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11a - INTER-COUNTY GAMES - 2013/14

(Created 17/9/13)


'A' TEAM MATCH REPORTS(see below for results table and go to ESMBA website for latest group table)


8) KO Semi-Final v Northamptonshire Mar 1 at Caroline Chisholm School (Wooton Northants). The team were all disappointed that the season finally came to an end with a 16-24 defeat at the hands of Northants. Expectations were high and in spite of the absence to two regular team members, it was felt that we could make it to the Final. However the loss of all 8 points in the first session was to proved our undoing. After this the match was balanced with the points shared 4-4 in sessions 2 & 4 whilst session 3 went our way 6-2. In the SINGLES, Sean's substantial defeat at the hands of Chris Weston was remedied in his second game with a fine win over Ed Sawbridge. Rose played well in both games and should have beaten Chris but a dropped 4 proved decisive in her 11-14 defeat. So 2 points only. Although both PAIRS lost their opening games they came back strongly in the afternoon with two convincing wins good enough to claim the aggregate by 18 shots and 6 points.  Both TRIPLES and both FOURS clocked up a win apiece but were unable to score heavily enough for their aggregates so just 8 points. Of course, we could all have done better  - one more win and one more aggregate would have led to an exciting shoot out but Northants deserved their win and we can have no complaints. Good luck to them in their Final against Cornwall.  For our part, we are already looking forward to 2014/15 and maybe a little more success! If at first...........


7) KO Preliminary v LONDON SMBA Jan 26 at Caroline Chisholm School (Wooton Northants). After a lean season in their group games during which our team had struggled to play to their full potential, they at last have something to shout about. They had been told that they were the favourites but that means nothing and this game like all others was there to be won or lost. Admittedly the London team were not of the same stature as the Group 1 "giants"  but they were just as keen to win as we were so nothing was taken for granted. After a pep talk from Sean, all our players knuckled down and raised their game and came away elated by a decisive 34-6 victory with just 2 mats lost, 12 won and 2 drawn. Commiserations to London who played the match in a great spirit and never let the fact that things went so badly against them, affect their friendly and sportsmanlike approach.   


It turned out that due to Devon dropping out of their scheduled KO match, This match had been upgraded to be a Quarter-Final. We will now be playing a Semi-Final against the winner of Northants v West Sussex - venue tba.


6) December 8 v Shropshire (Away) In the SINGLES, Sean and Rose were up against Nick Tideswell (former National Champion in Pairs, Triples and Fours) and Alan Jones (former National Champion in Triples an Pairs) so the fact that Sean held Nick to a draw with a fighting 4, 1 finish is to be applauded - 1 point. Things were no easier in the PAIRS which featured Alan Williams and Martin Simcock, two more former National Champions. After losing their first game 8-21, Simon and Les Lambert (substitute) were 9-6 up in their second with 5 ends remaining but as often seems to be the case, the opposition finished strongly to win 16-14. Ben and Jacinta seem to make a habit of close results but with a 12-11 win and a 10-10 draw this was a good result for 3 more points. The TRIPLES continued to struggle to get on the scoreboard although Dave, Roger and Lesley just lost their second game by a single shot. In the FOURS, Danny, Josh, Margaret Lambert (substitute) and Jayne lost their first game but were 7-4 up in their second when once again the opposition closed the door with a 1, 2, 2, 3 finish. However, Joseph, Jill, James and Megan made the sun shine a little with two wins and 4 points.  So once again we end up bottom of our group and must re-double our effort for a decent run in the knockouts which start in January.      


5) December 1 v West Midlands (Home) It was left to the SINGLES to salvage a little pride today with 3 game wins (Sean 15-10 and 14-10 and Rose 12-11 and 9-17), the aggregate shot diff and 8 points. In the PAIRS Simon & Richard played steadily just losing their first game 12-14 and drawing their second for 1 point whilst Ben & Jacinta lost both by a single shot after conceding a 2 on the final end in both.  The TRIPLES lost all games and apart from a narrow 7-9 defeat for Roger, Arthur (Jackson) & Lesley in their first, they were all substantial losses leading to an overall shot deficit of -54. In the FOURS a great 4, 2 start for David, Danny, Josh and Jayne disappeared over the next 4 ends but they hung in to settle for an 8-8 draw and 1 more point.  The overall 30-10 (-73 shots) defeat is nothing to shout about but it is interesting to note that just 15 more shots in the 6 closest games would have given us another 12 points. Generally we are doing OK but our finishing is letting us down. Final Group game next week......COME ON! (see PhotoGallery)  


