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Created 8/8/17


Grand Total entries this year = 377 of which National entries = 158

After each competition report, check out the updated PhotoGallery and Order of Merit (OOM)


OVER 55s PAIRS (November 18th 2017) Total entries = 34 of which National entries = 7  Umpire Richard Good Raffle raised  168. All games 10 ends.


This was a new competition and attracted an excellent entry of 34 Pairs which were organised into 8 groups (6x4 + 2x5). (One "non-show" reduced one of the groups of 5 to 4.) The 6 round robin sessions were played over 10 mats starting at 9am. Group winners and runners up went into the Last 16 for the first KO stage after which the final 8 played the Quarter Finals the results of which were...


Geoff & Anne Whitehead soundly beat Allan Meek & Margaret Manfield 16-1

Rod Dawson and Derrick Johnstone overcame Roger & Diane Ellis 10-5

Andrew Mather and David Hunton went down to Maggie Cowman & Robert Mumford 4-11

Peter  & Maggie Hawkett put out Pat Lawrie and Roger Green 9-7


In the Semis Rod & Derrick then beat Peter & Maggie 9-7 and the Whiteheads overcame Maggie and Robert 13-6


In the Final it was Geoff and Anne who found their way better on an awkward mat to become our first Over 55 Pairs Champions by 15-10 and received the brand new trophy from Chairman Joseph Newsome.


Check out the updated PhotoGallery and Order of Merit (OOM)


MIXED FOURS (November 25th 2017)  Total entries = 19 of which National entries = 5  Umpire RG RH JGN Raffle raised  150. All games 7 ends.


For the round robin stage, entrants were put into 4 groups initially of 3x5 and 1x4. However a last minute dropout due to sickness meant a reshuffle into 2x5 and 2x4. The winners and runners up in each group formed the Q Finals the results of which were ....


Arthur Jackson, Dennis Jarvis, Sue Pittham and Doreen Sorely lost to Jez Williams Alan & Pat Banthorpe and Heather Robertson 6-9

Roger Green. Pat Lawrie, Daniel Agar and Lauren Finch just pipped Mick & Anne Ridge, Joanne Senior and Mike Carter 9-8

Megan Holtby, Rose Haynes, Rod Dawson and Matthew Jackson overcame Peter & Maggie Hawkett, Anne Roulson and Andy Gomershall 10-3

Freddy Allnut, Sally Roocroft Mike and Sue Lilley went down 2-10 to LindaTranmer, Jill, David and Joseph Newsome.


In the Semi Finals, the Linda's four  beat Megan's four  7-4 and Roger's four beat Jez's four 7-5


The Final therefore saw Roger and team play Linda and team - a close match that finally went to Linda, Jill, David and Joseph 7-4 - a second win for this team who won in 2015. The Newsome brothers (with other players) also won in 2009, 2012 and 2013.


Check out the updated PhotoGallery and Order of Merit (OOM)


PAIRS (December 2nd 2017) Total entries = 32 of which National entries = 16. Umpire Richard Good. Raffle raised  167. All games 10 ends.


For the round robin stage, entrants were put into 8 groups of 4. The winners and runners up in each group formed the Last 16 for the first KO round after which  the 8 winners formed the Q Finals the results of which were .... 


Joseph & David Newsome beat Daniel Agar & Steve Finch 10-6

Harry Welch and Gill Fletcher beat Geoff Potton and Alan Whittle 9-7

Francis Boatman and Steve Duffin whitewashed Bronagh Toleman and Lawrence Moffatt 10-0

Keith Hughes and David Brown were also whitewashed by Danny Langdon and Lee Toleman 17-0


In the Semi Finals Danny and Lee ended the hopes of Harry and Gill 10-5 whilst a very tight game between the Newsome brothers and Francis and Steve saw the brothers squeeze through by 9-8 to reach their consecutive Final.


Those who had stayed to watch the Final were treated to a first class match as one would expect from England players. After 10 ends the scores were equal at 6-6 but in the extra end it was David and Joseph who found themselves runners up once again while Lee retained his title from last year with Danny added a second (last won in 2015).

Check out the updated PhotoGallery and Order of Merit (OOM)


TRIPLES (December 3rd 2017)  Total entries = 24 of which National entries = 11. Umpire Richard Good. Raffle raised  166. All games 8 ends.


Six groups of 4 played the round robin with all group winners and runners up together with the "next best" 4 going in to the last 16 knockout round. The 8 winners of this round then played in the Q Finals with the following results.


