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There are no longer separate Heats for the Nationals. Entrants must instead qualify by entering the relevant County Championship

Total ESMBA National entry = 169 : 28 Singles  16 Pairs  11 Triples  7 Fours  9 Mixed Fours  12 U18 Singles


Kempston Bedford

SUMMARY - Our total entry this year was the largest ever and resulted in us being allocated 3 Finals places in the Singles, Pairs, Triples and Mixed Fours with 2 in the Fours and 4 in the U18 Singles - 18 teams and 42 players in total. In the initial round robin stages of the Finals, 12 of these teams made it through to the KO stages - a much better than usual performance.

The best achievements in each discipline were.....

Singles -     Bronagh Malone (last 16)

U18s -        Nathan Kotek and Matthew Jackson (last 8)

Pairs -        Rose Haynes/Roger Green and Geoff & Anne Whitehead (last 32)

Triples -    Sean Conroy/Bronagh Malone/Joanne Senior (last 4)

Fours -       Rose Haynes/Simon Holtby/Paul Williamson/Roger Green (last 4)

M Fours -   David & Joseph & Jill Newsome/Marlene Jackson (last 4)

With 3 teams reaching the Semi-Finals, this years Nationals were the best ever recorded for our county and have certainly raised our profile on the National stage.

Brief reports on each discipline below. (For a Norfolk perspective see    

Also see the Final Order of Merit for this year,  the overall OOM placings for the last few years and the PhotoGallery


MIXED FOURS Saturday 2nd April 2011 (8 ends)

Ben Render/Sean Conroy/Bronagh Malone/Jayne Rudd

David, Jo & Jill Newsome/Marlene Jackson

Rose Haynes/Gareth & Jacinta Townend/Roger Green

As in 2010, we had 3 places allocated and with 3 strong teams, hopes were again high.  Rose's foursome felt they did not play badly in their 3 tight games but found that an 8-7 win (Essex 3), a 4-6 loss (Shropshire) and a 5-5 Draw (Oxford 2) was not good enough to let them progress further. David's four also had 3 tight games but won them all - 7-6 (Norfolk 3), 7-5 (Worcs 1) and 7-5 (Oxford 1). Ben's four likewise won all their games but by more comfortable margins - 12-2 (Essex 2), 10-6 (London) and 14-5 (Norfolk 4).  David's four then slipped through into the Quarter Finals with a 9-8 win over Surrey 1 (after an extra end) and Ben had another good win - 9-2 over Herts 2. A win for both in the Quarter Finals would now have set up a Semi-Final  between both our teams and a guaranteed a NY place in the Finals....... but this was not to be.


The Newsomes and Marlene had yet another tight game and it was finally left to David to draw in a second wood with his last bowl to claim a Semi-Final place by 8-9. Having won all their games so far by comfortable margins, Ben's Four had a disastrous start against Norfolk 1 dropping a 6 on the first end. They battled back valiantly and were in with a chance on the last end of picking up a 4 to force a draw but Norfolk shut the door and went through by 9-8.


Norfolk 1 then went on to beat David and Co. 12-5 in the Semis and then win the Final by 8-6 over Essex 1. Who knows what might have been, if Ben and Co. not had such a poor start in their QF? However, this result equals our best showing in this competition so far (Rose having reached the Semi-Final in 2007).  


U18 SINGLES Sunday 3rd April 2011 (11 ends)

Nathan Kotek, Charlotte Clark, Matthew Jackson and Jake Potter.


Once again we had 4 places allocated. Charlotte unfortunately did not improve on her last years performance, losing all 3 games in the round robin but Nathan, Matthew and Jake (in his first finals) fared much better winning all of theirs - a great start. Jake then fell to Mitchell Young (Essex) by 3-18. Matthew and Nathan reached the Quarter Finals by respectively beating Jack Rollings (W Sussex) 11-9 and Ryan Young (Hampshire) 11-7.


In the Q Final, Nathan took Mitchell Young (Essex) to an extra end (8-8) but was given no chance when Mitchell ditched the jack with his first wood and Matthew just lost out 7-9 to Edward Elmore (Cambridge) who then went on to win the title.


This was probably our best overall performance to date in the U18s (not forgetting David Newsome's title in 2009).      


SINGLES Thursday 7th April 2011 - (11 ends)

Sean Conroy, Bronagh Malone and David Newsome

Sean's first game against former Singles and Pairs Champion Gareth Stanway resulted in a loss by a single shot (9-10) - a great effort but then he lost his second 8-11 to Surrey's No2 Mark Jones so in spite of a 8-7 win in his 3rd game an unhappy Sean had not quite done enough to progress any further. David meanwhile had two good wins - 9-4 against Essex's Adam Sultana  and 12-6 against the 2004 Fours Champion, Dennis Leather from Cheshire. He also took last years Singles and Pairs Champion Lee Toleman from Devon to a 7-7 draw. Bronagh likewise was undefeated with 11-7, 9-7 and 10-8 wins over Norfolk1, Dorset1 and W Sussex2.


