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This page is dedicated to Kirbymisperton SMBC - one of the counties most active and successful clubs

Apart from playing in the Ryedale league and the Scarborough league the club organises two annual Open competitions (Pairs and Triples)

and is also involved in a locally organised "Veterans" league during Wednesday afternoons.

Brief competition reports and a ROLL of previous winners appears after the club profile 


(2004) As anyone who has visited the Flamingoland leisure park will know, the village of KirbyMisperton lies about a mile west of the A169 Pickering to Malton road. In 1990, plans were being discussed for a new Village Hall to replace the very old wooden hut that had been on the go since before the war. Trevor Collier, a member of the Hall Committee had already been playing Short Mat Bowls at Thornton-le-Dale (and occasionally Pickering) for several years. He felt convinced that if Short Mat Bowling could be introduced to the village activities the sport would prove popular so he had the vision to suggest that the hall should be built large enough to accommodate four mats. How right he was - his suggestion proved to be a winner and with two second hand mats bought from Thornton-le-Dale the club was eventually launched in 1992.

The new venue and sport proved so popular that membership blossomed as the club attracted players not only from the village but also from as far away as Malton, Kirkbymoorside and Lockton. With enthusiasm running high, the club affiliated to the NYSMBA with 34 members and almost immediately, two of their players, Vera and William Bulmer were selected to play in the fledgling County Team which had also started up that year. They were the first of several club members who have since played for the team.

1993 was a very busy year which saw the club joining the Ryedale league, becoming one of the founders of the new Scarborough league and introducing the first of their own annual Open Competitions for Triples. In 1995 the village hall became the home base for the Ryedale region of the newly formed Yorkshire (North) league, captained by Trevor Collier and the club also introduced another annual Open Competition, this time for Pairs. Two years ago they also started up a Veterans Triples league for players from the Scarborough and Ryedale areas. All games are played in the village hall on Wednesday afternoons.

Over the years, the club has been one of the most active and successful in the county and although membership has dwindled in recent years the successes keep coming. They first won the Ryedale league in 1995 and recent years have seen them dominating this league with three consecutive wins in 2000, 2001 and 2002. Slipping to runner up in 2003 they regained the title again last year from rivals Helmsley by a massive margin of 34 points. In the Scarborough league they now have two teams (having reduced from three teams to one for a while) and this year, for the first time since 1996 they also added that league title to their tally (much to the disappointment of Flixton who had held it for the previous six years). In the knockouts, they won the Scarborough Challenge Cup in 2002 and this year they won the Challenge Plate.            

The clubs League and Cup successes are down to team effort as the current membership of 23 includes many experienced and successful bowlers. Amongst these are husband wife, John and Heather Myers. Apart from their contribution to the County team over several years in the 90s, John and Heather have been particularly successful in recent Open Competitions having won the Ampleforth Pairs (2002), the Scarborough Pairs (2003) and the Kirbymisperton Pairs (2004). They represented the county in the Northern Zone Championships in 2003 (Pairs) and 2004 (Fours with Jean & Ken Calvert). Together with club colleague Trevor Collier, they were the Best Scarborough Triple in the Inter-League Cup (2000) and also won the North Duffield Triples (2001) and the Kirbymisperton Triples (2003). If you are looking to join a successful and active club then contact their Secretary  today. 


COMPETITION REPORTS (see previous winners at bottom of this page)


2018 22nd Pairs - (10/3/18) (courtesy Cherry Edmond)

The results of our pairs competition held on Sat, 10th March 2018

16 pairs entered:

1st   Lyndon Wilson & Peter Cahill                   10 points & 78 shots

2nd  Pat Lawry & Richard Harrison                   10 points & 52 Shots

A good time was had by all.


2017 22nd Triples - (4/11/17) Winners were Jim Dawson, Edrene Rumley and Mick Hatfield with runners up Arthur Jackson, Harry Welch and Daphne Thompson. In 3rd place were Francis Boatman, Steve Duffield and James Clark. No other details as to, format, entry or scores were supplied.