Francis Boatman, Danny Langdon and Steve Duffin beat Arthur Jackson, Dennis Jarvis and Keith Hughes 7-4

Jill & Joseph Newsome and Jayne Rudd overcame Andrew Mather, Dave Hunton and Rod Dawson 13-4

Janet Clark and Roger & Diane Ellis were put out by Robert Mumford, Maggie Cowman and Margaret Wray 10-4

Roger Green, Neil Flyn and David Brown were overwhelmed by Bronagh & Lee Toleman and Lawrence Moffatt 12-1


In the Semi Finals Robert's trio were just pipped by Francis & Co. 9-8 whilst Bronagh and team sailed into the final with a 10-2 defeat of Jill. Joseph and Jane. 


In the Final Danny and Co. were unable to make much impression on Bronagh's three who final claimed this years title by 14-5 with an end to spare.

Check out the updated PhotoGallery and Order of Merit (OOM)



U18 SINGLES (December 17th 2017) Total entries = 2 of which National entries = 2 Umpire Joseph Newsome. No raffle.

(Report courtesy Jill Newsome)

This year we had only 3 registered U18s members so we decided to open the day up to any young people and their parents/carers in the hope that we could stir up some interest.  We began with a 'Nobby's Nobbles' competition which gets people playing for themselves and moving around mats.  We had the 3 registered under 18's, an ex registered under 18 who hopefully we can tempt back in, Lauren Finch and her brother Ben (again, someone we would want to tempt back in).  Joe's parents both played and Mark Agar joined in too. Dave Herbert came as he has been trying to attract the youngsters at Church Fenton so he played as well. We played an hour just for fun, then we ran the normal  Target competition which was won by Daniel Agar with Joe Harrison from Church Fenton as runner up.

We then played the official County Championship final for the 2 Nationals entrants.

It looked as if the experience Daniel Agar has gained from playing in the Premier county team and with the England U21s would result in a one-sided game and he got off to a 4-0 lead.  Matthew Guise in only his second proper match then played an awesome wood to take off Daniel's four shots and leave himself holding one. Thus began an exciting interlude which saw the score become 5-5 after 8 ends. Daniel then played an equally awesome wood to take Matthew off and leave himself holding 4 and then went back to command the game which he finally won 13-5. 

Whilst it was not the usual U18 competition format, it was a very enjoyable few hours and we left with much positive feedback and the promise of Joe trialling with Daniel next year if at all possible. He is a very useful lad and at only 10 holds great potential. Daniel is awesome though and so lovely to watch, even when the game was close and Matthew had played some great shots. He is the most wonderful sportsman - a credit to his club, our county and the game.

See PhotoGallery.


SINGLES (January 13th 2018) Total entries = 49 of which National entries = 23.  Umpire Tim Pearson. No raffle. All games 10 ends.


The Round Robin was originally organised into 11 groups of 4 and 1 of 5. However due to 3 dropouts and 2 joiners this was modified to 12 groups of 4 using 12 mats over 6 sessions. Group winners and the 4 "next best" then progressed to the knockouts.


Final 16

Brown David 11 v 6 Ellis Roger (N)
Langdon Danny (N) 12 v 7 Flynn Neil
Toleman Bronagh (N) 11 v 10 Jarvis Dennis
Newsome David (N) 10 v 5 Keith Hughes
Edwards Dave 6 v 9 Haynes Rose
Toleman Lee (N) 9 v 5 Green Roger (N)
Duffin Steve (N) 9 v 6 Whitehead Anne
Whitehead Geoff 12 v 5 Jackson Arthur


Quarter finals

Whitehead Geoff 8 v 12 Langdon Danny (N)
Toleman Lee (N) 6 v 8 Toleman Bronagh (N)
Brown David 10 v 7 Haynes Rose
Duffin Steve (N) 7 v 8 Newsome David (N)


Semi finals

Brown David 1 v 19 Toleman Bronagh (N)
Langdon Danny (N) 8 v 11 Newsome David (N)


A closely fought final saw David Newsome win his first county Singles title by a single shot against Bronagh Toleman who was runner up for the second successive year.


FOURS (January 14th 2018) Total entries = 16 of which National entries = 9. Umpire Tim Pearson. Raffle raised  188. All games 7 ends.


The Round Robin was organised into 4 groups of 4 with group winners and runners up going on into the knockouts.


Quarter Finals

Clark James (N) 4 v 10 Hunton David (N)
Toleman Bronagh (N) 16 v 1 Banthorpe Pat
Holtby Megan (N) 7 v 9 Whitehead Geoff (N)
Ridge Anne (N) 3 v 7 Herbert David


Semi Finals

Toleman Bronagh (N) 11 v D2 Hunton David (N)
Herbert David 7 v B4 Whitehead Geoff (N)



The England Four are a tough team to crack and so it proved for Geoff Whitehead and Co. who finally conceded with the score at 10-1 and 1 end to play.


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