4) November 10th v West Midlands (Away) - We had of course hoped to improve on the 9 points gained in this match last year but in fact the day resulted in another very disappointing outcome. By lunchtime the total points tally was ZERO after heavy defeats in both FOURS (3-10 and 3-16) and both TRIPLES (4-19 and 2-18). A win in the PAIRS by Richard Lochman/Roger Ellis looked on the cards but a 2 on the final end for Mike Tandy/Craig Strong meant we had to settle for a 10-11 result. Both SINGLES suffered early on and at 4-12 (Sean) and 3-10 (Rose) the deficit for both proved too much to recover in spite of a strong finish with respectable final scores of 12-13 and 9-11.

The afternoon proved better (not a lot) and in the SINGLES,  although Sean suffered again to go down 3-13 with 3 ends remaining, he recovered to end 10-13 which together  with a fine 19-8 win for Rose was enough to claim the aggregate and 4 points. The PAIRS (10-17 and 11-17) and FOURS  (4-12 and 7-11) again both failed to score but in the TRIPLES Gordon, Matthew and Robert picked up a 4 and a 5 on their way to a 13-7 result and 2 points. However, with 2 ends remaining and the scores level at 7-7, Dave, Roger and Lesley could not find the shots to finish well and lost 7-13. So, only 6 points and a deficit of 80 shots overall. 


3) October 20th v Shropshire (Home) - In this match it was the turn of the SINGLES to shine with two decisive wins from Sean by 20-7 and 19-10 and another from Rose by 10-8 earning us 6 game points plus the aggregate for a total of 8 points. In the PAIRS there was nothing gained although Richard Lochman/Paul Whitcombe (the latter substituting for the second time) had a close second game losing out by a single shot 10-11. In the TRIPLES, Dave Herbert, Roger Ellis (substitute) and Josh Burrow played well in their first game to recover from a 2-5 deficit to go into their last end with a 9-7 lead but were unable to prevent Alan Jones' trio from pinching victory with a 3 on the final end. Gordon Raggett, Matthew Jackson and Robert Harris had a good start in their morning game going 11-3 up so in spite of losing the last 4 ends were able to claim 2 points with an 11-8 win. In the FOURS David Newsome, Danny Langdon, Andrew Mather and Jayne Rudd had a good day picking up 2 points  after winning a very tight first game by 6-4. A second victory looked a mere formality but somehow they let their opponents claim a 5 on the final end to lose 9-10. (Oh dear!). This home fixture was one of our only 2 team wins last year so the 12-28 final total was a little disappointing. Maybe next time?       


2) October 6th v Cheshire (Away) - This fixture was our inaugural match in the ICC last year in which we were only able to score 6 points. This year we improved - "not a lot", but an improvement never the less. Our SINGLES however never made any headway losing 8-21, 8-14, 7-22 and 15-19. The highlight was the PAIRS in which Simon Holtby/Paul Whitcombe (substitute) picked up 2 points with a 18-7 win whilst Ben and Jacinta had two tight games to claim a 14-13 win and an 11-11 draw and another 3 points. This performance was good enough to claim the Pairs aggregate 2 points by 9 shots. Like the Singles, the TRIPLES also had a tough time losing 2-21, 6-16, 4-14 and 5-9. Our final 2 points of the match came in the FOURS with Jo and Jill Newsome, James Clark and Megan Holtby recovering from 2-5 down to win by 10-6. The other games were lost by 5-12, 9-14 and 3-15 so no aggregate points there. With our two toughest matches now out of the way, we must all hope for much improved results against Shropshire and West Midlands.   


1) September 22nd v Cheshire (Home) - Matches against mighty Cheshire are never going to be easy - they have, after all, won the ICC competition for the last 7 years (and they have a flag to prove it!). However we did beat them last year when they came to Easingwold for our last game of the season so we were all looking forward to a better result than 8-32. However, substantial changes have been made to our side this year with 7 changes to the line-up and an overhaul of the disciplines everyone had got used to. No real excuse, I know, but perhaps we just need a little time to get going and gel. In the SINGLES, Sean battled well in his first game against Gareth Stanway and secured our first 2 points with a 16-10 win whilst Rose came back against Stephen Proctor after being 2-10 down to lose 10-14. However in the afternoon the Cheshire lads made sure of victory with 19-9 and 18-9 wins. The PAIRS lost all their 4 games with an overall deficit of 32 shots. The TRIPLES however, shared their match points with Gordon/Robert/Matthew, and Dave/Roger/Josh clocking up one win apiece and they were just 6 shots shy of claiming the bonus. Never the less - 4 more points. After losing their first session with 4-14 and 5-10 results, the FOURS rallied in the afternoon with a 12-4 win to Jo, Jill, James and Lesley giving us another 2 points whilst Dave, Danny, Andrew and Jayne just missed out by 13-14. 