2017 22nd Pairs - (11/3/17) Cancelled - reason unknown


2016 22nd Triples - (19/11/16) Cancelled due to lack of interest


2016 21st Pairs - (12/3/16) Same format as last year. Winner Barry & Joan Crossland 10 points 42 shots; 2nd Alan Banthorpe & Neil Flynn 10 points 26 shots; 3rd Sheila & David Loraine 8 points 20 shots. (from Cherry Edmond - no other details given).


2015 21st Triples - (28/11/15) 12 entries only this year. Winners were Bryan Flinton and Colin Burdon (Marton) who were playing with Judy Langham (Kirkbymoorside). In runners up place were Eileen Dawson (Scarborough) who had teamed up with Richard Burgoyne and Violet Garbutt from Humberside. No further details supplied.


2015 20th Pairs - (7/3/15) - 16 entries took part once again with everyone getting 5 games of 30 minutes over 4 mats. The winners, for the third year in succession, were David & Sheila Loraine who were undefeated with 5 wins (10 points +47).  Barry & Joan Crossland who were also undefeated with 5 wins (10 points +43)  who found themselves in 2nd place by the narrowest of margins.  

(See all previous winners and also current OOM


2014 20th Triples - 29/11/14  16 entries this year. Won by Pat Lawry, George McDowell and Pam Bradley with Andrew Leng, Rob Walker and Steve Jarvis as runners up.


2014 19th Pairs - (1/3/14) - 16 entries with everyone getting 6 games of 30 minutes over 4 mats. The winners, for the second year in succession, were David & Sheila Loraine who were undefeated with 6 wins (12 points +52). In 2nd place, also undefeated, with 5 wins and a draw (11 points +34) were Graham & Linda Sherburn (winners on 3 previous occasions). 3rd place went to John & Heather Myers (winners on 5 previous occasions) with 5 wins (10 points +56).

(See all previous winners and also current OOM


2013 20th Triples - 30/11/13 - cancelled due to lack of entries


2013 18th Pairs - (2/3/13) - 16 entries again this year. Format not known (but assume same as last year). In third place were Barry Crossland and Graham Sherburn; in second were Mary Stonehouse and Cherry Edmond and the winners were David & Sheila Loraine.

(See all previous winners and also current OOM


2012 19th Triples - (25/11/12) - Only 12 entries this year so the competition once again took part over a single day with all entrants getting 5 games of 35 minute duration. The winners were Richard Lund, John Coffey & Sue Sleightholme who have a great record in this event in recent years having also won last year and been runners-up in 2006, 2007 and 2009. In 2nd place were Pat Lawry, Geoff Kelleher and Ray Lawson-Howe whilst 3rd place went to Brian Flinton, Brian Higgs and Colin Burdon. (Winners and runners-up earn the first OOM points of the season)


2012 17th Pairs - (3/3/12) As with the Triples in November, there were 16 entries with everyone having 6 games (all timed at 30 minutes) with the winner being the Pair accumulating the best total score over day. No one managed to remain undefeated in all their games but Richard Lund & John Coffey (BSA) and Cyril Ruston & Ray Lawson-Howe (Scarborough) both only lost a single game thus gaining 10 points. However, on shot difference it was Richard & John with +55 who were declared winners over Cyril and Ray on +28. The KM mats must suit Richard and John who add this Pairs titles to the Triples won back in November (with Sue Sleightholme). (See all previous winners and also current OOM


2011 18th Triples - (26/11/11) There were 16 entries with everyone having 6 games (all timed at 30 minutes) with the winner being the Triple accumulating the best total score over day. The  winners, were Richard Lund, Sue Sleightholme and John Coffey from BSA (last years runners up) who were undefeated winning all 6 of their matches. In second with 5 wins were David & Sheila Loraine and Linda Sherburn from Flixton. (Information provided by Jo Newsome)


2011 16th PAIRS - 5/3/11 Winners John & Heather Myers; 2nd Ben Render/David Newsome; 3rd Brian Flinton/Brian Higgs. No other details known


2010 18th TRIPLES - 27/11/10 Cancelled due to weather


2010 15th PAIRS - (6/3/10) With 16 entrants this year the competition copied the format used in the Triples held earlier in the season (6 x 30 minute games). The outright winners were John & Heather Myers who were undefeated over the day whilst Graham & Linda Sherburn came second having been the only Pair to win 5 of their 6 games. Both these Pairs had previously won the competition on 3 previous occasions.


