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Note that maximum points per match is 35 (2 points per game + 3 points for the aggregate)

RESULTS - 2006/07 winter season



Points Shots for Shots against

Sun Oct 8th

MERSEYSIDE Home WIN 28-7 217-138 28 217 138

Sun Nov 5th

DURHAM Home WIN 28-7 241-132 56 458 270

Sun Nov 19th

HUMBERSIDE B Home WIN 30-5 231-118 86 689 388

Sun Nov 26th

DURHAM Away WIN 19-16 193-181 105 882 569

 Sun Dec 17th

WEST YORKSHIRE B Away WIN 29-6 264-116 134 1146 685

 Sun Jan 21st

MERSEYSIDE Away WIN 25-10 211-148 159 1357 833

 Sun Feb 11th

HUMBERSIDE B Away WIN 27-8 215-158 186 1572 991

Sun Feb 25th

WEST YORKSHIRE B Home WIN 30-5 237-117 216 1809 1108



Final Tables from David updated MAR 19

DERBYSHIRE 8 161 231
LANCASHIRE 8 111 -250
DURHAM 8 154 -11
MERSEYSIDE 8 123 -157


This was the biggest event in this years county calendar (and probably the biggest event ever organised by the NYSMBA). Two matches were played over two days on 8 mats laid down at the New Earswick Indoor Bowls Arena in York. For each match both teams had 52 players which were organised into two Singles, 2 Pairs, 2 Triples and 2 Fours (normal county format) plus another 8 Fours (Rinks) The England players were the same on each day but for our own team only 15 players took part on both days and we had also included players from Derbyshire, Stockport, Durham, Humberside and Cumbria. 

Saturday 3rd February 2007  -  Proceedings were kicked off at 7.30am with the delivery of  8 mats at the New Earswick Indoor Bowls Arena. By 09.00 these had been laid, cleaned and with the Northern select Team all now present, practice got underway. By 10am the England team had arrived and it was their turn for a practice session. So at 10.30, both teams of 52 players lined up on opposite sides of the large arena and to the stirring sound of the Radetsky March, paraded to meet each other in the centre of the arena when welcoming words were said by John Bunting, Nobby Clark, Ted Messer (England team manager) and the President of the NEIBA. Ted then gave a commemorative plaque to the Captain for the day, Arthur Jackson, who reciprocated by presenting Ted with a pennant. The final act of the opening ceremony was an exchange of gifts between all players on both sides. (Our team presented each of their players with a commemorative booklet specially printed for the occasion whist England presented our players with a souvenir badge). A five minute break then allowed the England players time to change into their smart red/white team strips before play finally got underway in the first of the days four sessions.

Session 1 was an all Rinks affair and our team could soon see what they were up against. After the 10 ends were complete, we were 50 shots down with only one of the eight Rinks managing to score a win. This was Roger Greens four (Billy Thompson, George and Irene Gray (Cumbria)) who managed to come back from 1-7 down and take a two on the final end to win 8-7. Session 2 ended a further 64 shots down with no further points scored at all although there were close results for Ivan Lunn (Derbyshire) in the Singles (13-16); Arthur Jackson/Gareth Townend in the Pairs (11-14); Ralph Parsons/Pat & Brian Jones in the Triples (12-13) and Graham & Linda Sherburn/Barry & Joan Crossland in the Fours (7-9). 

So at lunch, England just had the edge 30 points to 2 and 114 shots up!

After a buffet lunch break, the Rinks returned for their second game but our team still failed to make any impact although the fours skipped by Roger Green, Richard Clark and David Taylor (Durham) all had narrow defeats. Overall we went down in this third session by 67 shots. The final session of the day proved to be our best with good wins for Derek Williams/Jacinta Townend (15-11) and Arthur Jackson/Gareth Townend (11-8) in the Pairs whilst Simon Holtby just missed out by a single shot in the Singles and Richard Lund/John Coffey/Sue Watson lost by just two shots on the last end in their Triples These performances helped cut down the overall session defeat to just 40 shots.

So the day ended with a not altogether unexpected defeat for the Northern Select team by 6 points to 58 and 222 shots to 443 (-221). Everybody left for home looking forward to the second match which, it was hoped, with a virtually new team would do a little better.        

