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Saturday March 16th & Sunday March 17th 2013

SUMMARY - The Championships were organised and run (for the first time) by the new NESMBA Championship Secretary, Barry Purcell (Lancashire). 15 mats and all ancillary equipment were borrowed from the ESMBA (their trailer having been collected by Andy Miles during the preceding week) and 1 mat was supplied by North Yorkshire's Great Ouseburn club (transported by Robert Harris).  These were all laid out in the Teesdale Leisure Centre in Barnard Castle on the Friday evening by the usual army of willing helpers. 


As usual, each discipline had 32 finalists playing in groups of 4, thus ensuring everyone had at least 3 games. Group winners and runners then played in a preliminary KO round leading to Quarter and Semi Finals before the last two eventually contested the Final. Our own team of qualifiers comprised 4 Singles, 4 Pairs, 5 Triples and 6 Fours - 51 players in total, all of whom had qualified via our County Championships held earlier in the season.  (See Roll of Honour for names of all our qualifiers). Of the 57 games played in the initial round robin stages, we had 41 wins, 15 losses and 1 draw enabling all but 2 of our 19 teams to make it through to the knockout stages (final 16) an excellent achievement.  (Brief details of each discipline appear below). 




Singles    - Royston Lewis (West Yorkshire) beat John Skelding (Staffordshire)

Pairs        - Steve & Janet Lunn (Derbyshire) beat Ross Martell & Anne Fish (Derbyshire)

Triples     - Steve & John Packer and Andy Jones (West Yorkshire) beat Ivan, Steve & Janet Lunn (Derbyshire)

Fours       - Rose Haynes, Simon & Megan Holtby and Roger Green (North Yorkshire) beat Richard Lochman, Francis Boatman, Jo Newsome and Jacinta Townend (North Yorkshire)


Shield     - All those reaching the Quarter Finals and above are awarded points (15 per discipline) which go towards this Shield.

                - (Only the first 4 teams in each discipline count towards this shield so total points do not always add up to 60)

                 - Best overall county was DERBYSHIRE with 15 points

                 - 2nd N Yorkshire 11; 3rd= W Yorkshire 10 ; 4th= Stockport and Staffordshire 4;  6th Humberside 3; 7th Lancashire 2 and 8th Durham 1.

                 - Merseyside did not take part.

SATURDAY 24th MARCH - Chairman Alice Hollas opened the proceedings by thanking all those who had helped to prepare the hall on the previous evening and Andy Miles who had collected the ESMBA trailer. She then wished everyone an enjoyable weekend and proceedings commenced at 9.30 with the FOURS. Our 6 rinks made an excellent start winning all but 3 of their 18 round robin games so all progressed to the preliminary KO round. Early fallers here were Richard Clark (4-5) and Geoff Whitehead (5-10) and in the Quarter Finals Mick Ridge (4-11) and Bryan Jones (2-14) were also eliminated. However the rinks of  Rose Haynes and Richard Lochman both reached the Final - Rose with 7-6, 14-2, and 16-3 wins and Richard with 16-1, 6-4 and 5-4 wins.  In the first ever all North Yorkshire Final, Rose, with Simon & Megan Holtby and Roger Green started well with two 2's and then generally outdrew  Richard, Joseph Newsome, Francis Boatman and Jacinta Townend to bring the Fours Cup back to North Yorkshire for the 4th time with a convincing 11-2 win.

In the afternoon it was the turn of the SINGLES in which our 4 contestants managed 7 wins and 4 losses and 1 draw between them which was enough to put all four through to the knockouts - another good start. However Josh Burrow (3-11) and Dave Herbert (8-12) then went out as did Francis Boatman who narrowly lost (9-11) to Ivan Lunn (winner in 2004 & 2011).  Simon Holtby had an excellent win over Steve Packer who conceded at 12-6 with an end remaining but then he lost 4-11 to the eventual winner, Royston Lewis. 

SUNDAY 25th MARCH - Sunday morning saw our 4 PAIRS take to the mats to try out their luck. 3 losses and 9 wins overall, allowed Jayne Rudd/Jill Newsome, Gordon Raggett/Dave Herbert and Joseph Newsome/Richard Lochman the opportunity to progress further.  Jayne and Jill unfortunately went out 7-8 on an extra end when their opponents ditched the jack to seal their fate. The other two pairs comfortably won their Prelim and QF games to reach the Semi Finals and set up the possibility of another North Yorkshire Final. However their respective opponents, Ross Martell/Anne Fish and Ivan/Steve Lunn had plans for their own all Derbyshire Final and  defeated both our Pairs 9-4 and 7-4.  

At this point Maxine Groce (NESMBA League Seretary) made presentations to the winners of the seasons Inter-County league. These were Durham in Division 2 and Derbyshire in Division 1. See NESMBA for the full final tables.

Finally, on Sunday afternoon, it was the turn of our 5 TRIPLES. This began with promise as with 10 wins and 5 losses, four of the five went into the preliminary KO round. Here, Richard Lochman, Francis Boatman and Jacinta Boatman were decisively wiped out (1-11) by a Durham trio with an end to spare but Geoff & Ann Whitehead and Lynda Tranmer and Joyce& Keith Hughes and Derrick Johnson (on their first trip to these Championships) both only just lost out by a single shot, 7-8 and 4-5 respectively - the latter to the eventual champions. However, the Church Fenton triple of Gordon Raggett, Danny Langdon and Dave Herbert both did well to reach the Semi-Final where they were beaten 6-8 by Derbyshire's "Lunn machine".

Thus ended a long, weary weekend. Thanks go to all those who stayed to watch the Finals and help load up all the mats etc onto the ESMBA trailer which was returned by Andy Miles to Rose Haynes in North Yorkshire. Rose subsequently returned it to the ESMBA in time for the National Championships in Birmingham. Thanks also to the Umpires for the weekend who were Robert & Lesley Harris and Roger Green (North Yorkshire) with Maxine Groce, Graham Foote, Simon Smith and Gill Borrill (Humberside).  

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