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(Created 22/9/11)

Note that maximum points per match is 40 (2 points per game + 2 points aggregate for each discipline)


Last updated on FEB 4 at 9.00pm



Points Shots for Shots against
October 9 Derbyshire HOME WIN 29-11 190-144 29 190 144
October 16 W Yorkshire A HOME WIN 27-13 196-145 56 386 289
October 30 Derbyshire AWAY WIN 25-15 162-151 81 548 440
November 6 Durham HOME WIN 38-2 255-108 119 803 548
December 13 Staffordshire AWAY WIN 32-8 206-138 151 1009 686
December 18 Stockport AWAY WIN 26-14 193-153 177 1202 839
January 2 Stockport HOME WIN 24-16 185-159 201 1387 998
January 29 Durham AWAY WIN 29-11 201-153 230 1588 1151
February 4 W Yorkshire A AWAY WIN 32-8 211-144 262 1799 1295
February 19 Staffordshire HOME 0 Match forfeited due ICC game


Last updated on MAR 4 at 5.30pm



Points Shots for Shots against
October 16 W Yorkshire B AWAY WIN 25-15 177-155 25 177 155
October 20 Lancashire HOME WIN 23-17 188-161 48 365 316
November 6 Merseyside AWAY WIN 23-17 193-162 71 558 478
November 13 Humberside B AWAY LOSE 16-24 176-179 87 734 657
November 27 Humberside A HOME LOSE 17-23 172-170 104 906 827
December 18 Humberside B HOME WIN 23-17 183-175 127 1089 1002
January 22 Humberside A AWAY LOSE 12-28 149-206 139 1238 1208
February 5 W Yorkshire B HOME WIN 30-10 215-141 169 1453 1349
February 18 Lancashire AWAY WIN 22-18 196-171 191 1649 1520
March 4 Merseyside HOME WIN 30-10 217-122 221 1866 1642


ESMBA National Inter-County Competition (ICC)

February 5th 2012 - Preliminary Round (Birmingham) - Postponed due to snow & ice - re-arranged as below

February 19th 2012 - Preliminary round (Caroline Chisholm School Northampton) - This was the first ever match in the ESMBA National ICC involving North Yorkshire. We  had gained entry to this years competition by winning last years NESMBA league (as had Stockport who came second) and this was a unique one-off opportunity of making our first impression on the national IC scene. Our team was short of 2 of the regular squad with Dennis Jarvis opting not to play and Francis Boatman unavailable. Their places were filled by James Clark and Jake Potter (the two finalists in this years NYSMBA Junior Championships). Some adjustments to the make up of the disciplines had also been made which were seen as necessary to enhance our chances of gaining the 21 points required to reach the Quarter Finals.  

After an initial line-up in which Somerset Captain, Jim Mannell, presented our team with a framed plaque to commemorate this match, play commenced with the Singles & Pairs taking to the mats for Session 1 followed by the Triples & Fours in Session 2. At lunch, the scores were level at  8-8 but Somerset just had the advantage on shots (Singles -7, Pairs +15, Triples +12 and Fours +1). A better afternoon was required from North Yorkshire in the final 2 sessions.


In the Pairs, Ben & Gareth had their second win whilst Gordon & Jake, playing a much improved game, were disappointed to lose by 2 shots.

In the Singles,  Bronagh also completed her day undefeated but David just missed his final shot to go down by a single shot.


With fours games left to play, the match thus remained in the balance with scores level at 14-14.


In the final session, both of our Triples raised their game (and our hopes) by reversing their mornings fortunes with 2  wins - but not by enough to gain their aggregate .........18-16 to North Yorkshire. Thus all rested on the fortunes of one or other of our (reformatted) Fours.


With one lost, and no hope of the aggregate, the score stood at 20-18 to Somerset and  all eyes were on the last few woods of Jacinta's Four where scores were equal and one end to go. An impossibly tight head meant a running wood and the hope of shuffling things in our favour to force a drawn match and an exciting shoot out.


But it was not to be, so Somerset go through 22-18 to the Quarter Finals and we wish them good luck in their match against Oxfordshire.


Our counties 'A' team therefore end their 19 match run of wins on a somewhat subdued note and of course a little disappointment. However, the sign of a good team (indeed of a good player) is to take such defeats on the chin and move on. Next year we have opted in to the full ICC for the whole season. The players finally selected to make up the team will have plenty more opportunities to show what they are made of - and keep the North Yorkshire flag flying high.

COUNTY 'A' TEAM  - 2011/12

The 9th match of the season (against West Yorkshire 'A') on February 4th has proved to be the last of the year for the 'A' team in the NESMBA IC league. The final scheduled game against Staffordshire has had to be cancelled due to the need to play in the ESMBA ICC (Prelim KO round) on the same date (re-arranged due to snow & ice on the original date). Although the team will not be credited with any points for this un-played game, they are in the fortunate position of having an unbeatable lead of 84 points at the top of the leagues 1st Division. So the West Yorkshire match concludes another very successful season - their 3rd consecutive year as NESMBA Champions.

This year the team was our strongest (and youngest) ever, containing 5 England squad players (David, Ben, Bronagh, Gareth & Jacinta) and 2 from the inaugural England Ladies squad (Rose & Pat B). Also included were 2 England Junior squad members (Jo and James - our reserve, who had 2 games),  Sean (ex Irish National standard player) and Francis (our 2004 Junior Champion). The remainder of the team were experienced county level players including Gordon (ex Surrey Premier team player) and Simon, Roger, Dennis and Jayne all of whom have won County Championships in the past. 

(View team collage)

An analysis of the results for the season shows that all disciplines contributed more or less equally to our overall results - there were no "stars" but an excellent team effort across the board.

(View analysis)  

The team will now move on to this years ESMBA ICC preliminary knockout round with hopes high of progressing into the latter stages of this National competition. (See report above)

ROGER GREEN - (Sunday November 6th 2011) Rose Haynes, "A" team captain, presented Roger with a commemorative plaque to celebrate his 100th game for North Yorkshire - only 7th player to reach this milestone to date. Roger started playing short mat bowls in Surrey in 1989 at a time when some of the younger members of the current team were still only playing with their rattles! After moving north in 1992 he joined the newly formed Easingwold club, playing in his first match for the county in the 1993/94 season when the team was still in Division 2. In those far off days, he recollected, that wins were few and far between and it was not until 2003 that the team finally gained promotion to Division 1.

Roger says he is very proud to be part of the current team who have now won the Division 1 trophy for the last 2 years. When asked why they have been doing so well he concedes the fact that it helps that it contains 5 young England team members plus two more that are in the newly formed England Ladies team. However, he adds, the most important factor is that all 20 players put the interests of the team before their own individual success. Bowls is a great leveller and even the best can be beaten so we will all just keep doing our best to try and ensure that North Yorkshire comes out on top for the 3rd year in succession. (See PhotoGallery)

COUNTY TEAMS PRACTICE DAY - (Saturday September 24) - With the new season about to get under way, the 2 team Captains assembled their players for a warm-up day of semi-formal practice in the Galtres Centre. In the morning sessions both teams played games amongst themselves getting used to the changes in personnel and line-ups that had been made since last season. The day was rounded off with and A v B match to give the day a more competitive edge. A local professional photographer (Guy Cope) had been employed for the day and as well as taking team photographs he took many "action" shots of most (if not all) players in attendance. All these photos (360) are now available for viewing and purchase on his website. (Go to