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This page is dedicated to the ST. CUTHBERTS SMBC which until 2004 operated as AMPLEFORTH SMBC when it was one of the counties original and most active clubs.

Apart from having 2 teams in the Kyle Valley league they also play in the Ryedale and Vale of York leagues.

 As Ampleforth, they organised the long running and very popular annual Ampleforth Pairs competition.

After 21 years, they decided to discontinue this and in its place, in 2006, introduced the "High Fives" - a new competition for combined teams of Pairs/Triples.

However organisation of this new competition was passed to the BSA club in 2008 and they no longer organise any open competitions.

Brief competition reports and a ROLL of previous winners appears after the club profile 


(1999) The club (until 2004 known as Ampleforth) was formed in 1984 after three "Amplefordians" attended a demonstration by Jim Rose of Regalgrene in the local village hall. Fired with enthusiasm they purchased two mats and 'ABC' was born. In their first year they launched an annual open pairs competition which continues to this day attracting bowlers from throughout the county. Although membership peaked at 36 in 1992 it has since then been slowly declining. The club has 4 mats and up to 2002/03 played at the St.Albans Leisure Centre (Ampleforth College).  Due to developments at the Centre in 2003, the club has now moved back to its original venue at St. Benedicts in the village where there is room for only 2 mats. In 2004, the club moved to a new venue in Crayke as a result of which they have had to drop their original name and continue under the new name of St. Cuthberts. They are members of the Ryedale, Kyle Valley and Vale of York leagues - club nights are Tuesday/Thursday 7-9pm.




Note that the 'High Fives' Competition was taken over by the BSA club w/e/f 2008 due to a lack of organisers at St. Cuthberts. The St. Cuthberts Chalice however, that was presented in 2006 and 2007 will not be presented again.  See the  BSA SMBC page for reports from 2008 onwards.


2007 HIGH FIVES - (10/2/07) The St. Cuthberts SMBC repeated the format used last year in their inaugural holding of this competition - 22 teams of 5 playing as a Triple and a Pair in alternate sessions on 11 mats (at the Swinton venue). With everyone getting 3 games (40 minutes for Pairs & 45 minutes for Triples) there was a maximum possible score of 12 points. Only Barry & Joan Crossland, Geoff Kelleher and David & Sheila Loraine achieved this although Derek & Pat Beardsley, Roger Green and Brian & Pat Jones were also undefeated on 11 points - their Triple having drawn their last game. These two teams were joined in the final playoff by Jean Calvert, Simon Holtby, Dennis Jarvis and Colin & Sylvia McKay who ended on 10 and last years winners, Matt & Freda Fenwick, Sue Watson, Richard Lund and John Coffey who scored 9.


In the Final, the slate was wiped clean and it was simply a question of which of these 4 teams could accumulate the most shots with Jean Calvert's team playing against Derek Beardsley's quintet and Barry Crosslands five facing up to Matt Fenwick's defending holders. The results of this final tussle were -  Matt & Co 24; Derek & Co 26; Barry & Co 31 and by a single shot, Jean & Co with 32. Jean, Simon, Dennis, Colin & Sylvia therefore become the second team to win the St. Cuthberts High Fives Chalice. (see PhotoGallery


2006 HIGH FIVES - Having completed 21 years of their annual Pairs in 2005, the St. Cuthberts club this year introduced a new competition in its place. A novel new format was introduced based on teams of 5 players competing as a Triple and a Pair. Using 11 mats at the Swinton Sports Centre the club were able to accommodate 22 such teams with the Triples and Pairs playing in alternate sessions of 45 and 40 minutes respectively. With several "hybrid" teams taking part, a total of 20 different clubs were represented and each team fought it out to see if anyone could gain the maximum 12 points available. However it was only Matt & Freda Fenwick, Sue Watson, Richard Lund and John Coffey (BSA) who won all their games whilst the combination team of Barry & Joan Crossland (Flixton), Mary Dyson (Crossgates) and David & Sheila Loraine (Barn) were also undefeated with 11 points after drawing one of their games. Three teams ended on 10 points namely; Pat & Derek Beardsley, Brian & Pat Jones (Knaresboough) playing with Roger Green (Great Ouseburn); Edwin Smith, Brian Prentice, Pat Gerard and Dennis & Elaine Thornburn (Scarborough) and  Fred & Audrey Wood, Dennis & Andrew Mather and Sally Roocroft (Easingwold).


