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Created 23/9/11


There are no longer separate Heats for the Nationals. Entrants must instead qualify by entering the relevant County Championship

Total ESMBA National entry = 169 : 28 Singles  18 Pairs  13 Triples  8 Fours  6 Mixed Fours  10 U18 Singles


Kempston IBC Bedford

SUMMARY - Our total entry this year was the same as last year which was the largest ever. This resulted in us being allocated 3 Finals places in the Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours with 2 in the Mixed Fours and 4 in the U18 Singles. (Additionally. in the Singles, due to a non-show, Ben Render was given a wild card place.)  This gave us 19 individual teams in total. In the initial round robin stages of the Finals, 11 of these teams made it through to the KO stages.........a good start but apart from the SINGLES it is fair to say we fell short of realising our full potential.


The best achievements in each discipline were.....

Singles - Bronagh Malone (last 2)   

U18s - Jake Potter (last 4)       

Pairs - Sean Conroy/Bronagh Malone (last 16)      

Triples - Rose Haynes/Simon Holtby/Roger Green (last 16)  

Fours - David & Jo Newsome/Ben Render/Richard Lochman and Sean Conroy/Bronagh Malone/Jayne Rudd/Joanne Senior (last 32)      

M Fours - David & Joseph & Jill Newsome/Charlotte Clark (last 16)


Brief reports on each discipline are shown below.

Also see the Order of Merit for this year so far,  the overall OOM placings for the last few years and the PhotoGallery


MIXED FOURS Saturday 17th March

David, Jo & Jill Newsome/Charlotte Clark

Geoff & Anne Whitehead and Avril & John Coates


A reduced entry this year meant we only had two Finals places. Geoff's four had 3 very tight games in the round robin, beating Humberside 6-5, losing 6-7 to Hertfordshire and drawing 5-5 against East Sussex. However, disappointingly, this did not prove good enough to progress further. Meanwhile David's team started their round robin with a 3-9 loss to Essex but finished with two wins - 12-3 against Worcestershire and 15-1 against Wiltshire to reach the last 16. After reaching the Semi Finals in last years competition, it was  disappointing for them then to go out, once again against Norfolk, by a single shot 11-12 in their first KO match.

(Details from JGN)


U18 SINGLES Sunday 18th March

Charlotte Clark, Josh Burrow Daniel Baddeley, Jake Potter.


Once again we had 4 places allocated. For Josh and Daniel it was a first time visit to a National Final. Daniel, our youngest competitor, found the going tough losing his three round robin games 7-13 (Norfolk), 0-26 (West Sussex) and 5-13 (West Midlands) but it was good experience and he will no doubt have further opportunities over the next few years.  Josh managed a 10-6 win against West Sussex but lost his other two games 9-11 against Essex and 7-13 against Norfolk. Starting with a good 15-6 win against Warwickshire, Charlotte lost her remaining two games against Devon (6-10) and Essex (6-14) but surprisingly this was just good enough to take her through to the last 16 where she lost to West Midlands (7-14). Jake, meanwhile, won two of his round robin games - against Hereford (13-6) and West Midlands (21-6) and although he narrowly lost his third against Norfolk (8-10), he found himself in the last 16 for the second year. Two more wins, 12-6 against Hampshire and 10-6 against Essex  saw him reach the Semi Finals where his campaign finally ended with a defeat against Essex (10-15) - well done Jake. 

(Details from JGN)  


SINGLES Thursday 29th March

Simon Holtby, David Newsome,  Ben Render (wild card), Bronagh Malone


Simon's first two games both resulted in draws (8-8 to Derbyshire1 and 11-11 to Suffolk1). Needing a win in his last to go through he could make no headway against the pinpoint drawing of former Singles Champion Dave Coultas (Humberside2) losing 5-14, so unfortunately progressed no further. Ben had been offered a last minute wild card so had to play with borrowed woods - probably the reason he started with a 19-5 defeat against Worcester1. However he followed up with wins over Surrey1 (14-9) and  West Sussex2 (9-6). In the last 32 he was drawn against fellow World Pairs Champion David who had breezed through his round robin with 3 wins (21-3 Wiltshire1, 14-5 Devon2 and 14-7 Oxford1). However it was David who came out on top by 10-7 and then followed this up with two further wins (12-11 Essex2 and 11- 8 Dorset2) to reach the Semi-Finals. Meanwhile Bronagh started tentatively with an 8-8 draw against Humberside3, a 9-8 win against Dorset2 but a sound defeat of her England Team Manager, Keith Smith (Cheshire3) by 14-5. In the last 32, a big 17-3 win over Wiltshire2 and a narrow victory against Hampshire1 (9-8) was followed by a convincing 15-5 defeat of Devon2 to take her into the Semi Finals along with David.


