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4c1 - SELBY LEAGUE - 2017/18

Created 7/8/17


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Data  from David Holmes (Selby Compiler)

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DIV1 Played Points Diff shots for Against Won Lost Drawn
DIV2 Played Points Diff shots for Against Won Lost Drawn




Data from David Holmes (Selby Compiler)

Updated xxx at xx.xxam



Teams Played Points Diff Shots for Against Won Lost Drawn


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2nd Round Draw

Mkt Weighton C  v  Melbourne    20-18

Carlton  v  Bubwith&Howden    35-12

Riccall A  v  East Cottingwith    14-43

Church Fenton A v  Nth Duffield A    14-15


Mkt Weighton C  v   Carlton  20-18

East Cottingwith  v    Nth Duffield A    18-28

Plate Semi-Finals by 9th March

 Mkt Weighton A  v   Wilberfoss  27-15

 Escrick   v Snaith & Cowick  19-18


CUP    Mkt Weighton C  17   v   Nrth Duffield A  24

PLATE     Escrick  19    v   Mkt Weighton A  18