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This page is dedicated to the NORTH DUFFIELD SMBC

One of the oldest clubs in the county they field 2 teams in the Selby league

 They also have the strongest and most active youth section in the county

They organise an annual Open Triples competition as a dual fund raiser and/or charity event

Brief competition reports and a ROLL of previous winners appears after the club profile 


(2009) According to our minute book the club is actually called “North Duffield Indoor Bowling Club” but is commonly known as the “Short Mat Club” as opposed to the “Outdoor Club”. It is run completely separately to the outdoor bowling club. It was formed in late 1986 and was one of the three founding clubs of the counties oldest league - the Selby and District League – which was born in January 1987. The local village hall purchased the first mat to encourage increased usage of the hall and by the following year there were enough members to raise the funds to purchase a second mat. Colin Raper was the clubs first captain with Noel Clark as Chairman (an office he still holds today) and myself as Secretary/Treasurer. By August 1990 the club must have had juniors showing an interest as a “junior subscription” is recorded in the minute book. The club had grown sufficiently by 1995 for two teams to be entered into the league for the 1995/96 season. Since that time, some of our members began to enter the National Championships as well as the County Championships. Our members have also become regular attendees at the various fund raising events across the county and the club organises Whistle Stop competitions to boost our own funds and to give donations to charities.


It would not be fair to write an article on our club without mentioning the achievements of our juniors. David and Joseph Newsome, Gareth and Jacinta Townend were the first four juniors to be accepted as members of the England U18 squad back in 2006. In June 2008 Gareth trialled for and was successful in making the Senior England team and another three of our juniors made it into the England U21 squad. David gave us another “first” in April of this year when he was successful in winning the National U18 Singles Championship. Some of our juniors have also made up teams in the National Woodbridge trophy over the last few years – coming second in 2009. Juniors are coached on Monday evenings for one hour prior to the adult practise session. League fixtures are played on Thursdays with additional practise sessions being held when there are no league fixtures. Last season the club registered 36 members of which 12 were junior members.




2017 Triples - (16/12/17) This year the ND Christmas Triples once again attracted an entry of 20 teams with each team getting 4 games. Scores are not known but the winners were Pat Jones, Pat Beardsley and Robert Mumford (the Scrooges) who each get 2 valuable points in the 2017/18 OOM table + £45 with David Randon and Bruce & Pauline Fryer (Pigs in Blankets) as runners up - 1 OOM point each and £30.  In 3rd place were Roger and Diane Ellis and Samantha Stacey (Sleigh) who won £15  whilst he winner of the "Jumper & Earings" competitions (which tests the observation of teams over the course of the day) were Francis Boatman, Steve Duffin and John Lancaster (Robins) who won a lottery ticket potentially worth millions!!

(See latest OOM and PhotoGallery)


2016 Triples - (17/12/16) After a 2 year gap, the club moved their open triples to the week before Christmas. It was a time for the normal grey and white strip to be dispensed with in favour of more seasonable fashion and most of the 20 teams who entered took advantage of this and displayed a variety of headdresses and pullovers. Other innovations for the day included the ability for teams to play a "joker" (actually an elf) for a game of their choosing resulting in a doubling of the points scored and a competition to total up the number of pullover/earing changes made by the organisers during the course of the day.


However the bowling was treated (more or less) seriously as those taking part knew there were valuable OOM (Order of Merit) points to be gained for the top two  teams. Everyone had four (40 minute) games and only 3 teams remained undefeated at the end of the day. The top places were therefore determined by shot difference and this gave the following result.


1st - The Pigs in Blankets - Jake Potter (Santa), James Clark (No1 Elf) and Steve Duffin (Scrooge?)

2nd - The Sprouts - Rose Haynes (who turned up sporting the latest County team strip) and Simon & Megan Holtby  

3rd - The Bah Humbugs - Peter Brown, Neil Atkinson and Lynda Tranmer


In the last session a fine was incurred for anyone hitting the block and this resulted in an abysmal lowering of standards but nevertheless raised £51 for the Save the Children Fund. In addition, the day overall raised over £300 for the ND club. (See PhotoGallery and OOM)


2015 Triples - not held

2014 Triples - not held


2013 TRIPLES - (9/11/13) - After last years cancellation, this year went ahead but with the lowest entry since 2007 - 20 teams from 14 clubs.  Using 5 mats all entries had 4 games of 40 minutes played in alternate sessions starting at 10.00am and concluding at 4.05 pm. There was to be no Final so the winner would be the team with most points (8 possible) and in the event of a tie, total shots scored would be the deciding factor.


At the end of the day, 3 of the 20 teams remained undefeated and therefore had to be separated by total shots scored.