In last 32, David lost out 7-10 against E Sussex1 Andrew Beard whilst Bronagh beat Worcester1 Anthony Ruddy 12-7 to reach the last 16. Here she was disappointed to go out by a single shot 8-9 to Adam Sultana. A good performance but all 3 felt they should have gone further. Roll on 2012! 

PAIRS Friday 8th April 2011 - (10 ends)

Paul Williamson/Simon Holtby

Rose Haynes/Roger Green

Geoff & Anne Whitehead

Paul/Simon had a good 12-7 win over Oxfordshire2 but lost both their other games - 7-9 to Norfolk2 and 3-9 to Humberside2. Geoff/Anne started  by defeating Cheshire2 9-7 and followed this up with a very convincing 16-3 defeat of Hertfordshire1 so their 5-11 loss to Oxfordshire3 did not stop them from reaching the knockouts. Rose/Roger beat Warwick1 10-3 and Wiltshire2 10-5 but were defeated 3-11 by Gloucester1 so they too went into the last 32. However this proved to be the end of the line for our Pairs with the Whiteheads losing 7-9 to West Sussex2 and the Great Ouseburn duo just failing against Norfolk1 by 8-9.



FOURS Saturday 9th April 2011 - (8 ends

Rose Haynes, Simon Holtby, Paul Williamson and Roger Green and David & Joseph Newsome/Ben Render/Richard Lochman

David's team (current Northern England Fours Champions) were hopeful of a good run at the Nationals but started with a disappointing 4-7 defeat against East Sussex1. However, a 9-3 win against Norfolk3 was followed by a 10-6 win over Cornwall so they were into the knockouts still hopeful. Here they met Essex1 who held them to a tight match and eventually ended their campaign by a single shot 7-6.


Meanwhile Rose's Four started with 2 wins - 8-6 against Humberside3 and 19-2 against Herts1 and then they just lost their last against Chris Hopkins England Four by 5-6. In the last 32 they had a good 12-5 win over Surrey4 and followed this up by beating Gloucester1 5-4 in the final 16 to reach the Quarter Finals. Another tight game, this time against Gloucester2 was won 6-5 so Rose and Co. now found themselves in the Semi-Finals. This was to prove the end of the line but not before another tight match resulted in yet another single shot 6-5 victory but this time for the opposition -  Norfolk1.     


TRIPLES Sunday 10th April 2011 - (9 ends)

Sean Conroy/Bronagh Malone/Joanne Senior

Dennis Jarvis/Simon & Megan Holtby

Nathan Kotek/Francis Boatman/James Lambert

Nathan's trio just won their first game against Suffolk1 by 11-10 but were then soundly defeated 2-14 by West Midlands4. Their day finally came to an end and they found themselves heading for home after also losing their third game 10-18 to Shropshire1  - a good effort considering this team then went on to win the Triples title.


Dennis and Simon had the distinction of playing with Simons daughter Megan who had just turned 13 and is believed to be the youngest ever finalist in the senior competitions. They had drawn a very tough group and their first game was against WestMidlands1 which they lost by 5-9 - an excellent performance considering the strength of this team. Their next game was against a strong Derbyshire team but this resulted in an 8-7 win. The final game almost produced the upset of the Championship. Playing against Gareth Stanway's Cheshire2 team, they gained a 5-0 lead but were pegged back to 6-6. They then picked up a 5 to put themselves in a strong position with only 2 ends to go. However they failed to protect this lead and conceded a 5 on the very next end and then lost a single to register a 11-12 defeat. Megan, helped along by her Skip and her Dad can be justly proud of an excellent performance on her first trip to the Nationals. 


Sean's trio made a good start with an 8-7 win over Norfolk2, a 7-7 draw against Gloucester1 and a 16-0 flattening of Oxford3. (The latter team included L. Woodward who had the day before been in the Oxfordshire team that had won the Fours Championship!). So as the long weekend drew to a close, North Yorkshire still had an interest and there was a good crowd of supporters who stayed on to lend some vocal encouragement. Sean and Bronagh had a good Skip/No2 relationship and were ably supported by steady drawing from Joanne in the Lead position. This combination led to a 6-4 win over Dorset1 then a 16-7 defeat of Warwickshire2 to take them to the Quarter Finals. This proved a very watchable tussle against Dominic Reed's Essex2 triple. (Dominic had just won the Singles crown and was also runner-up with his father in the Pairs). Great bowls all round and a great 8-4 result took Sean and Co. into another North Yorkshire Semi-Final. However our 3 could not maintain their high standard against the very competitive West Midlands trio and they finally bowed out after a 12-5 defeat.