Things should only get better (once we have the next match Away at Cheshire out of the way)!


Note that the updating of this results table depends on the team Captain supplying me with the match results sheet.

Last updated on Mar 2 at 4.45pm


For the latest ESMBA ICC results go to

SEP 22 CHESHIRE HOME Lost 8 141 -67
OCT 6 CHESHIRE AWAY Lost 9 135 -92
OCT 20 SHROPSHIRE HOME Lost 12 145 -36
NOV 10 WEST MIDLANDS AWAY Lost 6 133 -80
DEC 1 WEST MIDLANDS HOME Lost 10 143 -73
Dec 8 SHROPSHIRE AWAY Lost 8 143 -69
Jan 26 LONDON ICC Q Final Win 34 238 +103
Mar 1 NORTHANTS ICC S-Finals Lost 16 168 -19
Mar 9 NEXT YEAR!! ICC Finals  

'B' TEAM MATCH REPORTS(see below for results table and go to NESMBA for latest league table)

7) Mar 2 v Humberside B (Home) - Another win against Humberside 'B' concludes an excellent season for the team who have only lost a single match - and that one only just. Today, although the SINGLES only produced 2 points, all other disciplines performed well to win their aggregates, with the PAIRS netting 9 points, the TRIPLES 8 points and the FOURS 6 points.

The team now awaits to see how many points will be awarded for their cancelled game against Lancashire (which should be around 25). In any case they will be well clear of all other teams in Division 2 and can look forward to some stiffer opposition in Division 1 next season.

6) February 16 v North Yorkshire C (Away) - SEE REPORT BELOW FOR 'C' TEAM

5) December 22 v North Yorkshire C (Home) - This was an historic match - the first between the counties 'B' and newly formed 'C' team and resulted in a convincing 30-10 win for the 'B' team by 93 shots overall. Having said that, the match was probably closer than it looked with 6 games finishing with just a 1 or 2 shot difference. In the SINGLES the honours went to the 'C' team who collected 3 wins and the aggregate leaving the 'B' team with just 2 points. In the other three disciplines it was the 'B' that ended on top with 8 points from the PAIRS and a full house of 10 points in both the TRIPLES and the FOURS. (Uniquely, in the Fours, both teams had a Paul Williamson in their team with Paul from Great Ouseburn playing for 'C' and Paul from Church Fenton playing for 'B'.)   

4) November 10 v West Yorkshire (Away) - The first defeat of the season......but only just by 19-21.  The SINGLES contribution was 2 points thanks to a win by George McDowell and in the PAIRS it was also just 2 points thanks to a win by Elaine & Dennis Thornburn. In the TRIPLES Anne Ridge/Jim & Jean Weatherill won both games whilst Dennis Jarvis/Harry Welch/Gill Fletcher won one and with an overall shot difference of +22  also claimed the aggregate so 8 further points. The final 7 points came in the FOURS as Alan Banthorpe/Mick Ridge/Barry Simmonite/Joyce Hughes won one game whilst Hilda Thomas/Paul Williamson/Stan Spencer/Colin Stevens were undefeated with a win and a draw.    

3) November 2 v Lancashire (Away) - Another good team effort with everybody contributing to another full set of aggregate points and so another convincing match win. Game points came from George and Arthur in the SINGLES with one win apiece and 4 points. Elaine/Dennis and Keith/Doreen also shared the honours with a victory each in the PAIRS so another 4 points. In the TRIPLES, Dennis/Harry and Gill were undefeated whilst Anne/Jim and Jean clocked one win so 6 more points here. The same story in the FOURS with Alan/Mick/Barry/Joyce undefeated and Hilda/Neil/Stan/Colin winning one - 8 further points. Keep going 'B' team - can you remain undefeated? 

