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Created 18/8/16

THE HEATS Entrants qualify for the Finals by entering the relevant County Championship which serve as Heats for the Nationals.

THE FINALS Mixed Fours and Juniors  held at Tamworth IBC (25th/26th March). Others at Melton IBC Melton Mowbray (6th-9th April)

SUMMARY - Our total entry this year was 138 - 5 more than last year. The original number of NY entries in each discipline and the finals allocations are shown below. This gave us 14 individual teams in total. One of the Juniors and the Mixed Fours entry had to drop out of the finals although we had already been given an extra place in the Mixed Fours due to a dropout in another county. In the initial round robin stages, 7 of these teams made it through to the KO stages but only 3 went further.

Brief reports on each discipline are shown below.

Also see the Order of Merit for this year so far and the PhotoGallery (sorry - no photos to hand this year)


Our best achievements in each discipline were.....

Singles -     Bronagh Toleman - Semi Final

U18s -         Daniel Agar - Semi Final

Pairs -         Bronagh & Lee Toleman - last 32

Triples -     Geoff Whitehead, Anne Whitehead, Lynda Tranmer and Steve Duffin, Francis Boatman, Danny Langdon - last 32

Fours -      Geoff Whitehead, Anne Whitehead, Jill Newsome, Lynda Tranmer - Last 16

M Fours -   Mick Ridge and Co - see below


MIXED FOURS Entries = 6 and Finals places = 1

Joyce Perry, Bronagh Toleman, Danny Langdon, Lee Toleman (team withdrew due to sickness)

Ann Ridge Mick Ridge Mike Carter Joanne Senior (additional place awarded)


(Courtesy Mick Ridge) We did take an early lead in all of our matches then things went downhill  to result in four losses.

Our best game was against Cheshire where we were holding 3 shots on the last end and Adam Smith bowled the last wood of the game and carried the jack through to take 1 shot for the win.

Championship Round Robin

v Suffolk 1         2 - 23 Loss

v Cheshire 1     5 - 6 Loss

v Cornwall 1      5 - 13 Loss

Plate Competition

v Dorset 2         9 - 11 Loss


U18 SINGLES Entries = 5 and Finals places = 4

Daniel Agar   Lauren Finch  Jamie Trigg   Jack Simpson (Jack withdrew due to work committment)


(Courtesy Jill Newsome) In the main competition, Daniel was the only one to get through to the KO with a win over West Mids and Essex in the round robin. In the last 16 first he faced Michael Hall of Dorset and after a tough start, came out on top by 11-7. In the quarter-final he faced Benny Bass of Devon and after being 7-0 down he forced an extra end after taking 4 shots on the last end to square the match. A single shot then put him through to the semi-final where he faced his nemesis from last year - Callum Goodman of Hampshire. The match was closely fought for nine ends but a 3 on end 10 for Callum left Daniel needing to repeat his quarter-final 4 shot finish but this time it was not to be and after a valiantly fought last end his nationals for this year came to an end. Excellent bowling all day from a young player with a very mature head on his shoulders.
Lauren, after narrowly missing out on a place in the main competition by one shot then lost to the eventual plate finalist from Surrey, in her  first plate knockout match.
Jamie, in his last u18 competition, gained a bye through the first plate knockout and then met the Mixed Fours winner Nathan Bailey in the quarter-finals. In a closely fought match Jamie came through with a great last end to win 9-7. but in the semi-final he went down to a very on-form Ben Weeks of Dorset, the eventual winner.
A great day of bowling all round from all the juniors taking part.


SINGLES Entries = 18 and Finals places = 2

Danny Langdon   Bronagh Toleman

Both Danny (11-9, 13-3 and 10-9) and Bronagh (15-5, 19-0  and 10-8) won all 3 of their round robin games to top their group and reach the knockouts (final 32). Here Danny fell at the first hurdle losing 11-17 to Humberside's Dave Coultas (champion in 1995 and 1999)). Bronagh kept going with wins over Chris Mann (10-3), Dave Coultas (12-4) and Nigel Nichols (??) to reach the semi-finals. Here she went down (??) to Cheshire's Adam Smith (who incidentally was beaten in the Northern England final by Danny - its a small world at the top!!)   


PAIRS Entries = 15 and Finals places = 2

Bronagh & Lee Toleman        David & Joseph Newsome

The Newsomes had an early bath after only securing one win in the round robin (7-9, 8-7, 5-10).

The Tolemans went one better reaching the knockouts after 2 draws and a win (7-7, 6-6 and 12-9) but were then defeated (7-9) by Norfolk2.


FOURS Entries = 7 and Finals places = 3

Megan Holtby, Les Lambert, Simon Holtby, Rose Haynes

Jane Rudd, Steve Duffin, Neil Flynn, Francis Boatman

Geoff Whitehead, Anne Whitehead, Jill Newsome, Lynda Tranmer


Geoff & Co were the best of the bunch with 2 wins in the round robin (4-8, 7-6 and 10-2) and then a 12-3 win over Essex4 to reach the last 16. Here they were knocked out by West Sussex2 (4-9)

Both the other teams had a single win in the round robin (Jane & Co: 4-12, 6-4 and 4-8 and Megan & Co: 1-12, 12-2 and 6-9) so could go no further.


TRIPLES Entries = 11 and Finals places = 2

Geoff Whitehead, Anne Whitehead, Lynda Tranmer

Steve Duffin, Francis Boatman, Danny Langdon


One win (was sufficient to take Geoff's trio into the last 32 (on shot difference) where they came up against the eventual champions Cheshire1 and were soundly beaten (3-20)

Steve & Co secured a win and a draw only to narrowly lose 6-7 to Derbyshire1 in their first knockout.