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11a - INTER-COUNTY GAMES - 2015/16

(Created 16/8/15)

Our 3 county teams are known as Premier, A and B (formerly A, B and C)


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ICC KO Semi Final - (Feb 21) Daventry. So it was back for the 4th consecutive weekend to face up to Somerset who we had met 4 weeks ago when they got the better of us in the ICC Rinks Finals (see below). Once again we got off to a good start with the first session producing 3 wins for a 6-2 lead. However the Triples and Fours were unable to add anything in session two so we went for lunch with Somerset having the advantage at 10-6. In the afternoon the Singles and Pairs repaired the damage with a full house of 8 points plus 4 bonus points so the final session commenced with Somerset under pressure at 10-18 down. A very tense finale ensued with both our Triples having finished with a single draw leaving just a single win required to reach the final. This looked  as if it was a distinct probability with both Fours slightly up and playing their last end. However, Somerset's experienced skips did not buckle and both produced winning shots to secure victory by the narrowest of margins. Final result - 21-19 although to emphasise the closeness of the results our team ended ahead on shots gained (192-185).    


ICC KO Quarter Final - (Feb 14) Our opponents were West Midlands. Points were shared in the first session with both Singles winning and both Pairs losing but after session 2 with a Triples win and two successes from the Fours we took the lunch break with the advantage at 10- 6. The Pairs had a better result in session 3 with two hard fought games that resulted in a win and a loss - both by a single shot. The Singles continued their great season with two more wins plus their bonus points (easily won by 34 shots) so with the final session to go our lead was 18-10. The Triples and Fours then finished the match off with a full house giving us a comfortable 30-10 victory and the Semi-Final to come next week.


ICC KO Last 16 - (Feb 7) Our opponents were West Sussex. Once again a strong performance in the first 2 sessions from all disciplines meant we went into the lunch break 14-2 up. However session 3 was disappointing with only 1 mat win but with 4 bonus points secured the score had increased to 20-8. With some confidence therefore the final session was played out with only a single point required for victory. We did better than that however, with 2 mat wins and 4 more bonus points to take us through to next weeks quarter finals at Church Gresley by 28-12. The day was notable in that it saw Francis Boatman suffer his first defeat (by a mere 2 shots) of his 12 games this season. No doubt Francis was thinking ahead to his Valentines trip to Italy next week to watch England play Italy in the 6 Nations. and took his eye off the ball now and again. (Only joking)      


ICC KO Prelim - (Jan 31 - Daventry IBC)) With the ICC competition this year organised in 9 groups of 3 (27 teams) and the top 2 in each group going through to the knockouts (18 teams), a preliminary round was necessary to eliminate 2 teams to arrive at the "last 16".  Unfortunately we were one of the four teams drawn for this extra game. Our opponents were Norfolk. (The other match involved Worcester and Surrey). A great start in the first session saw wins for both Singles and both Pairs and 8 points. The second session netted 3 more points from the Triples but the Fours struggled and failed to score. Lunchtime therefore saw us in a strong position 11-5 up. Session 3 again saw the Singles undefeated with a win and a loss from the Pairs. So with the bonus points from both these disciplines the score was 21-7 and left no way back for Norfolk. The match could have been conceded at this point but our opposition opted to play out the final session to give their players a full days bowling. With 2 wins for the Triples and 1 for the Fours the end result was a convincing 29-11 victory (209-165 shots). A return trip to Daventry next week will see us playing West Sussex for a place in the Quarter Finals.    


ICC RINKS FINALS - (Jan 30 - Daventry IBC). Having qualified back in September, by beating Northants and Shropshire, we now joined 7 other counties to see who could become the inaugural national Rinks A Champions. The 8 finalists were organised in two groups of 4 and our team of 16 (4x4) played simultaneously across 4 mats with the results being determined by total shots scored. A very successful morning saw 3 of our 4 rinks clock up victories over Surrey to defeat them by 47-32. This was followed by an even more decisive victory with all 4 rinks winning knocking out West Sussex by 51-29. In the afternoon however we were outplayed by Somerset and only managed a win on one mat - losing overall by 33-47. Somerset then went to a convincing win in the final match between the two group winners.  


Premier v STOCKPORT - Dec 20 (Away) - This was the final match in the group stage and gave the team their 3rd win by 28-12 (223-167 shots) to finish just 18 points behind group winners Cheshire. The Singles once again were the backbone of the team with a full house of 10 points. Francis Boatman now has an unbeaten run of 8 game wins out of 8 - great performance. The Triples and Fours both picked up 8 points but the Pairs were only ably to contribute a further 2. We now have to face a Preliminary KO match against Norfolk to earn a place in the Last 16.  


Premier v CHESHIRE A - Nov 1 (Home) - Once again it was the Singles that led the way with another win for Danny and two from Francis (unbeaten so far this year) and 8 points. However the Pairs again were disappointing and after drawing both games in session 1, went backwards in session 2 to lose both games - 2 points only. Both Triples had a poor morning leaving themselves 20 shots to make up but fought back in the final session but unfortunately fell short of the bonus points by just 2 shots. 4 points. Captain Rose led the way in the Fours with 4 points and Vice Captain Joseph rallied after his morning defeat to add 2 more plus the aggregate. Final score 22-18 - a very satisfactory day.     


