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3i - Branton SMBC

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This page is dedicated to the Branton SMBC who introduced an open Triples in 2013 in memory of Philip Elgie one of their founder members.


(2014) The club was formed in 2005 by a breakaway group of several members of the long established Great Ouseburn SMBC. The club continues to use the facilities of the Great Ouseburn Village Hall for their activities.




5th PHIL ELGIE TRIPLES - (Mar 11 2018)


4th PHIL ELGIE TRIPLES - (26/3/17) (Report courtesy Arthur Jackson)

 18 Teams enter this year.
 Playing 5 No 35 minute  games and finish on equal woods.
 In Third Place was P Whitcombe S.Holtby and R. Haynes with 52 Shots and 10 points
 1 st and 2 nd Place was tied with 64 Shots and 10 Points.
  D. Sorley, D. Jarvis and A. Jackson and D. Brown, D. Hunton A Mathers
  It was decided on Ends won .
  In Second place was A. Mathers team with 29 No ends won
  In First Place was A. Jackson team with 35 No ends won.


3rd PHIL ELGIE TRIPLES - (20/3/16) (Report courtesy Arthur Jackson)

Twenty two Teams took part.
Group one had twelve teams.
Group two had ten teams.
Both Groups played five games of 35 mins.
1st place D. Sorley D. Jarvis A. Jackson  60 Shots -  10 Points
2nd place M. Manfield A. Meek D. Daddy 62 Shots -  8 Points
3rd place M. Mann  L. Westwick.K. Stout 48 Shots - 8 Points.


2nd PHIL ELGIE TRIPLES (22/3/15). In this, the 2nd year of this new competition, there were 24 triples taking part. Everyone had 6 games of 35 minutes duration and there was therefore the possibility of 12 points to be gained from any team which managed to get through the day without defeat. In fact no team achieved this but 2 were able clock up 5 wins to end tied on 10 points. The winners with 61 shots were Alan and Paula McAllum and Hazel Jarvis from Durham (45) whilst close behind with 59 shots were Allan Meek, Margaret Manfield and Chris Lee from Branton (30). In 3rd place with 4 wins and 58 shots were Alan Banthorpe, Neil Flynn and Rita Metcalfe from Hambleton (15).


PHIL ELGIE TRIPLES (23/3/14). (Report courtesy Peter Goldsmith)

Branton held their first Triples Competition on Sunday 23rd March 2014 in memory of Philip Elgie our popular and much loved Member and Captain who passed away on Thursday 28th February 2013.

With 4 mats in use, all 16 teams, (48 players) played 4 games of 35 minutes duration. The winner was the team gaining the most points (in the event of a tie total shots would count). The only  team to win all 4 games were Jean Rhodes, Shirley Braithwaite and Carolyne Barthram taking the cup and 45.00 prize money with 8 points plus 39 shots. Second place went to Ray Lawson-Howe, Keith Tingay and Pat Lawry taking 30.00 prize money with 7 points plus 34 shots. Third place went to Doreen Wilson, Muriel Trewhitt and Barbara Pickles taking 15.00 prize money with 6 points and 44 shots.