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North Yorkshire Short Mat Bowling Association




Galtres Centre Easingwold - Monday 18th April 2005


CHAIRMAN        Noel Clark                                VICE CHAIRMAN         l (hospital)

SECRETARY              Roger Green                           TREASURER               Brian Bennett

CAPTAIN           Ralph Parsons                         VICE CAPTAIN                    Arthur Jackson

COMP. SEC              (as Vice Chairman) 


1    Barn                      l                                             23  Kirbymisperton         l

2    Bilsdale                 Len Lofthouse                       24  Kirkbymoorside        Don Glensor

3    Bolton Abbey   l                          25  Knaresborough         l

4    Boroughbridge  Richard Kay                       26  Marton                Ray Goodbold

5    B.S.A.          l                                        27  Melbourne             l

6    Bubwith         l                          28  North Duffield        l

7    Burton Leonard l                          29 Pateley Bridge         Apologies

8    Carlton          l                          30  Raskelf                Dennis Jarvis

9    Cayton                  Apologies                                31  Riccall                 Noel Herbert

10   Coxwold               Bernard Marshall                   32 Sawley                 l

11   Crossgates      Clive Scholefield                    33 Scarborough           Edwin Smith

12   Darley          Les Hardcastle                      34 St Cuthberts           Ken Thompson

13   Easingwold      Dennis Mather             35 Stillington              l 

14   E Cottingwith   l                                     36  Strensall               Harry Welch

15   Eggborough         l                                              37  Sutton u Derwent         l

16   Escrick         David Randon               38  Tate & Lyle            l

17   Flixton          Apologies                           39 Thornton Dale         l

18   Gt.Ouseburn      l                                    40  Tollerton               Richard Clark

19   Gristhorpe          Derek Dowson                        41   Welburn               l

20   Guisborough       l                                             42   Wilberfoss                     l

21   Hambleton          John Bunting                          43  Yedingham             l

22  Helmsley        l                               44  Yoredale               Brian Stoker


Also presentKen & Jean Calvert (Boroughbridge); Simon Holtby (Boroughbridge); George Crosby (Crossgates); Andrew Mather (Raskelf); Maureen Lilliman (Raskelf); Tony Hewlett (Kirkbymoorside); Doreen Addyman (Darley); Keith Hardcastle (Darley); Tim Bowes (Yoredale)


The meeting was opened by the Chairman at 7.30pm with representatives from eighteen member clubs, five officers and ten others in attendance – thirty three people in total.


(1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies were received from Graham Sherburn (Flixton), Ian Battersby (St. Cuthberts), Allan Foxton (Pateley Bridge), George Stannard (Cayton), Barbara Topping (Easingwold) & Elaine Clark (Tollerton).




The last AGM had been held on 19th April 2004 and draft minutes had been distributed shortly thereafter. After the Chairman checked that no corrections were required, John Bunting proposed and Ralph Parsons seconded that they be accepted as representing a true record of that meeting and this was agreed unanimously. The Chairman signed the file copy. No matters were raised arising from those minutes.




The Secretary reported that a summary list of all items sent/received since the last (committee) meeting these would be sent out with the minutes. Further details on any item could be obtained on request. The following five items were elaborated on.


ESMBA DRAW – A cheque for £470 had been sent to the ESMBA - the largest amount we had ever raised and the support of our members was to be commended. 34 clubs had sold all their allocation of tickets – only 6 had failed to sell any. Being second top selling county last year, we had asked for 50 more books to sell but these were not forthcoming in spite of several follow up requests. A letter of complaint had been sent to the ESMBA about their lack of response.  


CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS – All league Secretaries had been asked to canvass their members as to whether this proposed new competition would receive their support. So far Selby had replied positively and Ryedale negatively. Replies from the other leagues are awaited.


ESMBA MILLENNIUM TROPHY – Entry forms have been received for this annual open fours competition (3rd July, Roade, Northants) – anyone interested should contact him.          


NEW SECRETARIES – Dennis Maley (Ryedale League Sec.) had written to inform us that Mrs M Dennison (01751 474438) was now the Secretary at Thornton-le-Dale, and Len Bradley (01439 771501) had taken over the job at Helmsley.   


