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Grand Total entries this year = 314 of which National entries = 133

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MIXED FOURS (November 21st 2015)  Total entries = 16 of which National entries = 5 . Umpire Andy Jones. Raffle raised  £145. All games 7 ends.


The Round Robin was played in 4 groups of 4 with group winners and runners-up progressing into the Quarter Finals with the following results.


Alan Banthorpe, Jean Rhodes, Carolyn Barthram and Neil Flynn beat Joyce & Keith Hughes, Sue Harrop and David Brown (7-5)

In a tight match in which single shots were scored on every end, Arthur Jackson, Dennis Jarvis, Doreen Sorely and Sue Pittham knocked out Colin Welford, Jez Williams, Maggie Law and Heather Robertson (4-3)

Rose Haynes, Simon Holtby, Brenda Benson and Les Lambert kept their heads after losing 6 shots on the penultimate two ends to draw the 2 shots needed on the last end and dissapoint Geoff & Anne Whitehead, Janet Clark and James Clark (9-8)

Anne & Mick Ridge, Mike Carter and Joanne Senior only scored on one end so lost to Ben Render, Jayne Rudd, Joyce Perry and Peter Watson (2-9)


In the Semi Finals, Ben's four then lost out (2-10) after Alan's team scored 3, 5 on the last 2 ends  whilst Arthur's four comfortably overcame Rose's team (7-2).

In a somewhat one sided Final Arthur's team scored two 5's to claim this years Championship by overwhelming Alan's team (15-3)

The playoff for a possible 2nd Nationals place was won by the Ridge's team who beat the Whitehead/Clark combo by 6-4



PAIRS (December 12th 2015) Total entries = 32 of which National entries = 13. Umpire Andy Jones. Raffle raised  £170. All games 9 ends.


The Round Robin was played in 8 groups of 4 with group winners and runners-up progressing into the Last 16 knockouts after which the winners played in the Quarter Finals with the following results.  


James Clark/Jake Potter had a convincing 12-5 win over Jim Dawson/Edrene Rumley.

Ben Render/Danny Langdon showed no mercy to Ben's mum, Jane Rudd playing with Jill Newsome, beating them 10-3

The Newsome brothers went down to Pat Lawry/Roger Green by 4-8

Alan Banthorpe/Neil Flynn just squeezed out Rose Haynes/Simon Holtby by a single shot 7-6


In the Semi Finals Pat & Roger won their first end but that was it as Ben & Danny cruised into the final by 10-1.

In the other Semi,  Alan & Neil had a strong start going into a 9-2 lead after 5 ends and James & Jake were not able to respond going out by 4-9.   


The Final as usual was very competitive with Alan trying for his 2nd title (a winner in 2008) and Ben going for his 1st (runner-up in 2013). With one end left Alan needed a 4 to win but only came up with a 2 thus giving Ben and Danny their first Pairs title by 7-6.


In the playoff for the National 2nd/3rd places James & Jake beat Pat & Roger by 11-6 after taking 3,3 in the final two ends.


The day finished at 3.50 (20 minutes ahead of schedule).



TRIPLES (December 13th 2016)  Total entries = 24 of which National entries = 9. Umpire Graham Foote. Raffle raised  £164.50. All games 9 ends.


The Round Robin was played in 6 groups of 4 with group winners, runners-up and the next-best four progressing into the Last 16 knockouts after which the winners played in the Quarter Finals with the following results.


Derek & Pat Beardsley/Pat Jones went out 4-12 to Geoff & Anne Whitehead/Lynda Tranmer

After losing the first 4 ends 0-6, Anne & Mick Ridge/Joanne Senior rallied with a 2,5  but then conceded 1,5.1 to Matthew Jackson/Richard & Elaine Clark to finally lose 7-13. 

Rose Haynes/Simon & Megan Holtby dropped a 5 on the second end and although they recovered to 6-6 they then lost the last 2 ends to lose 6-9 to the Newsome trio.

James Clark/Jake Potter/Richard Lochman held Ben Render/Danny Langdon/Jane Rudd to 4-4 but the latter then closed out the match with 3 singles to win 7-4.   


In the Semi-Finals Matthew's triple overcame Geoff by 9-6 whilst Ben's three only allowed the Newsomes to score on one end thus running out easy winners by 11-1.


In the Final, Matthew's team were simply out bowled by Ben's who showed his class as an England international taking the Triples title for the 3rd time in the last 5 years.  


In the playoff for the National 2nd/3rd places the Newsome's beat Geoff's trio by 15-3.


The day finished at 5.15 (15 minutes later than scheduled).



U18 SINGLES (December 19th 2015) Total entries = 7 of which National entries = 4. Umpires Joseph Newsome & Rose Haynes. All games 10 ends.


With only 7 entries, all contestants played initially in a Round Robin of 6 games each - a tough call requiring the delivery of 240 woods - probably the most intense period of bowling any of them had experienced. This stage was dominated by Jamie Trigg and Ben Finch - the former winning all his games. It came down to the very last games to decide the other two semi-finalists which eventually went to Daniel Agar and Lauren Finch.


This meant that in the Semis, Daniel played Ben and Lauren had another chance to beat Jamie, having been the one to take him closest to a defeat in the round robin only losing by a single shot.