2009 17th TRIPLES - (Sun 29/11/09) With only 16 entries this year, the competition was run over a single day. Everyone was given 6 games (all timed at 30 minutes) with the winner being the Triple accumulating the best total score over day. The outright winners, were Brian Flinton, Brian Higgs and Renee Clark from Marton who were the only team to achieve the maximum 12 points by winning all their games.  The runners up, for the third time in the last four years, were Richard Lund, Susan Sleightholme and John Coffey from BSA, who won 5 of their games. In third place was Matt Fenwick's Triple, also from BSA. 


2009 14th PAIRS - (7/3/09) An entry of 32 Pairs meant the competition had once again to be played out over 2 days. On the Saturday morning half the entrants played in the morning and half in the afternoon with everyone getting 3 games of 30 minutes duration in round robin groups of 4. The top 16 then returned on Sunday to play in another round robin, this times of 4 games each, before the top 4 went into the Semi-Finals. By the end of the day Barry & Joan Crossland, winners for the last two years, found themselves not quite good enough to make it three in a row and had to settle for 2nd place. In a reversal of fortunes it was last years runner up, Geoff Kelleher who won the day with his playing partner Peter Owston. The Kirkbymoorside duo thus add a second Pairs title to their haul this year, having won the BSA Pairs a few weeks ago. In 3rd were Keith & Eileen Jones also from Kirkbymoorside whilst the Newsome brothers came 4th.  (This win now takes Geoff into 12= place in this years Order of Merit)


2008 16th TRIPLES - (29/11/08) Once again 16 triples took part although the organisers had modified the format so that everyone was able to have a total of 6 games (timed at 30 minutes each). There were thus 12 points available and by the end of the day only the Helmsley triples of Len & Pam Bradley and Hilda Thomas and the Crossgates triple of Janet Crosby, Sean Conroy and Joanne Senior were undefeated. However it was Len's trio with 6 straight wins who took the Beansheaf Trophy with Janet's three in runners up place having had 5 wins and a draw. 


2008 13th PAIRS (1/3/08) With a much reduced entry of just 16 Pairs, the organisers altered the usual format so that everyone had 6 games over a single day - the winners simply being those who scored highest over their 6 games (2 points for a win, 1 for a draw). The winners and the only ones to remain undefeated (12 points) were Barry and Joan Crossland whilst in second place on 10 points, were Geoff Kelleher and Ron Czernik who beat Richard Lund and Sue Sleightholme (also on 10 points) on shot difference. This was the Crosslands 3rd win in this competition having won last year and in 2002 a record matched by the 3 previous wins of club colleagues Graham and Linda Sherburn (1999, 2001, 2006) and home pair John and Heather Myers (1998, 2004, 2005). 


2007 15th TRIPLES (24/11/07) The entry this year was down to 16 triples so the competition was played to its conclusion on a single day (as opposed to the usual two day event). All players were organised into 4 groups of 4 with everyone getting 3 games. Group winners and runners up then went straight in to the knockout stage to play the quarter finals. The eventual Final was contested between Mary Stonehouse, Cherry Edmond and Colin Brewer from Kirbymisperton who played Richard Lund, John Coffey and Sue Sleightholme (nee Watson) from the BSA club with the home club running out as winners. (This is Marys second win, having won the 1st competition back in 1993!) 


