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Total entry = 131  :  11 Singles ;  19 Pairs ;  8 Triples ;  8 Fours ;  5 Mixed Fours ; 6 U18s


The SINGLES Heats - November 15th 2003 - (All games played were of eight ends duration.) Three of the eleven entries were first eliminated after playing in a preliminary round of two games in three groups of three. The final eight then played a further three games in two groups of four with the top two in each group going into the semi-finals. The two groups were won by Ralph Parsons and Simon Holtby both of whom won all three of their games having already won both their games in the preliminary round. Runners up were Rose Haynes and Fred Wood who won two of their three games. In the semis, Rose beat Simon 11-7 whilst Ralph overcame Fred 8-5. The final was a one sided affair, and Ralph, unable to find the line conceded to Rose with the score at 13 to 1.


Rose therefore qualifies for her third trip to the National Finals but her first as our Singles representative. The Umpire was Derek Williams.  


The PAIRS Heats - November 22nd 2003 - (All games played were of eight ends duration.) The preliminary round involved four of the nineteen entries (a record) with Arthur Jackson/Fred Wood making it through to the last sixteen after winning all three of their games. The main round then consisted of four groups of four with the winner of each group meeting in the semi-finals. These were Rose Haynes/Roger Green, Ken/Jean Calvert, Edna Chilvers/Marlene Jackson and Arthur Jackson/Fred Wood. All these won all three of their games to go through to the semi-finals. After a 10-3 win over Rose and Roger, Jean and Ken met Arthur and Fred (who beat Edna and Marlene 9-4) in the Final. After five ends the scores were level at 4-4 but Arthur/Fred put on the pressure with a 3 in the 6th. Jean and Ken were unable to respond and conceded another 4 in the 7th making the final end superfluous.


Arthur will now be representing us at the Finals for the 4th consecutive year (but first time in the Pairs) whilst Fred will be returning after a 3 year absence. (It is also likely that Jean and Ken will also be going should we be offered a second place - this awaits confirmation NOW CONFIRMED 6/1/04). The Umpire was Tom Hillbeck. 


The TRIPLES Heats - December 6th 2003 - (All games played were of eight ends duration.) With just eight entries, the Heats were drawn as two round robin groups of four with the winner and runner-up in each group playing in a semi-final. In Group A, Rose Haynes and Jill Newsome both won two of their three games with Rose heading the group on shots scored. In Group B, Brian Bennett, Fred Wood and Colin Raper all won two games but it was Fred and Colin who went through on shots scored. In the semi-finals, Fred  playing with Audrey Wood and Arthur Jackson knocked out Jill who was playing with her two young sons Joseph and David whilst Rose, playing with Roger Green and Simon Holtby, just overcame Colin who was partnered by Janet and Noel Clark. After a tense final, Roses trio finally overcame Freds trio 9-4.


Rose thus adds this success to her recent Singles win whilst Roger and Simon are pleased to be returning to Kettering after last years trip. The Umpire was Arthur Rathmell.  


The FOURS Heats - January 10th 2004 - (All games played were of seven ends duration.) As in the Triples, with just eight entries, these Heats were drawn as two round robin groups of four with the winner and runner-up in each group playing in a semi-final. In Group A, Jim  Almond and Pat Lawrie both won two of their three games with Pat heading the Group on shots scored. Group B was headed by Colin Raper who won all three games whilst runner up was Fred Wood who won two of the three. In the semi-finals, Colin, playing with Janet and Noel Clark and Jill Newsome knocked out Jim, who was playing with Mary Almond, Ralph Parsons and Dennis Mather. The latter conceded a six on the second end and eventually lost 1-12. Meanwhile Fred, with Audrey Wood, Sally Roocroft and Arthur Jackson, overcame Pat who along with Hilda Thomas, Ron Czernik and Geoff Kelleher went down 6-8. The result of the final rested on the last wood. Lying one shot up (but 4-7 down), Colin needed an accurate weighted shot to move the jack back to his sides receiving woods. He played the shot to perfection, resulting in a four, thus winning the match 8-7.


The result was a little academic as with two places being allocated to us in the Finals this year (for the first time) both fours will be travelling to Kettering in April. This will be Jill's first trip whilst all the others have been qualifiers in previous years (see Roll of Honour).  The Umpire was Arthur Rathmell.

The UNDER 18s Heats - January 24th 2004 - (All games played were of eight ends duration). With only six entrants, players were placed in two round robin groups of three with the winner and runner-up in each group playing in a semi-final. David Newsome and Gareth Townend won both their games to win their respective groups whilst Francis Boatman and Jacintha Townend won a single game each - enough to go through. In the semis, the Townend twins turned up the heat winning both their games comfortably to meet in the Final as they did last year. Both played a good drawing game with Jacintha finally reversing last years result by edging out her brother 9-5. With two places allocated at the National Finals once again, they will both make a repeat trip to Milton Keynes (tbc) to meet youngsters from across the country. Noel Clark and Roger Green shared the umpiring duties. 

