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Grand Total entries this year = 324 of which National entries = 138

After each competition report, check out the updated PhotoGallery and Order of Merit (OOM)


MIXED FOURS (November 26th 2016)  Total entries = 15 of which National entries = 6 . Umpire Tim Pearson Raffle raised  118. All games 7 ends.

The entry  of 15 meant the Round Robin stage was played in 3 groups of 5 with everyone having 4 games. Group winners, runners-up and the "next best 2" then progressed into the Quarter Finals with the following results.


Rose Haynes beaten by David Herbert 6-4

Arthur Jackson beaten by Anne Ridge 8-6

David Newsome beaten by Danny Langdon 7-3

Roger Green beaten by Allan Meek 7-3


In two decisive Semi Finals, Danny then went on to beat Dave Herbert 10-1 and Allan knocked out Anne Ridge by 11-4


The Final was thus between last years winners Danny Langdon and Joyce Perry, playing with Lee and Bronagh Toleman against the "old campaigner" Allan Meek playing with Margaret Manfield and Joan & Eric Ingle (relative newcomers to the competitive stage). This looked as if it would be a very one sided affair as Lee and Bronagh are former National Pairs Champions and Danny had won the British Isle Pairs the previous weekend. However Allan's team were not intimidated by reputations and when Lee came to bowl his final woods he found the score at 6-6 and Allan lying 2. However with a superb final running wood he destroyed Allan's hopes of a major upset and picked up 4 shots to win 10-6. An exciting end to a long day.


PAIRS (December 10th 2016) Total entries = 39 of which National entries = 15. Umpire Richard Good. Raffle raised  182. All games 9 ends.

After the late withdrawal of 1 pair the competition went ahead with the Round Robin stage re-organised into 7 groups of 4 and 2 groups of 5. The 9 group winners and the "next best" 7 then went into the Final 16 for the start of the KO phase. To determine the positions of the "next best" teams, all scores for those in the groups of 5 were adjusted downwards so they could be compared fairly with those in the  groups of 4. The subsequent Quarter Finals produced the following results -


Hughes Keith 6 v 7 Newsome David (N)
Hunton David (N) 3 v 13 Holtby Megan (N)
Herbert David 3 v 11 Duffin Steve (N)
Fletcher Gill 4 v 11 Toleman Bronagh (N)


In the Semi Finals Steve Duffin & Francis Boatman were then knocked out by David & Joseph Newsome (5-9) whilst Bronagh & Lee Toleman just beat Megan Holtby & Rose Haynes (8-7).  The Final went to the Tolemans who beat the Newsomes 9-5. The day finished ahead of schedule at arounfd 4.15pm.


TRIPLES (December 11th 2016)  Total entries = 23 of which National entries = 11. Umpire Richard Good. Raffle raised  163. All games 8 ends.

A late withdrawal meant a readjustment of the organisation of the Round Robin into 3 groups of 4 and 2 of 5 and a reduction in the required number of sessions to 6.  Group winners, runners up and the "next best" 6 then went into the Last 16 with subsequent winners taking part in the Quarter Finals which produced the following results.


Whitehead Geoffrey (N) 6 v 5 Herbert David
Duffin Steve (N) 12 v 5 Ellis Roger (N)
Meek Allan 4 v 14 Toleman Bronagh (N)
Potter Jake (N) 7 v 6 Sorley Doreen


In two very closely fought Semi Finals, which both went to an extra end, Geoff & Ann Whitehead and Lynda Tranmer knocked out Jake Potter, James Clark and Peter Hawkett (5-4) whilst Steve Duffin, Danny Langdon and Francis Boatman just beat Bronagh & Lee Toleman and Ben Render (8-7).  The Final went to Geoff's trio after a pressure final wood from Geoff produced a 6-4 win over Danny's three. The day finished 90 minutes later than planned at around 6pm.


U18 SINGLES (December 18th 2016) Total entries = 5 of which National entries = 5. Umpire Joseph Newsome. All games 10 ends.


Sadly this year there were only 6 junior bowlers registered in the county and 5 of these entered the annual championships - the lowest number since the competition began in 2003. However all 5 were keen to do well and all had entered with a view to going to the National Finals. There was some excellent bowling across the board and after all 5 played 4 games in the Round Robin stage, the results were as follows.