Sunday 4th February 2007 - For the second match over this weekend, our own team had another practice session before those that had not played on the previous day paraded on to the green to be presented with their copy of the commemorative booklet and the souvenir badge by Ted Messer, Noel Clark and Ralph Parsons. With the England team declining another session of practice, play was able to get under way about an hour earlier and followed the previous days format.

It seemed as if England had changed up a gear from the previous day as in Session 1 they easily won on all mats by 64 shots overall. Our best performance came from Bernard & Leslie Fennell (Stockport) playing with Ron Watson and Bruce Fryer from Escrick who managed to keep their defeat down to just 4 shots (7-11)! Session 2 proved to be  much the same with our side losing a further 72 shots. However Geoff Dye, Allan Meek and Ann Whitehead did well to limit their defeat to 8-12 whilst Geoff Whithead almost scored a tremendous victory over the current World Champion Chris Grocott. Going into the last end he was 2 shots up but Chris showed why he is the best in the world by drawing 3 superb woods to take the game 15-14. Great effort Geoff!!

After lunch, the Rinks returned for Session 3 but this actually proved to be our worst session of the whole weekend in which we went down by a whopping 102 shots and none of our Rinks could do better than lose by 8 shots! In bowls however, as in life, perseverance pays off and every cloud has its silver lining. Ours came in Session 4 with three wins. In the Pairs, Derek Williams & Jacinta Townend kept their heads on the last end to clock up their second victory of the weekend (11-10) - our only double winners. In the Fours Graham & Linda Sherburn/Barry & Joan Crossland were delighted to gain a 9-7 victory after their narrow final end defeat yesterday. Finally, in the Singles, Geoff Whitehead, after his great first game against the World Champion, showed what a steady player he is by clocking up a tremendous 24-6 win.  

To conclude the weekends proceedings, both teams then gathered on the rink to hear John Bunting and Ted Messer offer their words of thanks and congratulations to all those concerned in making the event a success. All 5 Umpires (Arthur Rathmell, Clive Scholefield, John Gooch, Chris Watson and Noel Clark) were presented with medals for their sterling efforts over the two long days and the England team were sent on their way with a rousing "Three Cheers" from the Northern Select side.

And the final score??? England 116 points and 907 shots..............Northern Select 12 points and 408 shots.     

We had hoped to fare a little better than this, but, in spite of the anticipated defeat, it was generally agreed that the weekend had been a most enjoyable one and a lot had been learned about the skill, consistency and accuracy needed to play at the very top level in the country. We wish the England Team good luck in their forthcoming match against Ireland where they will probably find the opposition just a little bit tougher!!

(The PhotoGallery has the few (dubious quality) photos I took. For those taken by the professional photographer who was present on Sunday see the NewsHeadlines page for how to access)

CAPTAIN vs CHAIRMAN 2 - (Home game at Easingwold - Saturday 9th December 2006) This was a return match organised mainly to raise funds for the forthcoming "England" weekend in February. Because of this the format was expanded to include two teams of 36 players, playing an all triples match on 6 mats. This was achieved over 4 sessions of 12 ends with all participants having 2 games. The Captains side started positively winning all 6 games in the first session and although the Chairman's team rallied a little to win 8 of the remaining 18 games, the final result was a decisive 32-16 victory for the "home" side (348 shots to 194 shots). All players enjoyed a marvellous lunchtime buffet and a very well supported raffle led to an overall profit on the day of over 100 - a most useful addition to the "England" budget.        

CAPTAIN vs CHAIRMAN 1 - (Away game at Bubwith - Saturday 28th October 2006) This was a new match resulting from a "challenge" by the Chairman to pick a team to play against the County Team. The normal "county" format was changed to accommodate 24 players competing in Triples only. Each Triple played in three of six 45 minute timed s. By lunchtime, after 3 sessions had been played the match was finely balanced on 12 points apiece. A good 4th session by the County team saw them pull ahead by 18-14 but then the challengers won all 4 games in the 5th to turn the tables in their favour at 22-18. In the 6th and final session, the County side disappointedly failed to respond losing a further 3 games and the match by 20-28 (237-213 shots). The Chairman and his team can be well pleased with this result but the match confirms what has long been known and accepted, that there are some fine players in our county who for one reason or another are not interested in putting their names forward to join the County squad. The latter now look forward to their next IC game which is against Durham on November 5th.