Premier v CHESHIRE A - Oct 18 (Away) - The Singles came up with a solid 8 points but the Pairs disappointed again with just 2 whilst both the Triples and Fours gained 2 and 3 points respectively in narrow defeats (by 3 and 4 shots only). Without this small deficit another 6 or 8 points would have come our way. Shame but a good effort none the less on Winnington's tricky floor/mats. Hopefully we can turn the tables for the return leg in 2 weeks time.


Premier v STOCKPORT Oct 4 (Home) - The team's first  game in the 'A' Division took place on our 4 brand new (blue) mats and and got off to a shaky start losing the pre-lunch period by 7-9. However after lunch everyone knuckled down to turn the game round, winning the last two sessions 12-4 and with all but the Pairs claiming the bonus points the final result was 25-15. Having  lost 5 regular players from last season the team is going through somewhat of a re-build with today's side fielding 6 brand new players including 11 year old Daniel Agar, who all acquitted themselves well. An encouraging start for the season ahead.


ICC RINKS PRELIMINARIES - Sep 27 (Church Gresley). This is a new ICC competition for teams of 4 Rinks (16 players). The weekend saw counties competing in the preliminary games (12 in the Premier Division and 15 in the 'A' Division) at several different venues across the country. At each venue those competing were organised in either a group of 3 (2 matches) or a group of 4 (3 matches). Each match was played out over 12 ends.  

Our Premier team travelled to Swadlincote (Church Gresley IBC) in foggy conditions for a 10am start for matches against Northants and Shropshire. Both were won by substantial margins (60-29 and 61-34 respectively) meaning we were top of our group. The top 8 teams nationally (2 from each group) will now contest the Finals which are planned for Saturday January 30 (tbc along with venue and times). 


COUNTY TEAMS PRACTICE DAY - (Sep 12 - Galtres Centre) As usual, the players who make up the county squad were afforded the opportunity of a pre-season get together to exercise their rusty skills before embarking on the season's contests against other counties. Learning the lesson's of previous year's somewhat chaotic organisation, the format for the day had been changed so that everyone was able to benefit from more practice in a variety of positions against a variety of team colleagues. It was hoped that this would engender a general feeling that all were in a single County squad and not simply a member of a single team. 

Over 50 people turned up and all played 6 matches each lasting 35 minutes so play was continuous.  Each player kept their own score and 8 mats were used. Most games were Triples with the occasional Four as numbers dictated. Everyone stood the same chance of playing in any position and played with a variety of people on different mats.  At the end of 6 matches David Newsome and Dennis Jarvis were highest scorers on 58 so played a one bowl shootout which David won. Pat Jones was the highest scoring lady and the winners took home a bottle of wine.  Brian Thorne of North Duffield took home the booby prize.

Jill Newsome, who organised the day, stated that she felt the day had gone very well with only 1 dissenting voice regarding the new format. However, some had found that 4 continuous sessions in the morning before the lunchtime break was a little strenuous so some fine tuning may be required before next year.     


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See latest performance table for Premier team

Team photo


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(Note that the updating of this table depends on the team Captain supplying me with the match results sheet)


Oct 4 STOCKPORT HOME  WON 25 220 +42
Oct 18 CHESHIRE AWAY  LOST 15 179 -27
Nov 1 CHESHIRE HOME  WON 22 196 -14
Dec 20 STOCKPORT AWAY  WON 28 223 +56
Jan 31 NORFOLK (prelim) Daventry WON 29-11 209 +44
Feb 7 WEST SUSSEX (last 16) Daventry WON 28-12 209 +55
Feb 14 W MIDLANDS (QF) Church Gresley WON 30-10 220 +63
Feb  21 SOMERSET (SF) Daventry LOST 19-21 192 +7
Mar 6 Final Next year?      


Last updated on Feb 29 at 4.50pm


See latest performance table for A team

Team photo

(Note that the updating of this table depends on the team Captain supplying me with the match results sheet)


Nov 8 W YORKSHIRE B AWAY WON 26 192 +17
Nov 22 N YORKSHIRE B HOME WON 34 233 +115
Nov 29 DURHAM HOME WON 27 202 +47
Dec 20 N YORKSHIRE B AWAY WON 28 201 +43
Jan 2 LANCASHIRE AWAY Lancashire withdrew
Jan 31 DURHAM AWAY WON 27 192 +28
Feb 14 LANCASHIRE HOME Lancashire withdrew
Feb 28 W YORKSHIRE B HOME WON 26 192 +32



Last updated on Feb 15 at 4.30pm


See FINAL performance table for B team

 Team photo

(Note that the updating of this table depends on the team Captain supplying me with the match results sheet)

Oct 11 W YORKSHIRE B AWAY  LOST 12 157 -38
Oct 25 W YORKSHIRE B HOME DREW 20 187 +7
Nov 7 LANCASHIRE AWAY Lancashire withdrew
Nov 8 DURHAM HOME WON 28 173 +12
Nov 22 N YORKSHIRE A AWAY LOST 6 118 -115
Dec 20 N YORKSHIRE A HOME LOST 12 158 -43
Jan 31 LANCASHIRE HOME Lancashire withdrew
Feb 14 DURHAM AWAY LOST 16 160 -11