PROPOSED RULE CHANGES – The ESMBA had circulated 33 proposals submitted from 9 counties for consideration at this years Rules Revision Meeting (RRM) in July. 21 of these had come from Avon (most aimed at clarifying some existing rules). Of the remainder there were proposals to


Ø      reduce allowable “jack offs” from 3 to 2 (1 under 10 ends)

Ø      prevent all team members from standing on the mat discussing the head

Ø      allow leads/twos to move to the head after bowling their woods

Ø      allow threes to visit the head (in fours)

Ø      ban “fancy” stickers – only club/county/national to be allowed

Ø      allow for some consultation/agreement if head disturbed by wood touching block

Ø      make it necessary to keep one foot in contact with the mat upon delivery

Ø      make a wood “dead” as soon as it crosses the ditch line

Ø      allow the skip to appoint any member of their side to keep the scorecard

Ø      expand the “forcing shots” rules for safeties sake


The Executive Committee would be meeting to discuss all 33 proposals and decide on how our votes should be cast at the RRM. If any member would like to see full copies of any of these proposals and make comments on them please contact Roger. These can then be taken into consideration.




(a) CHAIRMAN: In a brief report, in which he commented on a “peaceful year”, NC thanked all his “staff” for the work they had done and  George Crosby for the assistance he had given to the Competition Secretary. Reg Tilley was still in hospital awaiting a second heart operation and he asked that the Secretary to send him a card with best wishes from the Association.   


(b) SECRETARY: RG reported on the activity during a “stable” year and commented on the increased workload in running the Association arising out of developments and expansion over the previous 6 years. This was the main reason that the Executive Committee would be recommending the alteration of the Constitution to include two additional posts later in the meeting. He concluded by saying that he considered the job of Secretary as being mainly one of communication. He felt there was no excuse for any of our members not knowing what the Association exists for and what it spends its time doing. However he was aware of several clubs where information is often not passed on fully or in good time but had no control over this. Clubs with inefficient Secretaries must put their own house in order. (Full report below)      

(c) TREASURER: BB circulated a Statement of Accounts which showed our final balance to be £1893.17 – a £50 increase over last year. This was in spite of increases to the cost of the Handbook, Website and Insurance and the need to replenish our stock of Association ties. We had also made a loss of about £100 on the 2004 Dinner – something that will not happen again as this turned out to be the last such event to be organised. He therefore recommended that the NYSMBA portion of members subs. remain at 50p for the next season. The meeting was reminded however that the ESMBA portion is to rise to £2 for 2005/06.      


(d) CAPTAIN: RP was pleased to report that the County Team has managed to do well enough this year to ensure that they will remain in Division 1 for next season – the first time this had ever been achieved. The season had started well with four good wins out of five and although they had them lost the final three games the very last game against the Champions (West Yorkshire) had only just been lost by two shots. He thanked all those that had contributed to this success and also Arthur Jackson for his assistance as Vice-Captain.         


(5) MEMBERSHIP: BB reported that the membership for last season was a new record of 984 – a net rise of 17. This small increase hid the fact that there was, as usual, quite a large turnover of members but enough new people are still coming into the game to keep the overall total rising.




There were five changes considered – all proposed by the Executive Committee. The Secretary explained that the first was a matter of necessity but that the other four related to the introduction of two new Executive Officers. The creation of an “Assistant Competition Secretary” formalised what had in fact been going on for several years since the job had expended to be too big for a single individual. The creation of a “Publicity Officer” was to recognise that the production of the annual Handbook, the maintenance of the Website and any other ideas to raise the profile of bowling in the county, was not really part of a Secretaries function and so should be considered as a separate job. There were no queries from the floor and voting to accept all the changes was unanimous. 


  1. Para. 4(d) - Replace “Northern Zone” with “NESMBA”. Seconded by John Bunting

  2. Para 5 line 1 – Change “seven” to “nine

  3. Para 5 Line 3 – Insert “Assistant Competition Secretary, Publicity Officer” after “Competition Secretary

  4. Para 9 Line 20 – Add “He shall be assisted by the ASSISTANT COMPETITION SECRETARY who will deputise for him in his absence

  5. Para 9 – Insert a new section as follows. “The PUBLICITY OFFICER shall be responsible for promoting and publicising the activities of the Association. This shall include the preparation of an annual Handbook and the maintenance and development of the Associations web site


2-5 above were seconded “en-bloc” by David Randon.