2) October 27 v Humberside B (Away) - A good all round team effort with only 4 game defeats and all four disciplines contributing by ensuring all 8 aggregate points came our way.   In the SINGLES, two wins from Arthur Jackson and one from George McDowell added 6 points whilst in the PAIRS, Keith Hughes/Doreen Sorely and Elaine/Dennis Thornburn were undefeated and so claimed a full house of 8 more points. Anne Ridge/Jim & Jean Weatherill were also undefeated and together with one win from Dennis Jarvis/Harry Welch/Gill Fletcher accounted for 6 more points in the TRIPLES.  The final 4 points game from two wins in the FOURS by Alan Banthorpe/Mick Ridge/Barry Simmonite/Margaret Mellors

1) October 13 v West Yorkshire B (Home) - A good start to the season with a win by 64 shots and 4 points. The SINGLES however failed to score going down by 25 shots overall. The FOURS of Hilda Thomas/Arthur Morely/Stan Spencer/Colin Stevens) and Alan Banthorpe/Mick Ridge/Barry Simmonite/Joyce Hughes both had a win each to pick up 4 points and only just missed out on collecting the aggregate by a single shot (29-30). The PAIRS  however collected 3 wins between them (Keith Hughes/Doreen Sorely 10-15 & 25-6 and Elaine & Dennis Thornburn in their inaugural county game, 16-10 & 18-5) and with an aggregate of +33 scored 8 points. The TRIPLES were the stars of this first match with 4 wins and +57 shots and a full house of 10 points. (Anne Ridge/Jim & Jean Weatherill 11-5 & 19-4 and Dennis Jarvis/Neil Flynn/Sue Pittham 16-8 & 28-0)

Note that the updating of this results table depends on the team Captain supplying me with the match results sheet.

Last updated on MAR 2 at 8.00pm


 For the latest NESMBA IC league tables go to NESMBA

SEP 29 LANCASHIRE HOME Cancelled tba tba  
OCT 27 HUMBERSIDE B AWAY Win 32 218 +66
NOV 2 LANCASHIRE AWAY Win 28 206 +53
NOV 10 WEST YORKSHIRE B AWAY Lose 19 194 +20
MAR 2 HUMBERSIDE B HOME Win 25 205 +46

'C' TEAM MATCH REPORTS (see below for results table and go to NESMBA for latest league table)

8)  - February 16th v North Yorkshire 'B' (Home) - To conclude their first season, the team had hoped to improve on their previous attempt to beat their county colleagues (and rivals!) but as it turned out the final score of 10-30 was the same. However, they can claim to have edged a little closer losing by only 39 shots as opposed to 93 before.  For the first time, the SINGLES failed to win a game, going down by a total of 22 shots. Both PAIRS won one game thus scoring 4 points, but just failed to pick up the aggregate by a single shot . 7 seemed to be the unlucky number for the TRIPLES who lost 3 of their games 7-12, 7-13 and 7-11. However 1 win (13-7) produced 2 points. The final 4 points came from the FOURS with each winning 1 game each. Both Captain's congratulated their opponents on a very good season for both teams but they will now part company with the 'B' team virtually guaranteed promotion for 2014/15.   

7)  - February 2nd v Humberside 'B' (Home) - Only 2 points and 7 shots in it but another win nevertheless. A win apiece for the two Pats in the SINGLES - (Pat B playing with a broken wrist!) (but no aggregate) produced 4 points.  In the PAIRS, Keith and Ray won both games but Alan and Derek just dibbed out in their two. However they did enough to secure the aggregate so 6 more points.  The TRIPLES picked up 7 points with 2 wins a draw and their aggregate whilst the FOURS both won and lost a game each for 4 points. Only one game left now - another Derby against the 'B' team. Should be an exciting end to the season.

6) - January 19th v W Yorkshire (Home) - Another win takes the team to the top of the Division 2 table.  8 points for the SINGLES, 7 points for the PAIRS and another full house of 10 points for the TRIPLES. The FOURS just missed out on the aggregate by 2 shots but nevertheless shared the points with the opposition contributing 5 points to the final total of 30.  The 'C' team have certainly now fully established themselves and if they finish the season strongly are in "danger" of getting promotion!!

5)  - January 11 v Lancashire (Away) - A good win against the Red Roses of Lancashire takes the team into a good 2nd place in the Division 2 table. The SINGLES and PAIRS picked up 6 points between them with a win for Pat Beardsley and a draw for Pat Lawry, a win for Ray LH/Keith Tingay and a draw for Derek Beardsley/Allan Whittle. The stars were once again the TRIPLES with a full house of 10 points from Paul Williamson/Bryan Jones/Lucy Hubbard and  Roger/Diane Ellis and Pat Jones. The final 7 points came from the FOURS with Paul Whitcombe/Ken Brailey/Ann Thompson/Neil Atkinson undefeated with a win and a draw and Roger Wilson/Steve Duffin/Ken Thompson/Joan Ramsden having one win and the fours aggregate by 7 shots overall.