ENGLAND U18 TEAM - (22/10/06) Around 120 players and spectators packed the Galtres Centre in Easingwold for what was the first of 4 matches planned for the recently formed ESMBA Junior U18 team. Their manager, John Jackson, had gathered together 28 fine young players from 12 counties including their captain, Karen Watson and Gareth Hill who had travelled up from Cornwall and Devon. Also playing in the national side were our own Gareth and Jacinta Townend and David and Joseph Newsome (North Duffield). This team, which included two 11 year olds, has an average age of just under 15. After the usual warm up sessions and a Yorkshire Press photo call, the day commenced with a welcome from Nobby Clark and response from John Jackson.

The first playing session then got under way with Fours on all mats in which the visitors immediately threw down the gauntlet by taking all four games and the first 8 points (+20 shots) of the day. Dennis Jarvis' rink only lost out by a single shot (9-10) and both Roger Green (4-11) and Paul Williamson (4-9) fought well but let the initiative slip away over the final few ends. Barry Simmonite (7-14) was up at the half way mark but will long remember his opponents final wood on the 6th end which took out his two shot woods leaving him 8 down. In the second session it was the turn of the Triples. Although both Arthur Jackson (11-6) and Rose Haynes (15-9) secured good wins, losses by Ralph Parsons (8-11) and Alan Banthorpe (7-12) meant the overall score at the halfway point stood at 12-4 (+17) to the visitors.    

After an excellent buffet lunch and a very well supported raffle it was once again the turn of the Fours in which Roger Green (12-8), Dennis Jarvis (9-4) and Paul Williamson (8-6) made up for their defeats in the first session whilst Barry Simmonite just missed out by dropping a 2 on his last end to lose 7-9. However this kept North Yorkshire in with a chance with the score-line narrowed to 14-10 (+8) to the visitors.

What was then needed was a good final session with at least three wins but this was not to be. Although Ralph Parsons did secure a 9-5 win, Arthur Jackson (4-22), Alan Banthorpe (4-17) and Rose Haynes (9-20) were all well beaten so the day concluded with the final match result standing at  20-12 (+46) to the visitors.

Although there is no doubt that there was abundant experience and some excellent play on our side, it was the cool heads and consistent and accurate play of the youngsters that were our undoing. To finally round off the day, the Youth team Captain, Karen Watson, presented NYSMBA Captain Ralph Parsons with a memorial plaque (see PhotoGallery). The England team now go on to face three more county teams in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Hampshire and our good wishes go with them. (Umpires for the match were Derek Williams and Arthur Rathmell).

(Who says bowls is a game for older people!!)

WARM-UP DAY - (17/9/06) - As has now become usual, most of last years County Squad got together with an equal number of keen players (some of whom hopefully will want to join this years squad) for a day in which they were able to dust off their summer cobwebs and remind themselves how to stay on a short mat and miss the block! Six mats were used and the 42 players (from 14 clubs) taking part were organised as 3 Fours and 3Triples on each side with everyone playing in all three sessions but on different mats each time. The atmosphere was kept informal with the Captain/Vice Captain not letting on how many ends were to be played in each session! After a shortish first session there was a break for tea/coffee. The second longer session went on until lunch was ready whilst a final afternoon session was discontinued once most people felt they were ready for home. As to the winners......well it did not matter. This day is all about taking part not results but I have it on good authority that the County Squad just had the edge!!

It was good to see a contingent from new club Campsall making the long trip as well as players from East Cottingwith and Crossgates. The latter included 3 of their excellent Juniors whilst Gareth Townend from North Duffield was able to show many of us why he had made it into the recently formed England Select squad.  Our new caterer, Sandra and her daughter, supplied an excellent lunch whilst Betty and Mary Almond ensured a plentiful supply of tea/coffee all day. The Umpire for the day was Arthur Rathmell. A good co-operative spirit highlighted the day with several players helping with the lunchtime arrangements and the packing away of the mats etc at the conclusion. The day left everyone ready (well almost) for the imminent start of this years league fixtures in a week or so.