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Created 25/10/09


Reviewed 8/8/17

(Note that up to 2013 this was more commonly known as the Child Protection Policy (CPP))

As a responsible organisation our Association takes the issue of Child/Vulnerable Adult Protection seriously and at the 2009 AGM the new post of Junior Coordinator was introduced.

Amongst other duties the post incorporates the responsibilities of the Associations Safeguarding Officer.

Currently the incumbent of this post is Jill Newsome who can be consulted on any Safeguarding issue.

Jill, who is a teacher has much experience in dealing with children and can be reached on 01757 288842



Several years ago, in response to updated government legislation, the National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of all the different bowls disciplines came together to form the "Joint Panel for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults" - the JPPCVA. As a result of this collaboration, the JPPCVA issued information, guidance and notes in a document entitled "PROTECTING CHILDREN AND THE VULNERABLE". The ESMBA subsequently published this document in 2003 on its website (now deleted). Key excerpts from the document were issued to all Short Mat Clubs in the country via their annual "Information Pack" update later that year. (In 2011 this was replaced on the ESMBA website with a much shorter set of guidance notes although the original document can still be viewed on the JPPCVA site at


In February 2004, in response to these moves, the NYSMBA committee urged all its member clubs to familiarise themselves with this information and to take action where it was felt necessary - although no particular requirements were defined. However, after receiving further recommendations from the ESMBA in summer 2009, the NYSMBA management committee re-examined the issues raised in the original JPPCVA document. As a result of these further deliberations the following actions were taken at our September 2009 committee meeting - all based on JPPCVA recommendations.


(from 2013, details of these policies and recommendations have formed part of our Policy Register - Section 6)


1)  A change to our Constitution was made at the AGM in 2010 with a recommendation that all clubs consider making a similar change to their own Constitutions.

2) A CPP (Safeguarding) Policy Statement was issued to all our clubs with a recommendation that they endorse this and display it in their playing premises.

3) A Parental Consent Form (PCF) was issued to be used by all member clubs from now on (replacing any that may currently be in use). This two page form is an amalgamation of several forms in the JPPCVA document and was submitted to, and approved by, the Chair of the JPPCVA (Pat Ostler) prior to issue. In 2010 it was decided not to accept any junior members unless their application was accompanied by a fully completed PCF.

4) A sheet of notes relating to Child Protection Officers (CPOs) and CRB clearance (now known as Safeguarding Officers and DBS clearance) was issued with a strong recommendation to all clubs to appoint their own CPOs (SO's) and to submit them for Enhanced CRB (DBS) clearance.

It is recognised that the demands of implementing an effective Safeguarding Policy (CPP) may mean more work for clubs and their officials but it is important that protection issues are not seen by clubs as a burden. Instead they should be seen as an opportunity to demonstrate their awareness of the issues and of the clubs commitment to keeping safe any individual taking part in its activities. Protection/safeguarding is the responsibility of the club as a whole and should be shared.