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Created 8/8/17

THE HEATS Entrants qualify for the Finals by entering the relevant County Championship which serve as Heats for the Nationals.

THE FINALS Mixed Fours, Juniors and the Over 55 Pairs are  held at Tamworth IBC (7th/8th april). Others at Melton IBC Melton Mowbray (12th-15th April)

SUMMARY - Our total entry this year was 160 - 22 more than last year. The original number of NY entries in each discipline and the finals allocations are shown below. This gave us 15 individual teams in total. In the initial round robin stages, 8 of these teams made it through to the KO stages but only 6 went further.

Brief reports on each discipline are shown below.

Also see the Order of Merit for this year so far and the PhotoGallery


Our best achievements in each discipline were.....

Singles - Danny Langdon - RUNNER UP - Great effort

U18s -  Daniel Agar  - Last 8 (in a total field of 16)     

Pairs - Danny Langdon & Lee Toleman - Last 32

Over55 Pairs - Rod Dawson and Derrick Johnson

Triples -  Bronagh & Lee Toleman and Lawrence Moffatt - Semi Finals - another great run

Fours -  Danny Langdon, Bronagh & Lee Toleman and Lawrence Moffatt - Quarter Finals - a great run  

M Fours -   Ji, Jo, & David Newsome and Lynda Tranmer - Winners in the Plate competition - Well done


MIXED FOURS Entries = 5 and Finals places = 1

Ji, Jo, & David Newsome and Lynda Tranmer

When Dave saw our group, his comment was "well if we win the group, we'll win the competition".
Alas, it was not to be; with a first game loss against a formidable Norfolk and an honourable draw against an equally strong Essex, we were left needing a massive win against Dorset and a hope that Norfolk would carry on their power surge to trounce Essex. The first was do-able and, with a 16-3 win over Brian Baker's Dorset team, we watched as Norfolk and Essex fought it out knowing that Norfolk need to come out on top by four shots. However, with the last Norfolk wood going off the mat, they couldn't pay us the favour. So, despite a loss against Norfolk , Essex pipped us to the place in the main competition knockouts by 2 shots. There then followed the plate play-offs; a new, welcome addition to the day. A win against Hertfordshire followed by a quarterfinal win against another Essex team put us into the semi-final where we faced Cambridgeshire. This was a most enjoyable game played in very high spirits, at times hysterical in its comedic content. True blue bowlers would have shunned us! We went through with the last end unplayed. In the final against Worcestershire, we had a close competition to eventually secure the "National Mixed Fours Plate" title- a bit of a double edged honour- the best of the worst 16! Still, better than coming away with nothing!
(Courtesy Jill Newsome)


U18 SINGLES Entries = 2 and Finals places = 1

Daniel Agar
Daniel played well to win 2 of his round robin matches, only losing by 1 shot to the eventual champion Alex Kley from Dorset.  He therefore went into the main competition knockouts (quarter finals) where he met an equally strong opponent, the eventual runner up, Callum Mitchell from West Midlands. Daniel could do little against an immaculate display of near perfect bowling from Callum eventually going out 9-4 .
(Courtesy Jill Newsome)

(His turn will come eventually - Roger)


OVER55 PAIRS Entries = 14 and Finals places = 1

Rod Dawson and Derrick Johnson

"Rodders" and Derek (on his first visit to a Nationals Final) had 3 close matches in the round robin but , with 3 losses (6-9 Hampshire; 5-7 Surrey; 7-11 Cornwall) they went into the plate where they were beaten in the first knockout by Norfolk - 4-11.

(Courtesy Jill Newsome)


SINGLES Entries = 23 and Finals places = 3

David Newsome, Bronagh Toleman, Danny Langdon


All 3 went through to the KO stage - David and Danny with 3 wins and Bronagh with 2 in their round robin groups.

They all then reached the last 16 with a further win apiece (David 10-7, Danny 14-3 and Bronagh 18-4)

David and Bronagh then went out narrowly (David 10-11 and Bronagh 7-9 to the eventual winner) but Danny reached the quarter finals with a 14-4 win.

Danny kept going with a 10-5 win and then a 11-5 win in his semi final.

A great run - only dropping 32 shots but scoring 93 on his 7 game journey to the Final.

However, here he met his match against Devon's James Trott (who had earlier put out Bronagh) and conceded 7-14 with an end to go. Great effort.


PAIRS Entries = 16 and Finals places = 3

Danny Langdon & Lee Toleman;     David & Joseph Newsome;     Francis Boatman & Steve Duffin 


Danny and Lee reached the last 32 with 2 wins but our other two pairs failed to progress after only securing a single win each in their round robin group. Danny and Lee then came up against Cheshire's Ben Holbrook and Mike Clancy (the eventual winners) going out 4-12.    


FOURS Entries = 9 and Finals places = 3

Bronagh & Lee Toleman, Danny Langdon, Lawrence Moffatt

Geoff & Ann Whitehead, Jill Newsome, Lynda Tranmer

Dave Hunton, Andrew Mather, David Brown, Keith Hughes


With only a single win apiece in the round robin, both Geoff and Dave's fours headed for an early bath. However, our "World Class" four sailed through into the knockouts with 3 convincing wins - 22-3, 14-1 and 11-5.   In the last 32 they knocked out Northants2 by 9-7 followed by Norfolk3 by 14-5 to reach the quarter finals against West Midlands1 where they were narrowly defeated by 7-5. Good run, guys

(The West Midlands Four went on to win)


TRIPLES Entries = 11 and Finals places = 3

Bronagh & Lee Toleman, Lawrence Moffatt

Francis Boatman, Steve Duffin, Danny Langdon

Jill, David & Joseph Newsome


Francis & Co failed to progress after a single win only in their round robin group. The Newsomes went one better and qualified for the last 32 after winning all 3 of their games and topping their group. However their day then ended after an 11-9 defeat at the hands of Suffolk1. Bronagh, Lee and Lawrence also topped their group and with two more wins over Norfolk2 (11-6) and Kent1 (11-4) reached their second quarter final in 2 days. Another win saw them knockout Northants2 (12-6) to face Gloucester2 in the semi-finals but their long weekend finally came to an end by a single shot 8-7. Another great effort guys.   (Gloucester2 went on to win the Final)