3rd - Geoff & Anne Whitehead and Avril Coates (52 shots) with wins over  Beardsley (15-1), Wild (12-11), Tingay (12-5) and Onions (13-3)

2ndDavid & Jo Newsome and James Clark (55 shots) with wins over Onions (13-7), Price (12-5), Ramsden (12-7) and Wild (18-7)

1stDave Herbert, Gordon Raggett and Danny Langdon (63 shots) with wins over Marshall (12-6), Leng (20-7), Barnsley (21-5) and Ward (10-3)


(See PhotoGallery). As the first qualifying competition of the season, both winners and runners up are awarded points towards this years Order Of Merit (see OOM)


2012 TRIPLES - Cancelled due to insufficient entries


2011 TRIPLES - (12/11/11) This year 24 teams from 13 clubs took part and all entrants had 4 games timed at 40 minutes in alternate sessions played on 6 mats. Once all games were completed, there were only 3 undefeated teams (8 points) so the final order was determined by the total number of shots accumulated in all 4 games. This left Tollerton's Matthew Jackson, Elaine Clark and Alan Ward in 3rd place with 35 shots whilst 2nd place (for the second year running) and £30 went to Rose Haynes, Simon Holtby and Paul Williamson with 45 shots. However the winners, who shared £45, were Janet Crosby, Bob Davies and Ray Sanderson from Crossgates. (See PhotoGallery). 

All money raised was once again for the North Duffield (outdoor) club funds. 


2010 TRIPLES - (13/11/10) This year a record entry of 28 teams from 14 clubs took part, including one from Humberside County and also 9 Junior players.  Great Ouseburn in fact had encouraged all their 3 Juniors to enter and play together and with two 12 year olds and an 11 year old, this may be the youngest team ever to compete in an open Triples competition in North Yorkshire.


All entrants had 4 games timed at 40 minutes in alternate sessions played on 7 mats and by the end of the day there were 5 undefeated Triples with the maximum 8 points.  In 5th was Gordon Raggett's team from Church Fenton with 45 shots; in 4th Trevor Hanlon's Crossgates team with 47 shots and in 3rd Jayne Rudd's Crossgates team with 58 shots. However the runners up prize of £30 just went to Rose Haynes, Simon Holtby and Paul Williamson from Great Ouseburn with 59 shots whilst the winners who claimed the top prize of £45 with 62 shots were Geoff Whitehead and John & Avril Coates from Selby WMC.


The organiser Janet Clark said she felt it had been a "very successful day and was now more popular than ever". All money raised was for the North Duffield club funds.     


2009 TRIPLES - 14/11/09 With a slightly increased entry of 24 teams, the North Duffield club once again gave everyone 4 games timed at 40 minutes each - played on 6 mats. By the end of the day only 2 of these teams were undefeated with 8 points apiece. The runners up with 59 shots were the Escrick triple of David Randon, Ron Watson and Bruce Fryer whilst the winning triple with 73 shots were David Newsome, Anne Whitehead and Pete Render (from North Duffield, SWMC and Crossgates respectively).


2008 TRIPLES - (15/11/08) - This year, 22 teams from 14 clubs took part in the clubs annual "whistle stop". By using 6 mats, all entrants were able to play in 4 matches (timed at 40 minutes each). By the end of the day only 3 teams were undefeated with 3rd place going to Francis,Sarah & Nigel Boatman from East Cottingwith who, with 3 wins and a draw gained 7 points. Arthur Jackson, playing with Harry Welch and Margaret Watkinson from St. Cuthberts and Janet Crosby, Bronagh Malone and Sean Conroy from Crossgates won all four of their games. However it was Janet's triple, with 58 shots who just squeezed Arthur's three, with 53 shots, into 2nd place to take this years first prize of £45  (runners up £30). All profits for the day went into club funds.


2007 TRIPLES - (3/11/07) Once again entries were slightly down but never the less a good day was had by the 18 triples from the 12 clubs taking part. With 5 mats in use, all entrants had 4 games of 40 minutes duration and by the end of the day only the triples skipped by David Newsome (North Duffield) and Bryan Jones (Knaresborough) remained undefeated. However, David, playing with John and Avril Coates from Tate & Lyle won the day with 55 shots over Bryan (playing with wife Pat and Jo Hearld) who accumulated 40 shots. In third place, with 3 wins and 49 shots, were Janet Crosby's trio. All profits for the day went to boost the funds of the organising club.   


2006 TRIPLES - (4/11/06) This was another successful day for the North Duffield Short Mat Bowling Club although entries were four down on previous years. This was due to the fact that several regular attendees were playing away at Derbyshire for the White Rose Summer League. However, there were still a good entry of 20 teams from 12 clubs, playing on 5 mats with each team having 4 games of 40 minutes each.


