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This page is dedicated to SCARBOROUGH SMBC

Apart from fielding 4 teams in the Scarborough league, the club organises an annual Open Pairs competitions traditionally held on the weekend after Christmas.

CLUB PROFILE - (2014) In 1993 Scarborough Short Mat Bowling Club moved to new quarters in Springer House, Gladstone Lane after several seasons playing at the St. Saviours Church Hall in Gladstone Road,

Their new venue was an adapted first floor location in premises owned by their Chairman, Edwin Smith. There they were able to put down three mats permanently and they were probably the only club in the county to have exclusive use of their venue (no sharing with other users!) The move was considered necessary because of the formation of the Scarborough & District Triples League which had just been set up with 3 other clubs - Gristhorpe, Flixton and Kirbymisperton.

Just before the move, the club was visited by John Ward (Ampleforth SMBC), who was on the NYSMBA committee at that time. He brought an invitation for the club to join the Association and this we did, registering 25 members with the ESMBA in that year. This enabled us to play competitively against other registered players in all National, County and League competitions.

Since then the club has seen many changes and its membership has varied between 23 and 39 but of the original members who started at St. Saviours only Brian Prentice, Edwin Smith, and Cyril Ruston remain. The Scarborough league has gone from strength to strength and now has 28 teams from 11 clubs playing in 3 divisions. The club itself currently has 4 teams spread across the 3 divisions and this provides competitive bowling for many members.

In 1995, Edwin was involved in the formation of the Yorkshire (North) league (YNL) which he chaired until quite recently.  This innovation gave many of our members the opportunity to play at a higher standard, travel to some interesting places, meet many new players and make many friends.

Now, Springer House is being sold so after 21 years the club is moving back to its birthplace in St. Saviours for the 2014/15 season. The venue now has room for 4 mats so we will be able to continue as the home venue for our YNL region. So with mixed feelings for some of the members the Club will now begin a new phase of its life, back where we started on Friday and Saturday evenings just social bowling.


COMPETITION REPORTS - A ROLL of previous winners appears at the bottom of the page.


2017/18 Pairs - (14/1/18) No details supplied apart from the fact that the winners were Cyril Ruston and Dennis Thornburn (3rd successive year) who beat Marlene Revell  and Elaine Thornburn by a single shot on the last end.


2016 PAIRS - (8/1/17) Once again 12 Pairs took part with everyone getting 6 games (3 at 40 minutes and 3 at 30 minutes) The winners with the maximum of 12 points were once again Cyril Ruston and Dennis Thornburn (their 5th win in the last 7 years) with Neville and Eileen Dawson in the runners up slot with 10 points. A new venue was used this year (Burniston Village Hall) which was well received by all.


2015 - PAIRS (3/1/16) 12 Pairs took part with everyone getting 6 games. Winners were Cyril Ruston & Dennis Thornburn who were unbeaten with 12 points. Runners up were Arthur Jackson & Elaine Thornburn with 11 points. (See PhotoGallery)


2014 - (3 wood) PAIRS - (28/12/14) As for last year there were only 12 Pairs entered which were organised into 4 groups of 3. Each group played the teams in two of the other groups, everyone thus getting 6 games in total. Games were of either 40 or 30 minutes duration. By the end of the day, the the winners/runners up from last year ended in reverse positions with  Arthur Jackson and Elaine Thornburn  winning 5 games (10 points) and Dennis Thornburn and Cyril Ruston in second place (9 points). (Note that the latter pair have now finished 1st or 2nd in each of the last 5 years). Small monetary prizes were also awarded.


2013 - (3 wood) PAIRS - (29/12/13) The entry was limited to 12 Pairs which were organised into 4 groups of 3. Each group played the teams in two of the other groups, everyone thus getting 6 games in total. Games were of either 40 or 30 minutes duration. For the 3rd time in 4 years, the winners were Dennis Thornburn and Cyril Ruston who won 5 of their games (10 points) The runners up were Arthur Jackson and Elaine Thornburn with 4 wins (8 points). Small monetary prizes were awarded to the top 4 places.


2012 - PAIRS - (30/12/12) There were 12 entries this year and everyone had 6 timed games (30minutes?). The winners were Heather Myers and Joanne Senior with Dennis Thornburn and Cyril Ruston  (winners for the last 2 years) as runners up. 3rd place went to Pat Lawry and Ray Lawson-Howe. (Details from Ray LH)


2011 - PAIRS - (2/1/12) Results obtained from Keith Tingay on May 31st. Winners - Dennis Thornburn & Cyril Ruston. Runners-up - Ray Lawson-Howe & Alan Barningham. No other details


2010 - PAIRS - (2/1/11) The same format was used as last year with all entries having 6 time limited games. The top 3 places all went to players from the Scarborough club with the eventual winners being Cyril Ruston and Dennis Thornburn who were the only undefeated Pair scoring the maximum 12 points (+15). Irene Lambeth and John Burgoyne were tied with Elaine Thornburn and Ray Lawson-Howe on 8 points but with a better shot difference (+22 as opposed to +11) it was Irene and Richard who claimed 2nd place. In 4th were Arthur Redfearn and George McDowell (Kirkbymoorside).


