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11a - INTER-COUNTY GAMES - 2018/19

(Created 4/9/18)

Our 3 county teams are known as Premier, A and B (formerly A, B and C)

The Premier plays in the ESMBA national ICC and the A & B teams play in the NESMBA northern league


(Note that the updating of the results and the stats depends on the Captains supplying me with a match results sheet)


                PREMIER TEAM                 A TEAM                   B TEAM    

                                                 ESMBA National ICC                                                NESMBA league Division 1                               NESMBA league Division 2



                                                              25/11/18                                                                     4/11/18                                                            10/2/19



                                      Statistics           Results                           Statistics          Results                        Statistics          Results


                                                      Uploaded                                                           Uploaded                                                      Uploaded

                                               Jan 6 at 5.30pm                                              Feb 12 at 2.00pm                                        Feb 17 at 8.15pm



ICC RINKS competition - (now April  7) Finals -


ICC Consolation Knockouts: QF v East Sussex (Feb 23rd) 


ICC RINKS competition - (Dec 8/9) Preliminary round - 2 narrow losses against Surrey (47-51) and W Midlands (42-51) and a good win against W Sussex (57-24) prove enough to take the team through to the Finals.


COUNTY TEAMS PRACTICE DAY - (Apr 28 2018 - Galtres Centre) It was decided to hold this at end of season instead of just before the new one to give captains more of a chance  to assess new players. About 60 players including a dozen new hopefuls got together for a "trial" day organised once again by Jill Newsome. Our Chairman, Joseph Newsome, welcomed everyone and then everyone present drew counters for mat and playing position. There were 4 x 40 minutes sessions of Triple (some Fours) and counters were drawn afresh for each session giving everyone the opportunity to play with different faces and in a different position to their normal place. After a break at lunchtime the 3 team captains then took those present from their squads for a team practice organised in their own way. All in all a successful and enjoyable day with hopefully some new discoveries.