The MIXED FOURS Heats - January 24th 2004 - (All games played were of seven ends duration). There were five teams entered including an all U18 four. The competition was organised as a single round robin group with all entrants playing all others (four games). By the end of the fourth session, Rose Haynes team (Roger Green, Jean Calvert and Simon Holtby) remained unbeaten having gained 7 points and could not be caught by the other four teams remaining to play their last game. Arthur Jackson and Pat Lawrie decided not to play out their last match but David Newsomes U18 four felt they would still like to complete their day against Colin Rapers four. They had had a good run winning one of their games and forcing draws against both Arthur Jacksons teams and also Rose Haynes four. A win against Colin would have made them runners up but it was not to be - Colin taking the game by eight shots. It will be Rogers fourth consecutive year at the Mixed Fours Finals and Roses second whilst it will be a first trip for Simon and Jean. Selwyn Houghton umpired this, the last of this years National Heats.  



MIXED FOURS FINALS - Saturday 27th March - Bletchley Leisure Centre (Milton Keynes). After a very close first game Rose Haynes, Roger Green, Simon Holtby and Jean Calvert finally lost 10-9 to Norfolk. In the next game against Essex, our four failed to play as tight a game as usual and found themselves 9-1 down with two ends remaining. Superb drawing by the opposition meant that Roger (having swapped with Rose as skip) needed to kill the end to give us a chance of a win but both shots missed leaving the team in the embarrassing position of conceding an EIGHT and finally losing 17-3. In the final round robin game against London, with little hope of progressing further, Simon assumed the skips responsibility and Roger led. This combination gave us a good 10-4 win but it was not good enough for them to reach the last 16. (All games were played over 8 ends).

U18 SINGLES FINALS - Sunday 28th March - Bletchley Leisure Centre (Milton Keynes). Jacintha Townend, on her second visit to the National Finals, was unfortunately unable to improve on last years result, losing all three of her round robin matches. Twin brother Gareth Townend however, on his third consecutive visit, was able to win two of his three games, including a great win over Gloucestershire by 26-1, to reach the final 16. Here he was just prevented from a quarter-final place by Andrew Jackson of West Sussex who beat him by a single shot (10-9). (All games were played over 11 ends). The eventual winner was 17 year old Matthew Smith (Oxfordshire) playing in his last U18 Finals.  

SINGLES FINALS - Thursday 1st April - Kettering. Rose Haynes started her finals steadily against Peter Bubb of Gloucestershire, and in a very even game found herself 6-6 with just 3 ends to go. Having found both weight and length she out drew her opponent on the ninth end to lay four woods close by the jack. However, with the jack still on view, Peter played the perfect running shot to trail the jack back, taking the full house away from Rose and into his own score. He then went on to take a further 3 and 2 to leave Rose 6-15 down. Not deterred, Rose then played well against a young player from Herefordshire who drew consistently well throughout to take this match 12-8. In her final game against Essex, Rose had her best chance going into an early 6-1 lead. On the last end, she was still one shot up when her opponent pulled a 3 out of the bag to take the game 9-7.  (All games were played over 11 ends).

PAIRS FINALS - Friday 2nd April - Kettering. Ken & Jean Calvert, by their own admission, did not play as consistently as they usually do and although they had a good win against Derbyshire 14-7, they lost 2-15 to Terry Payne & Barrie Fitch from West Sussex (last years National Fours Champions) and 4-9 to Kent's Ted Messer (England team manager) & Maureen Pitchley. With a 9-6 win against Warwickshire and a 10-4 win against Shropshire, Arthur Jackson & Fred Wood were disappointed not to go through from their tightly matched group which was decided on shot difference. A slightly better results against Dorset who beat them 12-3 would have got them in to the next round. (All games were played over 10 ends).

FOURS FINALS - Saturday 3rd April - Kettering. The highlight of Colin Rapers rink was gaining a "Hot Shots" eight in their 20-1 win over Gloucestershire. However they were brought down to earth in their next game with a 1-22 defeat at the hands of a young rink from Somerset which included Ben Barham & Phil Atkins - National Triples Champions in 2002. A 3-12 defeat in their other game against West Sussex meant an end to their hopes. Fred Woods rink meanwhile were walking on water winning their group in style with three very convincing wins. First they put down Cheshire 17-3, then Worcestershire 17-10 and finally saw off Hertfordshire 12-4. However they were unable to maintain their early form and failed to make the last 16 after a defeat at the hands of Gloucestershire 3-10. (All games were played over 8 ends).

TRIPLES FINALS - Sunday 4th April - Kettering. Rose Haynes trio started well with two wins. The first was over Herefordshire 11-8 (whose team included James Zimmerman who has beaten Rose in the Singles on Thursday) whilst the second followed against Norfolk, 12-6. The final game was the toughest against a young triple from West Sussex. A tight match saw Rose 8-6 up coming to the last end when a tactical error left our side completely uncovered behind the jack which was sitting close behind our own shot wood. The inevitable final running wood connected well taking the jack back for five shots and an 11-8 defeat. In the first game of the knockout Rose came up against a threesome from the West Midlands in which there was an element of bad feeling after some words were exchanged regarding a measure on the second end. However, our three did not allow this to affect their concentration, in spite of the oppositions tactic of trying to fire the jack into the ditch with their first wood and felt relieved to progress to the final 16 after winning 10-6. Here, our bid just stopped short of a place in the Quarter Final after a 5-7 defeat against Essex. (All games were played over 9 ends). (Note that Simon Holtby was was substituted by Ken Calvert due to hospitalisation.)