The intriguing possibility of an all North Yorkshire final was now on the cards. Both Semis were tight with scores level and 2 ends to play in each. Bronagh turned the screw on Michael Ivings (Devon1) to claim her place in the Final by 10-6 and David forced Craig Burgess (Essex4) to an extra end after drawing 8-8. A brave and valiant effort - but it was "Budgie" Burgess who went though by a single shot.


The two finalists were England World squad colleagues with points to prove. Craig had never won a National final and was eager to prove he was as good as his Essex County colleagues Dominic Reed and Barry Hedges who have both recently won the Singles crown. Bronagh, having just missed out on the World Triples title was keen to get this title under her belt and also to become the first lady Singles Champion. However the first end proved to be key with Bronagh just missing her attempt to ditch the jack by a whisker and Craig having a fortunate wick to trail the jack for a 4. After 3 ends, Bronagh was 0-7 down with a mountain to climb. However, Craig now had the bit well and truly between his teeth and with 2 ends to go was never going to let Bronagh in with a chance of picking up the two 4's necessary to force an extra end. So a disappointed Bronagh had to concede (5-12) with an end to go and "Budgie" Burgess adds another Essex name to the Singles Cup. Well done.


Many congratulations to both Bronagh and David for giving North Yorkshire their most successful National Singles result ever. (2013 beckons already!)         


PAIRS Friday 30th March

Simon & Cameron Breeze, Sean Conroy & Bronah Malone, Gareth & Jacinta Townend


Father & son Simon & Cameron in their first Finals appearance, started with a great game against Hampshire3 (three times Pairs winner Jody Bright and Philip Mills, a former Singles Champion) losing out by just a single shot 8-9. However two further defeats (Oxford3 2-19 and Gloucester1 5-15) meant an early trip home.  Three wins for Gareth & Jacinta (10-3 Cheshire3, 8-6 Wiltshire2 and 8-7 Herts1) took them into the last 32.  Here they were 10-7 up against Hampshire1 (Paul Goodman - three times former Pairs winner and Jason MClean) with one end remaining but crashed out 10-11 after conceding a 4 on the last end. Sean & Bronagh sailed through their round robin with wins over Hampshire4 (14-5), Northants1 (12-5) and Wiltshire1 (16-2). Another win (11-4 over East Sussex2) took them into the last 16 where they fell to West Sussex1 by 3-9 with the last end conceded.     


FOURS Saturday 31st March

Rose Haynes, Jacinta Townend, Roger Green, Simon Holtby

Sean Conroy, Bronagh Malone, Jayne Rudd, Joanne Senior

 David & Jo Newsome, Ben Render, Richard Lochman


For Rose & Co a draw (6-6 against Devon2), a win (14-3 against London1) and a loss (4-7 against West Midlands2) meant no further games. Our other two Fours both reached the last 32. David with 3 wins  (10-1 Norfolk1, 10-4 Essex2 and 7-3 Cornwall2) and Sean with 2 wins (14-3 London2, 7-5 Hampshire3) and a loss (6-10 Dorset1) before coming to a halt - David 6-7against West Sussex1 and Sean 3-10 against Humberside1. 


TRIPLES Sunday 1st April

Rose Haynes, Roger Green, Simon Holtby       Geoff & Anne Whitehead, Lynda Tranmer       Sean Conroy, Bronagh Malone, Ben Render


Geoff's trio lost all three round robin games (3-13 Worcester1, 6-9 Oxford2 and 6-7 East Sussex1) so did not progress further.  Sean's trio had 3 close games losing  2 by a single shot (5-6 Hampshire3 and 10-11 Kent1) and winning the third against Essex3 by 8-6. Disappointedly they then had to join Geoff on the spectators bench. Hopes now rested with Rose's triple. Starting with an excellent 6-6 draw against Essex2 (recently crowned Singles Champion Craig Burgess with former Singles Champion Barry Hedges and former World Pairs Champion Babs Morikutti), they then won their other 2 games against Derbyshire2 and Bucks1 by comfortable margins ( 14-3 & 14-4) to reach the knockouts. Another win against West Sussex1 by 7-6 took them to the last 16 where they failed to capitalise on an early lead and finally went out 3-11.