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In 2012/13, the 'Premier' team was entered into the Inter-County Competition (ICC) organised by the ESMBA. The 'A' team however, continued to play in the  NESMBA  league and In 2013/14 were joined by a newly formed 'B' team in this competition. We have entered a team in the NESMBA league since our formation in 1991 but 2012/13 marked our first venture into the national ESMBA competition.

All  home games are played at the Galtres Centre in Easingwold (except between 1999/00 and 2005/06 when they were played at Bubwith). All games follow the ESMBA playing format and are composed of 20 players (two Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours) playing 2 games of fixed ends to ESMBA rules. 

In 2015/16 the ESMBA introduced a new IC competition for 4 Rinks (team of 16) and we also take part in this.

Team selection -  Team selection follows an agreed procedure that is documented in Section 5 of the Policy Register - a policy that is reviewed each year prior to the AGM. If you are interested in playing next season, contact the Secretary or either of the 3 elected captains to express your interest. 



14/10/03 - After canvassing our membership during August-October 2003, there was enough interest and commitment shown for the Committee to agree to go ahead and enter the ESMBA Summer Inter County Championships in 2004. It was anticipated that there would be two home and two away games played on Sundays between mid-May and mid-July. The latter would involve a trip to the midlands (possibly against Warwickshire, Worcestershire or the West Midlands). Home game venue would be decided. It was planned to travel away by coach (depart around 6.45am probably from Easingwold) at an estimated cost of 12 per head. A match fee of around 5 would be levied. 

01/11/03 - Our application was withdrawn after we learnt that both Warwickshire and Worcestershire were not taking part in 2004. With two other counties also dropping out this would have meant us being placed in a group of FIVE including Norfolk and Essex. It was felt that this was a commitment we could no longer fulfil. We have asked the ESMBA once again to consider changing the format of this competition to allow for smaller teams and smaller groups. The situation will be reviewed again at some point in the future.

2009 - The ESMBA finally dropped the summer ICC and replaced it with a Club based competition open to any of our clubs.