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Created 17/9/13


Note that all entrants qualify by entering the relevant County Championship

Total ESMBA Nationals entry = 151 : 21 Singles  14 Pairs  11 Triples  10 Fours  6 Mixed Fours  5 U18 Singles




All at Church Gresley, Swadlincote (Birmingham)

SUMMARY - Our total entry this year was 151 - 39 less than last year. This resulted in us being allocated 2 places in Singles/Pairs/M Fours and 3 places in Triples/Fours.  In the U18s a change of format from 32 to 64 Final places meant we were allocated 5 places in spite of our reduced entry. This gave us 17 individual teams in total. However, in the initial round robin stages of the Finals, only 7 of these teams made it through to the KO stages.


Our best achievements in each discipline were.....

Singles - Danny Langdon - last 32 

U18s - Daniel Agar - last 32 (main competition); Cameron Breeze - semi-final (Woodbridge Plate).  

Pairs -  Francis Boatman & Steve Duffin - last 32

Triples - Gareth, Jacinta & Edward Townend - last 16

Fours -  Ben Render, Emma Burrows, Jayne Rudd & Jamie Trigg - last 16

M Fours - Newsomes & Lynda Tranmer - last 16


Brief reports on each discipline are shown below.

Also see the Order of Merit for this year so far,  the overall OOM placings for the last few years and the PhotoGallery


MIXED FOURS Saturday 28th March

Ben Render  Jayne Rudd  Gareth & Jacinta Townend

David, Joseph & Jill Newsome and Lynda Tranmer


A disappointing performance.  Ben's four found themselves in a tough group which included last year's winners. Two very close games against Somerset and Essex unfortunately resulted in two losses and in spite of a win against Norfolk they did not progress  through to the knockout stages so were unable to repeat their success of two year's ago. The Newsomes plus Lynda played well enough in the round robin notching up wins against Herefordshire and Buckinghamshire and a close game was lost to Wiltshire.  This was enough to take them through to the last 16 to play another Buckinghamshire team but a patchy performance lead to a 4-6 loss so their chances were dashed once again.  The eventual winners were Dave  Wiggins et al from Oxfordshire.

(Courtesy Jill Newsome)



U18 SINGLES Sunday 29th March

Cameron Breeze (17) Daniel Agar (11)  Jamie Trigg (15)  Lauren Finch (15)  (Ben Finch unable to attend)

The Under 18's competition was a most inspiring day out and  our team  did us proud.

Jamie had very close games throughout the round robin but a draw and two losses meant he had to be satisfied with the Plate KO competition. In this he gained a bye into the last 16 to meet Sadie Young of Essex. A good battle ensued but Jamie finally went down 7-12.

Lauren started her day with a great win over Norfolk's Ryan Fox and although playing very well she then went down in her next two matches. She then progressed to the Plate KO  to play Michael Hall of Dorset. It was an excellent performance but Lauren very narrowly lost out 7-8 putting an end to her first visit to the National Finals.  

Cameron faired better having lost two of his round robin games he then also progressed into the Plate KO to play Essex's Rachel Cordy which he won 9-8 after an extra end. He then excelled against Oxford's Lucy Watts coming out on top 17-1.  His form continued into the Quarter-Final where he beat Cheshire's Ryan Steadman 10-6 and so found himself in the Plate Semi-Final playing Danny Woods.  After a close few ends, Danny, the eventual winner of the Woodbridge Plate, consolidated some good form to come out on top 12-4. An excellent performance for Cameron in his last year as an under 18.

Our youngest finalist, Daniel, won his first match 13-10 against Dorset and also his second against Cheshire but lost out in his third against Surrey.  He was thus the only North Yorkshire player to proceed to the main competition knockouts and was drawn against Hampshire's Callum Goodman who, despite being  still only 14, was in his fifth appearance at the nationals! The two players matched each other wood for wood and the eventual score of 3-14 belied the excellent standard of bowling by our youngest representative. 

Overall, everyone there commented on the manners and skills of all participants and it was indeed a pleasure to take part, albeit as an old marker rather than a young player! 

(Courtesy Jill Newsome)


SINGLES Thursday 3rd April

Danny Langdon  James Clark

James lost his first 2 games 6-9 and 7-10 so In spite of a 9-7 win over former champion Dave Coultas was not able to go any further.

Danny started with a decisive victory over Oxfordshire's No1, Neil Pratley and then narrowly went down 7-8 to Cheshire's top dog, Gareth Stanway (a former champion in Singles, Pairs and Triples). However a 10-7 defeat of the Surrey No1 Robert Edwards took him into the last 32. Here he met the Staffordshire No1 Allan Williams (a former double winner in both Pairs and Fours) and just missed out by 8-9. A great effort against 4 of the country's best. You'll be a champion sooner or later Danny - stick at it!      


PAIRS Friday 4th April

Francis Boatman & Steve Duffin

Pat Lawry & Keith Tingay 

Pat & Keith, in their first visit to the National finals, found the going tough and lost all three of their games. However, their match against Northampton1 (Chris Hopkins/Chris Weston) (last years Fours champions and 2012 Triples Champion) was a good effort (7-10).  

Francis & Steve (first visit to the Finals) had two good wins (13-4 and 12-5) and a loss (6-12) to reach the final 32 but were then soundly beaten 1-16 by West Midlands2 (who went on to reach the semi-final).


FOURS Saturday 5th April

Ben Render  Emma Burrows  Jane Rudd  Jamie Trigg

Pat Lawry  Keith Tingay  Ray L-Howe Roger Green

Geoff & Anne Whitehead  Jill Newsome  Geoff Dye

Once again Pat and Keith, together with Ray and Roger, made no headway losing all three games as did Geoff, Anne, Jill and Geoff. However, the latter should count themselves somewhat unlucky losing by 6-7. 6-7 (against the 2013 Fours champions) and 9-11.

Ben and Co. started with a 10-13 loss but recovered to win their remaining games 8-4 and 10-8. In their first KO match they overcame Kevin Siddle's West Yorkshire four by 13-6 to reach the last 16 where they then went out 4-8 to Staffordshire2.  



TRIPLES Sunday 6th April

Jacinta, Gareth and Edward Townend

Danny Langdon  James Clark  Jake Potter

Roger & Diane Ellis  Janet Clark

Roger, Diane and Janet drew their first game 5-5  but then lost the remaining two 9-13 and 3-10 (against the  2012 Fours champions).

Two wins out of three took Danny's trio through to the final 32 where they came up against the West Midlands top team of Mike Tandy, Chris & Simon Willies to lose 2-13.

The Townends were undefeated in the round robin with a 7-7 draw and two wins 8-6 and 9-7. In the knockouts they then defeated Somerset1 by a convincing 11-3 before just going out by a single shot 9-10 in the last 16 to Oxfordshire1, the 2013 Fours champions who then went on to win this year title. 


Full results for all disciplines on ESMBA website - see