Jamie Trigg (17)          Won 4 Lost 0 +32

Daniel Agar (12)          Won 3 Lost 1 +12

Lauren Finch (17)        Won 1 Lost 3 -13

Jack Simpson (15)      Won 1 Lost 3 -15

Ben Finch (16)             Won 1 Lost 3 -16


In the Semi Finals Jack beat Lauren 19-1 whilst Daniel beat Jamie 13-3 and then Daniel went on to outdraw Jack in the Final ending up as our youngest ever winner by 10-4. (In the playoff for 3rd/4th place,  Jamie beat Lauren 15-3)

(Thanks to Jill Newsome and her flock for giving Mark a day off and organising and running this competition.) See PhotoGallery


SINGLES (January 7th 2017) Total entries = 44 of which National entries = 18.  Umpire Tim Pearson. No raffle. All games 10 ends.


This was the best entry since 2006 (when there were 46) and all players had been randomly drawn into 11 groups of 4. Playing over 11 mats the Round Robin required 6 sessions (nominally timed at 35 minutes each) after which the 11 group winners automatically went into the first KO round along with the "next best 5" (based on the points gained in the round robin) to produce the Final 16. This produced the following results


Langdon Danny (N) 13 v 4 Newsome David (N)
Whitehead Geoffrey 11 v 8 Boatman Francis (N)
Clark James (N) 10 v 6 Whitcombe Paul
Render Ben (N) 8 v 9 Toleman Lee (N)
Potter Jake (N) 15 v 6 Carter Mike
Whitehead Anne 4 v 17 Haynes Rose (N)
Flynn Neil 7 v 10 Toleman Bronagh (N)
Jarvis Dennis 3 v 13 Lawry Pat (N)


In the subsequent Quarter Finals the results were as follows.  


Haynes Rose (N) 8 v 9 Whitehead Geoffrey
Clark James (N) 6 v 5 Potter Jake (N)
Toleman Lee (N) 4 v 10 Toleman Bronagh (N)
Lawry Pat (N) 6 v 8 Langdon Danny (N)


In the Semi Finals, Bronagh convincingly beat James Clark (16-4) whilst Danny just pipped Geoff Whitehead (9-8)


By general agreement, the Final between Danny and Bronagh was one of the best matches ever seen in these Championships and it was good to see nearly 30 spectators enjoying it.  The accuracy of the drawing was exceptional and weight when used was never overdone but very controlled. On the last end Bronagh was 7-9 down. Ditching the jack gave her one of the shots she needed but when Danny drew to within 12 inches of the ditch with his final wood it looked to be all over. However, Bronagh then played one of the best shots of the match to push Danny's second wood into the ditch but stay in place to force the extra end. However, it was Danny who gained the required shot to become the first player to win three successive Singles titles. 


FOURS (January 8th 2017) Total entries = 17 of which National entries = 7. Umpire Tim Pearson. Raffle raised  181. All games 7 ends.


The entry of 17 was the same as in the previous 2 years and meant the Round Robin was played in 4 groups (3x4 plus 1x5) over 5 sessions timed nominally at 50 minutes each. All group winners and runners up then went straight into the Quarter Finals with the following results.


Banthorpe Alan 5 v 10 Rhodes Jean
Rudd Jayne (N) 6 v 5 Toleman Bronagh (N)
Green Roger (N) 5 v 6 Whitehead Geoffrey (N)
Holtby Megan (N) 8 v 7 Whitcombe Paul


In the Semi Finals, Jayne, Steve Duffin, Francis Boatman and Neil Flynn overcame Jean, Carolyn Barthram, Jez Williams and Gill Fletcher (11-3) whilst Geoff, Anne Whitehead, Jill Newsome and Lynda Tranmer went out to Megan, Rose Haynes, Simon Holtby and Les Lambert (3-13)..


The Final was relatively one sided with the Great Ouesburn team taking the title by 14-2.  This was a 4th Fours title for Rose and Simon who had previously won in 2004, 2011 and 2014.