No ballots were required as no post was contested by more than a single nominee. Voting for all posts was unanimous with no abstentions. In the absence of the Vice-Chairman, the Secretary temporarily took the chair to take nominations for the post of Chairman. Noel Clark was proposed by Noel Herbert and seconded by Ken Calvert.


Resuming the chair he then informed the meeting that Reg Tilley had indicated that he wished to stand down as Competition Secretary but would like to carry on as Vice-Chairman. His position was then endorsed after a proposal from Clive Scholefield which was seconded by the Chairman.


The Secretary, Treasurer, Captain and Vice-Captain were all re-elected in a block vote proposed by John Bunting and seconded by Dennis Jarvis.


The now-vacant position of Competition Secretary and the new position of Assistant Competition Secretary had no nominations. Ralph Parsons asked whether George Crosby would be interested in either position having been involved with Reg in an unofficial capacity over the past few years. However George declined the invitation due to his involvement in other areas and lack of available time. Both posts were therefore left unfilled.


The Secretary said that he was happy to take on the extra role of Publicity Officer now that it was being recognised as a separate function to that of the Secretary. Proposed by Ralph Parsons and seconded by Harry Welch.    


The recent death of John Harforth meant that it was necessary to appoint a third Trustee to fulfil the requirements of our Constitution. Brian Stoker had expressed his willingness to stand and he was proposed by Richard Clark and seconded by Ralph Parsons. The other two Trustees, appointed in 1993 (Arthur Rathmell and Don Glensor) had confirmed their willingness to carry on and the Secretary expressed his thanks to them.        




In the absence of the Competition Secretary the following reports were all presented by the Secretary except for the Juniors which was presented by the Chairman.


(a) ESMBA Nationals: After a total entry of 107 in the Heats at Bubwith, we had been allocated two places in the Finals in the Pairs, Triples and Junior Singles and our full team therefore consisted of 21 qualifiers. With two exceptions none of our players had progressed beyond the initial round-robin stage. Geoff Whiteheads Triple reached the last 32 but in a close game were knocked out by Worcestershire, skipped by the National Pairs Champion from the last two years. Our best effort was by Gareth Townend in the Juniors who reached the Semi-Finals where he fell to the eventual winner – only the second time anyone from this county has progressed so far. A great effort and with several Junior years ahead of him he may yet become our first National Champion. Although there were no prizes, Colin Rapers Four once again managed to pick up a Hot Shots 8 – for the second year in succession!


It was proposed that the Heats for the Nationals next season should again be played at Bubwith (subject to availability) on the following dates (all to be confirmed at the next meeting).


            November:      12th (Singles)             19th (Pairs)                                        

            December:         3rd (Triples)            10th (Fours)           11th or 17th (Mixed Fours & U18s)


No objections to these proposals were voiced.


(b) NYSMBA County Championships: Another good entry of 267 this year resulted in four new County Champions being crowned at Swinton. These were Fred Wood (Singles); Paul Williamson/Roger Green (Pairs) - after a measure on the last end; Colin Raper/Janet & Noel Clark (Triples) and Colin Raper/Jill Newsome/Janet & Noel Clark (Fours).


It was proposed that the 3rd County Championships next season should again be played at Swinton (subject to availability) on the following dates (all to be confirmed at the next meeting).


            January:         7th (Singles)               8th (Triples)                21st (Pairs)

            February:       4th (Fours)                               


After comments received last year, we would be looking at making sure that no club team would find themselves drawn against another team from the same club in the first round. No objections to these proposals were voiced.


(c) NYSMBA Junior Championships: A record entry of 16 took part at Easingwold and the eventual winner was Richard Powell from Great Ouseburn who beat Crossgates Ben Render in the Final. It was proposed that the 4th Junior Championships next season should again be held at Easingwold  on February 18th (which has already been tentatively booked). 


