman signed the file copy as being an accurate record.

(3) ANY MATTERS ARISING: The Secretary raised the following.

(a) Para 7(b) - Due to an additional allocation after our last meeting, our team for the NESMBA Championships include 5 Pairs (not 4) bringing the total team size to 51 (not 49).

(b) Para 12 - Gordon Hanson had subsequently given his approval for the renaming of the Inter-League Cup (to LITTLE CUP).

(c) Para 13(b) - A final flurry of sales for the ESMBA Draw had resulted in record sales (£635) which in turn had led to us being the top-selling county once again. We would therefore soon be receiving the £100 prize on top of nearly £200 in “commission”. The Secretary thanked all clubs for another great effort.

(d) Para 13(c) - Plans to introduce a minimum number of members required before admitting new clubs to the Association would not be pursued.

(e) Para 13(e) - Joseph Newsome had narrowly failed the first stage of his umpires exam obtaining 94% instead of the required 96%. He would be having another go at it.

(4) CORRESPONDENCE: Of the 20 items of correspondence received/sent since the last meeting the Secretary highlighted the following.

A letter from the ESMBA committee thanking us for a splendid and enjoyable weekend against their England squad.

Over 20 letters of thanks had been written to the various sponsors and helpers who had contributed to the success of this weekend.

The date of the ESMBA AGM/RRM had been moved to July 21st with the Midsummer Trophy on July 22nd.

The Chairman mentioned that at the beginning of the meeting he had been handed a letter from the Treasurer clarifying the reasons why he had resigned on the previous Monday.

(5) CHAIRMANS REPORT: The Chairman commented on the success of the weekend match against England. Although he had originally been concerned that this may incur a loss, it all came good in the end and after a very enjoyable weekend, the project had in fact made money. He also mentioned the match against the England Juniors and the success of the County Team in winning their division. He was sad that the Treasurer had resigned and also that the Vice Captain was having a year off. He hoped the latter’s building project would not drag on and that he would soon be back.

(6) SECRETARIES REPORTS: The Secretary reviewed all the activity the Association had been involved in over the last 12 months commenting that it had been a very busy but successful year. He highlighted in particular the success of our younger players and thanked the Crossgates and North Duffield clubs for the work they had put in over several years to nurture these young talents. (Copy of full report attached)

With regards to our membership, he had analysed the listings provided the day before by Andrew Mather and had noted the following.

New club Snaith had added 21 members and 13 other clubs also had increased their numbers with Knaresborough and Kirkbymoorside both gaining +11. However 27 clubs had lost members with the greatest reduction being in Bubwith (-14) and Yoredale (-17). With 7 clubs unchanged, the final total was 1015 (down from 1025). Guisborough (6 members) had folded up during the course of the season and the Chairman stated that he knew of 3 new clubs who would be joining next year.


(a) FINANCIAL STATEMENT - Copies of draft Profit/Loss and Income/Expenditure reports prepared by Andrew Mather prior to his resignation the previous Monday had been circulated prior at the start of the meeting. The Chairman felt the figures were self explanatory and asked if anyone had any questions. Colin Mackay asked why the cost of ADMINISTRATION had risen by 50%. The Secretary pointed out that due to the resignation of the Treasurer, no detailed figures were readily to hand to fully answer his query. However he knew that postage charges had increased and there had also been agreement last year to make some increases to the Honorariums. The Chairman pointed out that there were probably additional costs associated with the two England games.

The Secretary pointed out that the accounts had not been “audited” as required by the constitution and that it had been noticed that two of the figures from last years statement had been transposed incorrectly. The COUNTY TEAM figure should be £127.83 (not £17.83) and the COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIPS figure should be £344.38 (not £373.43). This did not affect the final total of -£324.79 which was correct. Ian Battersby proposed that the accounts be provisionally accepted pending the required audit and also a more detailed answer to Colin’s query regarding the increase in administration costs. This was seconded by Jean Calvert and passed without objection.