2007 12th PAIRS - (3/3/07) The entry of 32 pairs came from 13 different clubs and was organised into 8 groups of 4 giving everyone 3 games of 30 minutes duration. Four of the groups played on Saturday am and four on Saturday pm with all group winners and runners-up coming back on Sunday. Here they were re-organised into 4 groups of 4 giving them a further 3 games. After this the top 8 then contested the Quarter-Finals and from these the 4 Semi-Finalists emerged. The Semis were won by Barry & Joan Crossland and Chris & Christine Peel who then played each other for the top place whilst the losers, Graham & Linda Sherburn and David & Sheila Loraine played each other for the minor places. After these final games it was Barry & Joan who took the title for the second time (they were winners in 2002) with the Peels in 2nd place. In 3rd came Graham & Linda (winners on three previous occasions) whilst David & Sheila had to settle for 4th.


2006 TRIPLES - (25/11/06) Once again there was an entry of 24 Triples and the format for the weekend followed the same pattern as last year with the top 16 triples from the Saturday round robin games going through to play on the Sunday. After another round robin and several knockouts the Final was played out between the home team of John/Heather Myers and Trevor Collier against Richard Lund, Sue Watson and John Coffey from BSA with the home team (and 2003 winners) eventually coming out on top. (Details supplied by Graham Sherburn of Flixton)  


2006 PAIRS - (4/3/06) With 40 entries, the organisers once again repeated the 2003 format of splitting all entrants into 8 groups of 5 with half playing on Saturday morning and half in the afternoon. This format meant that there were a total of 20 sessions with the final Saturday session not ending until 6.45pm. All pairs had 4 games of 25 minutes only. The top 16 (top 2 in each group) returned on Sunday for another round robin (4x4) with group winners and runners up meeting in the Quarter-Finals. After these had been played it was Graham/Linda Sherburn who put out Richard Lund and Sue Watson in the first Semi-Final whilst Barry/Joan Crossland overcame Ken/Ann Thompson in the other. This set up an all Flixton Final in which Barry and Joan, winners in 2002, played Graham and Linda who had previously won in 1999 and 2001. A very close match ensued in which the two teams entered the last end at 8-8 and in which Graham and Linda gained the single shot necessary to give them their 3rd win. In the playoffs for the minor places it was Richard and Sue, last years runners up, who took 3rd place from Ken and Ann.     


2005 TRIPLES - (26/11/05) Although the entry for this year was down to 24, there were in fact still entrants from 14 different clubs. These included players who had featured as winners in 10 of the last 12 years so competition promised to be keen. On a cold Saturday (Day 1), with snow threatening, the entries were organised into 6 round robin groups of 4 (half competing in the morning and the other half in the afternoon - using only 3 mats). The 12 group winners/runners up plus the next best 4 then returned on Sunday to compete in another round robin (4x4), this time on 4 mats. By lunchtime, the final 8 were ready to contest the Quarter Finals. In these Les Teal (Boroughbridge) overcame Matt Fenwick (BSA) 11-9; Richard Lund (also BSA and a winner in 2002) was squeezed out by Chris Peel (the winner in 2000) 7-6; Ken Thompson (St. Cuthberts) went down to David Loraine (Barn) 11-5 whilst in the final match it needed an extra end before Rose Haynes pipped Graham Sherburn 9-8. The Semi-Finals saw Rose go on to oust Chris Peel (playing with wife Christine and John Ward) by 9-2 whilst David Loraine with wife Sheila and Jean Crowther, could not get the better of Les who won 10-8. In the Final therefore it was Rose with Roger Green and Gail Daffern (playing in her first season) who played Les with Muriel Trewitt and Bill Cove. These two triples had already met twice in the round robins and honours had gone to Les's team with a win and a draw. Roses trio were determined to redress the balance and turned up the heat eventually winning by decisive 13-1. In the playoffs, David Loraines three could make no headway again Chris's triples who secured 3rd place with a comfortable 16-4 win. An enjoyable weekend was complimented by the usual selection of home made pastries, bacon butties and home made soup. (See PhotoGallery)