(d) NYSMBA Inter-League Cup: The 8th Inter-League Cup is to be held this coming Saturday and all three captains have provided a list of their 12 Triples. Arthur Jackson’s Kyle Valley team will be going for a fifth consecutive win. The request that the order of lunches be rotated so that the same league was not always last (made at the AGM last year) has been complied with.


(e) NYSMBA Cameo Shield: The 4th Cameo Shield is to be held this coming Sunday and the NYSMBA team of 8 Triples will be looking for a third consecutive win over the York & District IBC. We are currently one person short and the Secretary asked to be contacted urgently by anyone who would like to play. 


(f) NESMBA Inter-County League: The County Team would remain in Division 1 for next year (see Captains report) and fixture dates would be agreed with opposing counties over the summer. We would attempt to keep to the 8 dates provisionally agreed with the Yorkshire (North) League to reduce clashes but are obviously in the hands of our opponents to a certain degree. We are considering playing one of our home fixtures at a location other than Bubwith to see how this would work out.   


(g) Northern England (NESMBA) Championships: With 4 places in each discipline, we had sent a team of 40 (chosen from the results of the County Championships) to Barnard Castle this year. However, we had no great success up there although Anne Ridge (Singles) and Alan Banthorpe and Rose Haynes (Triples) all reached the Quarter Finals. 


For 2006, the Secretary had requested David Rutt (NESMBA League Secretary) to hold these a week later than this year to extend our season by an additional week. David had agreed to this and confirmed that he had now provisionally booked the Barnard Castle venue for the 25th/26th March.




(a) Selby – David Randon reported that the main league had been won by Market Weighton ‘C’, with Tate & Lyle second. In the second division Riccall ‘A’ had lost only 1 of their 18 games to come first followed by Holme Moor ‘B’. These two would be promoted with Holme Moore ‘A’  and E Cottingwith being relegated from division one. In the Tuesday Triples league, Escrick came first having only lost 1 of their 15 games with Tate & Lyle as runners up. In a close KO Cup final, Tate & Lyle beat Holme Moore ‘B’.


(b) Ryedale – No report was made.


(c) Scarborough – Ray Goodbold reported that the first division winners were Flixton with Barn ‘B’ as runners up. Division 2 had been won by Marton ‘C’ over Barn ‘A’ whilst the third division had been headed by Crossgates ‘B’ with Crossgates ‘A’ in second place. In a rerun of last years Final, Flixton once again beat the Scarborough Hawks in the KO Cup whilst Kirkbymoorside ‘A’ were again runners up in the Plate this time being beaten by Marton ‘C’


Edwin Smith mentioned that he was aware that schools in his area (Pinder and Lady Lumleys were cited) had been allocated £1 million for “alternative sports”. The Scarborough club had already taken mats into Raincliffe school for a demonstration of Short Mat where there had been a good turnout and some school children had also visited his club. However he was not aware of any further developments. He wondered whether the Association could latch on to this initiative and the Secretary said that maybe this was an area the Publicity Officer could follow up.


(d) Kyle Valley – Brian Bennett reported that the league had been won for the first time by Great Ouseburn ‘A’ with Hambleton ‘B’ runners up once again. In Division 2 Raskelf ‘B’ and Easingwold ‘C’ had earned promotion whilst Raskelf ‘A’ and Easingwold ‘A’ would drop down from Division 1. This was the first year in which the two divisions were merit based and at tomorrows AGM the league would decide whether to continue on this basis or revert to a geographical split. The Challenge Cup day had been won by Hambleton for the first time and the Knockout Cup was won by  Boroughbridge ‘A’ – last years runners up.  


(e) Yorkshire (North) – Les Hardcastle reported that Ousedale had won for the second consecutive year after pushing Scarborough into third with a very heavy defeat in their last game and leaving Selby as runners up once again. It had once again been a very good season especially in view of such a close finish.


(f) Vale of York – No report was made.


(g) Nidderdale – Doreen Addyman reported that after the collapse of the Dales league at the beginning of the season a meeting was held to decide the future. At this all five clubs expressed a desire to continue with regular fixtures as they felt that competitive play was preferable to just playing friendlies. Under their new name the five clubs entered seven teams and completed a very enjoyable season played in a very friendly manner. The final winners were Pateley Bridge who just pipped Darley by a single point. 


