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Created 14/8/15

THE HEATS Entrants qualify for the Finals by entering the relevant County Championship which serve as Heats for the Nationals.

THE FINALS All held at Church Gresley, Swadlincote (Birmingham)

SUMMARY - Our total entry this year was 314 - 21 less than last year. This resulted in us being allocated 2 places in Singles/Pairs/Triples, 1 place in the M Fours and 3 places in U18 Singles/Fours.  This gave us 14 individual teams in total. However, in the initial round robin stages of the Finals, only x of these teams made it through to the KO stages.


Our best achievements in each discipline were.....

Singles - Danny Langdon - last 16

U18s - Daniel Agar  and Jack Simpson - Q final of Woodbridge trophy (plate competition)

Pairs -  Danny Langdon and Ben Render - NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!

Triples - The Newsome family - Quarter Finals

Fours -  Ben Render, Jane Rudd, Jamie Trigg and Joseph Newsome - last 32

M Fours - Danny Langdon, Joyce Perry, Jane Rudd and Ben Render - NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!


Brief reports on each discipline are shown below. Also see the Order of Merit for this year so far,  the overall OOM placings for the last few years and the PhotoGallery


MIXED FOURS Saturday 2nd April Entries = 5 and Finals places = 1

Ben Render  Jayne Rudd  Danny Langdon Joyce Perry

In the round robin, 2 wins (8-6, 8-6) and a loss (5-7) took our single team into the knockouts where they easily overcame Devon2 (15-2) followed by West Sussex1 (10-2) to reach the semi-finals. In this, a superb 6 on one end helped them to a 13-9 defeat of Norfolk2 to reach the Final. In this it looked as if the wheels were about to come off when they lost the first 3 ends to go 0-5 down. However, they were soon back on track and made sure East Sussex1 did not score again to clinch the Championship by 10-5.

This fine team performance gives Ben and Jane their second national title having won the same event in 2013 and is only the 3rd National title ever won by North Yorkshire.



Complete score card can be viewed on the ESMBA website at


U18 SINGLES Sunday 3rd April Entries = 4 and Finals places = 3 (Note that after increasing the total entry last year to 64, this year it reverted back to 32)

Daniel Agar (12)  Jamie Trigg (16)   Ben Finch (15) - unable to attend so substituted by Lauren Finch (16) Also due to a last minute drop-out from another county Jack Simpson (15) from Scarborough travelled down at short notice with Keith Tingay to bring our total up to 4.


Unfortunately none of our 4 made it past the round robin stage with Jack, Daniel and Jamie only securing a single win each whilst Lauren lost all 3 games. This is not to say they did not play well but the level of play is significantly higher than they are used to in their clubs and local leagues and the going was tough.


However, they all got a second chance as the bottom two in each round robin group went in to the plate knockouts for the Woodbridge Trophy.  Jamie disappointingly lost 3 shots on his last end to lose his first game 6-9 and Lauren was unfortunate to draw Daniel who beat her 11-4 with Jack joining him in the quarter finals with a 13-7 win. However that was as far as they went with Daniel losing 6-13 and Jack 8-11. A good experience at junior competition at a high level and they are all young enough to look forward to another opportunity next year when they will bounce back with renewed hope.   


Complete score card can be viewed on the ESMBA website at


SINGLES Thursday 7th April Entries = 20 and Finals places = 2

Danny Langdon  Francis Boatman

With a couple of losses (5-13 and 8-13) and a win (8-2) Francis had to say goodbye to his chances.

Danny however went through the round robin with three wins 12-9, 12-7 and 13-7. In the last 32 another win (13-4) saw him reach the final 16 where he went down by a single shot (9-10) to Warwickshire's Jon Pitcher who then went right through to win this years title.


Complete score card can be viewed on the ESMBA website at


PAIRS Friday 8th April Entries = 13 and Finals places = 2

Danny Langdon Ben Render

James Clark Jake Potter

James and Jake started OK with a 9-7 win  but then lost 4-20 and 6-10 so could progress no further.

Danny and Ben sailed through their round robin games with 9-5, 12-5 and 9-3 wins and then squeezed through 8-7 in the last 32. Stepping up a gear they then went through to the Semi Finals with 10-3 and 11-3 victories. Things then got tough but a 9-8 win over Nigel and Dominic Reed took them into the Final match. Nip and tuck all the way ending on 9-9 and an extra end required. However the lads closed out the match when Danny ditched the jack leaving no way for their opponents to get back. Another NORTH YORKSHIRE NATIONAL TITLE - great stuff. 


Complete score card can be viewed on the ESMBA website at


FOURS Saturday 9th April Entries = 9 and Finals places = 3

Danny Langdon James Clark David Newsome Roger Ellis

Geoff & Anne Whitehead Jill Newsome Geoff Dye

Ben Render Jane Rudd Jamie Trigg Joseph Newsome


Danny and Co came bottom of their round robin group after losing  all 3 games (5-10, 7-8 and 3-8)

A single win (6-5) and two losses (5-21 and 2-13)  resulted in a bad shot difference and Geoff's four also came bottom of their group.

Ben's Four fared better winning all their group games (6-5, 7-5 and 9-6) but then crashed out 3-8 to the ESMBA's Chairman, Barry Hedges


Complete score card can be viewed on the ESMBA website at


TRIPLES Sunday 10th April Entries = 9 and Finals places = 2

Danny Langdon Ben Render Jayne Rudd

Joseph, David and Jill Newsome

Both teams went through into the knockouts after winning 2 of their 3 round robin games. Danny's trio 9-7, 7-8 and 13-5; Newsome's 12-9, 5-12 and 8-6. Both then won their first game - Danny 6-5 and Newsome's 11-4 but Danny then went out by a single shot 7-8 in the last 16. 

Newsome's carried on with a 10-5 win but then went out in the QF to Barry Hedges 7-8 after the opposition ditched the jack. 


Complete score card can be viewed on the ESMBA website at


All in all an excellent National Finals weekend with 2 titles including our first in one of the 4 major disciplines.


Also see the Order of Merit for this year so far,  the overall OOM placings for the last few years and the PhotoGallery