(b) FEES FOR 2007/08 - The Chairman pointed out that at the moment contributions from members do not even cover the cost of ADMINISTRATION. On top of this the Handbook now costs over £1 per copy to produce, whilst Insurance and Website charges are other regular outgoings. If it were not for the income generated by holding the County Championships, running the County Team and supporting the ESMBA Draw, we would not be a viable organisation. He noted that after several years of steady growth, our balance had been reducing over the last few years and it was known that additional expenditure would be required for the season ahead on equipment and cups. He therefore felt the time had come to consider an increase to the subs/fees which had been unchanged for the last 7 years. This could either be an increase to the member subs (currently .50p) or to the club fees (currently £5). He proposed leaving the members subs unaltered but increasing the club fee to £10, raising an additional £235 per year. This was seconded by Len Bradley and passed without objection.


(a) 2006/07 - Ralph Parsons reported on a “wonderful” season for our team in winning all 8 games and once again gaining promotion to Division 1. They had only dropped 64 points out of a maximum of 280 ending on +700 shots. He believed this was the best ever performance recorded in our county and may even be the best ever amongst all the northern counties. He thanked all the players who took part during the year in particular the four juniors who had made such a good contribution to this result. Thanks also went to Vice Captain Arthur Jackson and the rest of the committee for their support and not forgetting the new caterer Sandra and her helpers for “doing us marvellous“. Visiting teams had been most appreciative.

(b) 2007/08 - During the season he had received the names of extra players who had expressed an interest getting involved at county level and because of this we planned to run a second team next year to comply with their wishes. These plans were underway and most fixtures dates had already been agreed with other counties. The plans will be finalised over the next few months and he wished all new prospective players good luck.

(c) Warm up game - This year the “warm up” will be against an over 60s touring team from Norfolk (September 16th). It will be a good opportunity for both existing and prospective players to get together.

(d) Chairman’s Challenge match - The Chairman would once again raise a team to play against the County Team. A first game in the Galtres is booked (October 20th) and a second game at Bubwith may take place towards the end of the season should a suitable date be available.

(9) PUBLICITY OFICER: Roger Green said that it was intended to produce another Handbook for issue in September and he pointed out that he is always looking for advertisers to feature in it and help keep the cost down. Anyone can have a page to themselves for £30 and he would like members to let him know of any contacts. He would also continue to maintain and update our Website which had now been up and running for nearly 5 years. He pointed out however, that whilst the development and format for both the Handbook and the Website had up been (mainly) down to his own ideas, changes are always possible. Members should realise that ownership of these two facilities is a joint one and the accuracy of what is presented rests with the individual leagues, clubs and members. It is they who are ultimately responsible for the data supplied and it is expected that all members will help to ensure that accuracy is maintained. Ian Battersby asked that Email addresses be included wherever possible, especially for Secretaries.

(10) PROPOSALS: Four proposals had been circulated to all clubs and these were all passed unanimously. A copy of the constitution incorporating these updates will be sent out with the minutes.

Proposal 1 - (Inclusion of the abbreviation “AGM“) Proposed by Ian Battersby, seconded by Clive Scholefield.

Proposal 2 - (Nomination of Officers) Proposed by Ian Battersby, seconded by Eileen Bunting. Ian asked that clubs be notified well in advance of the AGM as to whether existing Officers were prepared to stand for re-election or were intending standing down. He felt that clubs needed to know this before considering whether or not to put their own nominees forward.

Proposal 3 - (Review of minutes at meetings) Proposed by Clive Scholefield, seconded by John Bunting. This was to ratify a decision already taken at the September Committee meeting.

Proposal 4 - (Selection of County teams) A letter had been received from Jean Calvert containing a proposal (seconded by Andrew Mather) that there should be “a sub-committee appointed annually to select teams to represent the county…..”. Ralph Parsons, the current Captain said he was quite happy with the idea but pointed out that the wording in the constitution already made this the joint responsibility the elected Captain and Vice Captain. Nobody spoke against the proposal but there was some debate about the advisability of not leaving selection in the hands of a single individual, especially in the light of having a second team. After all points had been heard the proposal was passed unanimously. It was therefore agreed that the Captain and Vice Captain should therefore be joined by a third member to form a sub-committee of three. As suggested in Jeans letter, the additional person would be appointed by the executive committee.


Apart from the Treasurer (who had resigned) and the Vice Captain (who was taking a year off from weekend bowling), all Officers were prepared to serve the Association for another year in their same capacities. There were no other nominations and Ian Battersby therefore proposed that their re-election be determined with a single vote. This was seconded by Len Bradley and passed without objection.