(h) White Rose – John Bunting reported that last seasons activities will be repeated with the first fixture in May. Social events will again be staged by Hambleton (BarBQ) and Knaresborough (Buffet) alongside “fun” competitions. The end of season Challenge in which the winners play against the rest, will be moved to a new venue due to the unsuitability of the new floor at the Lookers showroom (Northallerton) – the previously used venue.


After the cancellation of this year’s Belgian trip, it is probable that the Belgians will send a team to us in 2006. They already have annual contests against Sussex and Norfolk where the journey and costs could be kept down to a reasonable level.  


(9) AOB:


(a) Dates for 2005/06: The pre-season Committee meeting will be on 23rd September. The mid season Committee meeting and the AGM have yet to be arranged. All would need to be confirmed together with venues. The proposed dates for the National Heats and the County Championships had already been announced above.   


In the absence of the Competition Secretary, the Secretary had studied next years calendar and had written to the Yorkshire (North) League Fixture Secretary with a proposal for the allocation of weekends for the YNL and County ICC games. Les Hardcastle had agreed to these with one change. Assuming all the regular annual club open competitions would go ahead on the equivalent dates to this year he could therefore see no big problem areas. It was hoped that Scarborough would be able to use their traditional slot of the first weekend in the year for their Open Pairs in spite of New Years Day falling on the Sunday. Edwin Smith had not looked at this yet so could not comment although he felt it would not be popular.


(b) Handbook: The Secretary asked if anyone wished to see any changes to next seasons Handbook. None were voiced so he would go ahead with a similar offering as last year.


Edwin Smith asked why there had not been a reply to his letter regarding a game between a YNL team and the County Team. He read out a subsequent letter sent by him querying this (dated 14th March). The Secretary said this had never been received but in any case he had replied to the original letter which had come from Ann Thompson (2nd November). He read this reply, dated 7th November, to the meeting. In this it had been re-iterated that a game against the formal County Team was not considered possible (for reasons already discussed at several previous meetings) but that there was no reason why an informal game could not go ahead as in past years. It had been suggested in the letter that Noel Clarke and/or Ralph Parsons be approached directly to discuss teams and agree details. However neither of them had heard anything further. Ralph Parsons said he was still prepared to get a side together and he would speak with Edwin at the end of the meeting on the matter.


There being no further business raised from the floor, the Chairman thanked all those present for attending, wished them a safe journey home and closed the meeting at 8.58 pm.       

NYSMBA - Secretaries Report to the 14th AGM 2005

Tonight marks the end of our 14th year as an Association and this is my 4th Annual Report to you as Secretary. Last year I took the opportunity to review the many developments that had taken place over the previous 5 years. Although there is no need to go over that ground in detail again, I would like to point out that because of all those changes, and also the 20% expansion that we have seen in our membership during that time, the amount of effort needed to run this Association has been gradually increasing year on year. Over the course of each season, we now deal with well over 100 items of incoming and outgoing mail, we print or copy over 3000 sheets of paper and, in spite of distributing letters manually wherever practical, we use around 800 postage stamps. We also now organise a total of 13 annual competitions, produce a 50 page Handbook, distribute ESMBA “Information Pack” updates to every club and co-ordinate our participation in their annual Draw. A large and comprehensive Web-site is kept up to date and on behalf of all our leagues, results tables are updated on a weekly basis. It is also necessary to produce nearly 1000 membership cards each year and keep track of a turnover of around £7000, which now includes 8 fund raising Raffles and Insurance and the Website costs.         

In short, this all means we are now a much bigger and much more active Association than we have ever been and it is in recognition of this that we are recommending to you later on in the meeting, the introduction of two new posts on the Executive Committee. 

Having said all that, this past season itself has seen no significant changes and can really be looked at as one of consolidation and stability.

In September we again issued our Handbook and I would like to thank the very few individuals who regularly make the effort to contribute. I would yet again ask you all to consider putting pen to paper for next years issue – this is after all your Handbook. There are no Rules about this – anything that relates to Short Mat Bowling would be considered.     