2009 PAIRS - (3/1/10) With an entry of only 9 Pairs it was decided to drop the "double pairs" system and replace it with the "Aussie" version of the game with each Pair playing 6 games during the day. By the final session there were three Pairs in with a chance of winning. Irene Lambeth and Richard Burgoyne dropped 3 shots to end up in 3rd place while the runners up were Elaine Thornburn and Cyril Ruston who dropped a single shot. However it was Heather & John Myers with a win in this final session who ended in first place - their second win in this competition.  


The new format was well received by all participants.


2008 PAIRS - (4/1/09) With only 9 entrants the competition took place on a single day with all pairs organised into 3 groups of 3 in the morning. In the afternoon, three more groups were formed with the morning winners in one, runners up in another and losers in another.  Overall winners for the day were Alan Barningham and Dorothy Knaggs who have now both won the competition 3 times. Runners up were Jean & Reg Taylor from Cayton.


2007 PAIRS -  (29/12/07) No details supplied


2006 TOP 10 - (24/9/06) No details supplied


2006 PAIRS - Not held

2005 TOP 10 - Results not  known

2005 PAIRS - To avoid New Years Day, the competition this year took place on Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd (Bank Holiday) and with 18 entrants (from 13 clubs) the format was very similar to last year. All players had three 40 minute games on Sunday (win=2points, draw=1point) and three 30 minute games on Monday (win=3points, draw=1point). All points gained from these two stages were added together and the four top teams then went on to play in a Semi-Final with the winners playing a Final. These were John & Heather Myers (13 points), Richard & Dorothy Kay (10 points, +8 shots), Graham & Linda Sherburn (10 points, + 6 shots and Barry & Joan Crossland (9 points, + 15 shots). The eventual winners were Barry & Joan from Flixton who beat John & Heather (last years winners) from Kirbymisperton whilst in 3rd place were   Graham & Linda from Flixton who beat Richard & Dorothy from Boroughbridge in the playoffs.

2004 TOP 10 - Although this competition was held last year, it was only open to teams from the Scarborough League so could not be classed as a truly "Open" event. This year the organiser, Edwin Smith decided that entries would be welcome from across the county. Last years format was repeated with 10 teams of 10 players playing on 10 mats laid down in the sports hall at Raincliffe School. The teams were composed of two Pairs and two Triples with all competitors having 5 games timed at 35 minutes each. By the end of the day the Flixton team had accumulated 28 points to win whilst both Kirbymisperton and Kirkbymoorside ended on 25 points (Kirbymisperton having the better shot difference). In fourth place on 24 points was a hybrid team from Easingwold/Raskelf/St. Cuthberts/Gt. Ouseburn

2004 PAIRS - Results not known

2003 PAIRS - This year saw 18 entries take part with all pairs playing over two days. On Saturday everyone played in three games of 45 minutes with a win attracting 2 points. On Sunday three more games were played with a reduced time of 30 minutes but with a win gaining 3 points. The outright winners were Heather and John Myers (Kirbymisperton) who won all 6 of their games gaining a maximum 15 points (shot diiff. of +30). A close second were Simon Holtby and Rose Haynes (Great Ouseburn) who only lost a single game to end with 12 points (shot diff. of +32). In third place were Barry and Joan Crossland (Flixton). 

2002 PAIRS - This years competition saw an entry of 16 take part with all pairs playing three 40 minute games on both days. On the first day a win attracted the usual two points but on the Sunday this was increased to three points. The only pair to win all six of their games, accumulating a maximum of 15 points, was Barry and Joan Crossland from the Flixton club. Second place went to last years winners Dorothy and Eric Knaggs (Scarborough) who beat Richard and Dorothy Kay (Boroughbridge) into third place based on shot difference. Both had accumulated 13 points but the former had a shot difference of +31 as opposed to the latters +21. In fourth place were Heather and John Myers (Kirbymisperton).


1996/7 Janet Crosby & Edwin Smith ?
1997/8 Jean Calvert & Alan Barningham ?
1998/9 Ken Calvert &  Gwen Barningham ?
1999/0 George & Janet Crosby ?
2000/1 Eric & Dorothy Knaggs ?
2001/2 Eric & Dorothy Knaggs ?
2002/3 Barry & Joan Crossland Eric & Dorothy Knaggs
2003/4 Heather & John Myers Rose Haynes  Simon Holtby
2004/5 Barry & Joan Crossland Heather & John Myers
2005/06 Not held
2006/07 Not held
2007/08 Brian Prentice & Alan Barningham ?
2008/09 Alan Barningham & Dorothy Knaggs Jean & Reg Taylor
2009/10 Heather & John Myers Elaine Thornburn & Cyril Ruston
2010/11 Dennis Thornburn & Cyril Ruston Irene Lambeth & Richard Burgoyne
2011/12 Dennis Thornburn & Cyril Ruston Ray Lawson-Howe & Alan Barningham
2012/13 Heather Myers and Joanne Senior Dennis Thornburn & Cyril Ruston
2013/14 Dennis Thornburn & Cyril Ruston Arthur Jackson & Elaine Thornburn
2014/15 Arthur Jackson & Elaine Thornburn Dennis Thornburn & Cyril Ruston
2015/16 Dennis Thornburn & Cyril Ruston Arthur Jackson & Elaine Thornburn
2016/17 Dennis Thornburn & Cyril Ruston Neville & Eileen Dawson
2017/18 Dennis Thornburn & Cyril Ruston Marlene Revell  & Elaine  Thornburn