For the post of Treasurer, Ralph Parsons proposed Barry Simmonite who had recently expressed a willingness to stand. His nomination was seconded by Ken Calvert and in the absence of any other nominations, Barry was elected unanimously. With regards to the position of Vice Captain, Arthur Jackson said he fully expected to stand for the post again at next years AGM. For the year ahead, John Bunting said he was prepared to take on the job in a “caretaker” capacity and he was proposed by Arthur Jackson and seconded by Clive Scholefield and duly elected with no objections.

(12) COMPETITIONS: It was intended to hold our 5th County Championships next season with no change of venue or format. These would again be used to select a team for the Northern England Championships and after the success of last season, would once again double up as Heats for the Nationals (for those wanting to enter). Entries to the latter would have the rules regarding commitment and substitutions made clear to avoid a few misunderstandings that arose last year. Eileen Bunting proposed the introduction of a County Mixed Fours competition. Up to now this had only been held as a National Heat but it was felt that there was no good reason why it should not be included in our own counties portfolio. The proposal was seconded by Roger Green and passed without disagreement. It would be necessary to purchase a new perpetual cup for this new competition.

(13) ESMBA & NESMBA: At the ESMBA AGM, a minor amendment was being proposed to introduce a fee of £20 for any County wishing to join with less than 10 members. They also proposed that there would be no increase to the £2 member fee for 2008/09. Nobby Clark informed the meeting that the proposed rewrite/reformat of the Rule Book was to be withdrawn due to the inclusion of a 7 shot penalty for firing with no warning (on the 2nd offence). The proposer had apparently slipped this in without the knowledge of the second. A long discussion then followed regarding London Counties proposal to ban the use of adhesive material such as Velcro to affix fenders to the mat. Feelings were divided as to whether this was a good or bad idea and whether it was safer to have fixed or loose fenders. The practicalities of easily adjusting fenders which were pushed out of position by a running wood was also broached. The Chairman told the meeting that a new material had been demonstrated to the ESMBA committee that achieved the same result as Velcro without pulling the mat surface. It also made fender adjustment easier. Colin Mackay said that the use of Velcro had never caused any sort of problem in his club and proposed that our delegates to the Rules Revision meeting should be mandated to vote against this proposal. This was seconded by Jean Calvert and passed by a majority of those present.

No proposals had yet been received for the NESMBA AGM.

(14) LEAGUE REPORTS: Brief statements were made on behalf of the Selby, Kyle Valley, Yorkshire (North), White Rose and Nidderdale leagues. Selby were the top region in the Yorkshire (North) league for the first time; the Kyle Valley had completed their first season using a 3 division merit based structure and a two leg KO Cup; the Yorkshire (North) league expressed regret that it had not been possible to come to any agreement regarding the selection rules for a challenge match against the County Team. The league felt that this match could not take place again unless the County executive committee relaxed their requirements regarding team selection. The White Rose was already underway with summer fixtures involving 6 teams and also had games arranged against both Durham and Derbyshire as well as several social activities. The Nidderdale league had completed another successful season with both a Triples and a Pairs league involving their 4 clubs.

No information was presented for the Scarborough, Vale of York or Ryedale leagues.

(15) DATES FOR 2007/08: The Publicity Officer stated that a full provisional diary was already up on the website for all to see. This was based on assumptions that

(a) all competitions would use the equivalent dates as last year (although he had been informed of some that had moved)

(b) the Yorkshire (North) league fixture dates would be as suggested to Les Hardcastle back in February (he had heard nothing to the contrary).

He advised the meeting that the plans to run two county teams next year would mean 18 rather than 8 county fixtures and he hoped members would appreciate that this would result in several unavoidable clashes with other competitions. These would wherever possible be minimised by having both teams playing on the same day (one at home and the other away).

Next seasons committee meetings would be on September 21st and February 1st with the AGM on April 25th.


The Secretary asked those present from the Scarborough league area, whether their withdrawal from this years Little (Inter-League) Cup was indicative of a general desire not to take part in future. He pointed out that if their withdrawal proved to be permanent, the competition would probably have to be discontinued as the NYSMBA should not be involved in organising competitions that were not open to all its members. The feedback from some present was that the reasons why only 20 players could be found this year (after 9 years of raising a full team) was a temporary “blip” and should be resolved for next year.

Joseph Newsome wished to record the thanks of many of the junior players for the support and encouragement they had received from the members of the county committee.

The Chairman then thanked all those present for attending and closed the meeting at 9.17pm.