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This year, the Championships were organised and run by the new NESMBA Championship Secretary, Andy Miles from West Yorkshire. He was ably assisted by his wife and various others on the desk ensuring all went smoothly and to plan. All counties supplied prizes for the raffles - one held on each day.  As usual 16 mats were used (we supplied 4 of them thanks to Arthur Jackson) with finalists (32 in each discipline) playing in groups of 4 ensuring everyone had at least 3 games. Group winners and runners up then played in a preliminary KO round leading to Quarter and Semi Finals before the last two eventually won through to contest the Final.

Our own team this year was 51 strong comprising 5 Singles, 5 Pairs, 4 Triples and 6 Fours all of whom had reached the final stages of our own County Championships held earlier in the year (see Roll of Honour for names of all qualifiers).

Saturday morning started with the FOURS in which our squad clocked up 12 wins, 5 losses and a draw. This resulted in four of the teams progressing into the the Preliminary round in which two more were then knocked out. This left Arthur Jackson, Jo Hearld and Jim & Jean Wetherell and David & Joseph Newsome, Ben Render and Richard Lochman in the Quarter Finals. Arthurs four then went out 4-8 but a 9-7 win took David's team into the Semi-Finals. Here their run ended in a very tight match that was only just lost 7-8 after an extra end.

In the afternoon our SINGLES took to the mats and again a good round robin stage took 4 of the 5 into the Preliminary round. Here Mick Ridge came unstuck (6-10) against Humbersides former National Champion, Dave Coultas whilst Arthur Jackson was outplayed by Stockports Bernard Fennell, (losing 2-15). Geoff Whitehead went one better reaching the Quarter Final after a 9-3 win over Bill Burn but then went down 9-14 to last years Champion, Steve Danby from Humberside. The star of the day came in the form of young David Newsome playing for the first time in the NESMBA Singles. After an 8-5 win in the Preliminary round over D. Morris (?), he then battled hard to beat Ellen Lunn in the QF and Bernard Fennell in the SF. David, showing great determination won both these games by 8-7 after extra ends were required. By 10.45 pm, David, his family and all of the North Yorkshire supporters were absolutely delighted when he kept his form to beat Darren Cookson in the Final by 9-7 to end up as this years Northern England Champion. At 15 years of age this was a tremendous performance and we all know he has a great bowling future ahead. (See PhotoGallery)   

On Sunday morning our 5 PAIRS entered the fray. David/Joseph Newsome and Arthur Jackson/John Bunting both lost 1, won 1 and drew 1 in the round robin stage so went no further. In the Preliminary round, Richard Clark and Dennis Jarvis unfortunately found themselves drawn against Rose Haynes and Roger Green who settled to a very fast mat slightly better and were able to go through to the Quarter Finals with a 12-5 win. Here they found themselves up against Geoff & Ann Whitehead (having had an 11-6 win in the Prelim.). A very tight match went down to the last wood with the Whiteheads going through by 7-6. However they were no match for Derbyshire's Ivan and Ellen Lunn who sailed into the Final by 11-4.

Finally in the afternoon, it was the turn of our 4 TRIPLES. Although none of them won all three games, their results were good enough for all of them to go through to the last 16. Here, Mick & Anne Ridge and Bob Crowther went down 8-9 to Trevor Hanlon, Jo Agustus and Ben Render after an extra end. The latter three then went out 5-11 in the QF. Geoff & Ann Whitehead and Geoff Dye did not progress beyond the Prelim. after a 6-10 defeat. However, Graham Sherburn and Barry & Joan Crossland also made it to the QF with an 8-6 win after an extra end. Like Trevors trio, they also then faltered and were defeated in the QF by 9-4.      

Overall, the weekend was a good one for North Yorkshire with 15 of our 20 teams making it past the round robin stage. Of these, we then had 8 Quarter finalists, 3 Semi finalists and of course 1 overall Champion.

The eventual winners were as follows.

Singles    - David Newsome (N Yorks) beat Darren Cookson (W Yorks) 9-7

Pairs       -  Dave Coultas/Steve Danby (Humberside) beat Ivan & Ellen Lunn (Derbyshire) 15-5

Triples    - Kevin Siddle/??/?? (W Yorks) beat Simon Smith/??/?? (Humberside) 8-5

Fours      - Ivan Lunn/??/??/?? (Derbyshire) beat ??

Shield    - Best overall county was won by West Yorkshire with 15 points (Humberside 12, North Yorkshire 11, Derbyshire 11, Stockport 5,  Durham 2, Lancashire 1)