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Total entry = 110  :  15 Singles ;  17 Pairs ;  6 Triples ;  5 Fours ;  4 Mixed Fours ; 7 U18s


The SINGLES Heats - (November 23rd 2002) - 15 hopefuls started out, but it was Arthur Jackson who won all 6 of his qualifying matches to secure his place in the Finals next April. He beat Roger Green and Nobby Clark in a Preliminary Round, Rose Haynes and David Gibbons in Round 1 and then put paid to Ralph Parsons in the Semi-Final. In the Final itself, he once again met Roger Green (in his second consecutive Final) who after a good run failed to find the line to pose a serious challenge to Arthur. Arthur will now make his second trip to the Finals at Kettering but his first as our Singles qualifier.   

The PAIRS Heats - (December 7th 2002) - An original entry of 17 was reduced to 14 by unavoidable dropouts for which no substitutes could be found. Two round robin rounds then reduced the field further, producing the four semi-finalists. In these Rose Haynes and Derek Johnstone overcame Arthur Jackson and Sally Roocroft in convincing fashion whilst Colin Raper and Jill Newsome could not quite get the better of last years qualifiers, Roger Green and Jim Almond. In an exciting Final, a measure on the last end produced a 4-4 draw requiring an extra end to be played. On this, Roger/Jim found themselves lying one up with two woods remaining. However, Rogers final wood came to rest leaning heavily on the opposing second wood and whilst Derek was contemplating his final shot, he found to his delight that Rogers final wood had squeezed second wood in for shot. Derek and Rose (Great Ouseburn) will now be making their first trip to Kettering for the April Finals.  (but see above - Allocation of places......)

The TRIPLES Heats - (January 11th 2003) - Although there were only 6 entries, this was in fact double that of last year. Organised in two round robins of 3, it was North Duffields Colin Raper with Nobby and Janet Clark who met Bilsdales Arthur Jackson - teamed up with Easingwolds Ralph Parsons and Sally Roocroft, in the final match. At first it looked as if Arthurs three would coast to a easy win after going 5-0 up after four ends but Colins team hit back with a 5 on the fifth end. Two 2's then left the match drawn on 7-7 requiring an extra end. Colin found himself one down but holding the last wood with which he managed to turn one of his own woods over to win the game. Colin therefore will be making a return trip to Kettering in April (he was our singles qualifier last year) but for Nobby and Janet it will be their first experience of the National Finals.  

The UNDER 18s Heats - (January 11th 2003) - This had been brought forward two weeks for timing reasons and was played alongside the Triples. There were seven young hopefuls taking part so a preliminary round was required to reduced this to 6 who then played in two round robins. Group winners then played the final match in which last years qualifier Gareth Townend found himself matched against his twin sister Jacintha Townend - an evenly matched game that saw the score tied 6-6 with a one end to play. However it was Gareths more controlled drawing that gave him the edge and he was able to book his second visit to the Finals in April (but see below - Allocation of places......)    

The MIXED FOURS Heats - (January 25th 2003) - With only four entries, these were determined in a simple two round KO competition with games being played over 7 ends giving rise to very intense matches with close results. Colin Raper, Janet/Nobby Clark and Marlene Jackson secured an 8/7 victory over Ralph Parsons, Mary Almond, Dennis Mather and Gill Newsome whilst Roger Green, Arthur Jackson, Sally Roocroft and Rose Haynes won 7/6 over Gareth/Jacintha Townsend, David Newsome and Nicola Patrick. In this game, Gareth' s four, all under 18, matched the opposing experienced four, shot for shot throughout the game. Lying two shots up on the final end, it looked as if they were going to cause the upset of the day but a somewhat lucky weighted final wood from Roger forced the match into an extra end. In the final, it was again a single shot that determined the result (6/5) and Roger, Arthur, Sally and Rose felt fortunate to be returning to Daventry in April once again.

The FOURS Heats  - (January 25th 2003) - With five entries, this was a more comprehensive competition with all five entries playing each other in a single round robin. At the start of the final session there were three teams all in with a chance. The two couples from the Barn - David/Sheila Loraine, Howard/Mary Burdock, and the Great Ouseburn team - Roger Green, Derek Johnstone, Rose Haynes, Simon Holtby, were tied both on points and shot difference so both had to win their last game by more shots than the other to secure victory. However, Bilsdales Arthur Jackson playing with Easingwolds Ralph Parsons, Sally Roocroft and Jim Almond,  could also still have qualified by beating the Barns four, provided that the Great Ouseburn four lost their final game. In the event, both Arthurs team and Rogers team secured victory so it will be the Great Ouseburn team who will represent the county at the Kettering finals in April.  



Stantonbury Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes April 5th/6th : Our Mixed Fours qualifiers were Arthur Jackson, Roger Green, Rose Haynes and Barbara Todd (substituting for Sally Roocroft). With two defeats at the hands of Norfolk (5-10) and West Midlands (5-8) and a win against Shropshire (8-5) our four were disappointed not to progress into the afternoon KO stage.

In the Under18s Singles Jacinta Townend was unlucky to find her first game was against Matthew Seddon from Lancashire - last years Junior Champion. However she played well but unfortunately lost all three of her games. Twin brother Gareth, improved substantially on his last years performance by winning all three round robin games to go through to the last 16 where he was unfortunately knocked out by Matthew Smith of Oxfordshire.

Leisure Centre, Kettering April 11th-13th : In the Pairs, Roger Green and Richard Kay (substituting for Jim Almond) were drawn in a group containing  England team manager Ted Messer (Kent) and  England players Alan Berry (Somerset) & Matt Lawson (Hampshire). They had a good game against the latter (who then went on to reach the Final) losing 9-12 but were soundly beaten in the other two games. Rose Haynes and Derek Johnstone won their first game against Hertfordshire and then went down narrowly to Shropshire 6-8. In their final game they also drew an England pair in Dave and Roger Wiggins (Oxfordshire).

Our Triples Colin Raper with Janet & Noel Clark also drew a group with England players. Well beaten by Worcestshire (who contained Dave and Craig Hall who went on to win the Pairs for the second year running), they also lost against Cheshire in a good game which they lost by 5 (having dropped a 5 on one end). In their final game against ESMBA Chairman and England team member Chris Hopkins they had their closest game, going in to the last end 7-8 down. However in a tense last end, an opposition toucher went into the ditch to sit near the jack thus sealing their defeat 7-9.

The Fours, Roger Green, Rose Haynes, Derek Johnstone and Simon Holtby, fared a little better clocking up a win against Surrey but going down to both Essex and Derbyshire.

It was left to Arthur Jackson in the Singles to give us our best result of the weekend. In another tough group, he started well with a narrow win over Worcestershire then came up against Dave Coultas of Humberside. Dave, who has been National Champion twice before and was runner up last year, went into a 9-2 lead but Arthur hit back with a consecutive 4 and a 3 and eventually won 12-10. His last game was against Malcolm Follis, another former Champion and current England player in which Arthur went down 8-11. However, his two wins saw him through to the first round of the KO, where he came up against a very much on form Vic Woods from Norfolk who in a great exhibition of consistent draw bowling only allowed Arthur to score two shots. (Vic then went on to the Semi Finals).