Only one team achieved a maximum of 8 points and these were 3 young men from Crossgates SMB with an average age of 16 - Alex Robinson, Ben Render, and Steven Hugill. Achieving 7 points and second place were a combined team from St. Cuthberts/Helmsley, Ken and Ann Thompson and Hilda Thomas.  No third place prize is awarded in this competition but there were five teams all competing for 3rd place with 6 points each.


The net proceeds for the day were £255 which is to be divided equally between the Parkinson's Disease Research Society and North Duffield SMBC.

(Report and photo courtesy of Janet Clark)

2005 TRIPLES - (5/11/05) - It may have been Guy Fawkes Day but there were no fireworks at the Bubwith Leisure Centre at this years Open Triples.  In fact it felt more like Christmas with a great home cooked turkey dinner followed by home baked fruit pies (or trifles) with cream, and the hall festooned with balloons. The bowls was good as well! 72 players (from 14 clubs) made up the 24 entries with each playing in four of the eight sessions - each of 40 minutes. After the last wood had been played there were only two triples undefeated with 8 points with another six triples tied on 6 points . The best of these (3rd place) were David Randon, Bruce Fryer and Ron Watson (Escrick) who lost their last game by a single shot but ended up with the greatest number of shots of the day on 71. Trevor Hanlon, Joe & Sandra Agustus (Crossgates) with 43 shots just missed out for top place to Len Rose, Derek & Pat Beardsley who ended with 54 shots. The raffle raised £134 which was divided equally between Leukaemia Research (in memory of June Dryden) and the North Duffield SMBC (see PhotoGallery)    

2004 TRIPLES - This, the first open competition of the season, followed last years format with 24 triples taking part on 6 mats at the Bubwith Leisure Centre. Each entry had four games of 40 minutes duration on alternate sessions. By the end of the day only three teams had managed to win all their games thus gaining the maximum of 8 points. However, with a shot difference of +55, it was Trevor Hanlon, Jo Agustus and Sandra Agustus from new club Crossgates who just secured victory over Richard Clark, Elaine Clark and Joan Ramsden from Tollerton who ended with +52. Third place went to Peter Browns triple from Market Weighton on +45. The organisers, who laid on an excellent turkey dinner for those who wanted it, were well pleased to have raised over £300 which, this year will go to the North Duffield outside bowls club.  

2003 TRIPLES - After not being held in 2002, this competition, to raise funds for the North Duffield SMBC, returned once again this year. Using 6 mats, all 24 triples teams were able to enjoy four games of 40 minutes duration on different mats. Play commenced at 10am and completed at 4pm with everyone playing in alternate sessions. A hot lunch was provided if requested and a raffle was also held. The entrants came from across the county and it was good to see several under 18's also taking part. By the end of the day the only triple to remain unbeaten with 8 points was skipped by Peter Brown (Market Weighton) playing with Ken Chapman (Bubwith) and Brian Holman (North Duffield). A total of nine teams managed to win three of their four games so ending the day with 6 points. Minor placings were therefore decided on total shots gained and this gave 2nd place to Pat and Bryan Jones and Diana Rose (Knaresborough) with 58 shots whilst David Randon, Ron Watson and Bruce Fryer (Escrick) came 3rd with 49 shots. In joint 4th were the triples skipped by Arthur Jackson and Janet Crosby on 47 shots. The organisers wish to thank everyone for their support which raised £280 towards the cost of a new mat. (For photos of the winners & runners up go to Photo Gallery)

2002 TRIPLES - Not held




Dave Randon Ian McKenzie Ron Watson



Dave Randon Ian McKenzie Ron Watson



Heather &  John Myers Trevor Collier





Peter Brown Ken Chapman Brian Holman

Brian & Pat Jones Diana Rose


Trevor Hanlon Jo & Sandra Agustus

Richard & Elaine Clark Joan Ramsden


Derek & Pat Beardsley Len Rose

Trevor Hanlon Jo & Sandra Agustus


Stephen Hugill Ben Render Alex Robinson

Ken & Ann Thompson Hilda Thomas


David Newsome John & Avril Coates

Brian & Pat Jones Jo Hearld

2008 Janet Crosby    Bronagh Malone    Sean Conroy Arthur Jackson  Harry Welch  Margaret Watkinson
2009 David Newsome   Anne Whitehead   Pete Render David Randon     Ron Watson    Bruce Fryer
2010 Geoff Whitehead   John & Avril Coates Rose Haynes   Simon Holtby   Paul Williamson
2011 Janet Crosby  Bob Davies  Ray Sanderson Rose Haynes   Simon Holtby   Paul Williamson
2012 Cancelled due to lack of support
2013 Dave Herbert  Gordon Raggett   Danny Langdon David Newsome  Jo Newsome  James Clark
2016 Jake Potter  James Clark  Steve Duffin Rose Haynes  Simon & Megan Holtby