2005 PAIRS - Once again this event, the 10th,  attracted an entry of 44 Pairs with a total of 17 clubs represented. The large entry meant that it was necessary to hold three round robin rounds - the first on the Friday with two further round robins on Saturday. From these three sessions, in which everyone had three half hour games, the field was reduced to 16 Pairs who returned on Sunday for a final round robin session of three more games after which there remained just eight Pairs for the Quarter Finals. In these St. Cuthberts Chris & Christine Peel beat Dennis & Elaine Thorburn from Scarborough 15-8; Arthur Jackson & Len Lofthouse from Bilsdale overcame Crossgates George Crosby & Alex Robinson also 15-8; last years winners from the home club Kirbymisperton, John & Heather Myers had a good 16-5 win over Rose Haynes from Great Ouseburn who was paired with Simon Holtby from Boroughbridge; in the remaining QF, Caytons Derrick Dowson & Pat Gerard proved no match for the Swinton pairing of Richard Lund & Sue Watson who won 18-3.

After a  12-8 win over the Peels in the first Semi-Final, the Myers met Richard & Sue, who had despatched Arthur & Len 11-7 in the other Semi. This was a closely contested Final in which last years winners initially found themselves 5-1 down before recovering to finish strongly and clinch the title for the 3rd time with a score of 14-8. (see PhotoGallery). In the playoffs for 3rd/4th, Chris & Christine got the better of Arthur & Len by 12-4. 


2004 TRIPLES - This year, the 12th, there were 32 entries from 16 of our clubs taking part. On Saturday all teams were grouped into round robins of four, half playing in the morning and half in the afternoon.  After these preliminary games the top two in each group progressed on to the finals on Sunday. This began with another round robin session (4 x 4) with group winners and runners up qualifying for the quarter finals. In these Janet Crosby knocked out Roger Green (8-7), Allan Foxton overcame Graham Sherburn (7-5), Ron Czernik beat John Myers (8-4) and Philip Elgie put paid to Mary Stonehouse (15-7).

The semi-finals saw Philip and his Great Ouseburn colleages Allan Meek and Simon Holtby go down 10-6 to Ron, Don Glensor and Geoff Kelleher from Kirkbymoorside whilst Janet with George Crosby and Trevor Hanlon  from Crossgates ended the hopes of Allan, Alice Foxton and Barbara Todd 7-5.  

The Final between Janets and Rons two trios, ended in a relative easy victory for the Kirkbymoorside team by 10-4. In the playoffs, the Pateley Bridge triple secured 3rd place by beating the Great Ouseburn team 12-5. (All games were timed at 30 minutes).


2004 PAIRS - An entry of 44 Pairs meant it was necessary to hold three sessions (with 12 on Friday, 16 on Saturday AM and 16 on Saturday PM) to determine which 16 teams would come back for the final stages on Sunday. Then, after a final round robin stage the group winners and runners up entered the KO stages (Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Finals). In the Final, the home pairing of John & Heather Myers triumphed over Mary & Harwood Bonas from Marton, whilst the playoff for third place was won by Arthur Jackson and Len Lofthouse from Bilsdale who beat Neville & Eileen Dawson from Scarborough. (See Photo Gallery)  


2003 TRIPLES - With a reduced entry of 24 triples it was decided to hold this competition on a single day. To accomodate this, four mats were used with six teams playing on each mat - all teams having five timed games of 30 minutes. Only the two triples skipped by John Myers (Kirbymisperton) and Brian Flinton (Marton) were able to win all five of their matches and gain the maximum ten points. A countback showed that John, playing with Heather Myers and Trevor Collier was a single shot ahead of Brian, Helen Flinton and Brian Higgs. The two Flixton teams skipped by Alan Barningham and Barry Crossland were third and fourth respectively. 


2003 PAIRS - This years competition attracted an entry of 40 pairs who were split into eight groups of five. On the Saturday, each pair played four timed games of 25 minutes all on the same mat - four groups in the morning and four in the afternoon. The top sixteen (two from each group) progressed to the second day where a further round robin was organised in four groups of four. This time the top two in each group produced the eight Quarter Finalists. In a close Final it was Janet & George Crosby from Cayton who denied last years winners, Barry & Joan Crossland of another win.