In the run up to Christmas, we again gave everyone the opportunity to take part in the National Championships by organising 6 separate Heats at Bubwith on behalf of the ESMBA and after Christmas our own County Championships were held for the second year - once again at Swinton. We are indebted to the BSA club for their help in holding these Championships and their venue has proved to be a very worthy replacement for the Ampleforth St. Albans Centre. Once again I would ask those who have yet to enter these relatively new competitions to consider doing so next year. Although there is no money to be won, there is the recognition of becoming the County Champion – at least for a year. We would like these Championships to attract ALL of our top bowlers – most of them do enter but there are a few notable absentees.   

In February, our Juniors again took part in their own Competition – now in its 3rd year. I think the two clubs at Crossgates and North Duffield deserve a special mention for attracting and encouraging their young players – between them they have over 20 regular U18 bowlers. Perhaps they could think about putting a short article in next years Handbook saying why they think they are succeeding when all the rest of us are failing to get young people involved.

In March, the Northern England Championships went ahead at Barnard Castle and thanks go to Arthur Jackson for spending some of his valuable time taking and picking up 4 of the 16 mats that were used over this weekend – especially as for the first time in several years he had not qualified to play there!

We will finish off our season once again at the Y&DIBC at the end of this week with the IL CUP on Saturday and the CAMEO Shield on Sunday – and thanks in advance to the usual small band of helpers who will be turning up on Friday evening to get the venue ready as well as Swinton and North Duffield for the loan of their mats without which there would of course be no competitions at all.

The County Team had another good season and our Captain, Ralph will be giving you the details shortly. Remember this Team is not a closed shop and is open to any Association member at all. Do not think that if you play in the Yorkshire (North) League you cannot be considered for the County Team. During the course of the season Ralph and Arthur have to pick a team of 20 players on 8 occasions so there is always scope to introduce new blood.  

Our Treasurer, Brian will shortly present detailed figures of this year Income and Expenditure. Although I do not want to re-empt his report, I would re-iterate what has been said before that the subscription fees you all pay only accounts for about two-thirds of our total Income - about enough to cover the production of the Handbook and the costs of printing, postage and stationery during the course of the year. All the other items of expenditure are only possible because of the money generated by the activities already described – most notably by the County Team and the County Championships. So it is obviously to the benefit of all of us that these activities continue to be well supported in the future.

On the Club front, 2004/05 saw our oldest club, Ampleforth, forced to change venues and adopt a new name, but it is good that they felt able to organise their historic 21st Open Pairs competition under the original “Ampleforth Pairs” banner. All the other 7 club Open competitions went ahead as usual, and it is interesting to note that 5 of them were won for the 2nd time by previous winners. Uniquely, the Kirbymisperton Pairs has now been won 3 times by the same couple – John & Heather Myers.

I have not yet mentioned the Leagues and as they are all run independently of this Association have no particular reason to do so – especially as we always give every league an opportunity to report at our meetings. However, well run and well supported leagues are the backbone of competitive bowling throughout the County so it is in the general interests of the game that they continue to adapt to local requirements and thrive. It was good therefore to see that the troubles early on in the season in the Dales league were quite quickly resolved and that having been reborn as the Nidderdale league they have been able to complete their 5th season successfully. After Christmas, it was however disappointing that the efforts of the White Rose summer league to organise a trip to Belgium were not better supported and finally had to be called off. The Association will of course continue to support all the leagues whenever asked and also by continuing to make their results tables quickly available on the Internet for all to see.

To sum up I would like to say that I see the job of Secretary as primarily being one of communication. I hope that through the Handbook, the Website and my letters and Minutes, every member in every club is fully aware of what this Association spends its time doing. I feel there really can be no excuse for any one of our members to say they do not know what their 50p annual membership fee is actually used for. However I am aware that in some clubs, information is not passed on fully or in good time, but this is something that unfortunately I can do nothing about. It is obviously up to each individual Club to see that they elect people who are interested in fulfilling their duties fully and completely.

Finally on your behalf I would like to thank Nobby, Brian, Reg, Ralph and Arthur for their time interest and continuing commitment in running this Association and helping to fulfil our objectives throughout another season. I cannot pretend we are all perfect but we do all try our best and I hope that you all agree that our best is good enough.       

Roger Green (April  18th 2005)