In the first, Ben commanded his game leaving Daniel needing 3 shots to draw and 4 to win with one end to play. Both boys felt the pressure but it was Daniel who kept his cool better and scored not only 3 but 4 to gain his place in the final - a great finish. In the other, despite playing very well, Lauren could do little against a very much on-form Jamie and eventually bowed out 12-3.


In the Final, Jamie maintained his high standard meaning that Daniel needed another high scoring last end just to force an extra end. On this occasion it was not to be and Jamie won 9-4 to become this years Junior Champion. In the play-off for 3rd and 4th places, Ben gained 3rd place with a 12-11 victory over his sister Lauren.


In the subsidiary Target competition (organised once again by Arthur Jackson), Daniel gained some consolation with an emphatic 32 point win as did Lauren with her runner-up score of 23 .


An excellent day was had by all and it was thanks to the markers (Pat Lawry, Keith Tingay, Roger and Dianne Ellis, Janet Clark, Rose Haynes and Jill Hall) who worked hard all day to mark 90 ends that it ran smoothly and finished ahead of schedule.



SINGLES (January 9th 2016) Total entries = 40 of which National entries = 20.  Umpire Tim Pearson. No raffle. All games 10 ends.


The entry of 40 meant the Round Robin was organised in 10 groups of 4 using 10 mats with group winners and the "next best 6" then going into the first KO round (Last 16) before the 8 winners reached the Quarter Finals with the following results.


Ben Render completely dominated Dave Edwards only allowing him to score on 2 ends and eventually winning by 23-3.

Matthew Jackson and Francis Boatman had a close tussle with the scores level and 1 end remaining. However it was Francis who took a 3 on the final end to win 9-6

The Singles title has eluded David Newsome so far although he has been a runner-up on 3 occasions. With a 3 shot lead and 2 ends to play it looked as if be might be in with a chance of another semi-final but Pat Beardsley took a 1, 2 to force an extra end and then took a 1 to go through 9-8.

In the remaining QF match, Janet Clark went 6-1 up against last years champion, Danny Langdon. Danny then responded with 3, 1, 3  and Janet with a 1, 2 to lead 9-8 with one end remaining. Danny took a 1 to force an extra end and then another to go through 10-9.


The Semi Final between Francis and Pat was well balanced with the scores level after 4, 6 and 8 ends but it was Francis who closed the stronger with 2,2 to win 10-6.

In the other SF, last years Champion Danny battled it out with 2 times Champion (2013, 2014) Ben but Ben found himself needing a 2 on the last end for an extra end. However he could only manage a 1 so it was Danny who went through 7-6.


The Final match was thus between the two county Premier team Singles players with Francis hoping his seasons undefeated record would continue and Danny wanting to retain his 2015 title. This was a great match with the scores level after 6 ends and the last 4 ends shared with two singles from each player to force a decider. Of course it's a cliché but there can only be one winner and it was the younger player Danny (still only 18) who was triumphant (8-7) in clinching his second consecutive Singles title to match the achievement of both Ben Render and Gareth Townend before him.


FOURS (January 10th 2016) Total entries = 17 of which National entries = 9. Umpire Tim Pearson. Raffle raised £219. All games 7 ends.


The uneven entry meant the Round Robin involved three groups of 4 and one of 5 organised over 5 sessions on 8 mats. The groups of 4 played continuously over sessions 2-4 with the first and last sessions being used just for the extra games required in the group of 5. Group winners and runners-up then went into the Quarter Finals with the following results.


After conceding a 5 on the 5th end there was no way back for Arthur Jackson, Dennis Jarvis, Keith Hughes and Harry Welch giving Ben Render, Jane Rudd, Jamie Trigg and Joseph Newsome a 10-6 win. Dave & Anne Herbert, Dave Edwards and Paul Williamson picked up three 3's on their way to a 10-4 victory over Pat Lawrie, Keith Tingay, Ray Lawson-Howe and 14 year old Jack Simpson whilst Geoff & Ann Whitehead, Geoff Dye and Jill Newsome avoided defeat by finishing with two 4's to overcome Matthew Jackson, Richard & Elaine Clark and Alan Ward by 10-5. In the remaining match James Clark, Danny Langdon, David Newsome and Roger Ellis had an unassailable 13-1 lead after 5 ends and in spite of dropping a 5 on the penultimate end, they were in no danger from Anne & Mick Ridge, Joanne Senior and Mick Carter who went down 7-13.


In the Semi-Finals, rather surprisingly, Ben's team could only manage a 1 on the first end and could score no more so Dave's four romped home to win 12-1. In the other, Danny's four had a scare when Geoff & Co picked up a 5 on the final end to force a decider but they overcame the shock, kept their heads to gain the single shot necessary to reach the final.


The Final itself was a one sided affair with Danny's team only allowing Dave and Co. to score on one end thus winning this years Fours title by 12-2.


(The playoff for the 2nd/3rd Nationals place went to Geoff team who ovecame Ben 6-2)


Congratulations to Danny Langdon who has equalled the achievement of Bronagh Malone in 2012 by winning the County Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours titles this year. We all hope he can add to this by bringing back either a Northern or National title later in the year. Good luck Danny (and his team colleagues).