4)  - December 22nd v North Yorkshire B (Away) - SEE REPORT ABOVE FOR 'B' TEAM

3) December 1 v Humberside B (Away) - The SINGLES struggled somewhat in this match and secured just 1 point thanks to a draw by Pat Beardsley. The PAIRS faired slightly better with Ray Lawson-Howe and Keith Tingay undefeated with a win and a draw netting 3 points. The TRIPLES had a good day with two monster wins for Roger & Dianne Ellis and Pat Jones (27-8 & 22-4) and another win from Bryan Jones/Ken Thompson/Lucy Hubbard. With an overall shot difference of +31 the haul was therefore 8 points. Both FOURS (Whitcombe/Thompson K/Ward/Thorne C and Williamson/Wilson/Thorne B/Ramsden) had a win apiece and with the aggregate won the final 6 points. So the teams first loss but not by many. All the team are now looking forward to their next match when they will be playing the North Yorkshire 'B' team.......should be interesting!

2) November 24 v Lancashire (Home) - With 3 wins and a shot difference of +15 the two SINGLES, Pat Beardsley and Pat Lawrie, claimed 8 points in this, the 'C' teams first home match. It was the same story for the PAIRS of Ray Lawson-Howe/Keith Tingay and Derek Beardsley/Alan Whittle with a shot difference of +30, so 8 more points. In the TRIPLES the haul was just 2 points due to  a  win by Roger Ellis/Dianne Ellis and Pat Jones. In the FOURS, Roger Wilson/Simon Breeze/Alan Ward/Joan Ramsden won their first game whilst Paul Whitcombe/Paul Williamson/Ann Thompson/Cameron Breeze managed one draw. The aggregate shots were tied so overall this discipline netted another 4 points.  The total of 22 points meant that the team remains undefeated.

1) October 27 v West Yorkshire B (Away) - An excellent result in this historic first match for North Yorkshire's 3rd county team. Two wins in the SINGLES by Pat Beardsley netted 4 points and although Pat Lawry had two losses their combined total was just enough to add the aggregate 2 points by 3 shots. The PAIRS had 3 wins - two from Derek Beardsley/Alan Whittle and one from Ray Lawson-Howe/Keith Tingay but the aggregate just slipped away by 2 shots. So, another 6 points in the bag. The TRIPLES of Bryan Jones/Ken Thompson/Lucy Hubbard and Roger Ellis/Brian Thorne/Pat Jones were the stars of the match with no defeats, a shot difference of +19 and a resultant full house of 10 points. Close behind came the FOURS of Paul Whitcombe/Ann Thompson/Christine Thorne/Joan Ramsden with 2 points and Derrick Johnson/Roger Wilson/Alan Ward/Dianne Ellis with 4 points and between them all a shot difference of +15 to take the aggregate 2 points as well. Well done to all players - may you go from strength to strength.

Note that the updating of this results table depends on the team Captain supplying me with the match results sheet.

Last updated on FEB 17 at 10.00am


 For the latest NESMBA IC league tables go to NESMBA

NOV 24 LANCASHIRE HOME Win 22 186 +22
DEC 1 HUMBERSIDE B AWAY Lose 18 182 +12
JAN 11 LANCASHIRE  AWAY Win 23 190 +29

COUNTY TEAMS PRACTICE DAY - (Saturday September 14) - A slightly chaotic but useful day. To keep the costs down only half of the Sports Hall had been booked with the 'A' team practice taking place in the morning (9-12) and the 'B' and 'C' teams in the afternoon (12-5). The other half of the hall was occupied by a local Karate class so the 'A' team practice was accompanied by a lot of enthusiastic shouting and grunting. (Perhaps this is a practice we should adopt during our games!). Disappointedly the 'A' team attendance was poor - let us hope that our first game against Cheshire this Sunday does not suffer as a result. The 'B' team were nearly all present whilst around 30 potential 'C' team players attended which show a high level of support for the new team. This unexpected high turn out did mean that to give all players games an additional mat had to be employed - luckily there was room to slot this in without disturbing the playing position of the 4 match mats. (See PhotoGallery)