A Final was then played involving the top 4 teams only to determine the days winning combination. For this it was the fives of Edwin and Fred (89 and 80 shots respectively) who just squeezed out Dereks five (78 shots) to fight it out with the top two teams. In this final session, Barrys team accumulated 29 shots overs Edwins combined 19 whilst Matt and Co. could do little wrong, overcoming Fred by 42-13 to become the very first winner of the handsome new trophy - the High Fives Chalice. (see PhotoGallery)  


2005 PAIRS - (All games were timed at 30 minutes - with a 40 minute final and both days were umpired by Arthur Rathmell). This was the 21st running of this, the counties oldest competition. Although entry was once again limited to 64 pairs, these represented a fine cross section of 23 of the counties 44 clubs. On the first day, in two half day sessions, all entrants played three games in sixteen round robin groups of four. The top 32 returned on the Sunday for another full day of competition. This commenced with another 3 round robin based games to reduce the field by half again. In a change of format, the final 16 qualifiers then played in a third "seeded" round robin session (as opposed to last years knockout rounds). In this final round there were five pairs who succeeded in winning two of their three games (4 points). These were Billy/Joan Thompson, David/Sheila Loraine, Alan/Pat Banthorpe, Richard Clark/Denis Jarvis and Audrey Wood/Sally Roocroft. However with 5 points it was St. Cuthberts Chris & Christine Peel who met Neville & Eileen Dawson from Scarborough (the only pair to gain a full 6 points) for the deciding game.

In this Final, the Scarborough Pair went into an early 6-4 lead but this did not affect the Peels who came back to go into the last end with a one shot advantage. Neville found himself lying one shot down but with an open jack beckoning his final wood - but with no back woods to play to. He did make contact but only succeed in moving it to the oppositions back woods to drop 3 and lose 13-9. Chris and Christine thus become only the second Pair to win the Cup twice in the 21 years of this popular event, having last triumphed in 2003. (see PhotoGallery)


2004 PAIRS - Although the closure of the usual venue at Ampleforth may be blamed for a reduction in the total entry this year, never-the-less a fine turnout of 64 pairs, representing nearly half the counties clubs, took part. The Saturday was as usual used to sort out the "men" from the "boys". In two half day sessions, all entrants played three half hour games. The top 32 returned on the Sunday for the final stages. Three further games were then played to reduce the field to 16 for the first knockout stage, the winners of which produced the eight quarter finalists. In these, Alan & Pat Banthorpe overcame Philip Elgie/Allan Meek (20-5), John Young/Mary Inman (both previous winners) knocked out Ken Thompson/John Ward (11-7), David & Sheila Loraine beat Audrey Wood/Sally Roocroft (11-10 after an extra end) and Roger Green/Dennis Mather finished the chances of Danny Brown/Derek Williams (10-8). Both Alan and Roger then had convincing wins in the semi-finals, the former beating David Loraine (13-6) and the latter John Young (14-5). The Final itself was played over 40 minutes and up to half way was very evenly contested.  However, with the scores at 6-6 Roger, playing an ill conceived weighted shot (when a draw would have been more sensible) then dropped a 4. From then on both he and Dennis struggled to recover against  consistently good drawing from Pat and deadly accuracy (with both weight and draw) from Alan. With little time left on the clock, the match was final conceded when the score stood at 20-10. Alan and Pat deservedly become the 19th winners of this prestigious competition. (see Photo Gallery)     


2003 PAIRS - This was the 18th running of this competition, the oldest in the county, and following a new format introduced last year, was once again limited to an entry of 80 Pairs. All entrants played three matches in the initial round robin stages held on Saturday with the best 40 Pairs progressing to Sunday. A second round robin stage then produced 16 finalists who were drawn into the final KO stage. The final four Semi-Finalists were Dennis Jarvis (Raskelf) and Richard Clark (Tollerton) who went down 8-12 to Jean & Ken Calvert (Boroughbridge) and Simon Holtby (Great Ouseburn) and Eric Richardson (Boroughbridge) who were beaten by Chris & Christine Peel (Ampleforth) 9-15. In an exciting final, the Peels and Calverts found themselves at 13-13 coming in to the final end and Ken Calverts final wood was not quite good enough to disturb the two shots lying against them.  The Peels, who were undefeated over all 10 of their games, thus become the first home team to be awarded the "Greengauge Trophy" in the competitions 18 year history with a score of 15-13.




Regalgrene Trophy 1985-93            Greengauge Trophy 1994-2005


1985 Jim Campbell  Derek Wishaw ?
1986 ? ?
1987 Keith & Doreen Bardon ?
1988 Keith & Doreen Bardon ?
1989 Ron & Mable North ?
1990 H 'Bunny' Teasdale  Alf Wright ?
1991 Robert Stead  D King ?
1992 Don & Connie Glensor ?
1993 Robert Stead John Young ?
1994 Matt & Freda Fenwick ?
1995 Ron Eshelby Mary Inman ?
1996 Dave Tanner Dennis Jarvis ?
1997 Joe Atkinson Alan Russell ?
1998 Janet Crosby Edwin Smith ?
1999 Graham & Linda Sherburn ?
2000 Allan & Alice Foxton ?
2001 Jean Calvert  Alan Barningham ?
2002 Heather & John Myers ?
2003 Chris & Christine Peel Ken & Jean Calvert
2004 Alan & Pat Banthorpe Roger Green  Dennis Mather
2005 Chris & Christine Peel Neville & Eileen Dawson
2006 Pairs discontinued and superceded by the "High Fives" (see the BSA page)