2002 TRIPLES - An entry of 28 triples met at Kirbymisperton for their annual open Triples competition with each team playing three 30 minute games on Day 1. The top 16 then progressed to Day 2 for another three round robin games before eight qualifiers carried on into the final KO stage. The final winners were Richard Lund, John Harrison and Susan Watson from the BSA club with Allan Foxton, Alice Foxton and Barbara Todd from Pateley Bridge taking second place. Last years winners from Great Ouseburn, skipped by Philip Elgie made it into third place after a playoff against Alan Barningham's triple.  




Beansheaf Garage Trophy


1993 John & Heather Myers  Mary Stonehouse ?
1994 K Gardner  Dennis Bridle  Irene Hill ?
1995 Vera & William Bulmer Trevor Collier ?
1996 Jean Calvert  Alan Barningham  Kath Ogden ?
1997 Arthur Jackson  Max Cook  Heather Allen ?
1998 Richard Kay  Eric Richardson  Billy Thompson ?
1999 Alan Barningham  Jean & Ken Calvert ?
2000 Chris & Christine Peel  Stan Woodgate ?
2001 Philip Elgie  Rose Haynes  Simon Holtby ?
2002 Richard Lund  John Harrison  Susan Watson Allan & Alice Foxton  Barbara Todd
2003 John & Heather Myers  Trevor Collier Brian & Helen Flinton  Brian Higgs
2004 Ron Czernik  Don Glensor  Geoff Kelleher Janet & George Crosby  Trevor Hanlon
2005 Roger Green  Rose Haynes  Gail Daffern Les Teal  Bill Cove  Muriel Trewitt
2006 John & Heather Myers  Trevor Collier Richard Lund  John Coffey  Sue Watson
2007 Mary Stonehouse Cherry Edmond Colin Brewer Richard Lund  John Coffey Sue Sleightholme
2008 Len & Pam Bradley  Hilda Thomas Janet Crosby  Sean Conroy  Joanne Senior
2009 Brian Higgs   Brian Flinton   Renee Clark Richard Lund  John Coffey Sue Sleightholme
2010 Cancelled due to adverse weather
2011 Richard Lund   John Coffey  Sue Sleightholme David & Sheila Loraine  Lynda Sherburn
2012 Richard Lund   John Coffey  Sue Sleightholme Pat Lawry   Geoff Kelleher   Ray L-Howe
2013 Cancelled due to lack of entries
2014 Pat Lawry    George McDowell    Pam Bradley Andrew Leng   Rob Walker   Steve Jarvis
2015 Bryan Flinton  Judy Langham  Colin Burdon Eileen Dawson  Vi Garbutt  Richard Burgoyne
2016 Cancelled due to lack of entries
2017 Jim Dawson  Edrene Rumley  Mick Hatfield Arthur Jackson  Harry Welch  Daphne Thompson


1996 Allan Foxton  Barbara Todd  
1997 Alan & Doreen Johnson  
1998 John & Heather Myers  
1999 Graham & Linda Sherburn  
2000 Keith & Doreen Walton  
2001 Graham & Linda Sherburn  
2002 Barry & Joan Crossland  
2003 Janet & George Crosby Barry & Joan Crossland
2004 John & Heather Myers Mary & Harwood Bonas
2005 John & Heather Myers Richard Lund  Sue Watson
2006 Graham & Linda Sherburn Barry & Joan Crossland
2007 Barry & Joan Crossland Chris & Christine Peel
2008 Barry & Joan Crossland Geoff Kelleher  Ron Czernik
2009 Geoff Kelleher  Peter Owston Barry & Joan Crossland
2010 John & Heather Myers Graham & Linda Sherburn
2011 John & Heather Myers Ben Render & David Newsome
2012 Richard Lund  John Coffey Cyril Ruston  Ray Lawson-Howe
2013 David & Sheila Loraine Mary Stonehouse   Cherry Edmond
2014 David & Sheila Loraine Graham & Linda Sherburn
2015 David & Sheila Loraine Barry & Joan Crossland
2016 Barry & Joan Crossland Alan Banthorpe  Neil Flynn
2018 Lyndon Wilson   Peter Cahill Pat Lawrie  Peter Harrison